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Ep124: There’s An Elephant In The Room

In this week’s episode we’re a man down as Anthony convalesces from a silencing sickness. That’s not going to stop us from covering the opening of Pixar Fest though! We cover all the parades, popcorn buckets, and AP stickers? Lots of opinions, squealing from the back, and sold out items. Digs has a special Pixar edition of #FatTimeInTheParks. What’s good and what’s new? Also parking quandaries, The Incredibles, mail, and more on this not so silent episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep123: Strange Magic

In this week’s episode it’s almost Pixar Fest time! We’ve got info about merchandise being released early, advanced firework showings, and how budget cuts may affect the return of Paint The Night. Annual Passholder popcorn buckets are also coming back to join all the other Pixar themed food items. New ordering options are coming to the Disneyland Resort that hopefully will speed up those lines. Also Black Panther, DuckTales, Awareness for Autism, and more on this Strange episode of the...


Ep122: You Had Me At Cornbread

In this week’s episode it’s a very slow week so you get hear us talk for an hour about how Pizza Port is finally going to be changed into Pizza Planet during Pixar Fest! Okay, not really, but we do have varying opinions that may or may not all lead to this being a new pasta paradise. The Grad Nites are coming, the Grad Nites are coming! Also Star Wars Nite, a monorail makeover, Autism awareness, and more on this corny episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep 121: My Name Is Earl Of Sandwich

In this week’s episode we finally have the announcement of news and dates for D23 Expo 2019. Hear all our early thoughts about pricing, content, and scheduling. Star Wars Nite tickets have come and gone, so hopefully you didn’t snooze on those. We find out the closing date for those Downtown Disney businesses that will be affected by new hotel construction. Also Captain Marvel, Batuu, #FatTimeInTheParks, and more on this graphic episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep120: Of Petitions and Redheads

In this week’s episode we’ve got some big, breaking news! Marvel Land has finally been announced! We’ve got all the preliminary details on where it’s going and when it will open. Disneyland After Dark is returning soon for a second go around and this time it’s sure to be out of this world! Also flag retreat, Pixar, George Lucas, and more on this Marvelous episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep119: Animatronic Infinity EGOT

In this week’s episode it’s Pixar Fest time!! Well, not yet but there are several cool new things we learned about the upcoming fireworks show and even more details about Pixar Pier itself. What’s going on with the carousel? Are we getting popcorn buckets? How many different churros can they possibly make? The important questions. Food & Wine has begun at DCA and Digs has a firsthand report from the trenches. Also Solo marketing, new film trailers, The Oscars, and more on this flyover...


Ep118: Happy Meal Hideaway

In this week’s episode it’s #fattimeintheparks again with the return of DCA’s Food & Wine festival. Returning soon as well will be the annual Egg-Stravaganza hunt throughout the Disneyland Resort. It’s sure to be a hoppy good time! There’s more info on new dining packages relating to Pixar Fest. Also Disneyland Paris expansion, Pirates refurb, an Adventureland update, and more on this tropical episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep117: Another Rose Gold Brick in the Wall

In this week’s episode we discuss the record breaking opening weekend from Black Panther. Tim gives a short review and we discuss the far reaching effects of its success. Some new churros have arrived at the parks, but don’t call them basic. The new Pixar fireworks have been previewed and it sounds AWESOME! Also Andi Mack, Incredibles 2, Descendants 3, and more on this medium well done episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep116: Kinda Big In Japan

In this week’s episode it’s the end of the world as we know it! No, not really...but it is the time of year most dreaded by theme park goers: the price increases. We’ve got all the changes you need to know and of course our reactions. There was some Disney parks news this past weekend out of D23 Expo. now know when Pixar Pier will be opening at least. Also Kim Possible, Greatest American Hero, Disney Home Store, and more on this surprising episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep115: Solo of Westeros

In this week’s episode it’s the aftermath of the Super Bowl and you know what that means: commercials! Which ones were the best? Was there the usual controversy? Was it all just one big Tide commercial? We finally have a Solo trailer and it was glorious. Hear our initial thoughts and theories as always. Even More Star Wars you say? Yes, and it’s coming from an unlikely source. Also breakfast, porgs, fireworks, and more on this infinite episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep 114: Help Wanted

In this week’s episode it’s a Happy New Year! Actually, it’s the Lunar New Year that has now started at DCA. There’s lots of food, entertainment, photo spots, and... dogs? Over in Downtown Disney there’s all kinds of stuff going on with Splitsville finally sort of open and now we got info on another restaurant opening later this year. Well, we’re still waiting on that trailer for Solo but we did get surprised with one of slightly smaller proportions. Also ToonTown, a surprise Grammy, off...


