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We're Not Wizards Presents - The Outpost Podcast from Orange Nebula

WE'RE NOT WIZARDS PRESENTS... Late last year, Lacey, Marc and Tom joined the show from Orange Nebula to talk about their game Vindication, Kickstarter and having a toilet in the middle of the office. They mentioned at the time they were starting their own podcast. So in order to give them a bit of a hand, we've decided to share their first episode here, so you get a chance to listen to Derek, Lacey, Tom and Marc talk about their plans for the podcast as well as a bit of general chit chat...


Ed Jowett | Shades of Vengeance | Era: Lyres - Definitive Edition |

Ed Jowett is back again to chat to us about his latest Kckstarter Era - Lyres, which is all about tall tales and adventures. And as usually both of us have completely forgotten about what Ed has been on to talk about before so there are a lot of assisted memories going on here. LINKS OF...


Mark Cooke | Airecon | Bye Bye Mr Harrogate Pie..

Richard is joined by Mark Cooke, in his ongoing mission to provide the best in Tabletop Conference in the form of Airecon. We chat about the success of last year, Rodney Smith, Kayaking, Running around in speedos, Playing saxophones with your thumbs and we are delighted to also be joined by Dan Hughes, of Sporadipicadlilly Borned. KIND OF LINKS OF...


Sam Turner | Staying In Podcast | Keyforge | Legacy Games | Batman Metal

Richard is joined once again by Sam Turner from the Staying in Podcast to catch up after far too long. So we talk about the huge success Keyforge and it's board game sibling Discover. We also chat in general about Legacy Games, what we are looking forward to playing and then move on to have a chat about comics. We touch on the slight disappointment of Batman Metal compared to White Knight. We have a lot of fun chatting and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. LINKS OF NOTES Staying...


Kenny Li | Dice Roll Cafe | Tabletop Ambassador | Coffee and Cake Included

Richard is joined by Kenny Li from the Dice Roll Cafe in Glasgow. Which is a pop up boardgame cafe which provides cardboard and chat and food and an altogether fantastic experience to those new to the hobby as well as old hands. Kenny was a blast to talk to and we hope you enjoy our much overdue chat. LINKS OF...


Emma May | Emmerse Studios | Quirk, Retailing, Pogs and Business Sense

Richard is joined by Emma May of Emmerse Studios again, and this time there are some slight audio issues and Emma brings a bag of pogs with her to annoy me and for a time I was just going to chatise her for her pog obsession but then we got talking about SERIOUS BUSINESS So it was quite serious but still a lot of fun. LINKS OF...


Andrew Birkett | Atheris Entertainment | Ruins of Mars | Reviews and Podcasting

Richard is joined by Andrew Birkett from Atheris Entertainment to chat about creating content, reviewing games, giving guidance to kickstarter campaigns and increasing the space in which you operate. We had a lot of fun talking and I hope you get a chance to listen. LINKS OF...


Matthew Jude | This Chat is Broken | The Dan Hughes Appreciation Cabaret Show

It starts with a clap, Then a song, then some impressions.. A little bit of politics. Some introspection on the price of content Some Laughs But no real board game chat. May I present for your delight and enjoyment. From This Game is Broken.. His Lord Matthew Jude. *applause* For One Night Only.. THE DAN HUGHES APPRECIATION CABARET SHOW.. LINKS OF NOTES https://twitter.com/matthew_jude_ This show thing stuff that Matthew...


Dustin Culbertson | Side Room Games | Black Sonata | Maquis |

Richard is joined by Dustin Culbertson from Side Room Games who successfully kickstarted Black Sonata, and will be kickstarting Maquis early next year. Both games were available as print and play versions and Side Room games have taken them and updated them to be fully produced versions of the games. Black Sonata was incredibly successful and so we spoke to Dustin about how he decided on this method of publishing, and how he decided to make it the main way that Side Room Games will be...


Patrick Leder | Leder Games | Root | Vast - The Mysterious Manor

Oh my days. Its Christmas time and I'm getting my present early because I'm speaker to Patrick Leder from Leder Games who straight out the gate says HE ISN'T A WIZARD. And then we talk about creating asymmetrical games and the Vast series and then we maybe mention Root a little bit and then we find out what Patrick wants from Santa. I had the best time and I hope you enjoy listening. If you are interested in anything that Leder Games do then please check out all the links below. LINKS...


