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Aaron Rand Freeman and Dacia Mitchell try to make sense of the nonsense with a new podcast about being unreasonable in the most reasonable way possible.

Aaron Rand Freeman and Dacia Mitchell try to make sense of the nonsense with a new podcast about being unreasonable in the most reasonable way possible.


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Aaron Rand Freeman and Dacia Mitchell try to make sense of the nonsense with a new podcast about being unreasonable in the most reasonable way possible.








#AddSpace Ep. 57 | Legend of Korra is the GOAT

Bacon, Justin, and Aaron BAP from the Black Astronauts podcast talk the PS5 reveal, Nier Automata, and WHY THE LEGEND OF KORRA IS IN FACT BETTER THAN THE LAST AIRBENDER. My God. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ljay90 Host: @ansfreeman Guest: @ashy3classy Theme Song: @Willieev Brother Kyo's Project: Banzai Pecan


The CuntCast Ep. 50 | Nothing To Do But Talk

N'Jaila and Aaron unpack a problematic article about ghosting during the pandemic that forces us to create unified definition of ghosting and the importance of communication in relationships now more than ever. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


#AddSpace Ep. 56 | That One About The Sims

Bacon and Aaron talk the Sims, social distance mechs, navigating Twitch audiences, and survival horror with our podcast neighbor N'Jaila Rhee from the Cuntcast Podcast. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ansfreeman Guest: @BlasianBytch Theme Song: @Willieev Brother Kyo's Project: Banzai Pecan


The CuntCast Ep. 49 | The Unsexiest Times

N'Jaila and Aaron talk the separation between worker's right and sex worker's rights, how to navigate sexuality during the pandemic, "creative" use of coronavirus, and our Kink of the Week: Oculolinctus: arousal from licking the eyeballs or having one's eyeballs licked. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


The CuntCast Ep. 48 | Masters of Our Domain

N'Jaila and Aaron talk titties during quarantine, making money online, and how to become a master of your environment during these trying times. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


#AddSpace Ep. 55 | Love Is An Arcade

Bacon and Aaron talk Aaron's new favorite romcom Hi-Score Girl, our own loves affair with arcades, and some old school game suggestions for our audience. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ansfreeman Theme Song: @Willieev Brother Kyo's Project: Banzai Pecan


#AddSpace Ep. 54 | Animal Crossing: Planetary Survival

Bacon, Aaron BAP, and Justin discuss gaming during the pandemic, how impossible it is to find a switch, Animal Crossing currently saving humanity, the ending to Korra, and a word about how incredibly the Resident Evil 3 Remake turned out. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ljay90 Host:@Ashy3classy Host: @ansfreeman Theme Song: @Willieev


The CuntCast Ep. 47 | Soap's Moment In History

N'Jaila and Aaron bring back the Kink of the Week, the strangely appropriate mouthsoaping, N'Jaila coming out of retirement, adults hiding sexual preferences, and your yearly reminder of Brandon Urie's baby body. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


Tired Doctors Talking Ep. 14 | Really Exceptionally Tired Doctors

The Doctors discuss COVID-19, the view from the frontlines, the personal cost, and some gallows humor from Dr. Nugent. Host: @Dr_MargaretteMD Host: @DrMoesBest Bonus Analysis: Junior Deputy Doctor Baby Z


The CuntCast Ep. 46 | Hail the Warlord

N'Jaila and Aaron are back and play catch up, giving updates, discussing how the global pandemic is affecting sex workers, how to not accidentally minimize the pandemic's effect on sex work, and N'Jaila's future as a Mad Max-style desert warlord. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


Unreasonable Fridays Ep. 53 | Oh Sh*t It's Dacia

Dacia's here. Where the hell has she been? Inquire. Within. NOTE: The episode was recorded on February 8, 2020. Host: @ansfreeman Host: @daciatakesnote Theme Song: @willieev


#AddSpace Ep. 53 | The Redemption Arc

Bacon and Justin talk about what constitutes a true redemption arc within a narrative in the first installment of a 49-part miniseries about how terrible Vegeta remains decades later. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ljay90 Host: @ansfreeman Theme Song: @Willieev


#AddSpace Ep. 52 | The Trilinear Circle

Bacon and Aaron go over the best games of the decade marked by remasters, perpetual sales, backwards compatibility, delayed cross platform releases, and the Invincible Adult Gaming Backlog. It gets messy. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ansfreeman Theme Song: @Willieev


#AddSpace Ep. 51 | Yes That Was Also Sonic

Bacon, Justin, and guest Brother Kyo discuss Sonic the Hedgehog fandom and what is possibly the most artistically daring videogame series ever. They also review Pokemon Sword and Shield using an brand new advanced metric: FUN. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ljay90 Host: @ansfreeman Sonic Whisperer: @brothakyo Theme Song: @Willieev


#AddSpace Ep. 50 | The Fowlwalker

Bacon and Aaron give a post-surgery update, discuss chicken levels and maintaining a healthy relationship with chicken, the best games to play post-recovery, and remind everyone how awesome Castlevania the animated series remains. Warning: This episode is in CAP (Conversation Already in Progress). Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ansfreeman The Church: Is Just A Box Theme Song: @Willieev


The CuntCast Ep. 45 | Avoid Plot Twists

N'Jaila and Aaron give personal updates, including the majesty of trying to make a living in America in 2019, and how to appropriately signpost minimal endowment before a sexual encounter. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


#AddSpace Ep. 49 | Snitches N' Dips

Bacon and Justin hop in to talk the art of snitching, Switch mech shooter Daemon X Machina, role locking in Overwatch, and a final review of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers (CONTAINS SPOILERS). Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ljay90 Host: @ansfreeman Theme Song: @Willieev


The CuntCast Ep. 44 | Hustlers: A Historical Retrospective

N'Jaila and Aaron review the film Hustlers through the lens of N'Jaila career and discuss Twitter's recent attack on sex workers and sex worker advocates. Host: @blasianbytch Co-Host: @ansfreeman


Tired Doctors Talking Ep. 13 | The Wellness Discussion

The Doctors discuss wellness, how they navigate daily health in their personal lives, and what hurdles are present in a society increasingly reliant on drugs for health. Host: @Dr_MargaretteMD Host: @DrMoesBest


#AddSpace Ep. 48 | Shadowbringers: The Review Pt. 1

@B4c0nzilla and @ljay90 discuss the freshly released Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers in Part 1 of our multi-part review. Host: @B4c0nzilla Host: @ljay90 Host: @ansfreeman Theme Song: @Willieev