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It's all about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Show about web series, short films, sketches, music, stand-up, media and Entertainment houses, everything you wanted to discuss about Entertainment online.

It's all about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Show about web series, short films, sketches, music, stand-up, media and Entertainment houses, everything you wanted to discuss about Entertainment online.




It's all about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Show about web series, short films, sketches, music, stand-up, media and Entertainment houses, everything you wanted to discuss about Entertainment online.






ScoopWhoop Cafe Review - Must Visit Cafe To Get Nostalgic And Jamming

Do you love Jamming? We have all seen or done it school and colleges. The most exciting and fun part about it is the way everyone starts singing, humming, clapping, dancing, in short enjoying or celebrating with the simple guitar play. ScoopWhoop has been around for a while and they have been producing different types of online content. The one that I have been enjoying recently is ScoopWhoop Cafe where they have been doing jamming on Bollywood Songs, Shahrukh Khan songs, Kishore Kumar...


Urvashi Song Review - No Muqabala With The Cult Classic In This Ad Galore

Some Classics are better left untouched. We have so many so many examples in Bollywood where under the pretext of recreation, we murder the original creation. I am wondering what was the brief given to the gifted Director Gifty for the song Urvashi. T-Series has tried to recreate the cult classic by A.R. Rehman and Prabhdeva with Honey Singh and Shahid Kapoor. Did they first decide on the song or did they have Big Boy Toyz, Hungama and Boat approach T-Series for their brand promotion, so,...


Shy Mora Saiyaan Song Review - Inspiring Music To Inspired Music

Good music inspires us, and we have heard numerous songs that are inspired from others, some are official remake, some are recreation of the classics, but majority are copy in the name of inspiration. I would rather not get in to this sensitive topic that has hurt great musicians like Pritamda, Anu Malik, Bappida etc. Things get tricky when you get inspired by your own good craft to create another one. R.D. Burman created 4 different songs on 1 hit tune, Anu Malik, Anand Milind and many...


EC Quickies 3 - So Much Content To Watch... Do You Have FOMO?

Do you think there is too much good content to watch on the internet? Netflix launching new things almost every week. Amazon Prime doing it at least twice a month, Hotstar streaming the latest episodes of your favourite shows, HBO coming out with their mind blowing specials and airing the most awaited and widely downloaded shows; do you think there is not enough time to catch up on all this entertainment? Simple solution, this is entertainment, not your life. Unless you are in the field of...


The Reunion Webseries Review - Could Have Met Well

The Reunion Webseries is about the emotions, new relations, old grudges, open threads, unsaid conversations that come out when alumni of Bourbon High meet after 10 years. Dev and Deva have been perfect couple, Deva and Arya have been BFFs and Gaurav is someone who always keeps smiling and get others to laugh. This was when they moved out of Bourbon High. The Reunion takes you on a journey of these people as well as others from their class, changed personalities, changed relationships and...


Social Webseries Review - Use Social Media To Create Social Impact

Webseries Social covers 3 Tropical issues we are facing today: - Pros & Cons of Social Media - Human Trafficking for Sex Slavery - Masked Movement There enough of videos, blog posts or research around the upside as well as downside of social media, Social shows you how to create a movement. We have also had other shows on human trafficking, this adds the flavour of tech with hacking and online auction. Lastly, Anonymous hacker group and multiple mask movement have been witnessed, we have...


EC Quickies - Do we Need To Confirm to Norms?

Quick update on the latest in the online entertainment. - Karenjit Kaur - Zee5 - Ab Dil Ki Sunn - YouTube - Hum - Jio Cinema - Life Sahi Hai - Season 1 on YouTube, S2 - Zee5 I also answer the questions from you about the show. - Why no star rating? - Why this review format is different from standard? - Why audio and why not video? Please let me know your thoughts about the episode or any questions by commenting below. You can also reach me at entertainmentcubehq@gmail.com. If you...


Memories Webseries Review - Supernatural Desi Sherlock

Memories can be good or bad, but we normally share it only with our near and dear ones, especially the bad memories. How would it be if someone can get in to the memory of dead or semi-alive person to find out the truth about mysterious circumstances. Memories is a journey of News Anchor Siddharth Sarin who can go into memory of dead and semi-alive people by holding their hand. It's about a life changing case that gets him to experience people around him & memory to the next level. 9...


Truth or Tamanna First Impression - Games People Play

Have you ever wondered why games like Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever becoming increasingly popular? Are we so complex and layered that we need to resort to these games to know the truth about our friends or companions? Truth or Tamanna is about Dhruv's quest to find the truth about his girlfriend Tamanna who suddenly goes missing. 5 episodes out so far of this 13 part series. Priyanshu Jora plays Dhruv, Tamanna is played by Vrushika Mehta. Kushal Punjabi plays the role of Kaizad, you...


Yeh Meri Family Review - The Nostalgia Of Summer Of 69, In Summer Of 98

I did this for Family. This is the answer we have heard in many movies and shows or at times in real life also when people are asked to justify their wrong actions. For most of us, key motivation for actions first if self and then family. Yeh Meri Family is the show to create complete nostalgia, emotions and bring our childhood memories back. This is 7 episode series around Harshu's 1998 Summer vacation. Show revolves around Harshu and his family. Different episodes are focused on...


