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Currently on Hiatus until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience


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Currently on Hiatus until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience






Salt Cast Episode 62: It's Crunchy In Here

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Salt Cast Episode 61: Tossing Balls

Chris's Content: Doc's Content:


Salt Cast Episode 60: 50% Less Salt 2 "Chris' Reckoning"

Chris's Content:


Salt Cast Episode 59: Nintendo Toys With Our Emotions

Chris's Content: Doc's Content: Kasey's Content:


Salt Cast Episode 58: It's A Coup!

Chris's Content: Doc's Content: Kasey's Content:


Salt Cast Episode 23: Loot Boxes Gone Wild

It was a slow week for news but all of the news just happened to revolve around loot boxes and we all know how much I love those!...... Oh and if you are looking to skip the anime nonsense Here is the end 52:18 Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter: My Oh So Salty Twitch: My Youtube:


Salt Cast Episode 22: What the Hell Forza?

This week we aren't exactly in the best mood. Microtransactions go rampant again and honestly it is getting tiring. But you know what? That's fine because Reggie didn't lie to us! It was rather easy to get my hands on a SNES Classic! aside from that we talk some more PUBG vs Fortnite and Nintendo finding other ways to be cock gobblers. This week, on the Depression Cast! Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter:


Salt Cast Episode 21: Bubsy vs Woolie

PUBG finally pushes Chris over the edge this week in a shocking episode where i feared for my life over the salt spewing out of his mouth. Ubi flaunts its remaining cash by commissioning overpriced headphones while Bethesda shovels more trash into the Creation Club that I can find in the Nexus community... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!? Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter: My Oh So Salty Twitch:...


Salt Cast Episode 19: Surely Not Paid Mods

Bethesda is at it again defending their totally not paid mods that may or may not be paid mods but probably and most certainly are paid mods. Pewds continues to make us all look bad with his racist comments during a PUBG stream, while Bungie accidentally displays a white supremacist logo on Destiny 2 gear while attempting a tribute to the WoW joke KEK.... What the hell is going on lately? Oh yeah and we can Kill Nazi's on the Switch next year so that will be spectacular. For those looking to...


Salt Cast Episode 18: Mario Spits That Liquid Salt

You hear that? That's the sound of rampant Micro-transactions here to take everything you've ever loved or enjoyed. Hide yo kids and hide yo wife, games are about to become expensive to become complete. Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure Mario has been gumming the root instead of tending to his plumbing job..... Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter: My Oh So Salty Twitch: My Youtube:...


Salt Cast Episode 17: Sega Has Become Salt's Porn

Back to the main boys! Chris and I are back to two man casting and I talk a little bit about the future of the cast and how it will be formatted! We have some great news to discuss today, including ripping Bethesda a new one and lets just pretend the Nintendo news never happened okay? ;P Thanks for listening and I'm happy to say I'm still working on the best way to present our podcast to you guys!!! Thank you'd for joining us on this ride. Chris's Content:


Salt Cast Episode 16: Super Salt Classic Now For Pre-Order!

Fuck man we cant catch a break can we? I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get my hands on a SNES Classic... In other News, We talk about Yakuza, issues with Bioware, some Overwatch and surprisingly a fuck ton of Final Fantasy Carl's Content: Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter: My Oh So Salty Twitch: My Youtube:...


Salt Cast Episode 15: I Need That McNugget Dipping Sauce Salty!

4 salty fuckers on today's cast! Carl and Chris are back from Otakon to tell us of their adventures walking the cosplay filled venue in D.C. And we have Kasey with his lovely new mic set up! We talk about some Sonic Mania, Hell Blade, No Man's Sky and Undertale on PS4! News around Shenmue 3 has surfaced and we have some details on Overwatchs part in Gamescom! Carl's Content: Chris's Content: My Salt...


Salt Cast Episode 14: Super Saltboy Gets No Love

This week on the Cast, while Chris is at Otakon, I have Kasey from High Scores to catch up and talk shit about games with. Today we bitch about the shitty start of a certain game, we talk overwatch and the summer games, and Kasey has his first rant about Nintendo on my show! *Wipes a tear* I'm so proud. My Salt filled Twitter: My Oh So Salty Twitch: My Youtube:


Salt Cast Episode 13: Saltsona 3 Dancing Moon Night

Today on the Salt Cast; Chris and I bitch over Gamestop's decision with Thanksgiving, We discuss quite a few games we have been fucking around with, and I tell an interesting story about alternative medicine. Buckle up kiddos! Oh yeah, and Nintendo found a way to get on my shit list yet again... Fuck man. Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter: My Oh So Salty Twitch: My Youtube:...


Salt Cast Episode 12: There Isn't Enough Ink In The World.

Carl and Chris are both on the show today! Of course what kind of week would it be if I wasn't bitching about Nintendo??? We talk about Snes Pre Orders, Pokemon NO Fest, and Splatoon feels my wrath! Join us on this adventure of anger and disgust, this week on the Salt Cast! If you would like a more stable platform for my podcast that will ensure you don't wake up one morning and it will be all gone, I will now be uploading all episode to my bare bones Youtube channel (in the process of...


Salt Cast Episode 11: I'm Both Kid and Squid

*Soundcloud decided not to upload this episode for 2 straight days.... sorry for being late!* A new guest today!! Carl from VeeGamer2 joins us on our wondrous rants over Nintendo, Atari and more Nintendo. We discuss some new releases, I express my love for Splatoon yet again, and I propose the question: "What will we remember of this generation of consoles?" Join us on our sexy adventure of rage and snark! Carl's Content: Chris's Content:...


Salt Cast Episode 10: POWWAA!!!

First of all, thank you for everyone listening! I'm so happy to publish my 10th episode of the Rock Salt Podcast!! Here is to many more! Chris is back!!! Today we rant about Nintendo... What a fucking surprise. We discuss a recent Dunkey video and the concept of faceless game critics. I put in my two cents about the current standing of the switch and if we would have given Sony and Microsoft a pass for a lacking framework. Chris's Content:


Salt Cast Episode 9: Solo Queue

Im riding solo today! Chris is busy and I have no friends :D So heres me in all my shitty glory for just under 30 minutes. Ill go over more OpenIV News, talk about my love for Splatoon and go over the first stress tests for the XB1X. Enjoy! My Salt filled Twitter: My Twitch: My Youtube:


Salt Cast Episode 8: I Have a Collectors Edition Problem

I explain my need for the Mario Rabbids CE and we discuss the future of video game release times. Oh yeah and more bullshit about the SNES Classic. Chris's Content: My Salt filled Twitter: My Twitch: My Youtube: