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Ep157: Slow Your Rolling

In this week’s episode we’re celebrating another new year with: raised ticket prices!! We’ll take a deep dive into this years price changes, discuss who will be hit the hardest, and laugh at all those who complain the most. Speaking of large crowds, Galaxy’s Edge is getting closer to completion with more details being revealed weekly. Mickey’s 90th continues with more merchandise and absolutely unrelated dining treats. Also Disneyland After Dark sells out, The Mandalorian gets a composer,...


Ep156: There Goes Santa Claus, There Goes Santa Claus!

In this week’s episode we’re saying goodbye to 2018 in style! Dan is to talk about Into The Spider-Verse! Michael appears via video to assure us that he’s still alive! Anthony’s got an inside scoop with details about the upcoming Mickey’s Mix Magic show. Digs has the confirmation about whether or not World of Color is coming back this year. Also Ducks Day at DCA, Wetzels Pretzels opens, Mandalorian cast, and more on this festive episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep155: When Can We Hear This Again?

In this week’s episode we’ve got a whole bunch of news that you’ve already heard before, but it’s been embellished to sound new and exciting. Tropical Hideaway, Galaxy’s Edge, Marvel Land, yada, yada, yada... We do have some new information though for early 2019 festivities at DCA. Twice the length and twice the fat time! Also World of Color, Avengers break the internet, an Incredible New Year, and more on this magical episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep154: Baby, It’s Sold Out(side)

In this week’s episode we’re giving thanks for all our bounty’s. Bing Bong has finally come to his Sweet Shop in DCA. Mary Poppins Returns is almost here and they are having an art exhibit over at the Opera House on Main Street. Also Daredevil gets blindsided, The Very Merry Tea Party, Candlelight, and more on this Fowl episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep153: Mufasa Breaks The Internet

In this week’s episode we’re wrecking the internet with Ralph. We’ll give you our semi spoiler free review of the film and how it stacks up with the first one. Disneyland After Dark surprisingly returns next year with two new themes and endless wardrobe choices. It’s a particularly slow news week, but don’t worry, Tim is here. Also Candlelight Processional, Agents of Shield, Rachel gets a new name, and more on this shot for shot episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep152: A Tale of Two Timmy’s

A Tale of Two Timmy’s” In this week’s episode we’re celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday like it’s his last. Disney has gone all out with festivities, food, and merchandise. The guys are here to relate all of their birthday celebration trials and tribulations. Early next year Captain Marvel will be flying into DCA just in time for her film. Lots of cool info about Galaxy’s Edge was revealed at the recent Destination D event. Also Dumbo trailer, Ralph ruins VR, Mickey Mix tape, and more on...


Ep151: Excelsior! And Beyond!

In this week’s episode we start by paying tribute to one of the most creative minds of the 20th century. The legacy and influence of his characters will forever make The Man immortal. ‘Nuff said! Christmas time has come to the parks and you know what that means: #FestivalofFatness! We have some initial reviews of holiday treats, both savory and sweet. Also Mickey’s 90th food, Toy Story 4 trailer, Humphrey gets cold feet, and more on this soapbox episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep150: Peppermint Nightmares

This week’s episode is the biggest yet as we celebrate hitting the big one-five-zero. We’ve outdone ourselves this time with guests galore, both old and new. Hear them share stories, emails, and of course food. We’ve got the complete rundown of yummy dishes, drinks, and delicacy’s as the parks are set to celebrate the holidays. Also Mickey 90 Special, Star Wars Resistance, Humphrey, and more on this festive episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep149: Mouseketeers and Mandalorians

In this week’s episode we’re saying goodbye to Halloween. The day has past and all the decorations are gone from the parks. Next stop: Christmas! The World of Disney store was officially opened to much fanfare, surprise guests, and even controversy. Mickey’s 90th birthday special is coming up and Anthony is questioning why we should even care! Also last minute Halloween #FattimeWithDigs, Star Wars Marathon, new characters coming to DCA, and more on this chaotic episode of the MousePIRE...


Ep148: Nothing To See Here!

