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Mompreneur Model - Becca Davison - Unbuckle Me

Becca Davison and her Mom invented Unbuckle Me two years ago. Becca's mom has arthritis and was unable to take her granddaughters out in the car. UnbuckleMe is the award-winning solution for parents and grandparents who struggle to unbuckle child car seats! It easily slides around the buckle and uses leverage to make it more than 50% easier to unbuckle. It does not attach to the car seat and is CPST approved for safety. It is currently available in red, with 4 new product colors launching...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Angel Johnstone - Confidence to Face the Holi-daze

Want to scream at Red and Green everything in every store? Is the Grinch your relative? Does hearing carols in November give you a tick? If you are feeling like the Holidays are more a burden than a joy or they increase your stress instead of relieve it, you are definitely NOT alone! Ask to join the facebook group: Confidence to Face the Holi-daze Contrary to what most people come to believe, being confident is NOT about having it all figured out in advance! It is about knowing that tomorrow...


Business Spotlight - Renee Sullivan - List Building & Leads Generation

In this replay of one of the shows from her "Keep It Simple" series in February/March of 2016, marketing expert Renee Sullivan of RS Consulting discusses the best ways to build lists, and generate leads so that you can automate your business. This information from two years ago, still applies to the recent shows on Long Term Wealth Development, and the reminders that leads become buyers when they know, like and trust you, as well as how to create an atmosphere of attraction, value and...


MORE Legend of the Christmas Elves by Phyllis Porter Turner

More of the music and storytelling from Phyllis Porter Turner: www.TheNightBeforeThanksgiving.com www.TheLegendOfTheChristmasElves.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLegendofTheChristmasElves/ Don't forget to leave your comment on the page above, mentioning WoMRadio to be included in the drawing on 12/24/18 to win your own collector's edition book, CD and elf! And here is the facebook event page for Beyond the Sex Myth: the Trouble with Normal. We continue to partner with No Such...


Mompreneur Model - Laima Boyd - creator of Doopalpoops

Doopalpoops – Puppets With A Purpose are unique, hand-made sock puppets made from colorful fuzzy socks with a specially designed mouthpiece, bright colored hair, braids, ears, tongues depending on the type of puppet -- boy, girl, dog, or alien. Imagination opens up with a puppet, a pen, paper and a creative mind. We want children 5-18 to name their puppet, write a story about their puppet and email it by 1/15/19 to info@doopalpoops.com. for the e-story club. 52 will be selected for a...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Sarah J. Cepeda - Broken Chains, LLC

Broken Chains LLC, (owner, Sarah J Cepeda, certified life coach and empowerment speaker), is dedicated to empowering women and girls. Our goal is to guide them to see beyond negative life circumstances in order to reach their fullest potential and lead their best lives. In order to do this, we provide a variety of self-empowerment solutions. In addition to one on one and group coaching, we also offer an array of workshops, including vision board workshops and self-esteem workshops for girls....


Social Media Help Not Hype with Janice Clark - Facebook 101

Janice Clark of BizMSolutions brings another amazing and helpful episode of Social Media Help Not Hype. Topic: Facebook 101 This step by step guide will help you set up an effective facebook ad. Today's show is meant for those who have never done facebook ads before and discusses the basics such as boosted posts vs facebook ads, how to target your audience, etc. Be on the lookout for the more advanced guide coming soon which will give more strategy tips, targeting, re-marketing and...


Music Monday - The Legend of the Christmas Elves

The Night Before Thanksgiving…The Legend of The Christmas Elves by Phyllis Porter Turner is written in a whimsically rhyming style similar to The Night Before Christmas…A Visit From St. Nicholas. This wondrous tale perfectly complements all elf traditions embraced by kids from 1 to 99—uniquely serving as THE OFFICIAL KICKOFF of The Holiday Season! On Thanksgiving Eve, families gather for a meaningful time of thankful reflection and the reading of The Night Before Thanksgiving…The Legend of...


Mompreneur Model - Posh Pusher Gowns

Emily Campbell and Kim Roemer are the creators of Posh Pusher gowns. Instead of a typical used, one size fits all, drab hospital gown, Posh Pusher is a colorful, in style alternative. With all the necessary features of a hospital gown: easy IV and anesthesia access and shoulder snaps for breastfeeding and skin to skin bonding. Nurse loved and doctor approved, Posh Pushers are a must-have cherished keepsake which look great in photos of the new family. Moms pick a design that represents THEM...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Inner Bonding with Dr. Margaret Paul

DR. MARGARET PAUL is a bestselling author, relationship expert, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® self-healing process, recommended by actress Lindsay Wagner and singer Alanis Morissette. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows (including Oprah). Her book titles include Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved By You, Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved By My Kids, Healing Your Aloneness, Inner Bonding" and the recently released Diet For Divine Connection. Margaret has...


