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Episode 20: Dating After A Divorce

This week, Adam and Sarah invite special guest Ashley, the co-founder of, to join them as they talk about dating after a divorce. As always, the conversation takes the listener to some interesting places, as we talk about second-rate handjobs, new techniques for masturbation thanks to Adam's porn fetishes, and a whole lot more!


Episode 19: Can Guys and Girls Just Be Friends?

This episode we bring our first guest onto the show! Priscilla is one of the admins for a Facebook group called Serial Singles. Along with a few other women, the group helps unite other single people out there while also giving them a chance to connect in real life in various cities across the United States. We learn how the group got started and some fun facts regarding the group as well. As for the topic of the show, we pry into if guys and girls can really just be friends or if they can...


Episode 18: How To Handle Creepy Guys

This episode Sarah and Adam recap their dates of the previous week and talk next steps with those dates. They recap the Facebook group poll regarding naming body parts and talk about if it's normal to name your partner's body parts. When it comes to handling creepy guys online either on dating apps or through social media, the two discuss the best ways to handle those creepers.


Episode 17: Is It Okay To Lie In A Relationship?

Is it okay to keep a dirty little secret? And if so, what secrets are okay to keep from your partner and what should you share to prevent it from fights with your partner down the road? On Episode 17, Sarah and Adam talk about lies you probably shouldn't tell your partner and things you shouldn't omit from the relationship.


Episode 16: Taking It From Casual To Serious

Sarah is back from her Hawaiian vacation and Adam has a lot to share about his current dating situation. In addition to discussing their failing dating lives, the two discuss the best ways to take it from casual (not booty call) to serious. It takes communication, trust and some luck...well not really but sometimes it feels like that.


Episode 15: All The Ways To Meet New People

There are a ton of ways to meet people. You can meet people on dating sites, out and about in regular life or in these couple of ways Adam and Sarah talk about Episode 15 of the Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast. The two continue to give dating advice and talk about their own crappy dating lives.


Episode 14: Interracial Relationships

During episode 14 of the Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast, Sarah and Adam answers questions that were brought up on the Facebook group and discuss the challenges that come with being in an interracial relationship.


Episode 13: How To Manage The Physical Aspect Of A Relationship

Relationships are hard, and they are even harder when sex is involved. Episode 13 of the Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast covers issues one might encounter when it comes to the physical aspect of a relationship. Should you tell your friends about your sex life? Are there dealbreakers when it comes to getting physical?


Best and Worst Pick Up Lines

Pick up you love them or hate them? In the current state of the dating world, pick up lines have become a staple for starting conversations and ending them within the same second. This episode Sarah and Adam will be going over some of the best and some of the absolute worst lines out there on the internet that people continue to use.


Episode 11: Taking A Break From Dating

When is the right time to take a break from dating? And is there a right time to call it quits for an extended period of time? Yes, there definitely is. This episode, Sarah and Adam talk about the great things that happen once you decide to take a break from the dating world and focus on your goals and personal issues. As always, they'll be talking bad dates of the week, giving dating advice and entertaining with their stories.


Episode 10: The Drunk Episode

On Episode 10 of the Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast, Sarah and Adam celebrate their "successful" dates and the excitement of having 10 episodes by getting hammered on the show. Throughout the episode they talk about sex, their most recent dates and take tons of shots that they probably shouldn't have taken just for the sake of entertainment.


Sex With An Ex

Ever had sex with an ex? On this episode of the Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast, Sarah and Adam go in depth on their sex with an ex stories and provide advice when it comes to sleeping with a former significant other.


Episode 8: Relationship Red Flags

Sarah and Adam talk about some major relationship red flags such as passive aggressive behavior from either you or your partner, feeling as though you aren't good enough and troubles in the bedroom.


Episode 7: Relationship Milestones

Episode 7: Relationship Milestones by Sarah G & Adam Avitable


Episode 6: Creating The Best Dating Profile

On episode 6, Sarah and Adam talk in depth on how to build the best dating profile that will (hopefully) give you more matches! From tips about posting the right kind of photos to what to say in your bio, they talk about what they've seen and go over all of the other weird things out there in the online dating world.


Episode 5: Sugar Daddies and Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

Sarah and Adam talk in depth about sugar daddy dating apps and their experience/perspective on a popular sugar daddy dating app. The two talk about the dos and don'ts of what to do when sending a nude to someone...and so much more!


Episode 4: Dos And Don'ts On A First Date

Episode 4: Sarah and Adam go over what to do and what not to do on a first date. Should you have sex with someone on a first date? Is there a right way to go about messaging another person on a dating app? The two answer questions and share personal stories related to this dating topic.


Episode 2: Cheating

Episode 2: Sarah G and Adam Avitable talk about the bad dates they've been on recently, give dating/sex advice and are open and candid about how they've both cheated on their significant others.


Episode 1: Dating Dealbreakers

In this episode, Sarah G and Adam Avitable talk all about dealbreakers you might have when it comes to dating. And does size really matter when it comes to sex!?!