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The Clone Wars: Brain Invaders

Though the conflict on Geonosis has concluded, the terrors were not left behind. What horror do Ahsoka and Barriss find themselves in? Is there any relief while the padawans handle an invasive outbreak on their ship? Lorenzo and Kevin discuss more Clone Wars on this week's These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For!


Resistance: Signal From Sector Six

Kaz is sent on a special mission and joining him is Poe Dameron himself! While out on the mission, they intercept a distress signal from, you guessed it, Sector Six! Who sent the signal and why? What do Kaz and Poe encounter when they discover the origin of the signal? Lorenzo and Kevin discuss this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance on These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For!


The Clone Wars: Legacy of Terror

Luminara goes missing on Geonosis! Anakin and Obi-Wan with a bunch of clones go to find her and end up discovering a terrifying fact about the Geonosians! What is the terror they encounter? Lorenzo and Kevin discuss this episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Not The Nerds!


Resistance: The Children From Tehar

There is a reward for the location of two missing children! And Kaz is flat broke! Who are these children? Why is there a reward? Who placed the reward? And why is the First Order involved? Lorenzo and Kevin discuss this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance! Also we get in a discussion about how much Daylight Saving Time messes us up and how China operates under one single time zone.


The Clone Wars: Weapons Factory

On this episode, Lorenzo and Kevin welcome guest Zac Gross of the podcast, ReCloned! Zac is co-host of a fellow Clone Wars review podcast so it was no trouble getting him to discuss Star Wars with us! In Weapons Factory, the Jedi having taken down the droid factory defenses now actually make an attempt to capture Poggle the Lesser and destroy the factory itself. However heavy fortifications make an all-out assault quite difficult. Good thing padawans Ahsoka and Barriss are up to the task of...


Resistance: The High Tower

The First Order arrive on The Colossus! What are they doing there? Will our hero Kaz be able to determine what the First Order is up to without detection? How do Lorenzo and Kevin feel about the show's story progression? Now that we're four episodes in, does Star Wars Resistance start finding its groove? Listen to find out what we think on this week's Not The Nerds!


Disney Parks Rumors and Discussion: Indiana Jones Land Coming?

Kevin and Lorenzo happened to record an off the cuff conversation about rumors and news regarding Disneyland and Walt Disney World's progress on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. How's the project coming along? What is the state of construction that Lorenzo can see? We also spoke about some rumors on more Indiana Jones being introduced to the Disney Parks. As we are less than a year away from the opening of Galaxy's Edge, the anticipation only keeps building and building!


The Clone Wars: Landing At Point Rain

The Jedi return to Geonosis! Do things go better than the last time they were there? The Jedi need to capture Poggle the Lesser and shut down the new droid factory that Padmé discovered, but even getting to the factory will be a dangerous task. Lorenzo and Kevin discuss how the Jedi seem to be handling themselves on this week's episode of These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For.


Resistance: Fuel for the Fire

Kazuda Xiono is still settling into his role as mechanic-by-day, spy-by night. Frustrated, he is befriended by a fellow racer named Jace Rucklin, guest voiced by Elijah Wood. How do Kevin and Lorenzo feel about Kaz's frustration with maintaining a cover of mechanic? Is Kazuda actually becoming a better spy? They discuss and review this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance on These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For! These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For on...


The Clone Wars: Senate Spy

Could there be a spy in the Republic Senate? Lorenzo Phan and Kevin Hord investigate on Not The Nerds! Well, actually, Padmé investigates at the behest of the Jedi Council. Why does the Council need Padmé of all people to spy on a potential spy? How does Anakin feel about Padmé taking on a potentially dangerous mission? How does Padmé handle the mission despite having pretty much no active spying experience? And why is she wearing such revealing clothing throughout this episode? Kevin and...


Resistance: The Triple Dark

Star Wars Resistance is in full swing as Kevin Hord and Lorenzo Phan review the second episode of the show, "The Triple Dark." Does Resistance start to dig deeper into the machinations of the growing First Order and the dealings of the Resistance to stop it? Of course not! How do we react to the effort series protagonist Kazuda Xiono has exerted so far in spying for the Resistance? Listen to find out on this week's episode of These Aren't The Nerds You're Looking For!


The Clone Wars: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

The Zillo Beast is on Coruscant and he is pissed! To help explain Zillo Beast biology, we've invited Ryan Haupt to the show! He is a host of the podcast Science... Sort Of and is better equipped to explain Zillo physiology than Kevin and Lorenzo. What do we make of the theoretical time the Zillo Beast had to survive underground? What did the Zillo Beast eat in the time? How did it go undetected? And how does it know where to go in Coruscant? We want to thank Ryan again for coming on the...


Resistance: The Recruit

Star Wars Resistance has premiered! After giving The Recruit a view, Lorenzo and Kevin recap and review the episode. Do we like this pilot episode? Who are the new characters? What story arcs are being set up? Where do we hope the show will go? We discuss all that and more for this first episode of Star Wars Resistance!


The Clone Wars: The Zillo Beast

This week Anakin and Mace head to Malastare where a major battle over the planet's fuel resources has been raging! After setting off an Electro-Proton Bomb, a sinkhole swallows the battlefield but an even bigger surprise faces the Republic. What is the Zillo Beast? And what does the James Bond series have to do with this?


Star Wars Resistance Extended Sneak Peek

The Disney Channel dropped an extended trailer for Star Wars Resistance! Even though the show premieres in just over a week, Kevin and Lorenzo took a little bit of time to discuss new footage seen in this sneak peek and if this helped build excitement for the show itself!


The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunters

Kevin and Lorenzo take a moment to talk about the passing of Gary Kurtz before getting to The Clone Wars discussion. The producer of American Graffiti, Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back, his influence on those films can not be overstated. Turning to The Clone Wars itself, the episode is also dedicated to Akira Kurosawa and as the episode progresses it is not difficult to see why. Lorenzo goes back and forth on whether he likes the episode and Kevin tries his best to make Lorenzo make up...


The Clone Wars: Children of the Force

The Force went and had some children! That's how that works right? Picking up right where the show left off on Cargo of Doom, Anakin and Ahsoka return from a defeat not having recovered the stolen Holocron. How does the Jedi council react to our two heroes being bested by a bounty hunter? Also what's up with this episode replaying the ending of the previous episode but with an entirely separate run of events? Lorenzo and Kevin discuss!


The Clone Wars: Cargo of Doom

There is cargo! And it is filled with doooooom! What exactly is the cargo of doom? Why is it filled with doom? What is going on with Yularen? Why is he so surly? And when will Ahsoka learn to spot a trap?


The Clone Wars: Holocron Heist

We're moving on to Season 2 of The Clone Wars! This season jumps right into an adventure with all the Jedi as by and large we're in the Jedi Temple! Ahsoka gets herself into a bunch of trouble and then a bunch of trouble comes to the Jedi. How do Kevin and Lorenzo feel going into the new season?


Star Wars Resistance Trailer and News

Kevin and Lorenzo sit down for an open discussion reacting to the trailer for "Star Wars Resistance." What do we think about the little we've seen of the new show? There's plenty of other news to speak about as well. Funny enough, between recording and release a piece of news we speak of has already been undone. That's how fast news develops nowadays!