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Mike Herrera sits down with a new guest every week, discussing everything from music to careers to news. It's always something new. Follow online everywhere at @mikeherreraTD

Mike Herrera sits down with a new guest every week, discussing everything from music to careers to news. It's always something new. Follow online everywhere at @mikeherreraTD


Bremerton, WA


Mike Herrera sits down with a new guest every week, discussing everything from music to careers to news. It's always something new. Follow online everywhere at @mikeherreraTD




#359 Karl Alvarez on life with The Descendents / ALL

Legendary bass player and songwriter, Karl Alvarez joins the podcast to talk Bass playing and much more. Some more topics- Joining Descendents, Bass rigs and brands, musical life and mental health Descendents Website ------------------------- Listen to MxPx "Can’t Keep Waiting" Now on Spotify MXPX and Podcast INFO BELOW: ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod? Big Thanks to RØDE...


#358 with Beebs

Beebs is an American Singer, Songwriter and collaborator known for her band Beebs and Her Money Makers. There’s funk. There’s punk. There’s struggle, success, drug busts and undercover FBI agents. There's even ska and Warped tour stories too! Let’s get funky! Beebs takes us on a wild ride through her life in music and more! Listen now! New Beebs song "Strength from the Struggle" coming May 28 everywhere! FIND BEEBS online - BEEBS MUSIC "helium" stream & download link HELIUM Music...


#357 Lou Koller - The legendary voice for NYC Hardcore band, Sick of it All

Sick of It All is an American hardcore punk band, from Queens, New York. The band's lineup consists of brothers Lou and Pete Koller on lead vocals and guitars respectively, Armand Majidi on drums, and Craig Setari on bass. Since forming in 1986, SOIA have traveled the world many times over, played in front of hundreds of thousands and released 11 acclaimed full-length albums, so far. Lou is one of the best in the business! Lou and his family and crew have all my respect. This episode...


#356 Brendan Scholz on Mercy Music

Brendan has developed an edgy and intense guitar sound. His songwriting is so well done and unique. And I really love the sound of his band Mercy Music! Give them a listen. We talk about music, life in Las Vegas, what it takes to persevere in the music business, songwriting and more! FIND MERCY MUSIC ONLINE: MERCY MUSIC STORE Bandcamp Twitter @mercymusic1 Instagram @mercymusic Facebook Booking: “NOTHING IN THE DARK” Out...


#355 Ryan Beebe on Pop Punk & Crypto

Ryan is one of the singer/songwriters for the Philadelphia, PA area pop band Goalkeeper. And the only bass player! We talk about: Ryan’s band - Goalkeeper Songwriting Pop Punk now Music business tactics Crypto Currency and NFTs. Follow Ryan on Instagram: @ryanbeeebe Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryancbeebe Check out the latest from Goalkeeper here: GoalKeeper Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Goalkeeper on Spotify: Goalkeeper on Apple Music: "Black & Blue...


#354 Punk Rock and Fire Fighting with Brentwaterworth

Brent had a nagging idea so he actually followed through with it. After 10 years of working a full time job as a fire fighter and EMT, Brent started playing music again. He just picked up a guitar and bought an amp on the way to his first band audition. Listen everywhere! He plays guitar for Southern California’s with new music on @wiretaprecords as well as guitar for @toxicenergyband OC Sellout Presents - May 22 show in Costa Mesa, CA with Get Dead, Radical Radical,...


#353 with Noodles

Noodles is known as the lead guitar player of The Offspring. He also does plenty of backing vocals. He and the band hail from Orange County, California. I always love getting to chat it up with this guy! He’s always so much fun when we hang out on the road and is a really genuine and nice person all around. This was a fun one! We catch up on his life for the last few years since we last hung out and talk about the Offspring’s recording process with Bob Rock. Also much more including my...


#352 with Davey Warsop

Davey Warsop is known as a Songwriter, Producer, Engineer and Englishman in Southern California. Davey started his career with the Birmingham band Beat Union. His current band is called Sharp/Shock and he runs a recording studio called Strong Studios. I caught up with Davey Warsop and we went for it. In this episode we talk: The Royals Mental Health and Punk Rock His Studio and the fire Failed Rockstar Reminders MxPx Band Business What makes a great song? All this and more on...


#351 Anthony Green

Anthony is now one of my favorite people! Just listen to this episode to find out why! We talk about music and living a creative life, day to day routines, songwriting, band business, Patreon perks, his new release Let’s Start a Band, collaboration projects with friends, being inspired by John Feldmann, being grateful and finding perspective to keep you going. Let’s go. Don’t miss this! Find anthony online at ANTHONY GREEN MUSIC And his bands Circa Survive Saosin The Sound of Animals...


#350 Tom Wisniewski on Guitars and Gear

We go from Tom’s very first guitar to his current main guitar. We also talk about all our other gear and sponsors. This is for all the band gear nerds! Tom Wisniewski is a good guy, a legendary friend and the guitar player for MxPx. Follow @Tomwisniewski on Instagram and Twitter Big Thanks to these sponsors - RØDE MICS, Ernie Ball, Mackie Gear, Takamine Guitars, In-Tune Guitar Picks, Orange Amps, Keeley Electronics, Walrus Audio, Temple Electronics, Mesa Boogie, Gibson Guitars, DW...


