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Four college students attempt to figure out how the world works. It's better than you expected and not as good as you hoped.

Four college students attempt to figure out how the world works. It's better than you expected and not as good as you hoped.


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Four college students attempt to figure out how the world works. It's better than you expected and not as good as you hoped.






Quarantine Boolin'

In light of the apocalypse, the boys tune in remotely to discuss the college coronavirus experience, what the return normalcy might look like, and how they have dealt with life in quarantine... it includes Dr. Fauci, James Bond, TikTok, and research about astronauts. Be safe, take care of your loved ones, follow government guidelines, and stay tuned for more remote episodes of Supply and Demand.


The Coldest Truth

Abu, a free thinker and political isolationist, joins the podcast to share his mission of challenging deeply-held opinions. With the coronavirus pandemic escalating and misinformation rapidly spreading, the boys discuss what Puerto Rico, Santa Claus, God of War, Marxism, Good Will Hunting and setting the dinner table can teach us about telling the truth – and the real risks of lying. Stay safe during these trying times! Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and take care of your loved...


The Big Kahuna

Greg atones for two recent predictions that he got totally wrong: the Coronavirus is still here and Joe Biden won Super Tuesday. At world's end, the boys talk Plague Inc, the Monroe Doctrine, and venting asteroid dust out of the atmosphere with a giant leaf-blower.


Driving Blind

Lauren studies sleep and memory at a Netflix-famous biology lab at UMass. She joins the podcast to discuss the brave new world of her research and then hear out Nate's story of a bad Monday which included a broken car alternator, a bloody nose and a blind iPhone saleswoman. Greg steers the conversation down an insensitive direction and supplies a few aimless tangents along the way.


Banana Hammocks

Chloe enters the podcast arena to share thoughts about her time at Quinsigamond Community College and help Steven figure out why people wear shorts in the winter – as well as fuzzy Crocs, Nike midcalves, and unorthodox male swimwear. Meanwhile, Greg yearns for the metric system as he prepares to cook chicken broccoli alfredo for his girlfriend.


Stay Flossy

Guest star Abby handed Nancy Pelosi a toothbrush and floss this past summer as a lobbyist for the American Dental Association. She also thinks Amy Klobuchar is the candidate to defeat Donald Trump in November. The squad talks politics in light of the striking results from the New Hampshire primary and debates the most probable outcomes of the election. Steven begins the conversation undecided - listen until the end to see who he gets convinced to vote for! Listen to Abby "brush up on all the...


The Game Is Rigged

Sam researches tissue engineering and returns to the podcast to talk about his plans to save the world with lab-grown meat. He also has a hunch that the Super Bowl is rigged. The boys unpack the conspiracy theory and then take on the Iowa Caucus, which is clearly not rigged.


Coronavirus For President

Ian joins the podcast to talk about goulash, degenerate gambling and the impending Democratic primary. Greg thinks Coronavirus is a hoax.


Hand-Screwed Toothpaste

Mike thinks humans are imperfect. To figure out what to do about it, the boys relate the National Football League, cold-hearted airlines, self-driving cars, communism and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a thrilling discussion of human error. Also, Nate gets bleeped out for the first time in podcast history. This it for it for the fall- thanks for listening! We'll catch you in 2020.


Always the Real Deal

Greg may not be 21 yet, but he knows that if you want $1 cocktails at Applebee's, you should sit at the bar. After reflecting on the world of legal drinking, the gang constructs a definitive hierarchy of chain restaurants, from Taco Bell to Cheesecake Factory. To conclude, Nate presents interesting research about lemons.


Fifty Shades of Podcasting

On the long-anticipated 50th episode, the boys talk it out: Fifty First Dates, Fifty Shades of Grey, r/FiftyFifty, the fifty states, and bologna sandwiches. Don't forget your roots.


Lucky Numbers

Special guests Ananya and Nina join the podcast to discuss their experiences in linguistics, music, and living in Europe. Later, we share our biggest superstitions and try to figure out what the big deal is with astrology.


Donut Universe

Are we living on the two-dimensional surface of a three-dimensional donut? According to guest stars Morgan and Maya, knowing for sure may be more difficult than you think. Steven whips out astrophysics knowledge as we talk anti-matter, dark energy, white holes, and the edge of the Universe. Excuse the sound quality... Mike wasn't here this week.


Juul vs. The World

Steven goes chasing waterfalls and finds a conversation about the national vaping crisis instead. After, the gang talks culture, capitalism, cheap thrills and college drinking. An old man on a mountaintop gets the last word. Alden, listen to this episode!


The Greg of Wall Street

Greg and Nate trade stories of life crises at college, discuss college majors and career paths, then go over some basic lessons of economics, as one does.


Whale Wars

Do you thirst for adventure? The boys discuss Moby Dick, Japanese spider crabs, high-tech harpoons and Manifest Destiny as they speculate about daring lifestyles now extinct in twenty-first century, middle-class life. Merch available at:


You Will Not Regret This Purchase

As the Supply and Demand crew adjusts to living in an apartment and commanding their own kitchen, they reflect on the costs of real life and remember the biggest wastes of money they've ever committed. If you're looking for a purchase that will not waste your money, Season 3 merchandise is available now at:


Pyramid of Damnation

Heck. Shoot. Darn. The boys discuss swearing, including ancient origins, cultural norms, childhood stories, gender stereotypes, and more. In trying to assemble a hierarchy of curse words from least offensive to most egregious, the gang finally finds something they passionately disagree about. At the end, we wrap up the season with a riveting conclusion to the UMass Dining bracket.


The Old World

In the wake of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, Greg attempts to tell the complete history of all Abrahamic religion, Alden analyzes the current state of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Nate contemplates existential philosophy, Steven provides a brief synopsis of Einstein's theory of relativity... and Mike watches the Bruins game.


Nate's Monologue

The crew left town so Nate takes over the podcast for a week. Listen to an insightful rant about research in the political science department, off-the-cuff life advice, and other musings.