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Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing.

Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing.
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Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing.




Episode 44 - Thor Ragnarok - A Review

This week is all about 'Thor: Ragnarok'! We talk about the film, the characters, and why this may very well be the best movie so far in the franchise. This is not a spoiler-free podcast, so listen at your own peril. We take no responsibility for any inadvertent squealing on your part when we talk about Thor shirtless, nor when we fangirl over Valkyrie. Listen responsibly! Find us on the Twitter: Gives us your money on Patreon:...


Episode 43 - Like What You Like

All too often, old and academic gets confused with good. We're here to talk about how people's assumption about what you watch or read shouldn't be popular=bad and academic=good. There is no shame in liking what you like, whether it's academic or popular, and we discuss why. If you would like to support the show, please donate! You can follow us on Twitter here:


Episode 42 - Non-Canon Couples

Your heart wants what your heart wants, and sometimes that means shipping the heck out of a pairing that has no chance ever of seeing the light of day. That's right, this episode is dedicated to non-canon ships and where to find our favorites. Come join us as we share our love for those we think are forever OTPs. This episode was brought to you by one of our patrons, Supriya. If you'd like to have a say in what we say, then hop on over to Patreon and give what you can!...


Episode 40 - Wonder Woman

This week we talk our favorite Amazonian, princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman! We delve into our favorite parts of the movie, why it matters so much to so many people, and Lyra and Lynnie argue about the movie, because Lynnie is always right and gets to write the descriptions of these things. However you feel about the movie, it's an inspiration to lots of people, and we talk about why here. We also talk a little Justice League and The Flash. Give us your money and your love! Patreon:...


Special Segment - Allison Garcia - Artist Corner

On this special segment, we talk with Allison Garcia about her novel 'Vivir el Dream.' You can find her book here: Below is her book description, and please contact us at or if you would like to be featured next. Allison's description: Linda Palacios crossed the border at age three with her mother, Juanita, to escape their traumatic life in Mexico and to pursue the American dream. Years later,...


Episode 39 - Toxic Masculinity In TV

This week we talk about how toxic masculinity hurts all characters, particularly men, with examples of both good and bad. Find us at Twitter: Patreon:


Episode 38 - Fall TV Preview 2017

This week we snark so you don't have to. That's right, it's that time of year where we break down the new and returning shows and decipher just what is worth viewing or not. You don't have to take our word for it...but you probably should. Join us as we break down the returning shows! Twitter: Patreon:


Episode 37 - 'Gifted' - A Review

This week we're talking 'Gifted.' The movie, helmed by Chris Evans, is about one man's attempt to give his academically gifted niece the life he thinks she needs and the complications that ensue because of this decision. This isn't your average feel-good movie, and we explore why the complicated messiness of these people are worth spending an hour and forty minutes on. As always, thanks for stopping by! Find us on Patreon here: Twitter here:...


Episode 36 - Harry Potter Revisited

19 years after the conclusion of the last book, we look back at Harry Potter and how the books have aged. We play a brief trivia game, at which Lyra loses handily, and then discuss our favorite characters, parallels to current events, and dissect what it means to be a hero. Be sure to check us out our Patreon:


Episode 35 - Music In Film And TV

This week we have a very special request from Patron Supriya who wanted us to talk about the impact of scores in film and TV, with emphasis on the viral animated short 'In a Heartbeat.' We also brought on our first guest star, Lynnie's husband, Brandon, who composes music to talk about the different styles and forms of composing, orchestration, and themes. Be sure to subscribe and rate! Support the cause: And follow us here:...


Episode 34 - Your Fave Is Problematic (Joss Whedon and James Cameron Edition)

This week we take on the topic of what to do if a creator of content you truly loves outs themselves as problematic. We also discuss the peculiar and toxic brand of white male feminism that lends itself to ignoring female voices and deciding for all women what a strong heroine looks like. We dissect the now-famous James Cameron interview, and talk about the article written by Kai Cole. Sometimes, separating content from creators isn't easy, but we're here to talk it out. Join us as we go...


