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With Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois

With Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois


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With Sebastien Lefebvre & Patrick Langlois






Week 11

Someday, years from now, we'll all look back on 2020 as the year that Man Of The Hour had a bonus season... (Okay, maybe we'll remember a few other things too.) During week 11 of quarantine, the guys are getting outside more and enjoying the little things. From the joys of pressure washing to family bike rides to all the commotion on Seb's street this week, the guys have plenty to update you on—so make sure you're listening!


Week 10

Are you a hockey stick away? Hosts Seb and Pat were finally able to get together in person to record an all new episode of Man Of The Hour (with proper social distancing, of course).


Week 9

It's week 9 of quarantine but we're feeling fine, thanks to an all new episode of Man Of The Hour.


Week 8

Man Of The Hour is broadcasting straight from quarantine to give you an update on how week 8 is going!


Week 7

Have you done the "I'm Just A Kid" TikTok challenge? The guys are talking about the new social platform and ranking all the old ones. They also chat about cat game shows, releasing music in quarantine, and the unresolved meet-cute on Seb's street.



It's a new corona reality and we're all just livin' in it... and so are our kids. If you're a parent, you know the struggle is real when schools are closed. Pat and Seb are no exception, so they're spending the season finale of Man Of The Hour talking about family time. Tune in as the hosts dig into snack demand (it's got nothin' on toilet paper), letting your kids win (but not every time), and how they keep their childhoods alive (cartoons help). Hit play on the season 31 finale now!


The Virus

This week on Man Of The Hour, we're addressing the corona-sized elephant in the room.


Seb vs Predator

The best hour of your week is right around the corner so pull up a comfy seat and dig in. The latest Man Of The Hour podcast kicks off now.


All Over The Place

When the times get tough, you can always count on Man Of The Hour to brighten up your day. If you’ve hit “bored out of your mind” levels of quarantine, this week’s episode is here to cure your blues! Are you using the cloud? How old is Seb’s TV? We’ll find out when the guys […]


Our Greatest Fears

This week on Man Of The Hour, the guys grab the bubbliest of all drinks (AKA La Croix) and dive into conversation about the stuff going on in your brain.


Spring Break Misfits

It's spring break and there's only one correct use of all this extra time you have: listening to the latest and greatest episode of Man Of The Hour.



Welcome back to Man Of The Hour! Your pals Pat + Seb have put together another fantastic hour of conversation and music, so hit play and let's get going. This week the guys are talking about friendship evolution, sharing Seb's beautiful "I went to NAMM" story, and sledding home whole chickens (yeah, you'll have to hear it to understand). Tune in now!


Let’s Do This Together

Man Of The Hour is getting our lives in order this week. From work out motivation to trying new things, the guys are digging in on the latest episode. They also chat about preparing for 40, dealing with rejection on the internet, and plenty more. Listen in below!


The Affair

Need a little boost to make it to Friday? No worries, Man Of The Hour has you covered with an all new episode. This week, Pat and Seb sit down to discuss Valentine's Day, the Charmin robot (yup, like the toilet paper), living a double life, and more. Listen in now!


First Episode of the 20s

Welcome to the roaring 20's! If your decade isn't off to a great start, no worries—Man Of The Hour is here to save the day with a brand new season. The show returns with Pat + Seb recapping the holidays. From over-packaging to wrapping paper woes, tune in to hear how the guys spent Christmas. They're also diving into the new year with stories about moist January (because dry January is unreasonable), decluttering, and more!


Let’s Feel Good

Season 30 of Man Of The Hour is coming to an end, but before we could get too sad the guys delivered an episode that's full of good vibrations. If you're a parent, you know the struggles of sneaky gift-wrapping and Pat + Seb are here to sympathize... but that's not all they're talking about this week. The guys also dig into unidentifiable sleep problems, CBD oil, and Disney+.


The Best Fans Ever

You wanted a brand new episode of Man Of The Hour and we have a brand new episode of Man Of The Hour, because we've always got your back. This week, Pat and Seb are chatting about the Where I Belong Tour, fan encounters, and the cleanliness of stage clothes. Tune in now!



It's getting cold outside, which gives you the perfect excuse to stay inside and listen to a brand new episode of Man of The Hour. When Pat + Seb join forces this week they chat about Christmas lights, procrastination problems, and having no time to win the lottery.


Another Rant Episode

If you're not inviting Man Of The Hour to Friendsgiving, you're missing out. The guys got together last night to chat everything from photography to world records, giving you the perfect entertainment to have with your turkey. Listen in as Seb and Pat dive into conversations about Amazon, the best airlines of 2019, and more.


Everybody Lies

Everyone tells white lies... except us, when we say the latest episode of Man Of The Hour is one you don't want to miss. This week, Pat + Seb dig into some of the most common fibs, chat about Netflix documentaries, and share some insight into how we listen to music.