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Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.

Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.
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Cincinnati, OH


Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.




Episode 254 Bye Bye Old Piece of Pie!

The HOBI gang is back together again and it feels so good! Even with getting eaten by an alligator, Jason is still hooked on Red Dead Redemption, Jeff is perplexed by what a Christmas movie is, and we discuss the new trailer for Toy Story 4! The guys underestimate the power of Feeny, Blake is excited about a Dungeons and Dragons film, and no one still cares about the future of Avatar. The gang break down the many failures at the box office this week and in honor of Stan Lee, list our Top...


Episode 253 Burying the Placebo!

The HOBI Gang is short staffed this week but that just means it's old school rules! The guys are talking Rick's final episode of the Walking Dead and the potential moving forward, debate what is going on in the United Kingdom and debate the depth chart of Remember the Titans! Jeff reviews Bohemian Rhapsody, Jason is afraid of Nutcrackers and Nic the Gimp has no idea what movies are being released this week. The guys also debate who wants another Austin Powers film and list their Top Five...


Episode 252 Change the Water!

The HOBI gang is in the Halloween spirit with some spooky pop culture news this week! Jason is obsessed with the sequel to Red Dead Redemption and has some pointers for players, Dev creates a new segment for Blake, Jeff tries to find a good IPA beer and somehow Brendan Fraser is relevant again! The gang talks the future of Spider-man films, everyone tries a Judi Dench impression and we list our Top Five Pop Culture Items We Want to be Popular Again! This episode is sponsored by the...


Episode 251 I Am Blech!

New episode of HOBI as the gang welcomes Blake’s body double Blech into the studio to discuss the latest in pop culture news! We debate the cancellation of Luke Cage, Jason reviews the new Halloween film and Jeff picks some funky fries! Listeners have reviews of the new season of Daredevil and Charmed, we try to care about Captain Britain, no one has seen Bad Times at the El Royale and we list our Top Five Favorite Halloween Costumes We Wore! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic...


Episode 250 Why?

The HOBI Gang has reached episode 250! Blake is not fully on board with the Walking Dead but Jason is enjoying A Million Little Things and All-American, while Jeff is contemplating the front runner for Canadian of the Year! The guys talk their favorite tabletop games, as do the listeners, cast a new Designing Women's show, and wonder who is still watching the Pirates movies. The guys also wrap up the latest at the box office and list their Top Five Worst Halloween Candy! This episode is...


Ep. 249--I Now Regret That Email!

The HOBI gang is back in the studio as Jason breaks down the new Fall television shows, Blake is back from Iceland, and Jeff is excited about the Aquaman film! The guys are confused about a Designing Women remake, Blake is curious about Peter Dinklage's movie choices, we are surprised by Venom's box office and the guys list their Top Five Performances by Comedians in a Serious Role! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.


Ep. 248--The Scent of Miss Cleo!

It's day three of the Cincinnati Comic Expo and the HOBI gang is finishing on a high note! In a stunning guest appearance, number two fan Randall Holt joins the broadcast along with the Ditt-Man! Randall receives a wonderful Disney themed gift basket from Doug, we discuss how pretty Chris Pine is, what movie would benefit from puppets and how excited we are for Birds of Prey. Jason is excited about the Disney streaming service, everyone chips in money for a mystery box that is a little...


Ep. 247--The Autobiography of Not George R R Martin!

The HOBI Gang is onto day two of recording at the Cincinnati Comic Expo and Number One Fan Doug, Scab Jeff and Jim are all along for the ride! Our listeners ask how we became geeks, what is going on with the Batman film, debate what Rhode Island really is and discuss if 1994 is really the best year in films! Jason loves more Riverdale in the form of Sabrina, Scab Jeff is in love with Liam Neeson as a vengeful snowplow drive and we list the Top Five Best Chuck Norris Films! This episode is...


Ep. 246--I Like Your Wife's Chili!

The HOBI Gang is at the Cincinnati Comic Expo and nothing will be the same again! The guys are talking the latest rumors of the Venom movie, the relevance of award shows, what celebrity we want to interview and our favorite cosplay. Jason develops a man-crush on Manu Bennett, and rightfully so, and Jeff tries to define what Cincinnati chili really is! The gang also have found the best nickname in all of minor league baseball, the casting of Ragdoll in Flash, and list their Top Five Favorite...


Ep. 245--Best Episode Ever!

The HOBI Gang is gearing up for the Cincinnati Comic Expo in a few days so the format on this episode is all over the place! Jason and Doug sabotage the show while Blake is suspended, Jeff is sick and Jim is on a prison golf trip! With Doug on the show, you know Disney is talked about as he give his opinions on what rides you must go on at the park along with where to eat and how amazing Avatarland is! Jason has some choice words for his non-present co-hosts, Doug doesn't care about Sacha...


