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Atlanta Pride Committee – ‘Cause Shade Never Made Anybody Less Gay

It's the most wonderful time of the year (and no, we're not talking about the Holidays). The annual Atlanta Pride festival is descending upon the streets of Midtown this week, so we decided to chat it up with Lynn and Adam to get the full scoop. Hear about the evolution of pride, how to combat the haters and nay-sayers, and why it's important to accept all people from various backgrounds (even if you can't personally empathize with it yourself.). Check out their website:...


La Cage Aux Folles Cast – Go Watch The Birdcage!

Any Robin Williams fanatic will remember the iconic 90's film, "The Birdcage". It's an adaptation of the 1970's musical, "La Cage Aux Folles", and it captured the hearts of LGBTQ+ members and allies during a time when the concept of sexual orientation discrimination was a bloody fight being battled for. While the year of 2019 offers a more welcoming and accepting environment, the musical and movie can be enjoyed for its historical relevance and comedic atmosphere. Out Front Theatre Company...


Miranda Kyle – Atlanta Beltline – Trailblazers

Huge shout out to Jon Joury for stepping in for Kristina as co-host during this episode. Learn more about a project 10+ years in the making. From art exhibitions, transit systems, gentrification, and a desire to connect all of Atlanta's neighborhood, the Beltline morphed from a GA Tech Senior thesis to what it is today. Follow the beltline on Instagram and Facebook: @atlantabeltline www.beltline.org


Krysten Anderson – Grave Digger – It’s A Family Affair

Say "hello" to Monster Jam truck driver, Krysten Anderson. She's the first female driver of the infamous Grave Digger and the daughter of Dennis Anderson. Growing up in a family of monster truck drivers only fueled her passion for the craft and she's never been intimidated to be knee deep in the male dominated industry. Hear all about her life on the road, what down time is like back home in North Carolina, and the adrenaline that comes when she jumps in the seat and the crowd starts to...


Michael Hamm – Dragon Con – From Duct Tape to Gorilla Glue

We sat down with famous cosplayer, Michael Hamm, to discuss the labor of love that goes into making cosplay costumes into a reality. In this episode we'll be talking about how silicone lube has many uses, why you need to be over 5'7" to see the parade, how serious the Marriott carpet is, and what it was like to meet Stan Lee. If you grew up a nerdy kid who felt saved by comic book super heroes then this episode is for you. Follow Michael Hamm on Instagram at @hammy73


Agency – So Does A Cease And Desist Make You Legit?

Enter Executive Chef Jeffery Gardner. He's been on Chopped, received a cease and desist letter from The Masters, started his Atlanta career at South City Kitchen, and had a YoutTube series with Diamond Dallas Page. Now he's working with Agency, a sexy Buckhead restaurant located in Phipps. We also chatted about the re-branding our podcast is taking and the cool new things you'll be able to experience in the coming months. Instagram: @agencysocialtheque, Facebook: @agencyatl www.agencyatl.com


Dames and Dregs Beer Festival – LIVE SHOW

Thanks to The Village Theatre, we were able to host our very first LIVE show in front of an audience. Sponsored by Dames and Dregs Beer Festival, we sat down with the following panelists to hear their stories of inspiration and how they're making a massive festival come to life. Luis Martinez and Shelley Tokish of Dames and Dregs Beer Fest Haley Zapal of Girls Rock Camp Atlanta Sam Maloney of ATL Women Bottle Share Liz Peña of Bullet Music Taking place on August 10th at the Masquerade in...


District Atlanta – Party Like A Rockstar

Where are the party animals at? Late nights, lazer lights, DJ booths, in your youth! We've all been there, it's 3 AM, the bar is making last calls, your shoes have come off, and you can't remember which part of the club you've ended up in. District is Atlanta's largest venue and one of its newest nightclubs. We chatted it up with Donny and Stephen to see what exactly goes into making a club come to life. Also included in this episode: Baton Bob, the weirdest things they've ever seen in a...


Luciano – I Don’t Have Fears

Luciano insisted on learning how to play the guitar from his grandmother, in spite of his father's disapproval. Overtime, he taught himself the English language with the help of a dictionary and the t.v. show Friends. He picked up his life in Brazil to move to Atlanta to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician. Hear Luciano's phenomenal story on the podcast today. Get your tickets for our live show here: http://bit.ly/2R0kby3 And become and ATL explorer here: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass...


