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Episode 73: A Mid Summer Night's Movie Recap

What’s hotter and slightly more uncomfortable than this Southern California heat wave? Myles and Santos’ thoughts on all the “best” movies summer 2018 has delivered so far! Sit back, press play and listen to recaps on all the movies you should be watching! Thanks for listening and please share with your friends, rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE it will help us grow our audience and keep this show rolling! Any ideas you would like us to cover on the show? Know of any great places to check out...


Episode 72: Sugar, Spice and Don't F*** With My Cascara Feat. OC Weekly

Myles & Santos sit down with their faves, OC Weekly’s Janelle Arballo, Jen Wales and Nicole Tawney to discuss OC Weekly’s summer time charity series ,Good Feels: Cocktails for a Cause and their upcoming food and drink expo, Decadence! We dig into the mailbag and offer only the BEST advice and relive the glory days of underage drinking! We motivate, we inspire, we bullshit! Give us a listen, 10 out of 10 Lil’ Wayne fans recommend! FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: OC Weekly is accepting nominations...


Episode 71: Don't Burst My Bubble! (Honey & Hive, Queer Eye, Bubble Podcast)

Episode 71: Don’t Burst My Bubble! (Honey & Hive, Queer Eye, Bubble Podcast) We schmoozed amongst the OC Elite at the hot, new rooftop bar, Honey & Hive located atop the Marriott Irvine Spectrum! Netflix Queer Eye Season 2 is out and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT! Here our thoughts on season 2! We disagree on something *gay gasp* CAN YOU BELIEVE?! We review the new Maximum Fun podcast “Bubble”, Myles is here for it, Santos has had enough. One listener needs boy advice and the other has a...


Episode 70: Don’t forget the EpiPen!! (Festival of Arts, Pageant of the Masters, Hereditary)

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH O.C.!!!! Summertime is here and nothing says Summer in Orange County like Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach and of course Pageant of the Masters! Pageant is back for its 85th year with their “Under the Sun” theme! Santos got a sneak peak and he’s here to tell you all about it! Festival of Arts, Pageant of the Masters Runs July 5 through September 1 More information and tickets available at the link below! Myles provides insight on the 2018 Primary...


Episode 69: Swipe Right and Die? Feat. Cristina (Dirty John Podcast, Dear White People, Tully)

Welcome back Cristina! The gang chats about Dirty John, the compelling podcast from the LA Times set in our very own O.C.! Tully teaches us what it might be like to be a new mom with maybe a pinch of PPD and schizophrenia? and we review the new season of Dear White People from Netflix! The uneducated and completely ignorant views expressed in this podcast are entirely our own and we do not mean to *intentionally* offend you!! Give us a play, tell your friends! You're gonna like the way we...


Episode 67: SUCK ON MY B***S!! (Beychella, OC Eateries, A Very Fatal Murder and A Quiet Place)

Santos recounts the miracle that was Beychella 2018. We talk about some cool eating spots around the OC. Then we review of “A Very Fatal Murder” and John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” We talk about life, we talk about food, we give garbage advice! Give us a listen, you’re gonna like what you hear! We GUARANTEE IT! GO SEE OC: The Newport Beach Film Festival! Runs through May 3rd! Pandor Cafe 106 N Glassell Street Orange, CA 92866...


Episode 65: Big Tops and Brunch (Cirque Du Soleil Luzia, OC Weekly Fresh Toast, Tube Talk)

The big top comes to OC! Cirque Du Soleil brings Luzia to Orange County, we got to attend and we tell you all about it! We talk about what we have been watching on TV. We sit down with our besties at OC Weekly and talk all about Fresh Toast: A brunch event, happening at Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach on March 10th! Get all the deets and buy your tickets NOW! We talk about life, we talk about porn, we do a good old NPR review of coffee! Give us a listen, you’re gonna like what you hear!...


Episode 64: The First Annual Orange Globes (Movies, This Cinematic Life)

We made up ridiculous categories and gave out awards to all the “best” movies of 2017! Move over Hollywood Foreign Press, we got it from here! This is THE only awards show that matters this year! Fearuting, Craig Duffy of This Cinematic Life and Cristina Donastorg our fave movie person! We have the DRAMA, we have the FASHION and we have ZERO misogyny and racism! ENJOY US and and join the conversation! Reach out to us on the social medias with the hashtag #OrangeCrush! Thanks for listening...


Episode 63: LIVE From Viva Los Tacos!

Recorded on location at OC Weekly Presents: Viva Los Tacos! A taco event in participation with Roses in the Concrete / Santa Ana Unidos. For more information, visit: Roses in the Concrete: Santa Ana Unidos: Thanks for listening and please share with your friends, rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE it will help us grow our audience and keep this show rolling! Any ideas you would like us to cover on the...


