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Alienated Ep 38

After the crisis on earth X we back in the studio we a great podcast for the fans to enjoy . Getting into our bag with this one a lot of hot takes ad buzz worthy news we have to cover , the overall grade of Hip -Hop 2018 , Cradi B vs Nicki ; was it even a fight ?. The rap God vs The Rap devil MGK takes on the world , and are Marshall Matters fans crazy? Whats is really your class is all imagery. we dive into the conversation of Space vs Wizards Sith vs Slytherin ,and Disney Pixar Theory have...


Broke or Cheap

This special edition we welcome an Award winning podcast host Laron Anderson from Yeah I Said It . The National pop corn winning his been featured in Manny different areas of publications in the Indianapolis metro area and as well as the national spot on Black media. Sticking to what we do best here heavy comic talk and how it effects the daily Black American. The real meat and potatoes of the episode is the main question we ask: Are Black People Broke or Cheap. Does white Americans have a...


Power Play Ep 36

After taking a long waited break the King Of The Podcast returns to drops major gems. Covering the huge weekend DC Comics brought during SDCC 18’. Many big names were brought , and the heavy Trailers were shown. The Knights of the Round Table Return to discuss some of our favorite heroes and villains . The Big Stream debate which ones should you get , and will it end up costing just as much as cable did ? 2018 was a great time for music and Movies we also breakdown Album of the year and Best...


Whats a Hoe Ep 35

As the temp rises so does the content flow . This episode is a little more chilled and relaxed , but serval elements are at play pay attention. All good fun just we keep the train moving and finally put to bed the gender role social media debate. Are we sure we really know what choices we make? We dive into the title topic what is a hoe ; Knights of the Round in the building again so keep all three eye open with J . church on the mic breaking down : ● DC TV (Was Arrow Good) ● The Male Role...


KOD Summer Time Ep 34

Happy Memorial Day time to kick back and enjoy another great podcast with another edition of the retooled Knights of The Round Table. We keep the energy up with some great hot topics heating up our world . Trump is making new again , this time he claps back at the NFL . Sterling Brown NBA guard in the spotlight and victim of the latest police vs the people narrative. J Cole calls for an entire NFL boycott. Kendrick Lamar making Fake New? Was he right ? ● The power of millennials ● Deadpool 2...


The Fix Ep 33

The Summer is here time for a fix! We tone down the controversy in this episode but get deep into emotional family ties , The systematic Oppression of growing up in a single parent home, and Choices. Deadpool 2 is here and bring the fun with acton and comedy . Self healing is a real thing and more......


PSA Extended Edition Ep 32

Ep 32 PSA Nerd culture is now pop culture , and we discuss this with two new knights,The Round Table is in full effect social media hot buttons The Kardashinan Effect , The Pro Black Movement , The gender roles , The age of information ! Which type of hero would you be? and witch tv show made Mario cry? Find out this along with D smith Story pt 2 Kanye Crashes TMZ Black Parenting Generations and relgion Popularity Verse Talent and more ……. Infinity War Facebook : @ImpulseDominating...


Broken Arrow Ep 31 S2

Kicking off season 2 in a big with the Big roll out of the Hosts Life story !. We are bring you into the mind of D. Smith and the 3 parts series of my story , and how I came to understand things in this world. We also Brake down our DC TV season finales Black Lighting & Legends Of Tomorrow , and we ask the critical question of the Episode does a males role really matter ;The Birth of Trap Music who created it Jeezy , Gucci , or Tip , J Cole, Cardi B & Nicki Minaj All drop new music who...


In The Car Ep 30 (FaceBook Exclusive )

In cased you missed this crazy hot take episode as a facebook exclusive then check it out Careful for Spoilers but yall know how we !! Like our FB for more great content EPISODE 30 IN THE CAR ! THE HOTTEST PODCAST ON THE WEB IN THIS EPISODE WE FEATURE THE SEASON FNALE & END OF VOL 1 . ONE HALF OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE STOPS BY AND DISH IS SOME ON VERY HOT TOPICs & KEY DEBATES. 3:15 Segment 1 Intro : For the Culture 8:43 Segment 2 : Black Panther w/ K.O.R.T. insite 13:40 Segment 3...


Reloaded Ep 29

Jumping back into the internets hottest Podcast we reload the crazy energy brought to you by The King Of The Podcast ! What does for the culture mean , what does the Black Panther effect have on the Hollywood landscape going forward. We also talk about some WWE news with the arrival of Ronda "Hot Rod" Rousey , and do we think she can last in this new age of PG13 wrestling . Keep you giving plugged into always changing DCTV products , and we have some serious. discussion on the highlight...


