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Episode 453 - Where's the Holodeck?

This week we're blurring the line between software piracy and software preservation. We find out in real time how someone could play US Super Nintendo games on a Japanese console. We waited so long to see Gohan go Super Saiyan that now we can't help but be disappointed. We're talking about Mortal Kombat's role in the console wars and playing Atari games from a slip of paper in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History September 10, 1941 - Birthdate of Gunpei Yokoi,...


Episode 452 - The Butter Cow

This week we coincidentally picked two games of the week that have neat ideas but are a little too hard for us to enjoy. We find out how much Wacom tablets are worth and what games were designed for use with the N64 mouse. Nintendo is continuing to crush people's creativity with legal action but one site isn't scared. We've got a neo-retro ninja game and the final secret of Doom 2 in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History September 3, 1946 - Minoru Arakawa was...


Episode 451 - High Fantasy and Crypto-Football

This week some single player NES games have been upgraded to multi-player, but if you played as Oddjob in GoldenEye 007 then the developer of the game would disapprove. Classic game music has been retooled to put you to sleep and we're putting buzzwords next to fantasy sports. We've got fantasy films from the 80's, Mega Man from the 90's, and a Pac-Man collection from the 00's in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History August 31, 1998 - Capcom releases Mega Man...


Episode 450 - Tom Clancy's Sugary Water

This week we remember one of the earliest tactical FPS games as well as one of the most successful 32-bit platformers. You can use your SNES Classic Mini to play actual SNES carts, and if you loved Smash TV then we might have a game you'd like, but we can't be sure of that since we had never even heard of Nitro Ball before this show. We're talking a lot about the Kool-Aid man, and our listeners have found some great retro game stores in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming...


Episode 449 - Cast Out of Paradise

This week we found out Jim Carrey will be in the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film and all the questions we have about that leave us confused and befuddled. We wish a Happy Birthday to Chrono Trigger while someone launched Earthbound into space. Nintendo's crusade against software piracy has hit one of the big rom sites, and we learn life lessons from The Dude in the episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History August 11, 1995 - Chrono Trigger released in...


Episode 448 - Build Your Own Video Rental Store

This week we have joke news articles about GameStop and lazy creators, but real news about the NES outselling modern systems. High-tech cars are getting a software update that will include Atari games and EA is stomping out a SimCity fan game. We've got Harry Potter fan theories and a sub-par PS1 game in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History August 5, 1965 - Birthday of video game composer Motoi Sakuraba Virtually Retro Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Shoot Out...


Episode 447 - The Greatest List of All Time

This week you could buy a brand new arcade machine and there's an edutainment parody game awaiting crowdfunding. We question Wikipedia's list of greatest games, and remember college bowling alley arcades. We find more emulator boxes trying to grab your money and Russian eBay scammers in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History July 30, 1998 - Namco first releases SoulCalibur to arcades. It earned high critical praise and its home port became one of the best selling...


Episode 446 - Chasing the Popular Trends

This week we're making our controllers wireless and researching a Super Famicom game with a generic title. We wonder if kids these days are so impressionable that they would rush out and buy luxury cars just because they saw one in Mario Kart. We remember Suncoast stores and the Rock is looking back on his younger self in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History July 26, 1967 - Birthday of Tim Schafer Virtually Retro DOOM PIT - Exclusive physical release has been...


Episode 445 - Ban All Coin-Operated Amusement Devices

This week we have evidence that the mythical NES Classic Mini is actually a real product that consumers could buy and not just a scam perpetrated by eBay resellers. We might have to expose our stomachs to cheap burgers in order to get some Mario toys but we were completely perplexed for several minutes by the face of Trog. We've got a Sega CD adaptation of a comic book super hero and a staple of the SNES on this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History July 14, 1983 - Court...


Episode 444 - Gamer Motivations

This week we've found the wordiest video game listing on Craigslist and we watched the history of the Betamax camcorder. Sixteen years ago Nintendo had people carry televisions and video game consoles around for an entire weekend in the summer heat and we took a personality test to find out why we play games. Our listeners have picked their favorite movies from 1998 and we've picked some 1980's arcade classics in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History July 10, 2002 -...


