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Weekly Comic Recommends: Immortal Hulk #2, Batman #50, Quantum Age #1, & more...

A lot to talk about in the world of comics this week. We of course have the wedding of the Bat and the Cat along with a handful of new titles from Marvel and Dark Horse. Before that though Dan dives into the recommendation of the week: Immortal Hulk #2 by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett. This week's rundown: (00:01:39) Immortal Hulk #2 (00:08:33) Quantum Age #1 (00:12:55) Lowlifes #1 (00:16:51) Batman #50 (00:26:17) Catwoman #1 (00:28”37) Man of Steel #6 (00:31:56) Captain America #1 (00:35:23)...


Revival Vol 1: You're Among Friends

It is a reverse Concierge episode as Matt from Simplistic Reviews joins Dan once again but this time he is bringing the recommendation. This time around Matt and Dan discuss Revival Vol. 1: You're Among Friends by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.


Kill Them All

On today's episode of the Comic Concierge Jay Soderberg aka PodVader from the Next Fan Up podcast joins me to discuss Kyle Starks's Kill Them All. We get into PodVader's history with comics as well as make time for a little football talk as well. Hosts: Jay 'PodVader' Soderberg @TheReal PodVader, @NFUPodcast Dan Clark @MovieRevolt


Weekly Comic Recommends: Batman #48, Justice League #1, Immortal Hulk #1 & More...

So June is starting off rather big with a number of major titles from DC and Marvel including new Justice League, Hulk, and Deadpool books. However, the pick of the week goes to what is now old hat in the comic world Batman #48 by Tom King and Mikel Janin. This week's rundown: (00:01:17) Batman #48 (00:08:11) Sword Daughter #1 (00:11:39) The Immortal Hulk #1 (00:17:24) Doctor Strange #1 (00:23:40) Deadpool #1 (00:29:09) Justice League #1 (00:33:18) Man of Steel #2 (00:38:17) X-Men Red #5...


Weekly Comic Recommends American Alien An Alien in New York #2, Venom #1 & more

After missing last back with a super-packed episode highlighting by this week's Reccomendation of the Week - American Alien - An Alien in New York #2. Many other big titles to talk about as Marvel's Fresh Start continues with Venom #1 and Justice League starts its next major event with No Justice #1. Plenty off licensed books this week as well covering properties like Robocop and Star Trek This week's rundown: (00:01:35) Resident Alien - An Alien in New York #2 (00:08:56) Venom #1...


Weekly Comic Recommends: X-0 Manowar #14, Thanos Annual #1, Abbott #4, & more...

On this week's episode we are getting ready for Harbinger Wars 2 with my recommendation of the week X-0 Manowar #14. Also to celebrate Aliens Day Dark Horse released a brand new series that is probably better than most of the recent movies. Marvel is hunting down Wolverine and a number of major issues are nearing their end. All that including ome brief talk about the recent Eisner nominations.


Harrow County Vol. 2: Twice Told

We are back at it again as Matt from the Simplistic Reviews podcast joins me to discuss Horror County Vol. 2: Twice Told. We get into how this volume stacks up against the previous and how exactly you keep a horror story going. Before you listen to this episode make sure to catch the previous one where we got into Matt's background with comics and his thoughts on Vol 1. Hosts: Dan Clark @MovieRevolt Matt Stewart @SimpleReviews


Weekly Comic Recommends Action Comics #1000, Batman #45, Skyward #1, and more...

It is one of the biggest weeks in comics in some time and leading the way is what will easily be the biggest comic book of the year Action Comis #1000. We are celebrating all things Superman but does it measure up to the Man of Steel's legacy? That's only the beginning as we also have a double dose of Batman with Batman #45 and Batman: Creature of the Night #3. Also Black Hammer makes its long-awaited return, the Infinity Countdown is underway, Amazing Spider-Man is going down swinging,...


Interview with Mark Russell

On this week's show I am excited to speak with Mark Russell writer of The Flintstones, Prez, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles and the upcoming Judge Dredd 'Under Siege' series. We talk about what brought him into the world of comics and what it is like writing characters like the Flintstones and Judge Dredd. We also talk about Mark's first novels God's Disappointed in You and Apocrypha Now. Make sure to follow Mark on Twitter @ManRuss Host: Dan Clark Want to interact with the...


