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Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing.

Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing.
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Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing.




Episode 60 - Women's Bodies on TV

On our last episode of the season, we talk about the way women are portrayed in TV and movies, and how isolating this portrayal can be for those looking to connect to characters and experiences. Thank you all for listening this season, and if you like what you hear, please like, rate, and subscribe! Follow us:


Episode 59 - Elsa Needs A Girlfriend

This week we ask for - nay, demand! - that Elsa get a girlfriend. We talk about LGBTIA representation in media, why people are so afraid of it, and what storytellers have gotten it right. Find us here:


Episode 58 - The Ultimate MCU Ranking

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what we think the best movies in the MCU are? Have no fear, for Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie are here. This week we rank the movies, tell you why, and fight about it a lot. Be sure to rate, subscribe, and recommend to your friends! Be sure to check us out on Twitter and Patreon.


Episode 57 - Timeless 2.0

Timeless is our new favorite show! Come find out why we love it, how we think the second season is doing, and why it's getting so much right with this high-stakes trip through time. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and share with your buddies! This week we have special guest stars: Funmbi ( and Alyssa ( Be sure to go say hi! You can find us here:


Episode 55 - Badass Women in History

This week we talk about badass women in history who have inspired us, whose stories we want to see made into a major motion picture, and who we would like everyone to know about. Please share yours! Find us here:


Episode 53 - One Day At A Time - Part 2 with the Sipping Sisters Podcast

'One Day at a Time' is a show everyone should be watching. With our special guests from the Sipping Sisters Podcast, we talk why it's so important, why it should be renewed, and why it's worth your time. Be sure to check out the first episode! Check out the Sipping Sisters (and part 1 of this two part extravaganza) here: Twitter: Episode: As...


Episode 52 - The Oscars 2018

The Oscars this year did not have good ratings - was it the host? The subject matter? The movies? We discuss why this year's ceremony felt so off, why we were put off by some of the choices, and why they could have done better. We also talk about what we liked, which includes the cast of Black Panther and Academy Award winner Jordan Peele. Be sure to listen and review! Find us on Twitter: Patreon:


Episode 51 - A Spiral About Spiraling On YouTube

This week, we talk all about that wonderful, mysterious, addictive YouTube spiral. We've all done it - fallen into a video hole that we can't get up from. We talk about our favorite spirals, what makes a spiral a spiral, and why they're just so addictive. Share you favorite spiral with us! Twitter: Patreon:


Episode 50 - The Female Anti-Hero

This episode, we talk all about the female anti-hero and why the ways we measure her is often far different than the way we measure male anti-heroes. We break down why this is such a thing, how an anti-hero is often looked down upon for being a woman, but we also celebrate how far we've come and the movies and shows that are getting right. Please note at the beginning of the episode, we do mention gun control and the shooting in Parkland, FL. If this is triggering, it's okay if you want to...


Episode 49 - Isn't It (Un)Romantic

Happy Valentine's Day! This week, we talk all about those tropey moments that are just downright creepy. From stalking, to public declarations, we break down what it means to be decidedly unromantic. We cover everything from new shows to old movies, and even tell a tale or two about our own romantic misadventures. Be sure to listen! Send us love and hearts! Twitter: Patreon:


Episode 48 - Mental Health and Media

This week we ask for more for the portrayal of mental disorders in our movies and television, and talk about why it's important to get it right. Just mentioning the disorder isn't enough. We need accurate, compassionate representation to foster genuine, kind change, and we need it now. Listen to explore the issues with us. Please be aware that there is non-graphic discussion of PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicide, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and borderline personality disorder. If...


Episode 41- Sexual Assault in Hollywood: Harvey Weinstein

On this episode of Stop and Fangirl, we discuss the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. We discuss how men like these are able to get away with their predatory behavior, the conditions that make this possible, and the solutions that are out there for not only Hollywood but all industries in creating a world where everyone is safe to go to work. This week, instead of links to our patreon, we encourage you to donate money to RAINN, and organization dedicated to...


Episode 45 - Holiday Special 2017

For our last podcast of 2017, we talk holiday traditions, favorite songs and movies, and debate what exactly makes a Christmas movie. We also talk about self-care for the holidays, and how it's okay not wanting to celebrate. A special treat is Lynnie not deleting out bickering even though Lyra and Lizzie assumed she would, so you can now hear them in all their super real glory near the end of the podcast. It's Lynnie's holiday gift to you! If you have any traditions or favorites, please...


Episode 44 - Thor Ragnarok - A Review

This week is all about 'Thor: Ragnarok'! We talk about the film, the characters, and why this may very well be the best movie so far in the franchise. This is not a spoiler-free podcast, so listen at your own peril. We take no responsibility for any inadvertent squealing on your part when we talk about Thor shirtless, nor when we fangirl over Valkyrie. Listen responsibly! Find us on the Twitter: Gives us your money on Patreon:...


Episode 43 - Like What You Like

All too often, old and academic gets confused with good. We're here to talk about how people's assumption about what you watch or read shouldn't be popular=bad and academic=good. There is no shame in liking what you like, whether it's academic or popular, and we discuss why. If you would like to support the show, please donate! You can follow us on Twitter here:


Episode 42 - Non-Canon Couples

Your heart wants what your heart wants, and sometimes that means shipping the heck out of a pairing that has no chance ever of seeing the light of day. That's right, this episode is dedicated to non-canon ships and where to find our favorites. Come join us as we share our love for those we think are forever OTPs. This episode was brought to you by one of our patrons, Supriya. If you'd like to have a say in what we say, then hop on over to Patreon and give what you can!...


Episode 40 - Wonder Woman

This week we talk our favorite Amazonian, princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman! We delve into our favorite parts of the movie, why it matters so much to so many people, and Lyra and Lynnie argue about the movie, because Lynnie is always right and gets to write the descriptions of these things. However you feel about the movie, it's an inspiration to lots of people, and we talk about why here. We also talk a little Justice League and The Flash. Give us your money and your love! Patreon:...


Special Segment - Allison Garcia - Artist Corner

On this special segment, we talk with Allison Garcia about her novel 'Vivir el Dream.' You can find her book here: Below is her book description, and please contact us at or if you would like to be featured next. Allison's description: Linda Palacios crossed the border at age three with her mother, Juanita, to escape their traumatic life in Mexico and to pursue the American dream. Years later,...


Episode 39 - Toxic Masculinity In TV

This week we talk about how toxic masculinity hurts all characters, particularly men, with examples of both good and bad. Find us at Twitter: Patreon:


Episode 38 - Fall TV Preview 2017

This week we snark so you don't have to. That's right, it's that time of year where we break down the new and returning shows and decipher just what is worth viewing or not. You don't have to take our word for it...but you probably should. Join us as we break down the returning shows! Twitter: Patreon: