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EarzUp! is a Disneyland podcast like no other - every two weeks, the hosts bring you the tips, tricks, and little-known facts that will make your next trip to Disneyland better than ever!

EarzUp! is a Disneyland podcast like no other - every two weeks, the hosts bring you the tips, tricks, and little-known facts that will make your next trip to Disneyland better than ever!
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EarzUp! is a Disneyland podcast like no other - every two weeks, the hosts bring you the tips, tricks, and little-known facts that will make your next trip to Disneyland better than ever!






Disney College Program and Why The Household Name Podcast Stinks

Today on the show, we talk to Brittany, who is a member of the Disney College Program, which is something we weren't all too familiar with. Then we get down to business: Jason was interviewed on a podcast called "Household Name", and is produced by Business Insider (so you'd assume it would be good). one of their recent shows was about Disney Social Clubs and Jason was asked to speak about how they fit in with the larger Disneyland environment. Well, as these sorts of things happen, he was...


History of the Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland is a classic attraction, steeped in park history. In fact, some of the most famous names in Imagineering put their talents into the design of the Tiki Room - and none of them involve inventing the Dole Whip. Then we get to some Disney News, which is always a good time!


Easter Eggs In Disney Films – Pt. 2

Bev is back with more Disney movie easter eggs! If you want to catch up, check out the first part of this investigation - Easter Eggs in Disney Films - Pt. 1! Jeremy from SpectroRadio is back as well, to take us through the musical history of a very beloved and famous ride for Walt Disney World fans ... Horizions.


The EarzUp! 5th Anniversary Show

Well, we made it through our 5-hour broadcast marathon! Just barely though ... big shout out to RedBull for being gross yet effective. In this epic show, we have Jeremy from SpectroRadio in studio, we have Dan (MouseBrew) back on for a quick round of catch up, our buddy and former Imagineer Kyle to discuss not only our armchair imagineering segment but to discuss why FastPasses are killing the Parks, Rand Boyd who wrote a book on his time at Disneyland Maintenance called Elbow Grease and...


Who Brings a BABY to Disneyland?

Of the many things Jason and Taren thought they would do in the course of this podcast, bringing a BABY to DISNEYLAND is not one of them. Well, Taren probably thought it would happen, Jason didn't. In preparation of their upcoming trip to the Disneyland Resort, Jason and Taren lean heavily on Terrence and Beverly for advice on what to do with an 8-month-old child in a theme park.


The History of the Submarine Voyage/Finding Nemo

Today, Terrence does a deepwater dive in search of the history of the Submarine Voyage in Disneyland, both pre-and-post Nemo invasion. Plus, Jeremy from SpectroRadio joins us to talk about the Rivers of Light show in Disney's Animal Kingdom!


History of King Arthur’s Carrousel

The best-known ride in Fantasyland is probably Peter Pan's Flight. Then, what ... Pinocchio? Maybe Mr. Toad? Despite being the largest attraction somewhere towards the bottom of that list comes King Arthur's Carrousel. Today, Taren takes us through the history of the Fantasyland anchor, and we learn a lot about just what went in to making this ride what it is!


The History of A Bug’s Land

Since A Bug's Land is going away, Terrence thought it was finally time to jump into the history of the second best-themed land in the Disneyland Resort. Beverly gets back on track with her Main Street Windows segment, and Jason collects some cool Disney news.


The History of the Jungle Cruise

Ah, the Jungle Cruise. Easily the most divisive of the opening day rides in Disneyland, it has gone through many changes over its lifetime. Today we'll talk about the pre-cruise planning, what Uncle Walt had originally created in his mind and what the Imagineers made him settle for. Plus, Jeremy is back with another great SpectroTime segment!


Disney Patents with Brian Schar of CrossPond Law

Patents have been the linchpin for success in the Disney Empire since the days even before Disneyland itself was built. Most of the time, when we talk about Disney patents we are reading news about current, high-tech stuff that hasn't made its way to the consumer quite yet, but we don't really focus too much on the patents that helped to build Disney as a company. So when our friend Brian Schar of CrossPond Law reached out to us and had an idea for a show all about older Disney patents, we...


