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024 – It’s Not Sasquash…It’s Sasquatch!

Yeti...Abominable Snowman...MoMo...Big Foot...Sasquatch. Whatever you call him, almost everyone can say they're familiar with this iconic legend. But one local artist in particular has turned this creature into a worthy piece of art, transforming into various costumes of recognizable comic book characters, superheroes, athletes, and more. Hang out with us as we chat it up with CitySquatch who drops free art around Atlanta (and other parts of the world) of the Sasquatch himself. CitySquatch...


023 – Pups ‘N Stuff

Who let the dogs out? Excuse our reference but we couldn't help ourselves. We hung out with Owner, Operator, and Head Puppy Treat Baker at local doggy treat bakery, Taj Ma-Hound. Hang out with us as we discover her primary purpose behind making treats for dogs that are so healthy that even a human could eat them as well as some cool puppy hang outs to bring your pooch to. Taj Ma-Hound website: http://tajmahound.com/ Facebook: @tajmahounddogs Instagram: @tajmahound Need the link to the...


022 – The Life Of A Queen

Say it loud, say it proud...it's pride! We sat down with the Queen of the Queens, Phoenix herself, to talk about her life of drag, the meaning of pride, and how Atlanta's LQBTQ+ scene keeps ever evolving as the years go by. This week's episode is being sponsored by TEN: https://tenatlanta.com/ Follow Phoenix on Facebook: @phoenixatl and Instagram @phoenix_atl Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


021 – Can We Get Grandma Golda On The Phone?

Kombucha has been used for over 2,000 years to help keep the digestive system healthy and functioning properly, but did you know we have a kombucha brewery right here in the heart of Atlanta? Hang out with us as we chat it up with Melanie, owner and operator of Golda Kombucha. Melanie learned how to make kombucha from her Grandmother, Golda, who has been brewing up her own kombucha for over 40 years. We even got Grandma Golda on the phone to hear what this sassy 98 year old had to say about...


020 – Every Day Is A Holiday

Prost! Cheers! Hell yeah to German Beers! Atlanta is getting its first Oktoberfest Pop Up Bar in Midtown on top of TAPA TAPA taking place during the first 3 weekends of October. Hang out with us as we learn the history of Oktoberfest in Germany as well as how these 2 Atlantans are bringing an authentic version of the beer guzzling holiday to Midtown ATL. Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


019 – Flying In On A Bald Eagle

Mmm...Fall campfires, s'mores, and a little bit of whiskey. It might still be 90 degrees outside but we have our mind on chillier nights accompanied by some damn good bourbon. We sat down with Chad of ASW Distillery to talk about the impact their whiskey is having on the craft liquor scene in Atlanta as well as an in depth history of how whiskey has come to be. Grab your bottle of Resurgens Rye or Fiddler Bourbon and kick back with us for an hour. Need the link to the Patreon account? We got...


Well, This Is Awkward

The title speaks for itself. Need the link to the patreon account? Holla: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


018 – A Stroke Of Genius

Jeremy Adams, a local artist whose art can be found through homes and establishments across the state of Georgia, suffered a stroke at the age of 30 resulting from the stress of a 40+ hour/week sales job. After enduring temporary paralysis of the entire left side of his body and permanent vision damage, he threw away the corporate life to take his dream as an artist to full time. Hear his inspiring story of perseverance and the determination to never say "no" in this hour long episode. Need...


017 – Beep, Beep…All Aboard The Beer Bus!

The Atlanta Beer Bus has been making waves in the city of Atlanta since its arrival earlier this year, so you better believe we sat down with their owner and operator, Travis Irions. Hang out with us for an hour as we dive into the inspiration and execution of the beer bus, Jonathan tests Travis' and Kristina's beer knowledge, and hear about you favorite local craft breweries that have helped to make this vision become a reality. Alcohol and chihuahua snuggles were involved in the making of...


