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Interview themed podcast based on todays culture, with a comedic and down to earth vibe.

Interview themed podcast based on todays culture, with a comedic and down to earth vibe.
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Interview themed podcast based on todays culture, with a comedic and down to earth vibe.








S3: Ep13 Artist & Label Noir CEO Ursa Majors

In this episode we sit down with Ursa Majors as he walks us through his musical process as well and tells us how he was able to start his own label and work his way onto many stages across New York and the U.S. He tells us how he was able to become the curator for Earwaxx sessions and walks us through how Label Noir started and the idea behind it. Also make sure to tune in to his a-cappella performance in the beginning of the show, as well as when he shows off his writing talents at the end...


S3 E12: Musical Artist nikmoody

In this episode we sit down with the very talented nikmoody. We discuss everything from his early start in his college days, to some of the things that influence his current dark style in some of his songs and how he made the decision to fully pursue his musical dream. Make sure to tune in to his freestyle on the show and check out his music on all platforms. Follow us on Instagram @the_qbpc nikmoody: @nikmoody23


S3 E11: Flavor Navigator Such Cannabis event - sponsored by the Smugglers Club

In this episode we take the show on the road and provide some press coverage for the long anticipated Flavor Navigator Sesh brought to you by the Smugglers Club. Listen to the episode as we talk with different cannabis distributors, fans, and a few special guest appearances throughout the show. Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC for exclusive behind the scenes footage and promo videos. Rate, Comment & Subscribe!!


S3: Ep

In this episode we sit down with the CEOs of on purpose productions Joe Gucc and Pete as they tell us the steps their taking to make on purpose the next leading brand in all industries. We also talk about how their brand went viral on World star and also a personal story from Joe Gucc which also landed him on worldstar. Hear it here first on the Questionable Behavior. Make sure to subscribe, rate and comment on itunes and follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S3: Ep9 MMA fighter Edmir Sokoli

In this episode we sit down with MMA up and comer Edmir Sokoli. We dive into some deep topics such as his time in prison and how that led to him pursuing MMA as well as his dedication tot he sport overall. We discuss his dedication and his progress at the famous Nick Catone MMA gym , and also how UFC light heavyweight Ilir Latifi played a role in his career. Make sure to subscribe, rate and comment on itunes and follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S3: Ep8 Trap Rock Band: Quantum Split

In this episode we sit down with the extremely talented Rock/Trap/Sould Band Quantum Split. In this in depth interview, we touch on their untraditional way of getting together, as well as some personal stories from each band member on their journey to success. They tell us how they built a following without releasing any music online thus far just purely from touring and live performances. Make sure to check out the full interview alone with their liver performance on the show, and listen...


S3: Ep7

In this episode we sit down with the super talented Falease and his producer Dj Boo Godi. Falease tells us about his self produced project and gives us a glimpse of what's to come with an unreleased track. He also tells about the struggles of moving from Ohio to NYC, and how he risked everything for his vision. Tune in to some key parts of the interview: Falease Freestyle: 3:05 Biggie Story: 16:15 Plasma/Serm donor : 25:15 Falease s/o: 33:45 Roast session: 34:50 Godi story: 40:10 Make sure...


S3: Ep6 Kristjan (Christian) Sokoli

In this episode we sit down with New York Giants defensive linemen Kristjan (Christian) Sokoli. He tells us about his experience being drafted by the superbowl winning champs Seattle Seahawks and walks us through some of the ups and downs of his career as well as his booming Crypto Currency business, SokoMining. Tune in as Christian sits down and answers even the controversial questions that we throw his way Follow us on instagram @The_QBPC


S3: Ep: 5 Tom Kunzman from 18th & Addison

In this episode Tom from 18th & Addison comes back on the show and he tells us about some of their huge strives forward since the last time we had them on the show on Season 1. From having their music playing in bowling alleys across the US, to their new album launch Tom explains the next steps forward for 18th & Addison. Also make sure to tune in to the beginning and end of the show for 2 great live performances by Tom. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC for exclusive behind...