Gotham Central Vol. 1

On this episode of the Comic Concierge, I speak with DJ Valentine from Simplistic Reviews about Gotham Central and his experience with comics thus far. We get into how Gotham Central relates to crime stories in other mediums, and if this was the show Gotham should have been.


Black Hammer Vol. 1

On this week's episode of The Comic Concierge Greg Beppler from the Talking in Circles podcasts guests as we talk about one of the best comics out today Black Hammer Vol. 1. We talk about how Greg got into comics and what a book like Black Hammer says about the medium itself. Want to contact the show? Email us at


Weekly Comic Recommends: Despicable Deadpool #296, Mister Miracle #7, & more!

This week's theme appears to be balance as every disappointing issue is matched with a pleasant or unsung surprise comic that needs more attention. A lot to discuss in the week of comic that was including this week's recommendation of the week: The Despicable Deadpool #296. The rundown: (00:02:11) Despicable Deadpool #296 (00:08:01) Secret Weapons: Owen’s Story (00:12:10) Mister Miracle #7 (00:16:56) Come Into Me #1 (00:20:22) Cold War #2 (00:23:38) The New Mutants: Dead Souls #1...


Harrow County Vol. 1

On this episode of the Comic Concierge, I speak with Matthew Stewart from Simplistic Reviews about the creepy horror comic Harrow County. We talk about Matt's previous experience with comics back in the Image heyday of the 1990's and why he has moved away from comics since. A great discussion about one of today's best comics Hosts: Dan Clark @MovieRevolt Matt Stewart @SimpleReviews Contact Info: Email:


Weekly Comic Recommends Gideon Falls #1, Oblivion Song #1, Batman #42, & more...

What a week in comics. We say hello to some major new series as Image debuts some new books including the recommendation of the week Gideon Falls #1. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is also out with a new book Oblivion Song. Does it live up to the massive hype? I discuss. Also we say goodbye to some series coming to an end and hello to some returning books. Quite the week in comics and I break it all down for you. This Week’s Rundown: (00:02:18) Gideon Falls #1 (00:06:36) Oblivion Song...


Marvel 1602

On this week's episode, I sit down with Kevin Thompson from the Cinema Geeks podcast to talk about Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert's otherworldy Marvel tale 1602. Ways to contact the Show: Twitter: @MovieRevolt email:


Weekly Comic Recommends: Thanos #16, The Terrifics #1, Saga #49 & more

On this week's Comic Concierge...we have Cosmic Ghost Riders, magical powers, giant dogs, and so much more happening in the world of comics. I take a look at some of the most notable titles from last week including my Recommendation of the Week: Thanos #16. This week’s Rundown: (00:02:00)Thanos #16 (00:06:52)Doctor Strange #386 (00:10:36) Despeciable Deadpool #295 (00:12:51)Moon Knight #192 (00:16:17) Abbott #2 (00:18:56) Cal Exit #2 (00:22:21) The Wilds #1 (00:24:26) Royal City #10...


Royal City Vol. 1

On this week's episode of The Comic Concierge I sit down with JD Duran from the Insession Film podcast to talk to him about his history with comics, what he enjoyed reading as a kid, and why he went away from the medium these past years. After that we dive deep into the first volume of Jeff Lemire's Royal City. Hots: Dan Clark @MovieRevolt JD Duan @InsessionFilm


Weekly Comic Recommends: Luke Cage #170, Batman #41, Hit-Girl #1, & more

On this week's Comic Concierge...It's been a busy week for comics and Dan runs down some major titles including his Recommendation of the Week: Luke Cage #170. That discussion and some other major books you should possibly check out or avoid. This week's books: (0:00:00 - 0:02:16) - Intro (0:02:17 - 00:08:13) - Luke Cage #170 (00:08:13 - 00:11:33 ) - Defenders #10 (00:11:33 - 00:14:50 )Batman #41 00:14:50 - 00:17:45 ) Batman and the Signal #2 00:17:45 - 00:20:35 ) Batman Teenange Mutant...


The Fade Out Vol. 1

Welcome to the Comic Concierge Podcast where we believe comics are for everyone the key is finding the right one. In the first episode of the Comic Concierge podcast, I speak with Tim Costa from The First Time Watchers podcast on Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's graphic novel The Fade Out Vol 1. With Tim being new to the world of comics we get into his perception of the medium prior to this experiment. We then dive into The Fade and his overall thoughts on the comic.