The EarzUp! Audience Opinion Show

We tend to give a lot of opinions about the Parks on our show, and felt it was high time that we got your opinions for a change! In this show, we turn the mics over to you, the listeners, to tell us what you love about the Disneyland Resort. Get ready to hear what your fellow listeners think ... it's the EarzUp! Audience Opinion Show!


The History of Illuminations at Epcot

Taking a step away from Disneyland for a bit, we are off to Walt Disney World to talk about one of the greatest nighttime shows around: Illuminations! Jeremy from SpectroRadio runs this show, and goes deep into the history of this exciting show, along with his usual audio clips to make us feel like we are there. Plus Disney News, and our Patreon raffle!


The History of the Superstar Limo Ride

If you are anything like us, once you read this title you thought, "Huh?" But it's true, there was a ride in DCA called the Superstar Limo, and it was ... a thing. Disneyland has many rides that are no longer running, and this is one of them! We also talk about our new sponsor, GetAwayToday.com! So if you are looking to book a vacation to Disneyland, use these folks, please!


Make Disneyland Fun Again!

All too often, we like to slam Disneyland for being too ... something. Too crowded, too expensive, too greedy. Well today's show is all about how we can change that, and make going to the Parks a fun experience, and it's all based off of listener feedback! Jeremy from SpectroRadio calls in to give his experience during the Food and Wine festival in Disney's California Adventure, and we do some Disney News. It's also a "missing show", because Jason forgot to post it. DadBrain.


Why We Would Totally Go To Hong Kong Disneyland!

Next up in our travel series: we investigate Hong Kong Disneyland to learn more about the place. We talk so much about Disneyland and a bit about Walt Disney World, that we really don't know much about the other Parks located throughout the world. So today we hit up Hong Kong and, after a brief history from Taren, we discuss our top five things that we would totally hit up if we ever made it out to Hong Kong. Plus, we stream for the first time on Twitch, which is pretty cool! Some Disney...


Building the Rockwork at Disneyland

Walk around the Disneyland Resort and hidden in between the plants and buildings and strollers you'll find ... rocks. Like anything Disney does, some of these rocks are real and some are man-made. Some are designed to be noticed and some are not. Today we chat with former Imagineer Kyle who gives us the scoop on when the Parks bring in real rocks and when they need to craft their own. He goes into detail on the process of making huge structures like that big canyon wall in CarsLand, for...


The Disney Upcoming Movie Rundown

Disney always has some movie in the pipeline, and today on the show Terrence takes us through those films set to come out in the next few years. Plus, Jeremy from SpectroRadio joins us to talk about something other than music (kind of), the return of Taren's Thinks, and more!


Disney News and More

It's been a long time in between shows, and for good reason - Taren and Jason had been busy with their brand new baby, Alice! So this show is all about Disney News, and what's been happening in the Parks over the last month, which has been a lot. Plus a little about our new addition to the show, and a lot about Terrence being afraid of Facebook stalkers.


History of the PeopleMover

One of the most talked about missing rides in Disneyland gets the EarzUp! history treatment, as Terrence examines the PeopleMover. Before that, we talk with Jeremy from SpectroRadio who gives us the musical rundown of the Epcot Fountain of Nations, and our friend Kyle calls in to give us his perspective on the impact of Star Wars Land on things like park attendance, ticket prices, and how that all ties in to Downtown Disney.


Interview With A Disney Mom Panelist

Terrence and Jason have both been dying to be selected for the Disney Moms Panel for years now, and neither of them have made it. Well, today we chat with Lindsey who has just come off of her stint as an official Disney Mom! She tells us what not to do, what being a Disney Mom actually entails, and all the cool stuff you get for being selected. Oh yeah, and the friends you make. We also do some Disney News, and that's it. See you in the Parks!