Ep113: We Already Said That!

In this week’s episode we’ve got big news, about lockers..? What? In more interesting news, Minnie Mouse has finally received some long overdue recognition but what the heck was Katy Perry doing there. Splitsville now has an opening date and you know what that means: fat time! Dan the Man is here in spirit to tell us about Secrets of the Empire. Also Oscar nominations, hotel privacy, parking questions, and more on this confused episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep112: Bowling After Dark

In this week’s episode we’re back with more refurbishments and more popcorn buckets. Walls have gone up from Main Street to Paradise Pier. DCA didn’t want to be left out and now has their own AP popcorn bucket. World of Disney is also getting some work done so expect it to get even more congested in that place. Food and Wine Festival reservations are now open but don’t expect to see Guy Fieri’s hair. Also Mary Poppins, Force 4 Change, Lunar New Year eats, and more on this Solo episode of...


Ep111: Running Down a Scheme

In this week’s episode it’s raining and we’ve reached the off-season at the Disneyland Resort. But have we? We’ve got more details on the Main Street refurbishments and did we also hear they will be throwing some shade at Dumbo? What?? AP popcorn buckets are back but are they worth the price this time around? The Star Wars AR experience is now open in Downtown Disney and we want to know what everyone thinks? Also RunDisney, Lego Solo, SoCal discounts, and more on this virtual episode of...


Ep110: Gators and Bats

In this week’s episode it’s a brand new year and you know what that means: refurbishments! We’ve got the annual breakdown of all the upcoming closures at the parks. There was a power outage at Disneyland the day after Christmas and it was the mother of all kerfuffles! Settle down, it wasn’t even the whole park! In other news, we did hear that there was an amazing six hour line for the City Hall complaint ride. Also Last Jedi box office, New Years Eve at DCA, Bats Day, and more on this...


The Last Jedi Spoilerific Review Show

On this very special episode we talk about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and, as always, there will be spoilers!! Hear our complete review of the film with favorite moments, memorable characters, and how this definitely didn’t go the way we thought it would. Also green milk, space silence, porgs, and more on this stand alone episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep109: Fruitcake, Furniture & Fox

On this week’s episode it’s a short one because we’re dying to talk about The Last Jedi, but that’ll be another show. Until then we’ve got details about the Disney/Fox deal. What’s included, what’s not, and what does this mean for Bob Iger. Now that Olaf’s Frozen Adventure has aired on TV, where it belongs, we give our thoughts on it. Also California Screamin’ shirts, Galaxy’s Edge, extended holiday hours, and more on this blocked out episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep108: We Didn’t Stop The Fire(works)

On this week’s episode we’re back again and still better than ever. It sure has been crazy lately! We have fires burning all over California and they are creating problems at the park. Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out this week and we’re all trying to stay spoiler free. To top it all off Disney might be buying most of Fox Entertainment! Also parking tips, Pixar Play Parade, Olaf, and more on this sickly episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep107: MousePIRE Season Two: The Return of Digs

On this week’s episode we’re back and better than ever. Well, we’re back anyways and there’s plenty to talk about that has happened while we’ve been gone. Galaxy’s Edge gets a planet name, Disneyland is going After Dark, an Annual Pass is being discontinued, and Pixar Pier has more details. So much going on! We got an awesome Pluto popcorn bucket for the holidays and now a new bucket has come out this week for Star Wars. Also Smokejumpers Grill, upcoming streaming service shows,...


Ep106: Magica and the Beanstalk

On this week’s episode we’ve got an update on the fire that was raging near Disneyland and how it affected park operations. Are you ready for some football?? Yes, the nerds and jocks collided again with the release of another Star Wars trailer during Monday Night Football. Is Rey going to join Kylo? Is Kylo actually about to do what they make it seem he’s about to do? How much metal polish does Phasma really need to keep that shiny? So many questions!! Also DuckTales, Marvel Day at Sea,...


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