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Episode 26: Are You A Micro-Cheater?

In this episode, Adam and Sarah talk about all of the little things that people do in relationships that might have a negative effect on their happiness. There are plenty of minor behaviors that, on their own, seem innocuous, but when combined with dishonesty, lies of omission, or cumulative behavior, become a problem or a sign of a failing relationship. Are you a micro cheater? Have you done things in your relationship that might not make your partner happy even if they weren't...


Episode 25: The Anxiety Of Dating

Sarah and Adam talk about some of the many issues related to dating that can lead to anxiety. Drawing from their own experiences as well as the group discussion in their Facebook group, your inimitable hosts learn that Adam's a big weirdo as always, with bizarre dating anxiety that is completely unrelated to how anyone normal feels when it comes to dating. Plus, find out if Sarah's curse of the bad Michaels has come to an end, or if she found herself yet another bad apple named Michael!


Episode 24: Fetishes and Kinks

This week Adam and Sarah invite Scout, an active listener and a member of the FetLife community on the show. The three talk about the more mainstream side of the fetish world, like voyeurism/exhibitionism, BDSM and foot fetishes, to some of the more obscure ones out there, like looning, oculolinctus, and stigmatophilia. From cuckolds to furries, this episode is your one-stop fetish shop!