Ep. 244--Humans Are Interesting People!

Only two more episodes of HOBI until they invade the Cincinnati Comic Expo! The gang is debating what Marvel villain they want back into the cinematic universe, if Blake is really going to Iceland, listener Pam gives us some Listener Reviews and Doctor Number One brings the creepiness to wrestling! The guys give a Breath of Silence to Skinemax and Mr. Robot, mock a movie based on a bad song and list their Top Five Weirdest Television Shows They have Watched! This episode is sponsored by the...


Ep. 243--Feed Me Harvey!

The HOBI Gang is all together again in the BOB Studios and are talking smack about their Hollywood Stock Exchange standings, the rage against caging animal crackers, and what beer is good to waste! The guys discuss fathering plants, why Time Bandits is being made into a television series and Crazy Rich Asians ruling the box office. Jason is saddened by the failure of Happytime Murders, Jeff doesn't know who Becky G is and we list our Top Five Favorite Movies that Flopped at the Box Office!...


Ep. 242--Maces, Canes and Big Logs!

The HOBI Gang welcomes the female perspective this week as Jeanie stops by to talk impressive beards, Michigan beer, and stopping a Hepatitis outbreak! The gang debate what movies should be rebooted, what cartoon we had a crush on and the Beatles battle Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem! No one understands the Kiki Challenge, Glenn Howerton returns to Sunny in Philadelphia, and Orlando Bloom yells at his fans. The gang doesn't care about Alpha and Jeanie picks this week's Top Five, our...


Ep. 241--Tip to the Hip!

The HOBI Gang is back in the BOB Studios this week as they talk The Meg and Jason's bad taste, measuring from the hips, Jim's future prison golf trip and Blake not knowing how to play outfield in softball! The guys draft a new Dick Tracy movie, Jeff is angry at Hollywood capitalizing on Slender Man, no one knows who Joey King is and we list the Top Five Worst Animal Attack Films! This episode is sponsored by the Cincinnati Comic Expo.


Ep. 240--Now with Pajamas!

The HOBI gang is getting monstrous this week as comic book writer/creator Greg Wright stops by to talk his Floppy award winning comic book Monstrous, along with his other great comics, the future of the Dark Universe and even suffering through his interactions with Dev! The guys debate making another Terminator film, a listener reviews Christopher Robin, and Blake reviews games and people he met at GenCon. Jason tried to like the latest Ghostbusters film but is at least still excited about...


Ep. 239--Now With No Pants!

The guys of HOBI have a very weird episode as their topics this week include superintendents doing bad things, a poll about conspiracy theories, replacing a movie with Muppets and we applaud Dax Shephard! The HOBI Gang is gearing up for their charity event, Bowling for the Brave, as they thank even more podcasters donating amazing gifts but also have time to talk Netflix buying the Jungle Book and listing their Top Five Things They Used to Love but No Longer Care About! This episode is...


Ep. 238--Brain Impediment!

The HOBI Gang is reeling from all the news from San Diego Comic Con and for once, are excited about the future of DC films! Jeff finally can be proud of Aquaman, Jason actually likes Shazam, and Jim is happy Wynonna Earp is back! Jason talks his week long struggle to regain strength, Jim tries to drink the liquid from an Egyptian pharaoh and Jeff must decide what to do with Marilyn Monroe. The gang talks Asura, China's biggest movie flop, the Equalizer sequel surprising everyone and list...


Ep. 237--What's Your Cult's Objective?

The HOBI Gang is together again as Blake returns from his Dutch Ent disease! Jason is fired up as he worries the Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix has disaster written all over it, Blake loves his Cleveland teams, and the guys are amazed by the podcast love for Bowling for the Brave! Hotel Transylvania did well at the box office so the gang worries about future installments, Billy Dee Williams returns to Star Wars, the Snowpiercer television show is in trouble and we list the Top Five...


Ep. 236--Maximus Von Maximus!

The HOBI Gang, well Jason, is excited after seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp this past weekend and ready to talk about it! Positive news dominates the podcast from Gal Gadot visiting children, podcasts donating to Bowling for the Brave, an anonymous donor buying a million dollars in toys for charity and the listeners love one of Jason's impressionations! Jim discusses the talents of baseball player Bake McBride, Doug doesn't know how to vote on the Disney merger and the gang lists their Top Five...


Ep. 235--Hashtag It's a Thing!

The HOBI gang is celebrating the Fourth of July week by discussing patriotism, pop culture and leaders for the new Space Force with the Dittman! The guys give thanks to Hysteria 51 and Michael Leal for their donations to Bowling for the Brave, debate ESPN's Body Issue, and are confused about PETA saving dinosaurs. Jason is excited to see Ant-Man and the Wasp this week, no one cares about Uncle Drew, we list Top Five Worst Government Characters in Movies and Number One Fan Doug supplies the...