In this week’s episode we’ve got nothing. It was a boring week and we shouldn’t even be podcasting. It’s okay though, we’ve still managed to put together a show that is both entertaining and informative. It’s such a slow week that we actually have Walt Disney World news! Also World of Disney, Ralph sneak peek, Mary Poppins Returns, and more on this pointless episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep147: The Toys of Summer

In this week’s episode we’re all over the place with news from throughout the resort and beyond. The annual Haunted Mansion Tiki mug came out to much hoopla and long lines, while a new Hitchhiking Ghosts plush set just came out. We got the not so shocking news that the long suffering hotel project has been canned. Also a parking structure update, #FatTimeWithMisterKnight, Aladdin teaser, and more on this Blue episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep146: Taylor’s Got A Gunn

In this week’s episode not only do we have opening dates for a pair of old school attractions but we also have news that a popular kids show will be going away soon. In an unusually negative edition of #FatTimeAtTheParks we’ve got info about some new price hikes on park foods. The Mandalorian is coming!! Yes, we’ve got a title and details on John Favreau’s upcoming live action Star Wars series. Also James Gunn part five, Nutcracker AP sneak peek, Mansion tiki mug, and more on this key...


Ep145: Welcome to the Jungle Julep

In this week’s episode we’re running the Gauntlet! Yes, the Infinity Gauntlet has returned to DCA but you better hurry before it snaps out of existence again. Earl of Sandwich is back in Downtown Disney until they figure out the ongoing hotel drama, so enjoy that while you can! Kathleen Kennedy gets a contract extension at Lucasfilm. Star Wars Stories launches with a familiar face as host. Also Halloween #FatTime, The Void, Mickey 90, and more on this rich episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep144: Craisin Dreams

In this week’s episode we’re taking a trip to the SOLD OUT Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. We have all your inside info about the party, including the usual discussion about it being moved to DCA next year. Also Captain Marvel finally gets a trailer, big DuckTales news, Nutcracker preview preview, and more on this Ziploced episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep143: Another One Bites The Churro Dust

In this week’s episode HalloweenTime has come to the parks and it’s earlier than it ever has been. Unfortunately, it just won’t feel right until this summer heat is gone. The heat isn’t gone but most of the Halloween Party tickets are! We told you not to wait until the last minute, but you never listen! Also AP Corner, hotel refurbishments, #fattime with Michael, and more on this not so scary episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep142: Good Libations

In this week’s episode we’re saying bye! Not only is it the end of Pixar Fest at the Disneyland Resort but Bug’s Land at DCA is now closed forever! Relax and sit back for the next two hours whilst we reminisce about 16 years of bugs. As we mentioned last week, mobile ordering has expanded to a few more locations around the resort with more to come soon. Also #fattime with mint, another Halloween sellout, music rumors, and more on this high fidelity episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep141: Abrams Hears A Who

In this week’s episode the Disney hotel saga continues with the Anaheim City Council and Disneyland trading blows that’ll culminate in a long established practice going away. This uncertainty will undoubtedly open the door for some Downtown Disney businesses to return and it looks like Earl of Sandwich might be top of the list. Some exciting casting has brought a Hobbit and a Doctor to the world of Star Wars. Also D23 Expo tickets, Halloween #fattimeintheparks, Tropical eats, and more on...


Ep140: Top Gunn

In this week’s episode we’re back with news that Mickey’s 90th birthday will not be contained and threatens to spill over into 2019. Not only will there be celebrations during his birthday month, but there will also be a huge art exhibit in New York AND an epic “Mouse” Party that will take place at all parks worldwide! With HalloweenTime fast approaching we’ve got a breakdown of all the must buy food and beverage novelty items. Also DuckTales, D23 Expo tix, Marvel 10th Anniversary, and more...


Ep139: Have Gunn Will Travel

In this week’s episode we’re talking about Pooh. Christopher Robin came out this past weekend and despite the weak box office we highly recommend it for the nostalgic value. Speaking of nostalgia, this year is of course Mickey’s 90th birthday and he’ll have his very own prime time special on ABC. Also Disneyland 50th fireworks, Vampirina, Calitalian buffet, and more on this Mauled episode of the MousePIRE Podcast!!!


Ep138: Tropical Tubes

In this week’s episode Digs is finally tube and fancy free! Well, something like that. He celebrated by going to the parks and hanging out with Dan for his birthday. They’ve got some #fattimeintheparks that will refresh your memory. Matterhorn has closed for a surprise refurbishment that left all of us caught out in the cold. We’ve got the scoop on what might be happening with the Tiki Room area. Also Jungle Cruise movie, Fox merger, the James Gunn saga continues, and more on this whipped...