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Mindful Healthy Habits - Mindful Mixtures Jody & Tami

Mindful Mixtures is a family business, comprised of 2 sisters and one of their daughters who grew up in an entrepreneurial family. When their father/grandfather became ill, he discovered the power of essential oils. They offered more relief than other remedies he had tried. This discovery, unfortunately for him, came too late as he passed away in October of 2013. Inspired by his findings, the women spent the next 18 months educating themselves and researching the wide-ranging benefits of...


Business Spotlight - Jami Kirkbride - Parenting with Personality

Jami Kirkbride is a speaker, author, professional counselor, Mompreneur, wife, and mother of seven. When not knee deep in parenting adventures, she is investing in the lives of those who need help or encouragement. She is the founder of Parenting With Personality that seeks to educate, support, and inspire parents in the joys and challenges of the parenting journey. She has been published with MOPS and Focus on Your Child through Focus on the Family, has been a contributing author to six...


Music Monday - Sharon Lia Band

Sharon Lia Band began working with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots) in 2017. Says Ivory: “I love working with Sharon, her vocals are stellar, and her songwriting is contagious’ and dubbed the band as “Awesome eclectic, piano driven progressive pop!” Huffington Post praised “her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerabilities pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a lifelong impact…” Having their music considered for a Grammy, Sharon winning...


Moms After Dark LIVE - The World Premiere!

Host Dori DeCarlo and Traci Timmons have talked all year about an informal late-night show on Fridays where women can kick back and just TALK. We will be joined by various women in business that we have had on as guests, sponsors, co-hosts, and a few that we have met on the journey who have not yet graced our airwaves. We may throw in a man or two! But it will be a fun hour with some impressive women ready to support and empower each other while having a few laughs! Fri 1/18/19 10pmET/7pmPT...


Mompreneur Model - Tall Poppies Rising - Maini Homer

Maini Homer from Tall Poppies Rising has created 9 successful businesses from scratch over 18 years in business. She grew up with abuse resulting in no self esteem, no self belief and no self worth. Her world flipped upside down when her father suddenly passed away in her mid-20's. Abandoned by her family, every friend she had and an abusive ex husband, she was totally alone. At rock bottom, massively depressed and thinking of ending it all, she eventually found her path and is steamrolling...


Mindful Healthy Habits - The Perfect Gourmet - Carol Allen

Carol Allen from The Perfect Gourmet believes that meals should be an enjoyable part of your day, not just another task on your to-do list. The goal is to help simplify your busy life by delivering prepared dishes right to your door. Starting with original recipes and unique flavors to create a variety of signature appetizers, entrées, and sides designed to go from freezer to oven to table—most in under 30 minutes. Skip the shopping, chopping, and cleaning... you deserve to spend less time...


Business Spotlight - Renee Sullivan - Customer Testimonials

Marketing expert Renee Sullivan of RS Consulting discusses the best ways to obtain customer testimonials and then use them to help build your business. We all know that people work with those that they know, like and trust and what better way to help this process than to show them what you do and how people feel about it, than simply talking about it? This information is part of Renee's Long Term Wealth Development Plan. We continue to partner with No Such Thing As a Bully and The Moment of...


Music Monday - The Flukes!

The Flukes are an original funk rock band originating at the Jersey Shore. The Three Trilli brothers, Anthony (guitar), Joe (drums), and Michael (bass), along with a friend and lead singer Kyle Missry, make up the band. The Flukes are self-taught musicians whose style is influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their originals are filled with crisp, clean guitar riffs, quick, heavy handed drum fills, and mind blowing bass lines that start at one end of the neck and finish at the other. The...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Layne Dalfen - Have a Great Dream

At Have a Great Dream, Layne Dalfen employs insights from Freud, Adler, Jung and Perls to introduce us to the value of decoding our dreams. She does this by teaching easy-to-grasp ideas about how to uncover the solutions to our current issues that appear in our dreams every night, and bring you closer to what you really desire in life. Crazy dreams and nightmares are your HEALTHY unconscious getting your attention! The solution to something bugging you this week appears in your dreams before...


Social Media Help Not Hype - 6 Trends to Double Your Business in 2019

Janice Clark of BizMSolutions brings another amazing and helpful episode of Social Media Help Not Hype. Topic: 6 Trends You Can Take Advantage of to Double Your Business in 2019 Although doubling your business may sound like too lofty a goal, it might not be as hard as you think. Working mindfully and taking advantage of some of the rising trends in online marketing will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goal. The busy work can take its toll pretty quickly and leave the smaller...


