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A podcast where we talk about what's going on in the news and cross that with our favorite movies

A podcast where we talk about what's going on in the news and cross that with our favorite movies
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Philadelphia, PA


A podcast where we talk about what's going on in the news and cross that with our favorite movies




Miss America And The Swimsuit Competition

The Miss America competition recently announced they are getting rid of the swimsuit competition, and is changing the focus so that the contestants are no longer judged on their "outward physical appearance." This week Ryan and Zach brought in Britney Harsh to talk about the changes and where the competition goes from here. We also gave our thoughts on the new movie 'Hereditary' and recommended some streaming options that we think you should be watching.


Bryan Colangelo and the 76ers

This week on the show we talk about the weird story about Bryan Colangelo - the president of basketball operations and general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers - and his secret Twitter accounts. As fans of the team we offer our take on the story and what the team needs to do. We also review the new Blumhouse Production "Upgrade" and the newest season of "Arrested Development"


Parents Take 30-Year-Old Son To Court Because He Won't Leave

This week on the show we talk about the strange case in upstate New York that had a couple parents taking their son to court because he refused to leave the house. We share our personal insights and how he is giving an entire generation a bad name. Not only that but we talk about the newest Star Wars movie, "Solo" where the movie ranks in the series, and who is the most important character in Star Wars. We also talk about the new Netflix docuseries, "Evil Genius"


Sports Betting Is Now Legalized

Good news for all of our degenerate listeners out there. Your state now has the power to legalize sports gambling. So how soon can you put some money on the Cubbies? This week Ryan and Zach talk all about that PLUS we talk about "Deadpool 2" and in honor of Mother's Day we watched the documentary "Mommy Dead and Dearest"


Top 5 Movie Moms

In honor of Mother's Day this week Ryan and Zach count down the top five Moms to appear on the big screen.


The Sex Cult of Allison Mack

The actress Allison Mack, who may be best known as Chloe from Smallville was arrested for her involvement with the alleged cult NXIVM. This week Ryan and Zach talk about the allegations against the cult and what they were doing to their female members. They also talk about "Super Troopers 2" and the "Lost in Space" reboot.


Infinity War / The Golden State Killer

This week we recap (SPOILER FREE) the movie that has everyone buzzing, Avengers: Infinity War. After that we talk about a decades long manhunt that ended last week when authorities finally captured The Golden State Killer, a man responsible for as many as 50 rapes and 12 murders across California from 1974 to 1986. We talk about the crimes, how he was captured, along with who and what led to the arrest.


Starbucks In Hot Water

Two black men in Philadelphia were arrested at a Starbucks for being two black men in a Starbucks. This week Ryan and Zach talk about the incident and the company's response along with the new movie 'A Quiet Place' and the documentary 'Tickled.'


The Simpsons' Problem With Apu

Last year comedian Hari Kondabolu made a documentary called 'The Problem With Apu' which addresses the racist nature of the character. Last week The Simpsons finally addressed the documentary's issues and people were not happy. This week Ryan and Zach talk about those issues and share their thoughts on the new movie Rampage and the Andre the Giant Documentary


Conor McGregor's Rampage at UFC 223

Conor McGregor and his entourage caused chaos right before UFC 223 throwing a hand truck through the window of a bus and injuring several fighters two days before the pay-per-view event. Now McGregor is facing ramifications from both the UFC and the law. This week Ryan and Zach talk about that along with the new movie "Blockers" and the Netflix movie "Game Over, Man!"


Top 5 Florida Movies

This week Ryan and Zach take a break from the news because Zach is going away on his honeymoon. To prepare for their trip the guys discuss their five favorite movies that take place in Florida. No gators were harmed in making this podcast


March Madness and Upsets Galore

It's March Madness Baby! And this week Ryan and Zach are talking about the one of the most talked about sporting events of the year and a historic moment that happened in this year's tournament. They also discuss the newest "Tomb Raider" movie and "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets."


Toys 'R' Us Will Close All Their Stores

Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy last fall and now may close all their stores as soon as this week. Ryan and Zach look back at this toy institution and some of their favorite memories associated with the store. They also talk about the new movie "The Strangers: Prey at Night" and the 2009 movie "Moon"


Parents Offering $3500 for Someone Else to Have 'The Talk' With Their Kids

A couple in the U.K. placed an ad offering $3500 for someone to give their two kids the sex talk for them. This week Ryan, Zach, and special guest Brittany Harsh talk about these parents and how they learned about the birds and the bees. They also talk about the movie Bone Tomahawk and the winner for best documentary at the Oscars - Icarus.


Teenagers Protesting After The Latest School Shooting

The survivors of the latest school shooting in Florida last week aren't going to let anyone forget what happened. They're organizing, taking to the streets of Washington DC, and getting their message heard on every major news outlet to demand real, significant gun law reform. This week Ryan and Zach talk about what these kids are doing and how these protests feel different from previous attempts. They're also recapping the new Natalie Portman movie" Annihilation" and the Netflix series...


The Week One Olympic Recap

We are halfway through the Olympic games and this week Ryan and Zach talk about some of the biggest headlines of the week from athletes like Shaun White, Chloe Kim and Adam Rippon to NBC's trouble with pronunciation and the weird statues in Pyeongchang. They also talk about the record breaking movie "Black Panther" and the new Netflix release "The Cloverfield Paradox"


The Superbowl, A Parade, and Horses**t

The Philadelphia Eagles are world champions. This week Ryan and Zach talk about the immediate aftermath of the game, the stories that have come out since the game ended, the celebration in the city afterwards, and the parade. We also discuss "Phantom Thread" and season 2 of "The Good Place."


The Case of Natalie Wood

Actress Natalie Wood drowned off the coast of California under mysterious circumstances almost 40 years ago. Now investigators with the LA County Sheriff’s Department are saying Wood's then husband, Robert Wagner, is a "person of interest." We talk about what we learned from the new "48 Hours" special about the case, plus we discuss "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" and "A Futile And Stupid Gesture."


The Superbowl Special

Since the Eagles found their way into the Superbowl and this podcast records in Philly we are talking all about the big game. We'll let you know what we are confident about and what has us nervous heading into Sunday. We also talk about the Oscars, The Post, Wish Upon, and Death Note


The Tod Pod Challenge

This week Zach and Ryan talk about the dumbest viral trend that teens on the internet have been doing - The Tide Pod Challenge. They also talk about The Shape of Water, Brawl in Cell Block 99, and we catch up with Zach and he tells us how married life is treating him.