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No matter what year a film is released. If unseen. It's brand new. John Weber's in the box office.

No matter what year a film is released. If unseen. It's brand new. John Weber's in the box office.
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No matter what year a film is released. If unseen. It's brand new. John Weber's in the box office.






Gabe Reviews The Lion King, Ophelia And Point Blank

Three movies. Three remakes. Gabe's observation isn't about the pain of never getting anything original but rather he puts focus on why you'll like certain parts of The Lion King while missing out on the animated version. Same is true about Ophelia but not so much on Point Blank. Our conversations are more than just the latest releases in theaters but we leap around several subjects such as the latest actions from Martin Scorsese on Netflix. How about Elizabeth Moss with a second hit series...


Gabe Reviews Midsommar, Crawl, Last Black Man In San Francisco And Stuber

With so many choices so easily available the movie scene is on fire with several different types of drama, action, comedy and films that make you go hmmmm. Gabe is our man in the seats. What works? What misses? Do we bite the bullet or save the money?


Gabe Reviews Annabelle, Yesterday And Spiderman

I say it every week! The moment Gabe and I start talking about movies it reaches far beyond just sitting in a theater watching fast pictures race toward the credits. The inside view of what it's like to not only watch movies but to work at the theater where real people are coming to see their favorite actors. We talk about future movies and what to expect. We could very easily be totally wrong but that's ok. We're just having a conversation about movies because movies are our life and style....


Gabe Reviews Toy Story 4 And Murder Mystery

Who knew there'd be a fourth Toy Story? I remember wondering about how a movie franchise can end. If it's working don't disappear. Right? Disney must have picked up on the global vibe. I mean we are talking about toys! Toy Story 4 is out but did we need it? Gabe leaps onto that very subject while introducing a whole new gang of toys. Plus he jumps onto Netflix to find out what Adam Sandler is doing with Murder Mystery.


Gabe Reviews Shaft, Men In Black And X Men Dark Phoenix

Anytime you get Gabe and I together we're going to dig in and try to run Hollywood via a podcast. Breaking things down is our method of madness and none of it could possibly be true. But what if? We are armchair movie star quarterbacks. This week we dig into the latest films coming out which include X Men Dark Phoenix, Shaft and Men In Black. And if you think we stay on the subject for thirty minutes think again. It's kinda like two people walking into a record store searching the stacks of...


Gabe Reviews Always Be My Maybe, Late Night And Secret Life Of Pets 2

Gabe's got his hands full. Watch movies, catch another movie and oh yeah lets go see another movie. Then I toss in a movie he hasn't seen and he keeps one hundred percent with me before he takes me down with a southern beating. The movies covered this week include Always Be My Maybe, Late Night and Secret Lives Of Pets 2.


Gabe Reviews Rocketman, Ma And Godzilla

From the very beginning Gabe prepares us. This weekends hot movie layout is ridiculous. You'll soon hear how such a word can be used in so many different ways. Grab your credit cards and start getting those tickets on line. You probably won't get into any of them if you suddenly show up at the last minute.


Gabe Reviews Aladdin, Book Smart And We Have Always Lived In The Castle

For a moment there I thought we were going to whip out our light sabers and make war out of nothing at all. The generations are colliding on the release of Aladdin. So many people grew up watching the animated motion picture and now that Disney has put real bodies in the costumes once worn by animation the flow of acceptance is riding off the path of normalisms. This week Gabe puts his input to work for fans of all movies by looking at Aladdin Book Smart and We Have Always Lived In The...


Gabe Reviews Tolkien, Detective Pinkachu and Her Smell

I think we've got an unchangeable addiction to movie watching. No matter where the film is shot and or how the story is laid out we will take the time to go to the theater or pop it on the flat screen and officially dub it a B flick. Gabe and I love talking about movies. Not necessarily blow them up or push them down. It's consumed conversation. This week Gabe takes it into the theater to talk about Tolkien, Detective Pikachu and Her Smell.


Gabe Reviews The Long Shot, The Intruder and JT Leroy

People are stay faithful to the no spoiler rules of Hollywood. So much so that nobody's busting the talk about about the events in The Long Shot and The Intruder. Is Hollywood doing a disservice to the best lip action on the planet? Talking about movies is what puts people in the seats. If you feel you're about to be confronted with a spoiler back out of the conversation. End Games needs to be talked about. As does The Long Shot. Instead of hearing about how good it is lets break down the...


