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Episode 039 - Area 51, Ancient Civilizations, and The Staircase

John and Jarrod discuss alien abductions, Space Force, Area 51, The Advanced Ariel Threat Identification Program, disclosure, sleep paralysis, Netflix documentary series The Staircase, mentalists, magicians, psychics, being hypnotized, social media, ancient civilizations and more!


Episode 038 - Eli Jenkins: Songwriter, Vocalist, Guitarist of Cities YWYWF

Eli Jenkins, musician and frontman of the rock duo Cities You Wish You Were From joins the guys to talk about writing and recording their new album, balancing home life and touring, boxing vs MMA, musical influences, tattooing himself, the Sacramento music scene, growing up in a Baptist house and how it influenced his music, main stream media focusing on negativity, and more. He also answers our Top 5 fan questions! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review, listen on iTunes or your favorite...


Episode 027 - Billy English: The Angel Returns!

For Episode 027 of the podcast, the guys welcome back Episode 004 guest, Billy English AKA Angel. They talk men’s fashion and how men’s shorts should fit (above or below the knee), skydiving, Jiu-Jitsu, men who love and drive minivans, Conor McGregor, pre and post Dallas Buyers Club Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Zac Efron (again), 60 Days In, crying during the movies Coco and Apollo 13, drinking too much alcohol, sobriety and much more! The guys also cast each other in roles as...


Episode 026 - New Year's Resolutions, Group Text Threads, Zac Efron, and Slow ATM Users

Happy New Year from the John & Co. Podcast! For the very first episode of 2018, the guys talk Y2K and surviving a major catastrophe, slow ATM users, searching Netflix for the right movie, Group Text threads, 60 Days In, New Year’s Resolutions, riding motorcycles, raising kids, tipping bartenders/servers and the triple-dip glass cleaning method. John breaks down the films Shot Caller and The Greatest Showman. He also proclaims his love for Zac Efron and puts Hugh Jackman on the list of...


Episode 025 - Alien's, Bigfoot, UFO's, Bears, and Turtles on a Leash

The guys talk about the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Disclosure, Aliens, UFOs, Dr. Steven Greer, Tom DeLonge & To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, The Voyager Golden Record, Star Wars, Creed 2, Bigfoot, Bears in the wilderness, Sleepy Time tea, Pet stories including John’s turtle on a leash, and more!


Episode 023 - Roller Skating, Tom Cruise, Surviving Jail, Inflation and the cost of Avocados

For Episode #23 of the podcast, the guys get nostalgic about time spent at the roller skating rink in their youth, and the good old days before cellphones when you had to actually write letters. Hollywood and bad plastic surgery, How to survive in jail, The longest movie intro ever, Movie theater etiquette, Tom Cruise before and after Katie Holmes. John rants about the cost of living, inflation and how the system isn’t structured to accommodate and benefit the people that make up the...


Episode 020 - JFK conspiracy, SpaceX, Myspace, tattoos, and NCAA Scandal

John and Jarrod talk JFK assassination conspiracies, underground nuclear bomb and zombie apocalypse bunkers, Elon Musk SpaceX rocket to Mars, B.O.B. Flat Earth, Netflix - The Confession Tapes, Ink Master, bad celebrity tattoos, Government Secrecy, NCAA Scandal, MySpace Top 8, teenage vandals and the mysterious "lawn forks", human consciousness/evolution, PEDs, intense youth sport parents and more! Mentions: Mathew Houston, Justin Bieber, Petaluma (band), Ed Sheeran, Private Island (band),...


Episode 019 - Conspiracy Theories, 9/11, NASA, Moon Landing, Planet X, and Free Will

John and Jarrod talk the origin of Planet X (Nibiru) conspiracy theories and the prediction that it will collide with the earth on 9/23/17, military bases on the dark side of the Moon, NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing conspiracy, questioning the 9/11 Commission Report, the Pentagon and Building 7 official story, warm caves under the ice in Antarctica, Flat Earth, natural disasters, are Real Estate Agents a necessity, North Korea, fate and whether we have free will and complete control over our...


Episode 018 - Jonathan Barklage: Captain, Drummer, Future Treasure Hunter

For this episode we feature Captain Jonathan Barklage, drummer, Diesel Engine enthusiast and owner of Aqua Mobile Marine. We talk the legend of Jacques Cousteau's discovery at the bottom of Lake Tahoe, men driving minivans, treasure hunting, raising kids in a technological age, Jon's encounter with Gypsies in the desert and much more. For more information about Aqua Mobile Marine check out


Episode 017 - Shane Gutto: DJ Esoteric Informer, Kombucha Brewer, Meme Maker

Shane Gutto aka Esoteric Informer is a DJ, Kombucha Brewer and Meme Maker. We talk alternative views on history, advanced ancient civilizations, consciousness, philosophy, what it's like being a sober DJ and more. Check out an internet based collective of Information, Music, Fashion, Merchandise, Photography, Illustration and Awareness.


