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E.145 Disneyland Lux Hotel is No Longer.

On this business episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we wanted to know why Disney has pulled the plug on their newest hotel at the Anaheim Resort. This was intended to be their 4th on-site hotel and be rated as a 4-star luxury hotel. This hotel was going to replace the ESPN Zone, AMC theater, Earl of Sandwich and The Rainforest Cafe. www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com www.DisneyPatch.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/


E.144 Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Review.

It's getting dark in the Animal Kingdom, so we are sitting down and chatting about the nighttime show Rivers of Light. Does it live up to the other evening shows at the Disney parks, or is there room for improvement? We break down the whole experience and give some opinions of course. www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com www.DisneyPatch.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/


E.143 Journey into Epcot with Figment.

On this episode we head to Epcot; we discuss the strange mixture of rides, drinks, and food to be had in the World Show Case. Along with Frozen, Soarin, pavilion movies and hotdogs! www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com www.DisneyPatch.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/


E.142 Disco Yeti and the Animal Kingdom.

On this episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are chatting about Walt Disney World's, Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest, and Disco Yeti. We discuss the second day of our Walt Disney World trip, the impressive theming and cool animals, then finish off by talking about this month's patch! www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com www.DisneyPatch.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/


E.141 Ralph Breaks the Internet Breakdown.

Today on the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are taking you on a special trip into Ralph Breaks the Internet in theaters now. Six years after saving the game Sugar Rush from Turbo's revenge, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz are still best friends who hang out every night after work in Litwak's Family Fun Center and Arcade. Vanellope's frustration over the predictability of her game prompts Ralph to create a secret bonus track for her. She enjoys the track but overrides the player...


E.140 Magic Kingdom and the T.T.C.

We are excited to share our experience at the Magic Kingdom and what you need to know about the Transportation and Ticket Center, otherwise known as the TTC. www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/


E.139 Disney’s Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Extravaganza.

On this special Thanksgiving Day episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are talking about all things Thanksgiving and Disney starting with the Turley Leg and finishing with who we would invite to dinner. www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/ .


E.138 Victory Through Air Power and Saludos Amigos.

On this episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are talking about the two movies from 1942 Saludos Amigos and Victory Through Air Power. www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com https://www.instagram.com/obscuredisneypodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/ObscureDisneyPodcast/


E.137 Sleeping Beauty Castle, 11 Obscure Facts.

On today's episode on the Obscure Disney podcast, we are taking a look at the obscure side of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Sleeping Beauty Castle (originally known as Snow White's Castle) is a fairy tale castle at the center of Disneyland and formerly (being redesigned as of 2018) at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is based on the late-19th century Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany] It appears in the Walt Disney Pictures title card, and, along with Cinderella Castle, is an iconic...


E.136 Fantasmic! vs. Fantasmic!! vs. Fantasmic!!!

On this Fantasmic episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are diving deep into the minutes of Fantasmic shows all over the world! Who has a better show? What could be improved? Updates that have been made and updates that might happen in the future. Fantasmic! is a nighttime show at Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort, Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort, and Tokyo DisneySea at Tokyo Disney Resort, that features fireworks, characters, live actors, water effects,...


E.135 Bambi (1942)

On this episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are continuing with Walt Disney Movies series and next of the list is Disney's 1942 Movie, Bambi. Bambi is a 1942 American animated film directed by David Hand (supervising a team of sequence directors), produced by Walt Disney and based on the book Bambi, a Life in the Woods by Austrian author Felix Salten. The film was released by RKO Radio Pictures on August 13, 1942, and is the fifth Disney animated feature film. The main characters are...


E.134 Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday!

On this special episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are focusing on Mickey Mouse and his 90th birthday! While the Mouse is getting up there in years, Disney isn't letting him slow down one bit; they are ramping up for tons of fun things, hoping to make tons of money too. We also talk about how long Disney might be able to hold on to Mickey. www.ObscureDisneyPodcast.com


E.133 Mary Poppins Popcorn.

On this episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast we are chatting about Disneys 1964 Film, Mary Poppins, The Musical, Saving Mr. Banks and how that inspired the newest Patch at www.DisneyPatch.com Mary Poppins is a 1964 American musical-fantasy film directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Walt Disney, with songs written and composed by the Sherman Brothers. The screenplay is by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi, based on P. L. Travers's book series Mary Poppins. The film, which combines...


E.132 Tower of Terror.

On this last episode before Halloween, we are talking all things Tower of Terror on the Obscure Disney Podcast. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, also known as Tower of Terror, is an accelerated drop tower dark ride located at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Tokyo DisneySea, Walt Disney Studios Park, and formerly located at Disney California Adventure Park. Except for the Tokyo DisneySea version, the attractions are inspired by Rod Serling's anthology television series, The Twilight Zone, and...


E.131 Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Come with us as we delve into the weird stories about Disney parks; human remains, odd accidents and possible hauntings. We chat about the rumors and true incidents that make up the creepier side of visiting your favorite place.


E.130 WDW Disney News, Rumors and Lies.

On this fun episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we tackle some Disney news, spread some Disney rumors and even possibly tell some Disney lies! We talk about the new Disney streaming service and it's impact on the current players, chat about a new Walt Disney World hotel and round out the discussion about escalating prices at the parks. Join us at ObscureDisneyPodcast.com


E.129 Not So Scary Disney Ride Overlays.

On this Not So Scary episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we talk about a few changes Disneyland makes in the parks for Halloween, and then chat about what Walt Disney World could do to put a Halloween spin on some of their existing attractions as well.


E.128 Hocus Pocus Focus

On this special Halloween episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we enjoy talking about a nostalgic classic, Hocus Pocus. We talk about the movie's production, the music, and the lasting legacy of the Sanderson Sisters and the virgin lighting the black flame candle. Hocus Pocus is a 1993 American comedy horror fantasy film directed by Kenny Ortega, starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker; written by Neil Cuthbert and Mick Garris, and based on a story by Garris and David...


E.127 Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay

On this spooky special of the Obscure Disney Podcast, we are discussing The Nightmare Before Christmas, the film and it's influence on the park, specifically the Haunted Mansion Holiday; the Halloween / Christmas overlay featured in Disneyland.


E.126 11 Scary Things at Disney

On this episode of the Obscure Disney Podcast, take a look into our darkest fears...or at least the top 11 things that scare us about Disney parks; from people to rides, let's talk about what makes us uncomfortable enough to avoid while at the happiest place on earth.