Vindication | Marc Neidlinger , Lacey Faught, Tom Mattson | Orange Nebula

You're awesome. You're worthwhile. You're unique and fantastic. Never forget that. That's been some of the beliefs behind Orange Nebula since they first brought Vindication to Kickstarter, that they were looking to build something different than just a customer base. Now with one campaign down, and multiple plans for 2019, we asked Marc, Lacey and Tom on the show to talk about their success, and their vision and what they are trying to achieve with their company. I really like their...


Michael Wright | Unfiltered Gamer | Kickstarter Previews, Reviews and Sass

Richard is joined by Michael Wright to chat about Cardboard, Fishing, creating previews for Kickstarter, reviewing Kickstarters and the tricky balance of being paid to give overviews without opinions. Myself and Michael have lots of opinions to share, and I'm definitely considering making him the pokemon on my shoulder.. LINKS OF...


Giles Pound | Both Sides of My Table | Friends of the Show

Richard is joined by Giles Pound from Both Sides of My Table to chat about solo play, reviewing games by yourself, and looking into solo variations being a staple part of many new releases. Giles is fascinating to talk with, and we had a lot of fun chatting. LINKS OF NOTES https://bothsidesofmytable.com/ https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/7204/bsomt-both-sides-my-table https://twitter.com/BSoMT_2018 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you like what you have heard,...


Shaheen Savarnejad | Settlers Hamilton | Bricks and Mortar Christmas - With Cakes..

Richard is joined by Shaheen "Shazz" Savarnejad to chat about Boardgaming from the retail side. So we chat about him setting up his business, the different approaches to getting financial help and running a Boardgame Cafe. Oh, he loves Lightseekers.. Shazz was full of energy and an absolute delight to have a chat with and his positivity is infectious. I really enjoyed chatting with him. Make sure you visit him if you are in the area. LINKS OF...


Joshua McMurray | Monster Mania | Meet Me at the Table Games |

Richard is joined by Joshua McMurray, head designer of Meet Me at the Table Games. We chat about Yu Gi Oh, his first Kickstarter campaign Frontiers, moving to launch his second campaign, marketing and creating noise. We wish Joshua all the best with this project and we hope you get the chance to check it out. Please check out the show notes below. LINKS OF...


Jake Lionheart | The Salt Report | Hip Hop | Monopoly | Tom Hardy

The Jaketurn of the LionHeart - The Non Cardboard Edition In the last of our guest specials from the Salt Report, we bring in Jake LionHeart, who talks a little bit about the Monopoly Millennials edition, before we talk about his hip hop influences, discuss some of our favourite artists and influences and Jake tries to get Richard making some bars but doesn't quite get there. It's not cardboard by any stretch of the imagination but we had a great time chatting and I hope you enjoy us...


Nigel Matthews | Gamesquest | Brexit, Customs, Cafes and Christmas.

Richard is joined by Nigel Matthews, from Gamesquest, to catch up and chat the implications of Brexit on shipping games, how he has looked at diversifying the business to deal with the changing landscape of tabletop and what he is expecting under the tree on Christmas Day apart from a couple of bags of coal. Links of Notes www.gamesquest.co.uk +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you like what you have heard, please take some time to Rate, Subscribe and Review us on...


Cait Russell | Matt Tweed | Pirates of Penryn | Sea Griffin Games

Meet Cait Russell and Matt Tweed. A while ago, they successfully funded their Rum and Sail and Florins Smuggling game Pirates of Penryn. They are now at the point where they are fastly approaching fulfillment. And so they gathered sound and told us a tale, and sang us a gripping sea shanty and were generally excellent people to deal with and we had a ton of fun chatting. I hope you enjoy the episode and tell everyone you know to give it a listen as well. LINKS OF...


Matt Lloyd | Terminus Breach | Quick Start on the Kickstart

Richard is joined by Matt Lloyd about his Kickstarter Terminus Breach, why Americans need to sort out Temperatures, Magic the Gathering, doing accents and designing your own game and making noise in a loud crowdfunding room. LINKS OF NOTES https://www.terminusbreach.com/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/171911911/terminus-breach-td-the-tower-defense-board-game/comments https://twitter.com/terminusbreach +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you like what you...


Frank West | The City of Games | The Big Huge Catch Up of Everything

Richard and Frank sit back and chat about his ongoing campaign to dominate everything in the tabletop space while standing around waiting for it to happen.. And much to Richard's complete jealousy, it appears to be. Frank has been on the show a number of times, but this time there are slight audio skips and an amazing bit towards the end. We think Frank is the best and we encourage you to listen to find out why. LINKS OF...