Episode 016 - Public Bathrooms, Meteor Showers, International Space Station, Fear and Intuition

John and Jarrod talk proper bathroom etiquette and the legend of the sideways bathroom stall sitter, people who blast their music on public transportation, Perseids Meteor Shower, Red Light Cameras, the difference between true fear and unwarranted fear, ARCO's 35-cent fee, and more.


Episode 015 - Mikey LP: Musician, Actor, Texas Bouncer

Mikey LP drops by the John & Co. Podcast studio to plug his upcoming show at Sacramento's Concert in the Park and talk about his new album. He shares some of his past experiences as a bouncer in Austin, Texas, how Chris Cornell inspired him as a musician, and more.


Episode 014 - Robby Gibb and Ian Moch: Musicians (Colour 21, Tell The Wolves, Madison Ave)

For this episode of John & Co., drummer/bassist Ian Moch and guitarist Robby Gibb of the band Colour 21 join the podcast. We talk about everything from Robby being a vegan and tattooing himself to Ian's research of the Mandela Effect and holding down the entire rhythm section for their band. "John's Journal" returns where he reads an entry regarding the secrecy behind the 1947 crash at Roswell and how the government has been able to keep a tight lid on the truth.


Episode 012 – Sean Kolar: Singer / Songwriter, Tennis Instructor, Instagram Personality

Singer/songwriter Sean Kolar joins John & Jarrod to talk music, tennis, the importance of being authentic as an artist, bush diving on the Sunset Strip, Christopher Walken complementing Sean's hat, horse towns in Corona and much more. Sean even drops an a cappella version of No Diggity on the mic.


Episode 011 – Lazy Teenagers, Alien Abductions, Evenings in Jail

John and Jarrod discuss 60 Days In, Fire in the Sky/Alien Abductions, Jarrod's overnight stay in jail, the woman who took a crap on the floor at Ross and more. John also rants about slow moving, lazy courtesy clerks and gives advice to high school students. Enjoy!


Episode 010 – Danielle Vincent: First Festival Founder, List Maker, Britney Spears Fan Club Member

Danielle Vincent is the founder and producer of First Festival, a two day festival that brings together music, food, art, vendors, craft beer and more. Danielle talks with John & Jarrod about how this idea came to fruition and what it takes to coordinate and run such a massive event. They also talk bad tattoo decisions, Danielle's undying love for John Popper, Britney Spears dance contests and why she's watched the T.V. show "Lost" 30+ times. Get tickets and find out more about First...


Episode 009 – Anthony Paganelli: Musician (Horseneck, Willhaven, Shortie) , Bartender, Hairstylist

For this episode of the podcast we sit down with Anthony Paganelli AKA "Pag", front man of the "stoner rock" band Horseneck, to discuss the release of their new album "Heavy Trip". We talk about Christian Slater in 'Gleaming the Cube', touring around the world, and how they got Whitney Houston's back-up singer to record on their album. Sit back, grab a cold beer, take a drink every time we talk about Lance and enjoy! But don't drink too much, you might wake up the next day with P.A.G.


Episode 008 – Akis Yerocostas: Editor for Sactown Royalty, NBA Kings Fan, #HereWeStay Founder

Sacramento Kings fans, this episode is for you. We sit down with Akis Yerocostas (Aykis16) editor and writer at Sactown Royalty. We have a fun and informative conversation about all things Sacramento Kings. We also try to stump him with some Kings Trivia. You can find them online at Twitter: @sactownroyalty & @Aykis16


Episode 007 – Shawn Peter: Musician (The Ghost Town Rebellion, FUDI), Sacramento Historian

Shawn Peter is a classically trained musician, Sacramento historian and front man of The Ghost Town Rebellion. His depth and knowledge of the Capitol City is reflected in his music, which often lyrically tells a story of the cities rich history. He's paid his dues on stage playing countless shows in his musical career. We discuss the history of Sacramento, Shawn's role as a Community Service Guide and how he single-handedly saved the city from the master-bating bum. Shawn is an analog dude...


Episode 006 – Brian Blair: Sailor, Physical Therapist, Water Drinker

For Episode #006 of the Podcast, we have a late-night conversation with Brian Blair highlighting the 2016 Pacific Cup, where Brian sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii. We get deep with some whiskey-fueled, esoteric philosophies about following your intuition and transcending from eating California Burritos to straight Carne Asada Burritos. Of course we had to also talk about Bruce Lee, drinking ridiculous amounts of water and meat integrity. Thank you for listening! Follow John & Co. on...