016 – Leave The Porch Light On For Me

Kristina is flying solo on this episode while Jonathan is out on vacation. Get to know the Founder, CEO, and Head Chef of Porch Light Latin Kitchen, Chef Andre Gomez. This Smyrna restaurant is a family business, as in, they treat everyone who walks through their doors like family. From family heirlooms, Latin flair, a packed out restaurant, and a local Atlantan who brought his family roots to our Southern city, you won't want to miss out on this episode. Need the link to the Patreon account?...


015 – Farm To Glass

We're sure you've heard of farm to table, but have you ever heard of farm to glass? A local distiller is the only one in the world making vodka straight from peaches. No, not peach flavored vodka, vodka made from peaches. Hear the story of Simple Man Distillery who wants to celebrate local farmers and change the way we approach craft liquor. Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


014 – Lights, Camera, Action!

It's not Y'allywood....it's Atlanta! Join us as we interview Atlanta Movie Tours as we take a verbal tour through a handful of filming locations across the city and popular celebrity hang outs. Need the link to the patreon account? We go you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


013 – Kill ‘Em With Kindness

We've taken this podcast to a whole new level as we invited our very first bloggers onto an episode. We hung out with Wandering Us, a hiking, traveling, food blog run by a local couple in Decatur. We highlighted some of their favorite ATL finds as well as a run down of some Georgia hiking trails to fuel your nature lover. Heart, Mercedes - owned and operated by Mercedes of the Wandering Us blog- sponsored the episode. Feel inspired by her story of kindness, positivity, giving back, and...


012 – How Do You Like Them Apples?

In this week's episode we'll be sinking our teeth into a crisp topic while we interview the only cidery in the city of Atlanta. Stick around to hear more info on a pie company that dishes out some scrumptious apple treats And a festival dedicated to the fruit that keeps the doctor away. Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


011 – I’m Trying To Dish You The Tea

Trash your Starbucks matcha latte because we're officially chatting it up with the real deal. We sat down with a dynamic duo out of Brookhaven that produces a matcha sourced straight from Japan. Shots of vodka were involved, so stay tuned until the end for a blooper. Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


010 – On A Magic Carpet Ride

We got to see Atlanta Aladdin style...okay, maybe not exactly on a magic carpet ride but rather on a party pedaling bike that seemed pretty magical. Join us as we (literally) ride through Midtown Talk about a company that will have you soaring over the city And a mountain top with skyline views Need the link to the patreon account? We got you boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


009 – Wine-Os…Unite!!

Three cheers for the red, white, and sparkling!! If your taste buds scream for vino then this episode is for you. From a studio that allows you to sip while you paint To a business that helps you make your own wine And a storefront run by a French native with hand selected bottles from across the globe. Grab your favorite glass, light a candle or two, and hang out with us for the next hour as we give you all the dirty details. Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo:...


008 – Let’s Get Saucy

Taken both literally and informally, we're covering a lot of different sauces in this episode. We traded in our shots of vodka for shots of hot sauce and things got a little out of hand. We chatted it up with Nicholas Gregory, Owner and Founder of Pulp, made locally out of the West End. There were tears, sweating, and a questioning of what we had gotten ourselves into. Stick around for coverage on a clothing store that will have you feeling saucy As well as a local BBQ sauce made by an...


007 – Mama Said Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Forget about interview with a vampire, this is interview with a drag queen! Join us as we sit down with our first ever ATL guest, Celeste Holmes, and hear her chat about "The Other Show", "Dragnificent", and mac n cheese that claims to be the best in the city. Stick around for info on late night cookie deliveries, and a tavern that has metal karaoke Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo: www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass


006 – Don’t Get Your Panties In A Wad

Lord knows that with Atlanta rush hour traffic, long days at work, chores to complete, and a social life to juggle, life can get a little stressful. We have you covered though in this episode with a few ways to unwind in the city. We'll be featuring: A little bit of target practice Foot reflexology that might make you a little too relaxed Floating (and not from the movie "It") And yoga in the nude Talk of firearms make you feel a little antsy? We're cool with your political views, just skip...