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Smarky Marks - Episode 006 "Do You Feel a Draft?"

The boys recap the fallout from Wrestlemania weekend. They discuss Raw, Smackdown, and how much is too much wrestling? Kyle interviews his roommate over Kurt Angle's hilarious milk truck segment. Lastly, the gang decides to conduct their own WWE draft! See who they picked for their own brands before going onto the KayFabulous Wrestling facebook page and voting on who you think had the greatest brand! Also, be sure to submit the the first ever KayFabulous contest! Submit a screenshot of your...


Smarky Marks - Episode 005 "Wrestlemania Extravaganza!"

In this special extra large episode Peyton, Kyle, and Steve break down Takeover and Wrestlemania. How much did they love that ladder match? Did Wrestlemania finally deliver this year? Is Roman Reigns correlated?


Smarky Marks - Episode 004 "I'm in a Robe!"

THE TOMB IS EMPTY! Steve, Kyle, and Peyton sit down on Easter Sunday for their final episode before Wrestlemania! They briefly recap the week before interviewing Sam - a non wrestling fan - about the iconic grocery store brawl between Steve Austin and Booker T. They finish the episode out with a little 2 out of 3 falls!


Episode 049 - Ben. The Ultimate Thrill Ride.

The show that started it all returns quicker than expected! Thats right, instead of waiting three. months to return we only waited one. Ben and Steve get down and dirty with their predictions for Wrestlemania weekend. After parsing through their picks for Takeover: New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34, they question the relevance of the Greatest Royal Rumble match ever


Smarky Marks - Episode 003 "YES! The Numbers Don't Lie"

KayFabulous Wrestling Radio proudly presents episode 2 of Smarky Marks & The Funky Bunch! In the weeks between when Ben and Steve record, you can look forward to this brand new alternate podcast! Steve, Kyle, and Peyton unpack what was an incredible week in wrestling news. They bond emotionally over the return of Daniel Bryan, and share fits of laughter over The Ultimate Deletion. From there they force their friend, Jordan, to watch the infamous math promo from Big Poppa Pump - Scott Steiner.


Smarky Marks - Episode 002 "A Theme of Twos"

KayFabulous Wrestling Radio proudly presents episode 2 of Smarky Marks & The Funky Bunch! In the weeks between when Ben and Steve record, you can look forward to this brand new alternate podcast! Steve, Kyle, and Peyton conduct their first segmented take on the show! After a brief recap of the week, they test each others trivia knowledge in the segment 2 out of 3 falls. They also force a non-wrestling fan to watch the infamous Final Deletion, before finishing the show off with some Hot Takes!


Smarky Marks - Episode 001 "A Fastlane Shitshow"

KayFabulous Wrestling Radio proudly presents its newest endeavor into the podcast realm: Smarky Marks & The Funky Bunch! In the weeks between when Ben and Steve record, you can look forward to this brand new alternate podcast! Steve returns to host along side Peyton Larter and Kyle Willard in a triple threat of podcasting perfection. In this episode, the three casually lay out their plans for the show while watching WWE's Fastlane 2018. Follow us all on Twitter! @SmarkyMarks to follow the...


Episode 048 - What Is An Ember Moon?

Its several months into the new year, so you know what that means! The first episode of KayFabulous Wrestling Radio! Ben and Steve geek out about all the awesome things that has happened so far this year in wrestling, especially NXT Takeover: Philly. They get into the many tournaments happening in WWE, Ben finally catches up to his Lucha Underground spoilers, and both argue over what Ember Moon's deal is. Be sure to check out Ben's latest endeavor: Vidiots! Subscribe to their YouTube...


Episode 047 - Holiday Havoc

You all know the drill. The description starts off with something like "after a long hiatus" followed by "Ben and Steve discuss blank." But this episode is different. This episode...is the last episode...of 2017! Happy Holidays everyone! Ben and Steve finally find time to meet up over Skype and ramble about things somewhat related to wrestling. Ben talks about a major career move, and Steve talks about wrestling school.