#349 The Dangerous Summer with AJ Perdomo and Matt Kennedy

The Dangerous Summer is an American Rock and Roll band that formed in Maryland and now is based in Denver, CO. The Dangerous Summer is AJ Perdomo and Matthew Kennedy We talk about The Dangerous Summer and all the turmoil that has led them to take some big chances that are paying off! Or maybe a better description for this adventure is: Modern life The process of making music and how it finds us when we need it most. And a lot more! Have a great week! ------------------------- MXPX...


#348 with Joey LaRocca

Joey LaRocca is known as the frontman of LA based street punk band The Briggs Joey and I catch up on: -His latest music projects including producing pop and hip hop Example and new personal projects called Vintage Warfare and Back Alley Lecture. -The Briggs -Vinyl collecting -growing up punk -Living the creative life -living with tattoos and getting tattooed Give this one a listen for some good vibes! Find Joey online: Instagram, Twitter and...


#347 with Scott Lamb on starting over in a foreign country

Scott is a Singer - Songwriter - Vinyl Pressing Plant Manager, Music Mixer and all around hard worker. Living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Scott sings for his band Movin In Stereo but wait there’s so much more. I couldn’t believe Scott’s story about moving his whole life from New Zealand to Sweden and how that led him to learn some very useful and interesting skillsets. In this episode we discuss: -New Zealander in Sweden -learning construction -self learning audio recording, producing and...


#346 Shallow Pools with Glynnis Brennan and Haley Senf

Glynnis Brennan (vocals) and Haley Senf (bass) from the band Shallow Pools join me for an exploration of what it's like to be part of a new and modern alt-pop scene. Shallow pools is a four-piece alt-pop band from Massachusetts. They offer a unique sound that bridges the gap between alternative and pop-rock. Their latest song is called, Ice Water We discuss the band and the various ways these ladies are working hard as a new band to find success. Get into it! Topics: Modern Songwriting...


#345 Peg on the Dingees and Dread Pirate Roberts

Peg is the founding member of the ska punk band, The Dingees as well as his other projects, Dread Pirate Roberts, Peg & The Rejected and Staflos. He currently lives in Humbolt County, California. Peg and I go way back to when MxPx met up with The Dingees in Southern California. We talk about his rotating musical projects, the Dingees and why Peg has taken a Vow of Poverty. Peg on Twitter: @PegBootLeg @TheDingees...


#344 with Vic Fuentes

Singer songwriter and guitarist of San Diego, California’s Pierce the Veil and CEO of the Non-profit LTD Foundation joins me on the podcast. This is a great episode if you need a little inspiration and positive outlook in your life! We discuss -collabs -Pierce The Veil -The LTD foundation -The songwriting process -Habits and routines -Singles vs Albums -and more If you like the podcast tell a friend! -Find Vic on Instagram or Twitter -Find LTD Foundation...


#343 Jeff Berman aka Divided Heaven

Creative and fun conversation with musician and podcaster Jeff Berman about life as a creative but we get into memories and experiences that I know you will relate to. This was too much fun chopping it up. Enjoy the week! —— Find Jeff online @DividedHeaven and his podcast @TheBermanHour ------------------------- MXPX INFO BELOW: MXPX Live JANUARY 15 and 30th 2021! Listen to the NEW Goldfinger Album: Never Look Back ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod? Big...


#342 with Linh Le

Linh Le is an American Musician most known for playing in the band, Bad Cop/Bad Cop. An American pop punk band from Southern California, United States. Currently signed with Fat Wreck Chords. Linh Le on Instagram Bad Cop/Bad Cop on Instagram I met the Bad Cop/Bad Cop ladies out on tour and we were gonna do a podcast leading up to our show together in Salt Lake City and then Covid-19 happened and the rest is history. I got to talk to Linh about all the things! Enjoy this one. -on...


#341 Voicemails with Tom Chichila

Tom Chichila is back to respond to your questions. Your voicemails. Your stories. We comment. We answer. We go on a while. We have fun! Join Tom and I on another voicemail adventure! -MxPx History -Fan Stories -MxPx Touring and Business Workings -My favorite sports teams talk -Reminiscing with your voicemails -What MxPx is working on in 2021 -Predictions for the future and more! Thanks for calling in! ------------------------- MXPX INFO BELOW: MXPX Live JANUARY 15 and 30th...


#340 Tom Chichila on 2020

Tom Chichila is the MxPx Team Leader and Management Find out what MxPx did in 2020 and how we did it on this artist insider episode! Show Notes: -2020 was a great year -Do more than Survive. Thrive. -Building Business in 2020 -Inside MxPx -Inside Live Stream companies -Look back on 2020 fondly -Have a question about this episode or MXPX? Call us at 360-830-6660 and leave a clear message. Happy New Year!!! ------------------------- MXPX INFO BELOW: MXPX Live JANUARY 15 and 30th...