SPROUTheatre – Youthful Inspiration

17 years-old and already making a difference in the community, Tyler Bey created threate workshops for kids after witnessing a declining support for the arts in his school. Become inspired by his youthful inspiration on today's podcast episode. Support SPROUTheatre at: https://www.gofundme.com/s.p.r.o.u.theatre Become an ATL explorer at: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass Snag your tickets for the live show: http://bit.ly/2R0kby3


StrayFit – You Are The Money

We all know we can gain weight from an unhealthy lifestyle, but did you know that your emotional state can also have a detrimental effect on your health? Obesity and diseases can surface from carrying the emotional weight of grief, depression, guilt, anger, and more. Anthony Strayhorn of StrayFit took this episode to remind us that we're already perfect just the way we are and that self-worth and self-respect come from within. Let's all take this hour to remind ourselves that we are worth it...


Subziwalla – Community Through Food

Imagine moving to a new country and not having access to the foods you grew up with that remind you of home. That's how it is for much of the Indian community across the U.S. Enter Subziwalla, a solution to the problem. They're an Indian grocery delivery service that saw a problem that was crippling a community and wanted a way to fix it. Join us in this hour as we hang out with the co-founders, Manav and Sajal, who implemented the concept in Atlanta last year and are ramping up to make the...


The Above Average Artist – Are You Confident Or Just Cocky?

Hooters interviews, boner pills, and working at Universal, this interview with Arthur Ball (AKA The Above Average Artist) covered a little bit of everything. Join us on the wild conversation as we chat it up with Ball, who discovered his artful talents at a young age shortly following the divorce of his parents. Want to become an ATL Explorer? www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass Still need to snag your tickets to the live show? Of course you do: http://bit.ly/2R0kby3 Follow...


Foxers – It’s Patent Protected

What has you feelin' foxy? Could it possibly be Foxers? Hang out with us as we chat it up with April Spring, founder and CEO of Foxers, a lingerie brand making patent-protected underwear for men and women. We talked about her struggles with obtaining a patent, how she learned much of her design skills while in Malaysia, fabrics safe for the environment, and how the product is even celebrity endorsed. Want to become an ATL Explorer? Just follow the link: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass Snag...


The Local Pizzaiolo – Cazzo

Naples meets Atlanta, and no we don't mean Naples, FL! Hang out with us as we chat it up with Alessio, Manager of The Local Pizzaiolo in Toco Hills. Alessio lived in Naples, Italy for the first 19 years of his life. 10 years ago he packed up his bags and moved to NYC without any knowledge of the English language. Since then he's been travelling to various cities in the United States making pizzas but has found a place to call home in Atlanta. Hear all about his wild adventures and can-do...


Jimella’s Bakery – She Didn’t Go By Granny

Nipple hair, 90's parties, and finding yourself after having children...this episode was a little all over the place but nothing short of entertaining. Hang out with us as we laugh it up with Emily Holden, Owner of Jimella's Bakery. Want to become an ATL Explorer? Holla at: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass Instagram: @jimellascookiesandwiches Facebook: @jimellas www.jimellasbakery.com


YogaWorks – Don’t Fart In A Hot Yoga Class

WARNING: The following show has in depth conversations about abusive relationships. If you or someone you know is currently in an abusive relationship: The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233, refer to womenshealth.gov, and check out helpguide.org to help you get out of an abusive environment. Abuse comes in a variety of forms and is not simply limited to physical abuse. Hang out with us as we chat with Hannah Beth Millman of YogaWorks to discuss decompressing during...


JJ’s Flower Truck – April Showers Bring May Flowers

At just the age of 23, Sarah already found herself getting bored with her daytime job. Feeling like she wanted a challenge, she set out to pursue a side hustle. Her (now) Fiancé would often bring her home flowers and Sarah would find herself rearranging them into new creations. With no professional training in floral arrangements, she set out to start JJ's Flower Truck. Hear her story of how she brought this to life and is spreading creativity and light across metro Atlanta households by...


Double Zero – Like The Flour?

When we say it's a family affair, we really mean it. The Castellucci family made their mark on Atlanta with Sugo back in 2003 and have expanded to 5 restaurants (and counting) ever since. We sat down with Stephanie Castellucci and Executive Chef, Edwin Molina, to uncover the story of Double Zero, a modern Italian restaurant located in Emory Village. All of our ATL Explorer's will be receiving a $30 gift card to Double Zero in their April boxes. Want to become an ATL Explorer? Head to:...


Warrior Body Spa – Detox Your Life

Toxic food, toxic relationships, and toxic work environments -- we're all dealing with it (some, perhaps, more than others). So we sat down with Owner of Warrior Body Spa, Aaliya Bashir, to learn about their unconventional and non-invasive detox methods. Other inspiring moments found in the episode include (but are not limited to): starting your morning with gratitude, women and wage gaps, CBD treatment, and not allowing your ego to take control. Want to become an ATL Explorer?...