S3: Ep4 Perreli

In this episode we catch up with a friend of the show Perreli. He starts us off with a freestyle and then we get into the interview and his future plans for his career. He tells us how some life choices got in the way of his career, and how he plans to move past that and focus on his music career solely.


S3: Ep3 Dane Lawrence

Check out this wonderful interview with Dane Lawrence as he walks us through the beginnings of his life and career, and how he managed to let go of a life working for Fortune 500 companies, to focus solely on his music career and his Gourmet Everything brand. Make sure to follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S3: Ep2 MC Jhype

In this episode we sit down with MC Jhype in this hilarious and insightful interview and discuss the journey that brought him to the Springer show stage. He tells us some hilarious stories about his time on stage with crowds from the steve wilkos show, maury show and jerry springer show as he gets them pumped up and ready for the show. He also talks to us about some future goals and about the different steps and unexpected turns that brought him to where he is today Don't forget to follow...


S3: Ep1 Kinky Game Show

In this hilarious episode, we bring Nick Tanek back on the show but this time with some of his Kinky friends for our very own version of Jeopardy. In our Kinky friends version of Jeopardy, if you get the question right, you get to choose which contestant receives a punishment! Listen on as our contestants go head to head and whip to whip in this crazy episode


S2: Ep10 The Call

In this episode we bring back Miggie P to the show, as well as special guest Lord Juan Snow to discuss a special group chat that we've had going on for years. You'll hear of stories about 2 friends pranking each other to a life changing extent, as well as the hilarious story about how our friend "John" catfished his best friend "Brad". Listen to the prank phone call and the full story today!!! Follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC


S2: Ep9 Renegade Hip Hop: Zo Morese, Chaos & Eccentric

In this episode we have Renegade Hip Hops own Zo Morese join us with his brothers Chaos and Eccentric. They discuss the ups and downs in their career thus far, and some of their hardships that they have been through together. From being homeless together, to performing on stage with names such as Big Sean. Listen to this episode, and especially the freestyle in the beginning of the show. Make sure to follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S2: Ep8 Podcast & Wine w/ Miggie P & Carleezy

In this episode we have a nice chop it up session with some friends of the show, Miggie P and Carla. This episode was recorded in late January right before the Grammy awards, so we discuss some of our opinions on which artists should win awards. Also we touch on subjects such as the Monique/Netflix controversy, and we also touch base on racial equality. Tune in for a very fun episode and share your thoughts with us in Instagram @The_QBPC


S2: Ep7 UFO Fev & Dane Lawrence

In this episode we sit down with newly signed Rocnation artist UFO Fev and artist Dane Lawrence. We discuss their new Album Sunsets in Bali as well as UFO Fev's journey through music and how he eventually linked up with Fat Joe on his way to signing with Rocnation. Guest host Deejay Sliickk also joins us as a special guest host. Make sure to check out their amazing new album Sunsets in Bali (produced by Brian Allonce) on all streaming services and follow us on instagram @the_qbpc.


S2: Ep6 Comedian IdrissTV

In this episode we get to sit down with the hilarious Idriss. He gives us a little background on his roots in comedy with his impersonations and discusses the current success of Idriss TV. From viral videos to stand up comedy, Idriss does it all and he tells it all in this fascinating episode. Make sure to follow us on instagram @The_Qbpc


S2: Ep5 Musician Steff Reed

In this episode we discuss the career of musician Steff Reed and his long journey through music. From working with famed stars such as Trey Songz, as well as receiving a Grammy Nomination for Musical Educator. He also walks us through some hardships throughout his life that inspired his previous albums, as well as his upcoming album and new hit single Power of Love. Make sure to leave us a review, and follow us on instagram @the_qbpc


S2: Ep4 WeMC's Monstarr & Skycamp

In this episode we bring in Perth Amboy, NJ's very own Monstarr, CEO of WeMC and DJ Skycamp. We discuss with them current hip hop culture, as well as some of their great performances on stages such as Webster Hall & Starland Ballroom. We also touch on some of WeMC's other artists and their fantastic talents and what lies ahead for this wonderful group. Also stay tuned for special guest Alex Lasko who we bring back from Episode 1 of the show.