Business Spotlight - Renee Hribar - business coach

Renee Hribar has been a sales professional since 1994 in New York. She has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands to sell for the first time. A TedX speaker who offers training sessions at global conferences, boardrooms and most recently through virtual programs, she skillfully breaks down her decades of sales expertise with a flair that makes listening to her a joy and if you take action, extremely profitable. Read her blogpost on our website: How to Go from...


Positively Entertaining with Beth Hilton - Kimberly Haynes

Beth Hilton brings us Positively Entertaining the 4th Mon each month. This entertainment maven helps us to “stay above the fray” in L.A....or anywhere! Learn how to take the high road in business, and chat with the creators of today’s positively transformational music, books, TV & Films. Connect with her at The B Company. Kindled by an awareness of divine guidance and conscious connection with spirit, Kimberly Haynes expresses her musical art traversing many styles, genres, and expressions....


Social Media Help Not Hype - Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Our special Black Friday holiday gift from Janice Clark of BizMSolutions is this extra episode of Social Media Help Not Hype. Topic: Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas You Can Start Using TODAY! Whether you’ve been procrastinating or didn’t know where to start or maybe the holidays have just snuck up on you, it’s ok! There’s still plenty you can do right now to take advantage of this major buying season and get more brand visibility and more sales. Regardless of whether you sell a product...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Traci's Holiday Survival Guide

Mindful Healthy Habits is committed to bringing the best information we can find to achieve healthy body, healthy mind, healthy finances, healthy spirit and healthy community. The holidays can be a stressful and difficult time. People feel pressure to do things perfectly, to indulge and over eat, drink too much, get very little sleep and run themselves ragged. This show, Traci discusses some of what SHE loves about the holidays, and reminds us all to breathe, have a plan and do our best to...


Business Spotlight - Renee Sullivan's Long Term Wealth Development Plan

In the final part of the series, Traci joins marketing expert Renee Sullivan of RS Consulting to discuss the her long term wealth building system, how it works and how YOU can either get started or improve upon what you're already doing. Email Renee@ReneeSullivan.net Put "WoMRadio" in the subject line for free access to an audio series on "Getting What You Want In Life" also ask for a link to the more in-depth course on cryptocurrency or to join her facebook strategy group. We continue to...


Music Monday - Smith Sisters Bluegrass - updates and NEW songs!

Music Monday on #WoMRadio, is proud to share the music of Smith Sister Bluegrass, a sister bluegrass duo located out of Orange County, California. Formed in 2016 by Sisters Kelli Lewis and Wendi Kilman… at the suggestion of their Dad Fred Smith and in honor of him. The overwhelming public response to their bluegrass music has proven their dad was onto something really special! Newly on the Grammy ballot for the 3rd time, and with their new CD Momma in release, we share new stories and music....


Mompreneur Model - StadiumBags.com, Ruby Ribbon & Floor Coverings International

We share the wisdom of women, empowering and helping to promote, share stories and grow businesses. There are many ways to give gifts to ourselves and our businesses along with family and friends.This Mompreneur Model show features three of these: Stadium Bags: are clear bags, perfect for travel and made to last. There is a 3-year warranty, because “cheap is expensive.” and these are ergonomically designed, fabric reinforced with double-zippered compartments and extra-padded straps,...


Harlem Girls, Inc. - Mindful Healthy Habits - raising self-esteem

Harlem Girls, Inc was established in 2018 by Elaine Sanders and Pache Felton, the motto is, “There is more in you!’ The organization assists women and youth by conducting self-esteem workshops, leadership trainings, business seminars, teaching entrepreneurship skills and many other strategies to empower individuals and communities. The organization also provides goods and services for sale, such as books and apparel. The goal of our organization is to see lives change by creating an...


Social Media Help Not Hype - Why Aren't You Hitting Your Sales Goals?

Social Media Help Not Hype - Janice Clark of Biz M Solutions explains the #1 Reason You Aren’t Hitting Your Sales Goals. This unfiltered discussion between Janice and her strategic partner, Jamie Bateman focuses on the real problem and specifics to turn it all around and start bringing in business. This is not a magic bullet, or the “quick fix”. There are so many self proclaimed gurus who sell programs promising people they can make a million without a website or Facebook ads and then people...


Patti Grabel - Artist & Author

Patti Grabel is an artist, writer, and producer based in New York City and Water Mill, NY. As an artist, she works in a range of mediums including painting, drawing, photography, assemblage, and found-object sculpture to explore imagery that reveals narratives that are at once personal and universal, whimsical and poignant, intimate and public. Her most recent compositions, photographed and printed on paper or glass, feature wooden spoons she has painted, hung to dry on a clothesline, and...