Episode 443 - Accidentally Religious

This week we are having trouble understanding any non-American sports and maybe some American sports too. We've found one of the best pinball arcades that happens to be in a laundromat, but the Atari name-holders have dropped to a new low. Our listeners have picked their favorite movies from 1998 and one of our games-of-the-week is a game released by a book publisher instead of the game publisher who usually releases games based on it's TV series. This Week in Gaming History July 3, 1992 -...


Episode 442 - Ben Affleck's New Teeth

This week the hosts of the Retro League don't wanna close their eyes or fall asleep because we're looking back at the movies that came out 20 years ago. We're joined by Chewie and our old pal Nick to talk about what we were doing in the long-gone year of 1998, as well as some of the movies that we loved and hated from that year. There were a lot of gruesome or gory films but also a lot that had emotional meaning. It was also possible to see some of the trends that would lead into some of the...


Episode 441 - A Coin To Enter

This week we are joined by a couple of special guests from Mega Visions magazine. They're working to create a Sega-focused magazine that's worth keeping, and they had some hands-on experience with some upcoming retro game consoles. There might be a toaster that will burn the image of a famous console mascot into your bread and our listeners left their consoles on for a long time in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History June 17, 1965 - Toshihiro Nagoshi, Chief...


Episode 440 - So Cool That It Must Be A Joke

This week we had an epic quest to search a dead mall in the hopes of finding an arcade or used game store. We wish the Game Boy Advance a happy birthday, while other people on the internet are ready to call the Atari VCS project a scam. We've found in-depth histories of both John Madden Football and Dungeons & Dragons on the same week that Shaq-Fu has returned. We've got retro surprise boxes and career info on the makers of Rocky Rodent in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in...


Episode 439 - VCS = Very Cautious So far

This week some honor roll grunge kids are trying to sell us the 32X. We find good things to say about two 90's movies that starred Angelina Jolie. Street Fighter 1 almost made it to the NES and someone beat Super Mario Bros with one hand behind their back. We're accidentally sinking our own island and we're keeping the spirit of Castlevania alive in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History June 4th, 1975 - Tomb Raider actress Angelina Jolie born Virtually...


Episode 438 - Bombstained: Curse of the New Art Style

What does the upcoming Thundercats reboot have in common with Space Ghost or the Ninja Turtles? What was the hype like for the Sega CD before launch? What might be the best racing game on the Jaguar? Which genres of music are most likely to sample other music in new songs? We've got new Castlevania and the most comprehensive Street Fighter collection to date in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History May 28, 1992 - Sega ups ante in video game battle with new...


Episode 437 - Stationary Sonic and the Return of Pogs

This week we wonder how many 'Johny Turbo's there are, but we know exactly what percentage of people who will get the upcoming FF7 HD remake have played the original. We're video game hipsters because we haven't played the most popular games on a lot of retro systems, and classic Mega Man is coming to Nintendo's latest system. We don't understand the popularity of Pogs or how you would put them in an augmented reality cell phone game in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming...


Episode 436 - Let's Podcasting

This week we're not insulting Prince Harry, and we warn against eating 13-year old honey mustard. Computers are randomly making Mario and Doom levels while we enjoy our relaxing RPG town music playlists. If the return of the mythical NES Classic Mini wasn't good enough for you Japan is getting an anime-themed one and we're also getting a tiny, strangely-colored Neo Geo that doesn't come with a power cord. We're putting on our wizard hats and swimming away from bigger fish in this episode of...


Episode 435 - Winning Steaks

This week on The Retro League we tackle the hard questions like - does the world work like a Pac-Man maze or are some people just trolling for profit? Is Tomb Raider an all-time great game or overrated? Is this rumored Neo Geo Mini a good idea? And does a game designed for 6 year-olds hold up today? Listen to find out the answers to these questions and more. This Week in Gaming History May 10, 1984 - King’s Quest released Virtually Retro PS2 classics added to PlayStation Now Embrace A...


The Mana Pool 500 episodes tribute

Recently our friends over at The Mana Pool podcast reached their 500th episode and to celebrate, I made this musical tribute to them. It features several songs and clips from the last 5 or so years of their podcast. The hosts of the Mana Pool are always fun to listen to and their silly antics have inspired me to make montages before, when they reached their early milestone episodes. Episode 50 tribute: Episode 100...