Episode 62: Talkin Bout Tacos Feat OC Weekly(Viva Los Tacos, Three Billboards)

This week we talk to you about the Kardashians, Tacos and bird feeding (Listen and find out)! We share some cool movie events you can participate in around OC! We had the joy of sitting with the incredible OC Weekly marketing team and talked all about Viva Los Tacos! We have mixed feelings on “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri”! Listeners turn to us for advice, we talk about things that left us pressed! You’re going to love it, we’ll make you laugh, we’ll make you cry,...


Episode 59: Goodbye '17!

DISCLAIMER: This episode has almost no structure! Thanks for enjoying! This week our intention was to #GoSeeOC and come at you live from the Newport Beach Boat Parade! But we got lost, got drunk, didn’t talk to people and recorded garbage! So there will not be any of that in this episode! We love you! We venture into the beauty of 1980’s Italy with the new film “Call Me By Your Name”. Myles wasted valuable life time and watched the terrible new Netflix film, “Pottersville”! We talk to you...


Episode 57: WHYYYY LISA?!

This week we #GoSeeOC and share some places to go and things to see this holiday season! We talk about the most incredible film ever to be made, Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”! We break our mold and review a big budget childrens movie, were talking about the new Disney Pixar tale of one boys adventure to uncover a murder, we’re talking “Coco”! We tell you about OC, we tell you about our personal lives, we give you solid life advice and we know you’re really gonna dig it! Thanks for listening...


Episode 56: The Birds, The Bees & Some Moody Teens

This week we #GoSeeOC and find ways to satisfy your holiday shopping list and also feed our local economy! We rediscover the wonder of having your balls drop when we review “Big Mouth” available on Netflix! Our hearts are torn from our chests and thrown straight into a catholic school girls uniform, we share our thoughts on the new Greta Gerwig film, “Lady Bird”! We give advice, we vent our hearts out, we make our life a pinch more joyful! Thanks for listening and please share with your...


Episode 55: Hella Late

We’re late this week! And just like any other man, all were gonna say is “uh….sorry”. Due to technical difficulties we had to postpone release! We love you, don’t hate us! This week we #GoSeeOC and talk to you about our favorite places to get pretentiously day drunk! Were talking some Anaheim Breweries! We take our #OrangeSpotlight and venture into the Upside Down, we’re sharing our thoughts on “Stranger Things” Season 2. Things get a hell of a lot stranger when we take a trip into the...


Episode 54: The Good, The Bad, and Florida.....

This week we share some of our favorite places to exercise that don’t involve a mundane gym. We have our hearts torn out, and will share with you all why we think a seven year old should be our next president when we review Sean Baker’s “The Florida Project”. We step away from terrible television and shine a light on NBC’s “The Good Place”. We give some “Oprah” level life advice and share with you some stories from our personal lives! As always thanks for listening! Tell your friends and...


Episode 53: The other..other..OTHER White Meat

This week we #GoSeeOC and share some pretty cool things to do around Orange County, or in the comfort of your own home on this Halloween Weekend! We shed our #OrangeSpotlight on the new Netflix Serial Killer drama "Mindhunter" and bite into the French film "Raw" available also on Netflix. We offer advice to listeners who inexplicably put their lives in our hands during #OrangeCrush. And we close off the show with some #ColdPressed sass! Thanks for listening, please SUBSCRIBE! Any ideas you...


Episode 52: Dear Richard.....

This week we #GoSeeOC with some Taco Tuesday spots around Orange County. We take our #OrangeSpotlight to the tennis court and share our thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes” starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrell. We find out #WhoDrewTheDicks in our discussion of the new Netflix mockumentary “American Vandal”, (Don’t worry, no spoilers here. We only talk the tip, we’ll let you finish it off and enjoy the climax later.) Any ideas you would like us to cover on the show?! Let us know at...


Episode 51: Hella Edited Feat. Bao Nguyen

DISCLAIMER: 3 out of 3 people were completely drunk during the recording of this podcast. Happy Indigenous Peoples day everyone! This week we *try* and talk Orange County Politics with former mayor of Garden Grove, Bao Nguyen. We cover the 2015 Sean Baker film "Tangerine" and we provide solid life advice! Please remember to rate, comment, subscribe and share! Any ideas you would like us to cover on the show?! Let us know at or Twitter:...


Episode 50: Don't @ Me

This week we cover some of our favorite Poke Spots around Orange County. We give our thoughts on the Amazon Prime Series, Transparent. and we touch base on the remake of Stephen King's It! Stick around to the end to hear Santos make a fool of himself with his take on the #ForTheDickChallenge Rate, Comment, Subscribe! provide your feedback at #GoSeeOC - Poke Review/Ra Yoga: 0:2:45 Creepy Experience at Mile Square Park: 0:10:30 #OrangeSpotlight: Transparent Sn4: 0:14:00...


Episode 49: So you wanna talk about Mother!

This week we talk Oktoberfest at the Phoenix club in Anaheim, Insecure Season 2 and we dive deep into the new Darren Aronofsky film, Mother! TONS AND TONS OF SPOILERS! Visit our website at Instagram: @FreshSqueezedOC Twitter: @FrshSqueezedOC Email: