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Ross Connell - More Games Please - Art in Boardgames

ART IN GAMES IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND ROSS CONNELL FROM MORE GAMES PLEASE RUNS A BRILLIANT BLOG ABOUT IT. So we spoke to him about it. And things got silly and serious and serious again. And it was a lot of fun. LINKS OF NOTES https://www.moregamesplease.com/ https://www.instagram.com/moregamesplease https://twitter.com/moregamespls https://www.patreon.com/moregamesplease ========================================== If you like what you have heard, please take some time to Rate,...


Tom Heath - Slicker Drips - The White Slicks and Big Dripping Stylin

Richard is joined by Tom Heath from SLicker DrIps. WHo makes Videos about boardgames. And so we talk about Will SMith instead. And the White Stripes. And We Try Rahdo Impressions. rogAnd we probably annoy Paul Grogan. But Whatevs Babe. AND it’s all very very silly. Sorry. LINKS OF NOTES https://www.youtube.com/c/slickerdrips https://boardgamegeek.com/guild/2796 https://twitter.com/slicker_drips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdFzRhCFMUw WHITE...


Gwen and Sam - Fire Tower - Runaway Parade Games - Quick Start on the Kickstart

Richard is joined by Gwen Ruelle and Sam Bryant from Runaway Parade Games to talk about their successful kickstarter Fire Tower which is currently doing very well on kickstarter. LOOK I TRIED TO HAVE A SERIOUS CONVERSATION HERE AND EVERYTHING WAS GOING REALLY WELL UNTIL THE FIRST MINUTE. So strap yourself in as we chat all about games and fire tower and what you would rescue in a fire and little ickle fire things and edible fire things and WATCH OUT THERES A FIRE. LINKS OF...


Ed Harrison - EverDark - Edventure Games - Jam, Clotted Cream and Scones

Richard is joined by Ed Harrison from Edventure Games and we speak Scones. And Eventually Everdark. And we forgot we were recording and were just having too much fun. We hope you enjoy our nonsense. EVERDARK LAUNCHES 14TH JUNE. Coz we said so. LINKS OF NOTES https://www.edventuregames.co.uk https://thewalrusgames.com/everdark/


Brent Kinney - PandaGM - Interview Special - From Factory to Tabletop..

FOR EPISODE 175 - Richard is joined by Brent Kinney, the Vice President of Business Development for Panda Game Manufacturing, who have brought games like Mice and Mystics, Dead of Winter, Scythe, Viticulture to the table. In truth, there is bound to be a game you’ve played that has been manufactured by Panda GM. So it made sense to speak to Brent about the process, and to explain more about Panda and to find out some more about himself. It’s a real fascinating listen for anyone...


Bermooda Games - Are You Gonna Eat That? - Daryk, April and Lauren

Richard is joined by Daryk and April Mall and eventually Lauren, to talk about Bermooda’s End Games, their up and coming Kickstarter, Are You Gonna Eat That? and creating a game as a married couple and all the challenges of starting a boardgame company. And what games do you save when you have a rampaging Cow in the room. Really interesting, lots of fun and a delight to have on the show. LINKS OF NOTES KICKSTARTER LINK TO FOLLOW SOON https://www.facebook.com/bermoodagames/ http [...]



Jessi is complete Filth and very funny and very sweary and totally a wizard in every way and we DON’T TALK ABOUT BOARDGAMES AT ALL. But, just listen and we talk Star Wars, Infinity War, Lord of the Ring Musicals, Being a Gay Aunt, why Empire Strikes Back isn’t amazing and why Yoda is a little bitch. And we had the best time. LINKS OF NOTES https://ko-fi.com/A471Q59 - BUY JESSI A KO-FI...


Caezar Al-Jassar - Alley Cat Games - Repeat Offender

Caezar is back from Alley Cat Games to catch up on everything he has been involved in from the success of Dice Hospital, to starting a pocket range with Pocket Sub and Pocket Pharma and finally his next game/s Coral Island, which is a mixture of two games. Caezar is straight talking, doesn’t mince his words and is therefore a brilliant guest to catch up with again. Keep an eye on what Alley Cat are up to and look out for Coral Islands!! LINKS OF...


Battlecruiser Alamo - Ed Jowett - Shades of Vengence - Parole Board Episode

ED JOWETT is back on to chat about his latest venture an RPG based on the Battlecruiser Alamo.He’s gone beyond a repeat offender and is now potentially on parole. So join us for chat and giggles and all because Ed is brilliant. LINKS OF NOTES https://www.facebook.com/groups/erathechosen/about/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shadesofvengeance/battlecruiser-alamo-rpg-an-era-d10-game http://www.shadesofvengeance.com/battlecruiser-alamo-kickstarter-launched-oracle/ Shades of...


Lewis Shaw - Brain Crack Games - Downsize - Mined Out - Farsight - Dead & Breakfast

Richard is joined by Lewis Shaw, after far too long and we get to talk about his strea kof successful campaigns on Kickstarter and how he got into the hobby as well as why he doesn’t tie the company down to a particular mechanic for his games. LINKS OF...


