Religious for what?

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Scan Your System

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Happy 30th!!! This is our 30th production and we are super happy and proud of our work. Thank you all for supporting us and keeping us encouraged. Yall listeners are the best. You can email us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com Menu Items: Hurricanes, #RunWithRam, 21 day challenge, Geoffrey Owens. We discuss how bad London hates Ingles and how we don't people who smoke cigs. Our main focus was breaking down this drug culture that has taken over America. IG: @6thgradelunchline Twitter:...


Retire the Raw Dawg

EP. 29-- thank you all for continuing to support us. we are close to EP. 30 which is yet another milestone for us. Y'all continue to hit us up on all our networks. All questions and concerns can be directed to 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com Menu: STD rates, prisons, practicing what you preach. Music: @sunny_da_man and @flamedamobbstar IG: @6thgradelunchline Twitter: @6thGLL


That aint no Problem (Shannon Sharpe Voice)

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The Sistas Don't Love Us No Mo.

RIP Faith Webber. Y'all email us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com we need help with solving this issue. Menu- Today we have more brotherly love than we as men have ever had in life. which is cool. But is it because we don't get the love and uplift from out sisters that we long for? Are we forced to uplift each other due to this...?


Regrets for Sale

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The Wholly Wholistic Train

Email us your thoughts, concerns, and comments at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com . We featured our very first guest this week. Our long time friend Alexis Littlejohn, Founder of Wholistic Essentials. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and has recently launched her new business platform to offer people in the world meal plans, advice, and direction toward a healthier lifestyle. Website: www.wholisticessentials.com Menu: Lifestyles, Shooting your shot, 3sumz, dancing with demons! IG:...


Unwarranted Consequences

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Big Bewildered

I think we used the word bewildered in the wrong context a couple times throughout, but whatever. Menu items: drake, dishonorable mentions, grab my balls I'm beat yo ass. Email us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com


Dear Brothers, Do Better!

We as men need to up the standard and our awareness surrounding how we present ourselves around woman in the world. Too many times we are victim to our own unhealthy actions. We all have fallen short and disrespected at some point. But, with correction and reps we'll become better. Email us 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com



We took a few minutes to step back in time to reflect on some news. But most importantly we addressed the epidemic of suicide. It's been the topic of conversation nationally it's our duty to lock arms and help anyone who may be having those thoughts. Please contact either one of us (Ram or London) if you feel moved to talk or need some advice in this matter. We aren't doctors or experts but some time an ear is all one needs. You can reach us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com or call the...


Mine vs. Yours

Email us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com with all your responses and comments. Menu Items: Can't go 50/50 wit no hoe and what does being solid really mean? Co-Host: Darius 'ram' Ramsey & London 'L from the Dale' Richardson IG: @6thgradelunchline Twitter: @6thGLL Studio: freeagentempire@gmail.com Music: @Sunny_da_man


Eric Badu(s)

Ram and London decided to have a conversation and discuss things that more practical and motivational. This is purely a soulful dialogue that the boys felt was worth having on a public forum. Maybe it will help someone. Thank you all for being supportive during these past couple months. It's all love and respect. Email the boys at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com


Loosey Goosey

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Time, Patience & 'Honorary Discharges' ?

Menu items: we talked on a more personal level about things we struggle with and what we see as important. Email us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com IG: @6thgradelunchline Twitter: @6thGLL Music by: Sunny_da_man


Free The Meat & EsQuemos

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The State of the Union Remix

We had some audio issues. We apologize. Thanks for understanding. We appreciate y'all for tuning in and allowing us to flow into your space. Menu Items: Perseverance, Scams, Kanye West, Free thinking and being Vulnerable for the growth of yourself. Email us at 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com IG: @6thgradelunchline Twitter: @6thGLL Studio: freeagentempire@gmail.com Music Artist: IG- @Sunny_da_man


Kill Bill

Society dictates who takes the downfall. The invisible hand decides who will be crucified. They killed Bill or did he commit suicide? Who's next? Is it you...? Y'all hit us up 6thgradelunchline@gmail.com Twitter: 6thGLL IG: 6thgradelunchline Studio: Freeagentempire@gmail.com Music: Sunny Da Man


Radio Appearance @ 103.3 Asheville: Slay the Mic

We had the opportunity to be featured on the 103.3 radio station in Asheville, NC on the show of 'Slay the Mic' hosted by some good friends of ours by the name of Elizabeth and Alexis. Conversation on relationships and all the stuff that our listeners say we needed female opinions on. It's the radio format so music and commercials are still included, hints why the duration is so long. Enjoy.