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Just some nerds talking about stuff.

Just some nerds talking about stuff.
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Just some nerds talking about stuff.




You're A Mormon, Harry

Here’s a little peek behind the curtain at what our actual conversations sound like, y’all. Messy, meandering, self-deprecating, and as nerdy as possible. In this lunchtime gauntlet of geekery, the gang covers everything from Bitcoin and the MCU to the dying movie industry, the tyranny of social media, and James’ inappropriate viewings of the Gaga documentary. PLUS: Mormons - are they wizards? Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - is it really that bad? MoviePass - how long will this Ponzi scheme...


Another Super Timely Star Wars Podcast

It’s been...one month since you premiered, Leia did a force float and made nerds angry. Welp, some of us decided to make genetic clones of themselves through reproduction or whatever (gross!) so we had a nice long hiatus, but WE’RE BACK! During the break, we all had many many wonderful and wacky adventures, but none of them matter even a little bit, because STAR WARS. Enjoy this tasty amuse bouche of our reflections on The Last Jedi: 28 days later. Ryan liked it! Megan and Neekoo (welcome...


Secret Shame Songs

You know what we’re talking about. You’re driving with your super cool friends in your sweet ride, you plug in your ipod, slide the click wheel to ‘Songs’ and hit shuffle, ready for some sick jams that will definitely make this the most epic road trip of your lives. Then, without warning, *THAT* song comes on. The one that pretty much everyone agrees is the worst, but it’s on YOUR ipod, and instantly you feel your friends staring you down. The shame is rising like bile in your throat...


Sequels & Prequels & Reboots Oh My!

Since it’s already the middle of the summer, what better time to get the inside track on what’s HOT to play, read, and watch when the temperature is rising. As usual, the JTs are on the cutting edge talking about movies from two years ago (Jurassic World), games from two years ago (The Division), graphic novels from three years ago (The Wicked + The Divine), and even MORE movies from literally 20 years ago (CON AIR). Plus, Ryan talks his obsession with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Caleb...


The Beefy Machines Keep It Perfectly Hundo

The JabberTalkies are back, and they're ready to get hyphy! Ryan destroys his marriage with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Megan explores a new Horizon, and James chooses between Uncharted and Zelda. Plus Caleb is so lit he's practically extra. It's Season 2, y'all! We're glad you're here.


Offensive Guardians of the Galaxy

The gang sits down to talk about not giving a darn about the big game, all the awesome NON-FOOTBALL games we’re playing, cooking with the magic of Jesus, and the reason for the season: SNACKS.


Welcome 2017. Do Better.

Oh hey, 2017, didn’t see you there. Come on in, it’s very very sexy in here. This week the gang catches up with lots of game talk - Path of Exile, Inside, Final Fantasy XV, Diablo, Rocket League, Vain Glory, Mini Metro and many many more! Plus, philosophical waxing on gaming of old vs. THE DAMNED MILLENNIALS, James is a certified Disney nut, and everyone tests out their sexiest sexy sex voices.


BONUS EPISODE: Rogue One Reactions

A very special and SPOILER-ific instant Rogue One reaction episode with Megan And Caleb! The gang stays up past their bed times to give you their HOT TAKE on Rogue One. SO. MANY. SPOILERS. Forgive the sound quality and general tiredness, and prepare your ears for some sexy movie review sexiness. ALSO, THERE ARE SPOILERS. SPOILERS.


Tinder, and OkCupid, and Match, oh my!

The gang gets REAL this week and dives into online dating. What’s the best way to approach women online? What should women do about all of the dicks flying at/around their faces all day long? We don’t actually have any answers but spent a lot of time complaining about it. Plus, a complete guide to Tinder for married folk and the most important question of all answered: WHAT REALLY IS THE DEFINITIVE 90S JAM? #Geek #OnlineDating #Tinder #OkCupid #Match #Bumble #Dating #Single #Married...


Episode 17: Rick & Morty and Friends

THE GANG GETS SO SCHWIFTY IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Plus: Unpopular opinion time! James and Megan share a very dark secret about America’s (and Britain's?) favorite TV show. And HarmonQuest too. Oh, and we get to the bottom of the sizzling Kanye West South Park controversy. Basically we just gab about tv shows for like 25 minutes here.


Episode 16: Dice, Dice, Baby

Ryan has fallen down the Critical Role rabbit hole, so the gang dives head first into the world of tabletop gaming. Meg brags about her big fat sack of dice, Caleb laments LARP’s unfortunate naming choice, and James admits he still has his DnD v card.

Episode 14: Beam Me Up, Chewie!

Star Wars vs Star Trek: Get ready because we're about to throw down in the space battle that never ends. Plus, Caleb lays out his Hollywood Hack List. Spoiler alert: Shia LaBeouf is (allegedly) a genius. Please take a moment to delight in this week’s show! We made it just for you.


Episode 13: HOT Dog Buns

How does a nice, big, long movie rant sound?! Get ready cause we’re gonna give it you you. The gang debates endless movie franchises, the feminist merits of Gone Girl, and whether or not Sausage Party should have given us anatomically correct hot dog buns.


Episode 12: Pokémons Pubis

Hey everybody! Have you heard about this little indie game where you catch little monsters all over the place? As usual we are on the cutting edge of the gaming industry. James still won’t stop saying Pokemans, Caleb sells out for the right game, and Meg’s still crying over the 24/7 lures at the children’s hospital. It’s a blast!


Episode 10: Overwatch, More Like NO-verwatch

And we're back! Ryan hates on Overwatch, Megan destroys a marriage via Twitter, and James sucks at Fantasy Baseball. Plus, a very special guest joins as we dig into V.R. and why kids of a certain age are the worst. Episode 10, y'all!


Episode 7: The Minecraft Generation

Ryan throws a LAN party, Megan reviews Captain America: Civil War, and James sounds like he is screaming at the drive thru. Plus, Minecraft and V.R. porn. Pay attention because you'll never believe what happens in the last segment! Doctors hate us!


JabberMini: Mailbag

To Richard, with love. This week, the gang gets emotional when they respond to a listener question. "Was there ever a video game that made you cry like a baby and why?" Games discussed include Mass Effect; That Dragon, Cancer; and more! Has a game ever made you cry? Let us know at jabbertalkies@gmail.com or on Twitter - @jabbertalkies. Peace.


Episode 6: Summer Blockbuster Movie Film for Theaters Extravaganza

EXPLOSIONS! ALIENS! SUPERHEROES! GROUPS OF PEOPLE STARING MENACINGLY AT THE CAMERA! MEGAN FOX STRIPPING FOR NO REASON! The gang is back, this time with a sizzling hot summer movie trailer preview. We’ve got the hottest gossip. The newsiest news. The exclusiest exclusives. So grab some popcorn, turn down the lights and let the Jabber Talkies take you down to Movie Town™.


Episode 5: The Clap is Gonorrhea, Not Syphilis

Truth in title-writing. The gang gets deep with a series of hypothetical questions. What would you take if your house was on fire? What if you only had two weeks to live? Who would you let punch you in the face? All this PLUS our podcast pairing and more on Nielsen ratings. Finally, if you are experiencing any discomfort in your bathing suit area, please consult your physician.


JabberLadies: That’s What She-Ra Said

In our very first LadyCast, the gals get super drunk and dish about representation in film, fondly remember our 80s cartoon SHEroes (we love you She-Ra), host a sexy Q&A with two hot nurses, and discuss the crushingly oppressive reign of TERROR that is Angela Lansbury. (P.S. This one is definitely NSFW, or kids!) Women in Film Database: http://polygraph.cool/films/