Lifeforms - Marks Chaplins - Tristans Halls - Halls or Nothings Productions - Sequels

THE FEAR IS BACK THE TERROR IS BACK BUT MOST OF ALL MARK AND TRISTAN ARE BACK.. AND THIS TIME, THE SOUND ISN’T TOO BAD… LINKS OF NOTES https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tristanhall/lifeform-the-sci-fi-horror-board-game-for-1-4-play www.twitter.com/yugblad www.hallornothingproductions.co.uk www.twitter.com/ninjadorg www.facebook.com/gloomofkilforth


Staying In Podcast - Away from the Table - Conjugal Visit

Richard is joined by the joyous bunch from the Staying In Podcast which you really should just stop and grab all of their episodes because they are amazingly entertaining bunch and we love them to bits. We chat about Google Plus, Swimming Lessons, Fighting Stormzy, Baby Names, Grifting Popcorn, and Batman Comics and NO BOARDGAMES. LINKS OF NOTES https://stayingin.podbean.com/ https://www.facebook.com/StayingInPodcast/


Mike Barnes - Who Dares Rolls - Elusion Rooms - Sorry Mike.

Richard is joined by Mike Barnes to talk about Elusion Rooms which is an Excellent Escape Room Venue that Mike is now part of and he is bringing all his wit, charm and good looks to the venue because he is so very very great at what he does. And we are very very very very very very sorry we did not hit publish on this show and why it was not made live sooner. just really really sorry. LINKS OF...


Artem Safarov - Unbroken - Altema Games - Quick Start on the Kickstart

Richard is joined by Artem Safarov from Altema Games, who launched his solo Dungeon Survival Game - UNBROKEN. Which is not only launched but fully funded and smashing stretch goals like nobody’s business. It’s a quick chat but we were short on time but it’s gives Artem time to tell you about how to play and why you should back and he likes me saying his name in my Scottish accent, therefore you should back the game right now because !Game of the Year! But it certainly looks interesting,...


Brittanie Boe - Bebold Games - Friends of the Show.

Richard is joined by Brittanie Boe, owner of all the videogames, Level 15 storer and player of cardboard, cat mum, professional photographer, boardgame content video person and all round awesome type lady. With BeBold Games only months away from it’s official launch, we chatted about how Brittanie got into the hobby, how to deal with children who are bad at videogames, becoming a full time creator and targetted harrassment from certain parts of the community. It’s a really interesting...


Brian Lewis - Dinosaur Island - Pandasaurus Games

Richard is joined by Brian Lewis, the Co-Designer of Dinosaur Island with Jon Gilmour to chat about designing, dealing with a huge successful Kickstarter, and how to follow up with a successful sequel and expansion. Brian was a total delight to speak to and I was extremely grateful he gave up his time for us. Please let other people know and share where you can. LINKS OF...


Matt Quock - The Primary - Mountaintop Games - Quick Start on the Kickstart

Richard is joined by Matt Quock to talk about all things games design and his current Kickstarter Campaign all about the US Campaign trail, THE PRIMARY. Matt is a most excellent guest and it’s a short and sweet episode because of the time of recording, but it is still a lot of fun. Please check out Matt’s campaign and follow him on social media because he is a cool guy. LINKS OF NOTES Kickstarter: https://goo.gl/zLtNSR Website: http://mountaintop.games/ Email:...


Iain McAllister - The Giant Brain - Friends of the Show

Richard is joined by Iain McAllister of The Giant Brain for a wonderful chat about himself and the hobby. His content is top notch and well worth a look at, please check him and and help support us smaller content creators out there. LINKS of NOTES https://twitter.com/thegiantbrain https://giantbrain.co.uk/ https://giantbrain.co.uk/2018/03/20/meeting-of-minds-david-wright-tabletop-scotland/ https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5414048


FIRE in the Library - Carla Kopp - Weird Giraffe Games

So Carla came back on to update us all about the progress of Stellar Leap and her new game Fire in the Library. Which was brilliant because when we spoke she hadn’t launched and therfore had no idea it had fully funded. It’s a flaming hot fire of a flammable chat to listen to. LINKS OF NOTES AND COMBUSTABLE MATERIALS KICKSTARTER - WWW.FIREINTHELIBRARY.COM Website: http://weirdgiraffegames.com/ T [...]


Mark Chaplin - Tristan Hall - Lifeform - Hall or Nothing Productions

Richard is joined in an episode that nearly did not happen due to some wonderful technical issues and just all manner of nonsense that lead to the intro that you hear on the episode. We persevered and the end was shorter than normal but ultimately we were simply waiting for it to all come crashing down on us. So when it didn’t we were even more surprised. Please listen and feel sorry for Mark, who never had to put up with such blatant non professionalism. AND CHECK OUT LIFEFORM WHEN...


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