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Powetcast 155 - Powet Reunion 2014

The Powet.TV crew gets together once again to discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the next-gen video game systems we're playing, 30 years of Transformers, 50 years of Doctor Who, and which comics are still worth reading.


Powetcast 154 - Gaming Conventions

Unconventional convention coverage! Adam heads to PAX East, Zac goes to theMidWest Gaming Classic. But before we get to fun and games, its all business when Adam has to defend himself against a youtube show that called him out.


Powetcast 153, No Topic Required -1

http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=30401 This week we seek a friend for the end of the world, answer listener requests, and head to the minus would. Special Guest: Ernie!


Powetcast 152, No Topic Required -2



Powetcast 151: We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off



Powetcast 150 - The Last Meal

The last meal. In this episode Zac brings in as many guests as he could reasonably handle to deliver conversations on what we would do if we had one last request. Your last movie, your last game, your last song. Hear those answers from Will Talley, Crazy, Adam Garnder, Jim Chadman, Al Shipley, Sean Corse, Captain Genius, Phil Bond, and Zac Shipley. Show notes coming at http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=30059


POWETCAST 149: We Bought A PS2

We look back at the PS2, Look forward at Retro City Rampage, talk about the end of life and contemplate insuring a party bus. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=29439


Powetcast 148: Call Me Maybe?

Zac talks Sleepwalk With Me, Adam makes a startling inappropriate comment about women, and Captain Genius gets his search history corrupted as he tries to keep up. and then Zac and Adam sing "Call Me Maybe!" This is both the worst and the best episode of 2013! Enjoy! http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=29359


Powetcast 147: Feet Don't Fail Me Now

We're long overdue, but that is what you get with a holiday break. This episode was recorded a few weeks ago but I assure you the title and image header would've made no more or less sense then. We'll talk Safety Not Guaranteed, Mega Man X Street Fighter, Spider-Man 700 and more. Its a surprisingly fun show to listen to. Panel is Captain Genius, Adam, Will and myself. Of course we laugh a lot. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=29308 The Powetcast theme song, "Button Masher" is now available...


powetcast 146: mass transit

http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=29141 This week we take a ride for a Jeep Creep in Halo 4, go racing with Sonic and the Sega All Stars, and relive the glory days of ECW. In news we discuss the return of the elders to X-Men, another Wonder Woman reboot, Pacific Rim, and Young Justice returns... as a video game. We also talk about Phil Bond being on Reddit.


powetcast 145 late and incomplete

Better late than never? A few days before the American Thanksgiving holiday we recorded a podcast talking about the Wii U and shared some Thanksgiving and Black Friday stories. Unfortunatly due to some kind of recording error (likely I forgot to hit a button to save) we lost the second half of the show. All that survives really is most of the Wii U stuff. Sorry! We will try harder next time, I promise. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28981


Powetcast 144: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Captain Genius and Zac are sick and manage to get out of bed long enough to record a podcast. This week Adam tries to classify pedophiles, Zero hates Skyfall, Zac only plays Halo, and Genius hates Miss Piggy. For a fun game, try to figure out who is taking a bathroom break at various points during the show. Posts the times in the comments and you can win a No-prize. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28912


Powetcast 143: That Old Pair Of Jeans

Zac, Adam, Zero, and Genius roundtable old cartoon intros, the Halo 4 web series, and probably talk too long about Super Cosby 64. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28843


Powetcast 142: Gonna Wreck It!

We talk Wreck it Ralph, the aborted US adaptation of Sailor Moon, and of course the surprise purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28782


Powetcast 141 Marvel vs DC

Our semi-annual roundtable debate series continues! After determing the fate of Star Wars and Star Trek, following the selection of a fictional President, our panel of experts will now debate Marvel VS DC. The results will shock you. Mostly because they're inconclusive. We'll have to do it again. Sean, Extra Zero, Adam, and Captain Genius join me on this journey into centuries of continuity and endless fanboy crying. We'll talk comics, movies, cartoons, TV, and...


Powetcast 140: Pop Goes The Weasel

This week Jim from NSFW returns to the cast to cover third base! Zac travels to Dave & Busters and finds odd updates of Pac Man and Frogger, Captain Genius tries to find reason for the disappearance of DC Nation, and Jim tries to make us justify retro gaming in the face of Borderlands 2. We'll also try to figure out why Clark Gregg is back and why the Venture Brothers aren't! http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28622


Powetcast 139: Animal Cruelty

We earn our "explicit" tag once again this week. Comedy runs high as we discuss Jetpack Joyride, Looper, Resident Evil: Damnation, PETA's treatment of Pokemon, Battlefield Bad Company, and GI Joe Kreo. We'll also offer up suggestions for Halloween movies with reccomended scary movies. Cue the sad Sarah Mclachlan song.


Powetcast 138: Teenage Mutant Nightmare Fuel

The new fall TV season starts, and we talk about the return of Young Justice, the new direction for Green Lantern, the reboot of the Turtles, and try to define what it means to be not pretty. Debate: Who is the ugliest man in hollywood: Marty Feldman or Brian Posehn? http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28488


Powetcast 137 Fully Retractable.mp3

In this episode we bring back the fourth chair! Ernie emerges from exile to talk about , , Xbox Live. Captain Genius consults the GI Joe Field Manual. Adam is bewildered by animated nerds. Zac tried to keep it all together and not get distracted by the rest of his life happening behind him. Homework assignment: In time for next week’s show, watch Star Wars Despecialized. No direct download links, but those willing to go where those with peg legs and eye patches only dare should come up...


Powetcast 136: Killed By Gangnam

This week we talk Finding Nemo, Cabin In The Woods, and Seth MacFarlane on SNL. In the news we'll talk Robocop, the Wii U, why Canada's internet sucks, and finding ourselves on the brink of war with Iran. Also, Gangnam style, strippers, and The Green Ranger. This is a much better episode than last week. http://powet.tv/powetblog/?p=28222