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Leroy's E3 Lemon Pepper

Hey guys its a me Mario and I have taken control of Leroy's studio surely he wont find out and bash my head into this key;qdskbfhlbjkhdfm,cdmvgfvfgfwdhjk wedgu2037 r3l45jh 546ljk6h . Sorry about that guys Hi Leroy here and like my uninvited guest was about to say before he was so rudely interrupted by my fist and my keyboard, you are in for a real treat of a show. I personally lay down the pros and cons in my personal opinion on E3 2018 is it gonna be fire or is it another slow...


The E3 Hot Pockets 2 aka The E318 Mixtapes 2

Rockman3K3 is back with another quick opinion of this year's E3!!! Check it out and tell us what you thought of this year's E3? Like, comment, subscribe, and share yo!


E3 Hot Pockets aka The E318 Mixtapes Vol. 1

Rockman3K3 gives some footnotes on the latest at E3!


XXX: Flaming Anthem Cheetos Appetizers

Rockman3K3, Shogun, Cole Jackson, and Leroy Ketchum talk about the road to E3 which is unusually paved with good intentions, as they also discuss the new Spawn movie and what games the crew is looking forward to in the future! It's organic, it's healthy, and homemade like your mother's awesome sweet potato pie!!! It's THE NERD PLATE!!! Tell your peeps about my peeps ya dig?


XXIX: The Duel Of Opinions Pie

Rockman3K3 pretty much faces off with everyone as he is the sole defender of Nintendo!!! Why does he love them so much? It is like he has a secret sponsorship deal with Nintendo... Why did anyone check for that!? It is a one sided romp roast with the whole group going crazy as the crew from the Gubmint Name(Cole Jackson and Shogun) stop by to make Rockman answer for his love of Nintendo!!! This is a direct sequel to the Nintendo X Migos Stir Fry; I hope you are hungry, IT'S THE NERD PLATE!!!


XXVIII: The Real E3 Macaroni

So here is the real conversation about E3 so what ensues is very tame. What will Ubisoft bring tot the table or Bioware or even Nintendo. Who will win What will we get from anybody? Is E3 pointless? Who knows ? Find out here on The Nerd Plate


XXVII: Migos X Nintendo Stir Fry

Sooo things got a little out of hand here a fierce debate done ensued Migos and Nintendo two catalysts in their respective fields tackling different roads and tearing up the industry. What do you think share us your opinion @ like forrealz we wanna hear. Is Leroy reaching or is Rockman just being an old stubborn crotchety guy again. Find out next time on the Nerd Plate


X Pants Appetizers

Its time for your weekly appetizers folks. What type of shenanigans are we getting into today. Well i cant say but Leroy is more than a little upset that there are no X pants like for real. Them shits would be smooth as fuck. I have no idea what to put here.


XXV: Can We Have The Check Please Oh yea and a water to go ?

what was it like when you beat your first game did you feel good ? Did you cry? What where you eating? Anyway the guys discuss how endings make them feel. You should tell us about how they make you feel @


Appetizing Appetizers

Time for the appetizers guys whats on the docket today.... listen and find out. what? you thought you could cheat psh bye felicia


XXIII: The Super Avengers Podcast Cookie Cake

The world's greatest Podcast Heroes assemble to talk about what is probably Marvel's greatest movie of all time, Avengers: Infinity War!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! If you have not seen the movie yet, please do not listen to this episode as it contains MAJOR SPOILERS!!! AGAIN MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Also if you enjoyed the people you have listened to, here is their information: Conversation Con Artists: Twitter: @ConvoConArtists,...


XXII: Free Comic Book SnackBags

The guys have a insightful discussion on Free Comic Book Day which should be a national holiday but since ts already on a Saturday it kinda already is. What was your first comic book. How has your experience been in a comic book store with our other nerdy brethren? Let us know!


XXI: Blackened Lightning Appetizers

Whats up guys and gals this week for your brief appetizers we are letting you know what to watch on netflix, even though Leroy seems wasted on such things, a few games to look forward too one in particular at least. and so much more be sure to like share and subscribe and write us a damn email so we can have stuff to talk about Love you Thanks :)


XX: Villainous Vichyssoise

Hey guys you know no one ever gives the bad guys any credit. Here's an episode to them, those assholes of the things you love to read and watch. From stealing candy from children to raping teenagers who were crippled first and then showing the very graphic pictures to their parents after beating them without hesitation. This is one episode i know you can chime in on so don't forget to EMAIL but also don't forget to LIKE , SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.


XIX: Infinite Appetizers

Hey guys it is another great helping of The Nerd Plate!!! Leroy and Rockman discuss the finer points of great nerd news like Independent Press hating on Quantic Dreams, Marvel making money, and The Lightskinning??? What is that??? Find out right here at the only dinner table that matters with the freshest of the freshest food!!! Keep eating and ask for seconds because it is The Nerd Plate!!!


XVIII: Rebooted Refried and Remastered

Hey guys what do you think should get a reboot or possibly a remastered edition? Well here we tackle the hard hitting questions here. Remastered games are reproductions of our favorite titles in glorious 8k so you can see the sweat drip off of Sora's hair as he attempts to some how not save the damn world again in the Kingdom Hearts game we will never get (*cry a little). Reboots revive long since dead titles that you thought ended many moons ago but nope they are back and now you can see...


God Of War Goodie Bags

Leroy Ketchum and Rockman3K3 are at it again with another crazy and fulfilling helping of The Nerd Plate!!! The Duo dive into the history of God of War by reviewing the entire series and they even review the latest one(SPOILERS) and we take a fan letter!!! We all in your week!!! WE ALL IN YOUR NOTEBOOK, PHONE, or TABLET!!! IT'S THE NERD PLATE!!!


A La Carte Appetizers?!

Kinda weird to be talking to you guys on a Monday but we are tying something new here. So here are your appetizers with the likes of final fantasy fuckin up, television stars making slaves sports and so much more only here can you get this kind of stuff. Be sure to share your opinions with us by sending us emails @!! Twitter: @ LeroyKetchum @Rockmaninfinite @Plate_Nerd Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: The Nerd Plate


XV: Controller Casserole

Hey guys welcome back to the table with all of the good food on it and only the finest of Kool Aid, ITS THE NERD PLATE!!! This week we discuss the finer points of Controllers Making the Gamers, why Far Cry 5 is receiving all of the hate, and the new King of Kong as Donkey Kong's old king falls hard! Seriously go check out Far Cry 5, it is a really great game and get ready for God of War!!! We here and we got hot sauce!!! ITS THE NERD PLATE!!!


XIV: Multiplayer Munchies

Order Up! time for another heaping helping of the Nerd Plate where we discuss many delicious topics for you to sink your mental teeth into. Was Chaos Legion as bad as Rockman says it was or is he being dramatic again, How are the guys from stranger things gonna get out of this one and finally what are your memories from multiplayer? Wasn't it dope or did you just get called every racial slur ever by some 13 and ahalf year old alt white privileged child named Bryce who calls his mom by her...