Matinee Monday - The Family Repertory Company Christmas Cabaret

The Family Repertory Company is committed to providing the finest in performance arts through its ensemble of brilliant artists. Since being founded by Marvin F. Camillo, Sr. (aka Pancho) during the 70’s, it has always been a company committed to creating a community for artists and an outlet for creative expression. Now under the direction of Marvin F. Camillo Valentine, or Panchito, his son, the legacy continues as we bring together artists and audiences of all ages, from all cultures and...


Mompreneur Model - Diane Huth - Accidental Career Coach

Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach, is a marketing guru, university professor, and author of 2 best-selling career guides. She wrote her first book BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job to teach her students and young professionals how to find a great job, get hired, and jumpstart their careers. When she discovered the Baby Boomer unemployment crisis, she wrote her new book REINVENT YOUR CAREER - Beat Age Discrimination to Land Your Dream Job. She is the founder of...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Money Master Kids - Sunny Lee

Sunny Lee is founder & CEO of Good Life Advisors, finance & insurance. She has spoken to thousands of people globally about the Importance of Financial Literacy and Teaching Kids Money Mastery. She is the author of six books. "Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster?" is translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Korean. Lee is a Million Dollar Round Table committee Member, and main platform speaker, and she teaches financial literacy to underprivileged inner city...


Have a Positively Entertaining Holiday! WITH NEW SONGS!

Beth Hilton brings us Positively Entertaining the 4th Mon each month. This entertainment maven helps us to “stay above the fray” in L.A....or anywhere! Learn how to take the high road in business, and chat with the creators of today’s positively transformational music, books, TV & Films. Connect with her at The B Company. Here is what you are hearing today: “Carol of the Bells” by 2002 “Our Prayer” by FLOW “Prelude Went Beyond the Bend (Chill)” by Valerie Romanoff “I Want a Man For...


Mompreneur Model - Hope Oriabure King - Black Tie Babysitting, Inc.

Hope Oriabure King is a career sales professional – who can sell anything as long as it helped people. She is the founder and CEO of Black-Tie Babysitting, Inc. a special occasion on-site childcare service. Parents no longer have to choose between their children and having a social life as Black-Tie Babysitting changes how people feel about children at special events, like weddings and business meetings. Hope shares her passion for children and families as a freelance writer for online...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Laura Di Franco - Brave Healer Productions

Laura Di Franco, MPT won’t let you settle for a mediocre life. Your health, wealth and happiness is one Brave Healing book, poem, workshop, strategy session or moment away. With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, six books and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Laura’s energy and method are contagious and unlike anything you’re experienced. She’s the owner of Brave Healer Productions at www.BraveHealer.com We continue to partner with No Such Thing As a...


Business Spotlight - Cheri Harkelroad - Craft & Clover

Armed with a degree in sociology and a lengthy career in marketing, Cheri Harkleroad officially launched the Craft & Clover, Inc. brand in 2016 to provide digital marketing solutions for behavioral and mental health facilities, professionals, and coaches. They do it all, from custom websites to SEO, social media, branding, and interactive digital outreach. Combining her talent for marketing, and her passion for making the world a better place, Cheri commits herself to working with both...


Have a Positively Entertaining Holiday!

Beth Hilton brings us Positively Entertaining the 4th Mon each month. This entertainment maven helps us to “stay above the fray” in L.A....or anywhere! Learn how to take the high road in business, and chat with the creators of today’s positively transformational music, books, TV & Films. Connect with her at The B Company. Here is what you are hearing today: “Jingle Bells” by Fiona Joy Hawkins “Great Mother” by Rigzin & Maximillian Malone “Father Christmas Eyes” by SEAY “The Holly and the...


Mompreneur Model - Becca Davison - Unbuckle Me

Becca Davison and her Mom invented Unbuckle Me two years ago. Becca's mom has arthritis and was unable to take her granddaughters out in the car. UnbuckleMe is the award-winning solution for parents and grandparents who struggle to unbuckle child car seats! It easily slides around the buckle and uses leverage to make it more than 50% easier to unbuckle. It does not attach to the car seat and is CPST approved for safety. It is currently available in red, with 4 new product colors launching...


Mindful Healthy Habits - Angel Johnstone - Confidence to Face the Holi-daze

Want to scream at Red and Green everything in every store? Is the Grinch your relative? Does hearing carols in November give you a tick? If you are feeling like the Holidays are more a burden than a joy or they increase your stress instead of relieve it, you are definitely NOT alone! Ask to join the facebook group: Confidence to Face the Holi-daze Contrary to what most people come to believe, being confident is NOT about having it all figured out in advance! It is about knowing that tomorrow...