Episode 33 - A Walk On The Geeky Side

Lizzie leads this episode as we talk about what makes a geek so geeky. We talk the things that inspired our first baby steps into geekary, why it changed us, and what exactly being a geek means. (Lizzie also cheats on a test and narrowly avoids a Game of Thrones rant, while Lyra professes her blood feud with knitters everywhere.) If you have a favorite geeky habit, be sure to let us know! We'd love to hear from you! Twitter: @stopandfangirl3 Patreon:


Episode 32 - Women Writers In Hollywood

On this episode of the podcast we break down why women in the writers' rooms for TV shows and movies are such a necessity, why the equality results in better stories overall, and why it matters to all of us to tell these stories. Also, Lizzie rants about Game of Thrones...A lot. You can check out our patreon here: You can suggest podcasts, get a special story of your own, or just become part of the community, so check it out! Follow us on Twitter...


Episode 31 - History And Historical Figures in TV and Film

This week's episode is a special directly from our Patreon page, where listener Supriya asked us to talk about historical adaptions. We talked a little history, because we love our history, Still Star-Crossed, the Bard himself, and more. Give it a listen, review if you like it, and don't be afraid to come say hi! Our Patreon! Our Twitter @stopandfangirl3


Episode 30 - SDCC

We're back! This episode is all about SDCC - the con to end all cons. We talk about the shows that look interesting, the shows that are coming back, the things Lyra and Lizzie liked best on the floor, and the amazing people, art, and shows that caught their attention. Check it out! Also: here's the link to patreon: Get access to exclusive content, posts, polls, and more!


Episode 29 - The Supergirl Example

This is it! Our final episode! Here we talk about Supergirl, and the things they are doing right this year compared to last year, and then check in with other shows about what they got right this year (shows like NCIS: LA, Once Upon a Time, and IZombie). We also talk what we want to see next year, and have hopes that our TV screens will look a lot more diverse. We will be around until the show picks up again in August, so please come say hi, and look for some cool announcements on Twitter...


Episode 28 - The MCU And A Look At Diversity

All of us here love Marvel, and love superhero movies, but that does not mean the movies are perfect. The current MCU lineup has come a long way since Iron Man debuted in 2006, but there are many ways in which the franchise is still lacking - primarily in the representation of women and people of color. This episode we talk films like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and how these are rarities in a world of superhero films predominately about white men. (And how directors and writers who are...


Episode 27 - A Love Letter To Fanfiction

There are a lot of opinions about fanfiction and the world that revolves around those who create stories based on their favorite characters. Misconceptions abound, but the truth of the matter is that, at its core, fanfiction is about love. It's about connection and sharing a unique perspective with familiar characters. In episode 27, we explore fanfiction, what it means to us, why it matters, and the power that can be found within the community. Listen, enjoy, and please subscribe! You can...


Episode 26 - Bad TV Tropes

Some things are comforting in their repetition. Then there are the things that we wish would we never had to see on our TV screens again. That's right, we're talking the worst TV tropes and where to find them. We go into depth about why these tropes are particularly problematic, Lyra rants, Lizzie gets sarcastic, and the tropes are broken down for your listening pleasure. Join us as we rage about our least favorite tropes! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @stopandfangirl3 and Tumblr...


Episode 25 - TV & Movie Guilty Pleasures

This week on Stop and Fangirl, we rise to the TV/Movie meme and try to pick our favorite guilty pleasures from the two. There are tears, laughter, and a lot of picking on Lyra, which is always a bonus. We explore the things that pick us up when we're feeling down, celebrate the things that may be stupid, or not mainstream, or weird, but appeals to us in ways that guilty pleasures often do. Come celebrate the weirdness, and then come tell us your guilty pleasure! Follow us on Twitter...