For The Culture Ep 28

Happy MLK Day people jumping back into your ear with another hot one . Social Media firestorm, we are going to tackle the question what is culture . The Black Panther movie being marketed in the wrong manner? Is MBJ a good actor . Is black panther really for the culture .The Official Justice League Review , WB & Zack Synder directors cut coming? The chair of the President 2020 Oprah throws her name in the race? The H&M fallout , is it really racist ? and more Facebook : @ImpulseDominating...


Epic ! Ep 27

Happy New Year to all our fans , back. t it again with another. dope podcast for you guys . Not so comic book here thing next level. gems. Discuss the Past Present and future with another Netflix hit series Black Mirror . Picking up the social. media. fire I started. with the infamous one has to go post. we have the top movies ; of the great Will Smith & Leonardo DiCaprio . Side note topic. Saved by the bell Vs Fresh Prince. Kendrick Lamar producing the Black Panther sound track thoughts....


The Internet Talk Too Much Ep 26

Closing out the 2017 year with another rocking podcast. Touching a lot of elements in this edition , not so much comicbook/ movie review with the one touching on some social media hot buttons . ►Bullying 101 aka Keton jones ►Relationships & marriage rules + regulations ►The story of how the podcast came to be ►Lebron James haters put on notice and more .......


The Coldest Ever Ep 25

The cold Indy weather is not stopping our grind we still drop a top flight podcast for you fans to rock to . We also dive into some next level thinking with some close caption talk .Another gem filled episode heavy marvel centric content with so more break down of the DCEU & Arrow-verse. Disney gears up to take the cake and get the X-men and more of the characters back to home base. Mid Season Finale DCTV Top 10 MCU films Netflix's The Punisher! Thor 3 Reveiw Holiday gaming ideas all...


I Got Time Ep 24

We jumping backing into we do best : Talk shit , break down all the great movies , comics gaming , and Tv with a few sprinkles of dating , sex and all the other good things the come along with this life . Another great episode here heavy content on the topic you love ►What is Rape Culture ►Hollywood going crazy ►DCEU Superman returns The Justice League assembles ►DC TV :Crisis on Earth X ►Stranger Things Season 2 all business inquires please contact


WWE pt 2 Ep 23

Jumping back into the game Strong with another hot one . The WWE is an American staple that we need to talk about more. Some of the best moments in my life happened with these guys at their peak showing out to the world . The Leader in sports Entertainment coming from the leader of the Podcast game . Rip Fallen Stars List T op Next Gen Star Who is The Goat , Cena, The Rock , HHH, Ric Flair Which brand had better storylines Best Matches Best Brands: WWE/WWF; WCW ;TNA;ECW Top Ten Them music...


Dreams & Nightmare Ep 22

No Knights this week ,but we diving into heavy American themes . Donald Trump. evil we need? Whats does it rally mean to be a patriot. Fake News vs The free Press why Podcast are needed. When Worlds Collide: 15 Superheroes Who Jumped To The DC Universe Nobody Speaks: Hogan vs Free press 13th The Khalifa Browner Story Gotham Fall Tv Big Bang theory Young Sheldon CBS Stream worth it ?


90s Nick Edition Ep 21

Written by JustoBall Diving backing a heavy nostalgia. Episode 21 is with a fan favorite 90s Nicks . Some of the best Times of your life with kicking back on Saturday night , and enjoying some of the best golden age in kids tv programming. Some of the best shows ever .... •Hey Arnold •Secret world of Alex mac, •Adventures of Pete and Pete, •Ren and Stimpy •Angry Beavers •KABLAAM •Rugrats •Doug •Clarissa explains it all •All That •Keen & Kel and more ...


Ask Dem Ep 20

Shout out to all the 9/11 and Hurricane victims we are all with you . Diving in again with another hard hitting episode touching on a little bit of everything along with our now comic. , gaming , movies , tv and film. We ask the main question. What is a Podcast ? Are Horror Movies Dead ? We also need to ourself the question are the shows we watching really good or , are we victim of popular opinion Wonder Woman 2 Top 5 Lil Wayne mixtape Netflix 20 billion Dollar Debt Justice League...


The Sky is The Limit Ep 19

Written by K.O.R.T. J Church Bringing it again , Second episode this week specially written by one of the K.O.R.T. Fall preview. DCTV strikes up the conversation The hottest upcoming projects you need to know about Hot Takes all round again with the X-Men lore, classic tv lore and we ask the unthinkable questions , Don’t Believe the Hype movies you thought were good but super trash . Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go! Game Of Thrones Trash?? Fantastic 4 (2015) The Last Air Binder Terrible Batman...