Entertainment Cube Quickies - Latest & Greatest In Online Entertainment

It doesn't always need to be about reviews. Let's have some rapid fire updates about the world of online entertainment. Lots to share with you in terms of new shows that started and some shows that completed their first season. I missed mentioning two new shows that started on Viu, Memories and Truth or Tamanna. How did you find this episode? Please let me know. You can reach me at entertainmentcubehq@gmail.com. If you enjoyed listening to this episode, please leave your comments and...


EC Perspective: Short Films - Why Do We Like It Short?

Short films are like Haiku; crisp, clear, concise yet powerful. In this episode of Entertainment Cube Perspective we explore: - What are short films? - Where can you access/view them? - How does it stack up against feature film? - Why short films are becoming popular? Top 5 Short Films Channels on YouTube Large Short Films: https://www.youtube.com/user/LargeShortFilms Pocket Films: https://www.youtube.com/user/1takemedia Humara Movie: https://www.youtube.com/user/humaramovie ttt:...


Love Handles Review - Some Connections Like This Also...

I like the title track of TV Series Kucch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, I feel it fits the description for Gorilla Shorts collection of 5 short films titled Love Handles. The Titles are: - Ashleel Pyaar - Abuses Connect - Chori Chori Pyaar - Kleptomaniac Connect - Silent Pyaar - Sign Language Connect - Gudgudwala Pyaar - Relief Connect - Purana Pyaar - Old Age Connect My personal favourite is Purana Pyaar due to performances by Dr. Mohan Agashe & Lilit Dubey. Love Shots:...


Love Shots Review - Indulge & Get High on Love

You have enjoyed Tequila Shots, how about indulging into unusual, uncommon, unconventional, unconditional, understanding Love Stories. Love Shots is a series of 6 short films by Y-Films. Stellar cast, fresh and simple storyline, awesome soundtrack to go with every short film and small twist towards the end (in some cases) is what makes Love Shots thoroughly entertaining. Love Shots: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2imrR-RdpM9_TQzWvYYwoeWha9AWWo82 Have you watched this series?...


Nitishastra Review - What would you put first Family or Dharma?

In Mahabharat, Arjun dropped his weapons telling Krishna, how can I fight against my family. Krishna's updesh to him, which we know as Gita, was this is Dharma Yuddh, where Dharma comes first, you need to destroy the evil, bad doers whether they are family or not. This is the key message of the short film Nitishastra. Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Arora are in the lead role as siblings. Roshni (Taapsee) teaches girls self-defense techniques, so that they can protect themselves. Ravi (Vicky) is...


It Happened In Hong Kong - Places Become Memorable With People

Would you like to explore Hong Kong with two talented actors? Then this webseries is for you. Places or vacations become memorable for me by the company, the people I am traveling with. Family, friends or colleagues get associated with the Taj Mahal or Himalayan Mountains or Sears Tower etc. It happened in Hong Kong relies completely on charmingly and talented Amol Parashar and beautifully talented Aahana Kumra. Their natural acting, and simple/conversational dialogues get you to enjoy the...


Engineering Girls - First Impression - Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

Why should Boys have all the fun? Engineering colleges in India means major population of boys. That's why movies around that theme shows guys in the lead role. Girls are far and few and mostly stereotyped. Slowly & steadily this trend seems to be changing. This is not the complete review, it's just the First Impression based on first episode of webseries Engineering Girls. It's definitely off to a good start and the animated title sequence of around 1 min which comes after firecrackers...


Bang Baaja Baaraat - Great Indian Dramatic Wedding

Have you been part of Great Indian Dramatic Wedding? Marriages have so many stories associated with it. Most of us feel our marriage had been the most unique and eventful thing to happen in life. Bang Baaja Baaraat is YFilms series that was released 2.5 years ago. Written by Sumeet Vyas, Amritpal Singh Bindra and Anand Tiwari. Directed by Anand Tiwari. It has Ali Faizal and Angira Dhar in the lead role and Gajraj Rao, Ayesha Raza and Rajat Kapoor, Shenaaz Patel playing their parents. It...


Kaushiki Review - Are You In The Right Company?

Do all your friends have dark secrets? Do you really know them? Are you in the right company? Kaushiki webseries explores these questions. Set in Ahmedabad, it has Sayani Gupta in lead role and Ranvijay Singha as ACP Sumer. This series has shades of hatred, betrayal, dark secrets, murder, Underworld, cheating, rave parties, blackmailing, lies and mystery. I saw influences of movie Shaitaan. Also felt the song Har Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hai apt for this. Kaushiki -...


Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare - Capitalizing On Zakir Khan

Is it ok to lie to help someone? I am not referring to the innocent lies we say when being asked, how do I look? How is the food? Am I growing fat? Amazon Prime commissioned OML to create 14 Stand-up specials last year. After a very good reception, this year we are seeing webseries created by stand-ups. One of the very successful stand-up special has been Zakir Khan's Haqse Single, Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare is created to capitalize on his popularity. Set in Indore around Ronnie (Zakir...