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The Not Fade Away Podcast Ep 6: Jerry Garcia

Not Fade Away Episode 6: Jerry Garcia Hey there! Hi There! Ho there! The Not Fade Away podcast is back and have we got a hell of a subject today--Jerry Garcia. The eternal hippie/hipster believed in seeking truth and enlightenment above all else. When Jerry passed on August 9, 1995, just a week after his 53rd birthday, he left behind a 30+ year legacy of music, poetry, art, groovy ties and ice cream that are still talked about to this day. This show is very bittersweet for me...


Not Fade Away Podcast "John David Booter" of Done Disappeared

Not Fade Away Podcast Episode 5: Done Disappeared with John David Booter Welcome back to the Not Fade Away podcast! I am so sorry to behind in my podcast posting but I promise to have full episodes soon talking about Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain and the Altamont Festival. In this special episode to close out the year for us I am talking to none other than THE John David Booter of the Done Disappeared podcast. John David Booter is on a mission to find Clara Pockets from Davistown,...


The Not Fade Away Podcast Ep 4 "The Who in Cincinnati 1979"

Not Fade Away Podcast Follow up to Episode 4: The Who in Cincinnati Welcome back to the Not Fade Away podcast! Today's’ episode we talk about the tragedy at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati that took place on December 3, 1979. On that night 11 people were killed trying to enter the doors for a concert by The Who. At the time it was the worst concert tragedy in American history. “Festival Seating” was demonized and the term “stampede” was irresponsibly used to describe it and other...


The Not Fade Away Podcast Bonus Ep: John Belushi Part 2

Not Fade Away Podcast Follow up to Episode 3: John Belushi Interview with Kate Ruby Klenfner Welcome back to Not Fade Away podcast! Today’s episode is a bonus/follow up for the popular John Belushi show I produced last time. I am including my full interview with Kate Ruby Klenfner whose father was very close to the Blues Brothers (having signed them to Atlantic Records.) John and Dan Aykroyd were Kate’s godfathers and she remains close to John’s widow Judy Belushi. In this ep we...


Not Fade Away Podcast: John Belushi

Not Fade Away Podcast Ep 3:: John Belushi Welcome to the episode three of the Not Fade Away podcast! Here we are getting to know the one and only John Belushi who was the godfather of my friend Kate Klenfner. (Really!) Kate offers some great insight and behind-the-scenes gossip about John and The Blues Brothers. I am also helped in this show by some amazing talent including David the Producer and Juliette Miranda from the Unwriteable Rant podcast, Dana Buckler from How Is This...


The Not Fade Away Podcast Ep 2: Aaliyah

Not Fade Away Podcast Ep 2: Aaliyah Welcome to the second episode of the Not Fade Away podcast! This time we are getting to know R&B goddess Aaliyah who sadly passed away in 2001 and the age of 22. I am lucky enough to be friends with someone who worked for Aaliyah for several years--Michelle Cramer. I invited Michelle over to talk about her time with the Hip Hop queen and am so thankful for her input. In this show we really get to know the sweet person who was so beloved by her...


Not Fade Away Podcast Ep1: Jim Morrison

Not Fade Away Podcast Episode 1: Jim Morrison Hello and welcome to episode one of the Not Fade Away Podcast! I am your host Margo D. and you might me know from the other shows I co-host and produce including Book Vs. Movie, the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast and the Best Neighbors Podcast. (Or maybe not!) Maybe you just happened upon the show doing a random search about today’s subject? Either way—glad you are joining me today! For this episode we talk about all things pertaining to...


The Not Fade Away Podcast: Teaser Ep!

The Not Fade Away Podcast Teaser ep! Welcome to the teaser episode of the Not Fade Away podcast! My name is Margo D. and I will be your host and let’s just say I am really excited to start this show! For this episode I give a glimpse into what the show will be about plus interviews with people who have real stories about Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, John Belushi and Aaliyah. Full episodes to launch soon! In the meantime--follow me on social media! Like us on Facebook:...