Gabe Reviews The Avengers End Game

It took eleven years to reach this point in movie history. The payoff could easily be the first film ever to make 1 billion dollars its opening weekend. As great as End Game is we have to salute the fans. They stayed true to this series. Fans did share their voices but they always showed up. I'm not sure Star Wars can do that. I still haven't seen the last two Harry Potter movies. I lost my interest. Avenger fans showed up every single time. Here we stand. How are you going to document this...


Gabe Reviews The Curse Of La Llorona And Little Woods

Oh we jump into the movie pool big time this week. It starts with a great conversation about Childish Gambino's new film on Netflix and continues with The Curse Of La Llorona and Little Wood. In between we splatter our thoughts about how Avengers will dominate the next weeks totally setting us up for yet another Disney release Star Wars. Talking movies is always more fun when you take away the limitations and provide your personal experience.


Gabe Reviews Missing Link, Little And Pet Semetary

Movie people are patiently waiting for Avengers End Games and Hollywood is keeping us fired up with brand new movies every week. But which one's will capture your appetite versus draining your wallet? That's why we need Super Gabe! The action packed super hero with bionic abilities to see through theater screens while eating Whole Food's good for you foods. This week he's putting his laser strength on Missing Link, Little and Pet Semetary. And just like every show we've created always expect...


Gabe Reviews Shazam, Dumbo And The Best Of Enemies

It's been a week! What a week! The big computer crash to score Avengers tickets still has people talking. Will it spoil the way we purchase during these moments of early sales? There are a ton of huge flicks on the way this year and the school rule says you've got to buy the moment of release or the entire story will be spoiled because of people talking about it on social media. This week Gabe also talks about Shazam, Dumbo and Best Of Enemies.


Gabe Reviews US, The Dirt And Dragged Across Concrete

I love me some movie theater action! When you crave the moving pictures as much a Gabe and I do we are hitting every platform known to man. This week we leap from US from Jordan Peele to Motley Crue's Rock story on Netflix The Dirt. Talk about a generation gap on this one! Gabe knows of the band and I was once pulled over for going 125 mph listening to Crue. Yeah guess who infected and affected the most. Plus Gabe took in an On Demand feature that stars Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn Dragged...


Gabe Reviews Captain Marvel And Triple Frontier

Anytime Gabe and I break out in a conversation about movies we never stay focused on the review. There are so many strings attached. You can't talk about a Marvel movie without bringing up DC. Then you leap onto the subject of where all of this is going and hey lets have fun supporting Kevin Smith's journey through comic books. We also put focus on an Netflix original Triple Frontier. This totally opened the can of worms on what is a movie and what is a television attraction? Yep we went all...


Gabe Reviews Greta and Everybody Knows

The moment Gabe shows up on Facebook you're gonna get a Hollywood butt kickin. He brings his game forward in every way. A quick look at what's new in theaters this weekend then we jump all over Alita and why it's not going to be the money winner they predicted. Speaking of the cha ching what about next weeks Marvel release? Will we see the type of numbers recently spotted with both collections of comic books?


Gabe Reviews How To Train Your Dragon, Wrestling With My Family and Free Solo

Oscar weekend and that means everybody's in theater mode. Bring on the popcorn and let's get body cramps watching back to back features. Gabe brings his game this week by giving us an inside view of How To Train A Dragon, Wrestling With My Family and Free Solo. Absolutely we get off track. It's what we do. Not just talking about the Oscars but everything in general. 30 rocking minutes of conversation that will enlighten your love for movies, music and more.


Gabe Reviews Alita, Happy Death Day 2U And High Flying Bird

If there is a movie to be seen on any platform Gabe is on it. He's waited a very long time for Alita to make it's way into theaters. Now that it's here how does the king of the Igeneration feels about its framework and story line? Happy Death Day 2U is also in theaters. Does it truly need to be a sequel? Netflix is back with another edge of your seat original High Flying Bird. Gabe wants to call it the years best film while saying it's not good enough to be in theaters. What?


Gabe Reviews Lego Movie 2, What Men Want And Velvet Buzzsaw

Not only does Gabe give us an update on the two latest flicks to enter theaters this weekend. But he gives us some insight on a Netflix attraction. The films covered at Lego Movie 2, What Men Want and Velvet Buzzsaw. It's not the movie talk that makes our conversation reach beyond most time outs with critics. We break down a lot of subjects such as why aren't there more female leading roles and what can be done to make them less typical? The battle between the digital platform and theater...