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Interview themed podcast based on todays culture, with a comedic and down to earth vibe.

Interview themed podcast based on todays culture, with a comedic and down to earth vibe.
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Interview themed podcast based on todays culture, with a comedic and down to earth vibe.








S3: Ep1 Kinky Game Show

In this hilarious episode, we bring Nick Tanek back on the show but this time with some of his Kinky friends for our very own version of Jeopardy. In our Kinky friends version of Jeopardy, if you get the question right, you get to choose which contestant receives a punishment! Listen on as our contestants go head to head and whip to whip in this crazy episode


S2: Ep10 The Call

In this episode we bring back Miggie P to the show, as well as special guest Lord Juan Snow to discuss a special group chat that we've had going on for years. You'll hear of stories about 2 friends pranking each other to a life changing extent, as well as the hilarious story about how our friend "John" catfished his best friend "Brad". Listen to the prank phone call and the full story today!!! Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


S2: Ep9 Renegade Hip Hop: Zo Morese, Chaos & Eccentric

In this episode we have Renegade Hip Hops own Zo Morese join us with his brothers Chaos and Eccentric. They discuss the ups and downs in their career thus far, and some of their hardships that they have been through together. From being homeless together, to performing on stage with names such as Big Sean. Listen to this episode, and especially the freestyle in the beginning of the show. Make sure to follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S2: Ep8 Podcast & Wine w/ Miggie P & Carleezy

In this episode we have a nice chop it up session with some friends of the show, Miggie P and Carla. This episode was recorded in late January right before the Grammy awards, so we discuss some of our opinions on which artists should win awards. Also we touch on subjects such as the Monique/Netflix controversy, and we also touch base on racial equality. Tune in for a very fun episode and share your thoughts with us in Instagram @The_QBPC


S2: Ep7 UFO Fev & Dane Lawrence

In this episode we sit down with newly signed Rocnation artist UFO Fev and artist Dane Lawrence. We discuss their new Album Sunsets in Bali as well as UFO Fev's journey through music and how he eventually linked up with Fat Joe on his way to signing with Rocnation. Guest host Deejay Sliickk also joins us as a special guest host. Make sure to check out their amazing new album Sunsets in Bali (produced by Brian Allonce) on all streaming services and follow us on instagram @the_qbpc.


S2: Ep6 Comedian IdrissTV

In this episode we get to sit down with the hilarious Idriss. He gives us a little background on his roots in comedy with his impersonations and discusses the current success of Idriss TV. From viral videos to stand up comedy, Idriss does it all and he tells it all in this fascinating episode. Make sure to follow us on instagram @The_Qbpc


S2: Ep5 Musician Steff Reed

In this episode we discuss the career of musician Steff Reed and his long journey through music. From working with famed stars such as Trey Songz, as well as receiving a Grammy Nomination for Musical Educator. He also walks us through some hardships throughout his life that inspired his previous albums, as well as his upcoming album and new hit single Power of Love. Make sure to leave us a review, and follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S2: Ep4 WeMC's Monstarr & Skycamp

In this episode we bring in Perth Amboy, NJ's very own Monstarr, CEO of WeMC and DJ Skycamp. We discuss with them current hip hop culture, as well as some of their great performances on stages such as Webster Hall & Starland Ballroom. We also touch on some of WeMC's other artists and their fantastic talents and what lies ahead for this wonderful group. Also stay tuned for special guest Alex Lasko who we bring back from Episode 1 of the show.


S2: Ep3 Author & Kink expert Nick Tanek

Author Nick Tanek of the highly rated book, Your Kinky Friends, joins us in this episode and gives us an inside scoop on the Kink community. He discusses how his kinky sex life with his soul mate helped them both get over their drug addictions. Also don't miss his step by step directions on how to join in on all the kinky fun!! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @the_qbpc


S2: Ep2 Photographers Jose W & Eric Plut

We sit down with Two New York City Photographers Jose W and Eric Plut and discuss some of their passions behind their work. Eric talks a bit about working with Little Dicky on stage, and the different major artists around NYC. While Jose discusses how his previous battles with cancer inspire him to push forward towards his ultimate goals.


S2: Ep1 Best of The Next - Witty, Ro, KorynnOC

In this episode we have production company Best of the Next on the show all the way from San Francisco. With them they bring 3 artists, Witty, Ro and KorynnOC. Witty discusses the idea behind Best of the Next and future goals in mind, as well as current projects that will be releasing shortly along with a brand new video for his song "Slyde Thooh". Korynn also shows off her vocals in this episode and Ro discusses her passion for art along with some inspirations that have helped her Hip Hop...


Ep. 10 Season 1 Wrap Up with Dino & Edison

In this Episode we ( Dino and Edison) do a bit of a recap on the season thus far, and touch up on particular moments that they liked. We also tell a couple of funny stories that happened to us throughout the week, as well as give you a little glimpse of what's to come. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @the_qbpc and make sure to leave a review!!


Ep. 9 Hip Hop Artist DOWBOI & Phresco

Episode 9 brings you 2 guests that spit fire from down in the Jersey Shore, Dowboi & Phresco. These two guys tell us their journey of how they got started, playing at shows, and even hanging out with the QBPC crew. Their music offers up a very unique style and have the love & support from their crew #ITM to keep their dreams alive Don't forget to follow us on instagram @the_qbpc ---


Ep. 8 Daredevil/Artist - Gregory Michae1

Episode 8 brings you a guest with a background that most of us have not come across. Gregory Michae1 discussed some of his inspirations behind his art, which include walking a tight rope knowing that he can fall to his death at any moment, as well as his experiments with psychedelics that helped not only inspire some of his artwork but gave him a new perspective on life all together. Don't forget to follow us on instagram @the_qbpc.


Ep. 7 Rock Band - 18th & Addison

We sit down with nationally known punk rock band 18th & Addison and discuss their recent tour. We also discuss a few funny stories as well as Tom's surprise proposal during their performance at Vans Warped Tour, which went viral! Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


Ep. 6 Actor/Director Richard Nwaoko

Episode 6 we have a the jack of all trades Richard Nwaoko. You may have seen in him Bud Light commercials during NBA allstar weekend or in Degree for Men ads. Not only does he act but he writes and is in the middle of directing his own web series! He also shares with us what it is like in the movie business and takes us behind the scenes of what it is like auditioning with some funny stories. Follow us @The_QBPC


Ep. 4 Nutritionist Victor Jakupi

Episode 4 we have a certified nutritionist Victor Jakupi, he breaks down the do's and dont's of eating to maintain a healthy weight, as well as grocery store hacks to keep your self out of trouble. Listen to the episode and learn the secrets to losing weight and listen on as Victor breaks a few weight loss myths on the show. Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


Ep. 3 Rap Artist Issaiah & Manager King Mills

Episode 3 we have rapper Issaiah from Paterson NJ and his manager King Mills, they breakdown their friendship, coming up, and the release of their latest mixtape. Filled with laughs & capped off with a 2 freestyles at the end that will leave you asking form more. Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


Ep. 2 Bodybuilder Paulie Benvenuto

Episode 2 we had a human statue on the show, soon to be pro bodybuilder Paulie Benvenuto. We discuss his career, nutrition, and how to make those gains. We also dive into gym fails and funny moments while on the road.


Ep. 1 Independent Wrestler Alex Lasko

Episode 1 we have an amateur wrestler striving to hit those ropes in the WWE, we discuss his stunts and how he developed a passion for the sport. We also cover injurys and his first ring debut getting tossed cross ring by a 350 pound behemoth! He also gives us a few impressions of his favorite wrestlers. Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


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