Episode 046 - Thats Gotta Be KayFabulous!

Back by popular demand, the boys catch up with what they've been doing this summer. From vacations to awards, they've done it all. But did Ben and Steve have time to watch ANY wrestling? Find out! ***Also, there is a possible Game of Thrones spoiler in the first few minutes. Skip ahead 3 minutes from the start and you'll be fine.***


Episode 045 - #MakeKonnorPizzaRatAgain

Off the heels of 2017's historic Money in the Bank, Ben and Steve discuss a huge controversy. No, not the Ellsworth thing, but what happened to Konnor? The boys discuss potential gimmicks to save the former NXT tag champ's career. Money in the Bank is discussed in detail, the future of Enzo and Cass is debated, NXT brings a lot of Ice Age references, and we are reminded that Brian Cage is not a man...he's a machine.


Episode 044 - 80% Derailment. 20% Content.

A new episode? Already?! But it hasn't been months! Extreme Rules 2017, NXT, and New Lucha Underground bring the boys back together! Plus, special guests Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson make some astute observations.


Episode 043 - The Brock Lesnar of Podcasts

Its been a while since we've returned from a long hiatus, so now we are returning from a long hiatus! Ben and Steve discuss why they've been gone for so long, Takeover: Chicago, Extreme Rules, and the modern day maharaja. Lastly, Ben loses his mind trying to keep up with all the wonderful questions you all sent in!


Episode 042 - Wrestle Pus

What is wrestle pus? Find out in this episode! Small hint: its what oozes out of you when you watch too much wrestling in one week. Much like what happened to both Ben and Steve! Wrestlemania has come and gone, Takeover gave us another visit, and the Raw after Mania has expanded to the Smackdown after mania!


Episode 041 - Get Me Off Mr. Potter's Wild Ride

The ultimate thrill ride, Wrestlemania, is almost upon us! After a long long long hiatus, Steve and Ben are back in time to go over the NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania cards. Hope you all enjoy this magical weekend!


Episode 040 - Paul Ellering's Big Adventure

Another year, another rumble! This episode we dissect this year's edition of the Roman Rumble, make some Elimination Chamber predictions, and answer some listener questions. We also go into some pretty awesome stuff happening in our personal lives. Oh, and Steve violently disfigures Ben with tea.


Episode 039 - Rolly Wumbles

Is the Royal Rumble the greatest event of the year? We think so! This year's rumble is extra special, because we don't know who is going to win ahead of time! *cough* Triple H, Roman, Batista, Cena *cough*. We give our predictions for the Royal Rumble as well as the next Takeover event. Plus, we share some stories as to why we haven't been on for a couple weeks. Let's just say it involved WCPW shenanigans and a dipshit bird.


Episode 038 - The 2016 Flammies

2016 is dead. Long live 2017. It has been a wild ride for wrestling fans this year, and we at KayFabulous Wrestling Radio feel that it is our duty to recognize those wrestlers with an award so prestigious, only dozens of people have even heard of it! The Flammie. Sit back and relax while Ben and Steve discuss the best and worst 2016 had to offer the professional wrestling world.


Episode 037 - The Fifth One

This episode was put on detour due to heavy traffic from the 20 car pile up in the Fastlane to the road to Wrestlemania when it hit the end of the line. All this to say; Roadblock was a thing that happened. Ben and Steve discuss the goings on with the main roster, PPV name quality, the new U.K. Championship, and much much more! Can Ben hold onto that sweet World Predictions title? Find out. Ben's title reign day count: 65 days


Episode 036 - Wasps, Bees, Wieners, and Butts

Ben defends his WORLD predictions title! Will Steve overcome the odds? Or will Ben continue his World Predictions Championship tour? The guys discuss TLC, NXT, and are visited by a cornucopia of main event WWE talent. Ben's reign: 1+ days.


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