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S2 E13: Police Shootings, Bham's Cupcake, and Other Things

This week we talk about another police shooting that takes place in the victim's home. Why is this still happening and it is really racially motivated or are we hiring some wimpy cops? What is going on in the search for Cupcake, three-year-old Kamille McKinney is still missing and may not know her real name. Lastly, our reasons as to why everyone doesn't need to have children.


S2E12 Racism, 45 and Cuffing Season

This week is literally a shit show. Anytime we have to talk about y'alls president, you know it's a problem.


S2E11 HIgh Standards, Nappy Hair, and Bad Religion

Derrick talks about women and their double standards about standards. Quana goes off about the latest H&M scandal, but what's the real scandal? Lastly, what kind of person puts their child out of their home, and is your pastor listening to Kanye.


S2E10 Accidents, and I Slept With Your Ex

This week we're all recovering from auto accidents of some kind. Plus, what do you do when you accidentally sleep with your girl's ex? This week's listener question is fraught with problems. Let us know what you think. We end the show with advice for haters and what to do with 'white tears'.


S2E9 We're Married, But I Ain't Sucking Your D*CK

This week we start with a little about gun control and Alabama's need to find its way into every national narrative, and it's never good. The last session we're talking about bedroom issues. How long do you stay with someone who is sexually incompatible with you? Is sex needed for a marriage to survive?


S2E8 National vs Local Gun Violence

National Mass Shootings vs. Neighborhood Shootings and why you shouldn't compare the two. This week we're talking about the problems with guns in a society with no real conflict resolution and how racism is built into gun violence. Lastly, we have a listener question, "How can you find a third for a threesome?"


Nicole Murphy, and Why Do We Care

There has been a lot of talk about Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua. Who's to blame? Why do we care so much? This week, we explore all of these issues and end with a little politics.


Let's Talk About HIV, Again

Why can't we talk about HIV? HIV is a crisis in the African-American community. What can't we talk about it? What are the things we need to know? Listen as we have some candid conversations about a subject that we should be talking about and aren't.


Lil Nas X: His music is the Same. You Changed

This week on SCDD, we discuss the case of the pregnant Alabama mom, who was shot during an altercation and lost her babies. Who's really at fault? Then it's the Lil Nas X country controversy. His music style was a problem for white people, just like his sexual orientation was a problem for black people. Lastly, what did you think about the debates? Who won? Who lost, and does it matter because we're voting with the "D"!


Sex Tapes Filmed in the Church

What's on your sex tape? Believe it or not, there is another sex tape floating around, and this time, the church folk were in church doing it. How far is too far? How much is too much? What are the legal ramifications? There were so many things wrong with this. Learn what to do and what not to do before you make a sex tape.


Let Talk About Sex, Again...for real

We are talking about sex. This episode is not kid-friendly. How far should you go on the first date? Hell, how far should you go period? What are your dealbreakers?


S2: Black Mirror/Black Male Sexuality and What's in Your Butt

This week the crew examines male sexuality and what makes a man gay. Netflix's Black Mirror has straight men all up in their feelings and we try to hash it out. Derrick talks about time travel in the movie, "See You Yesterday". Quana talks about y'all president! Again.


S2: Why Is My Family Tree Broken?

Season 2 of Same Crap; Different Day starts today. This week the crew talks about how hard it is to trace our family trees, and how institutional trauma about our pasts still causes problems in the Black community. Then we talk about y'all dumb president. Here are the clips Derrick was talking about in our first segment.


Let Me Say This

This episode is the preview of a new podcast by Tony Christon-Walker entitled, "Let Me Say This." Let Me Say This is a conversational podcast that speaks to current events and pop culture. Enjoy the podcast and let him know what you think.


Rachel Dolezal and Other Black Myths

Rachel Dolezal refuses to admit that she's a white woman. She recently settled even more charges, but we don't think that it's over. We talk about her and other myths in the black community.


No Jussie, No!

This week it's all about people behaving badly, some get away with it, and others don't. What's the latest on the Jussie Smollett case? What does the crew think about it? R. Kelly needs to be in jail and nobody disagrees with that! Lastly, can we get another Secretary of Education? The idiot we have now is a joke.


Sex Work: We've All Done It

Is listing all of your bills on social media, and saying that you need someone to help pay them before you will date them ok?


Abducted in Plain Sight..the foolishness

The week we discuss the Netflix documentary, “Abducted in Plain Sight.” ***spoiler warning*** In 1974, 12-year-old Jan Broberg was abducted from a small community in Idaho. When Jan was returned five weeks later, she assured her parents and the courts that "nothing had happened." This movie is the ultimate in foolishness and fuckery. However, it does have some modern-day applications to the R. Kelly and Michael Jackson allegations.


How to Catch a Kardashian

Quana Mae takes the lead with reflections about the latest Kardashian scandal. Jada takes them down with an interview with Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk. We finish with a conversation about inappropriate sex situations with teachers. Article about teacher:


Bullshit From the Pulpit and Other Places

This week we have a guest in the house, Quana Mae. Quana is a friend of the show and is always good for the most eloquent takedowns on Facebook. We talk about the Oscars and what they are still getting wrong. We also talk about Billy Porter's tuxedo dress and why so many men have issues with it.