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Hello from Portland!

Hear from Mike, Emily and Norah, at the end of a wonderful time in Oregon.


Episode 59: A Brave New Wonderland with Kayla (and Happy Birthday to Emily!

First of all, a great big happy birthday to our wonderful American Disnerd! To celebrate, Kayla joins your Disnerds to talk about all things Wonderland, including the original books, films, musicals, ballet, ice spectaculars. souvenir mugs... (not all above are guaranteed). Please let us know how you liked this episode, and send along a birthday greeting to Emily! You can Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitterand Tumblr, subscribe on iTunes, and email us at - and, as...


Episode 58 (Part 1): The Inaugural Emily, Mike, Tanya and Kiva Disnerds Var

Trigger/Content Warning for strong language and discussion of violent racism. This episode is sadly but proudly dedicated to James Horner, who we didn't talk about nearly as much as we should have. It's a rather special one this time, as the Disnerds are joined by TWO - count'em - TWO guests! We are joined by both Tanya AND Kiva, and a lovely time's had by all. There's actually even a surprising amount of Disney talk in this episode, along with Don Bluth, Dreamworks, and...Kid 'n Play's...


Episode 57: It's a Disney Conspiracy!

Trigger/Content Warning for discussion of female infertility & related stigma! This time, Emily and Mike are joined by the lovely Pete, and get into some pretty serious stuff (Age of Ultron, Princess of North Sudan)...some pretty silly stuff (conspiracies and fan theories!)...and some heartwarming stuff (we got an email!). Just another episode with the Disnerds then, amirite?, and you enjoy this episode, let us know! You can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitterand Tumblr,...


Episode 56.5 (Bonus!): Maleficent, Cinderella and Agent Carter with Ria

It's another little bonus episode! Recorded after doing the most recent Bitesize Muppets, this one features Mike and Ria discussing Maleficent (anger), Cinderella (relief/surprise) and Marvel's Agent Carter (exhaltation). There's a little Captain America talk, if you like that sort of thing. So you do, and you want to let us know You can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitterand Tumblr, subscribe to us on iTunes, and email us at - and, as always, enjoy! Links 'n'...


Bitesize Muppets: 1965

It's time for the next instalment of our Bitesize Muppets retrospective series, and this time, Ria joins Mike as co-host, and we delve into the weird worlds of advertising, Sam & Friends, and odd one-off fairytales. Enjoyed this instalment? Keen for the next one? Let us know at! Links 'n' Muppet Stuff: Sam & Friends Wilkins Coffeeandother commercials Tales of the Tinkerdee Time Piece


Episode 56: Robin Hood Revisited (and More!) with Kiva

First off, please excuse any slight audio oddness, and also no offence is meant towards any known or unknown Chads! Except the princes. This time around, Emily & Mike are joined by social justice comics artist extraordinaire Kiva Bay, who was gracious/hyped enough to join us to talk about 1973's very furry Robin Hood. After returning to the present, there's some discussion about Cinderella, Marvel and (*shudder*) Descendants, and you know what? It's all Quite Good. We think. If you agree -...


Episode 55.5 (Bonus!): Star Wars Past, Present, Future, Celebration with Da

A little bonus conveniently accidentally ready for this special May day...Mike and David discuss the Star Wars Celebration convention, the new films, Star Wars Rebels, and the pressing question of what may or may not happen (and WHERE) in Disney parks, to best represent that galaxy far, far away. If you enjoyed this little extra, let us know! You can Like us onFacebook, Follow us onTwitter, subscribe and review oniTunes, and email us, at - and, as always, enjoy! Links...


Bitesize Muppets: 1955

Beginning a brand new series - please tune your wireless set and enjoy!


Episode 55: Emily, Mike and Tanya Need Diverse Disney (and Games)

Another full episode!, This time around, Emily and Mike are honoured to be joined by the originator of the I Need Diverse Games hashtag initiative, Tanya! We do, of course, discuss videogames and diversity - there is some Disney in there, too - as well as the un-reality of some holiday destinations, the loveliness of Chicago, the strange fear some folks have of diversity, and why YOU should go ahead and do a podcast. Yes, YOU. Only if you want to, y'know. If you enjoyed our discussion as...


Episode 54: Live Action, Trailers and Lego with Ria

It's a full episode! This time, Mike and Ria briefly (and without spoilers) discuss Cinderella, leading into a wider, typically rambling conversation about all sorts of Dsney live action stuff. There's also a dissection of trailers recently released, one that's nowhere to be seen, and a film that's just been announced TOTALLY out of the blue - and an email! If you enjoyed this episode, let us know! You can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitterand Tumblr, subscribe to us via iTunes, and...


Bitesize Mike: Disney in the Genes

Another Bitesize Mike for you! After attendiong a wonderful symposium on genetic disorders over the weekend, I thought it might be cool to touch upon the characters in the Disney canon who have been affected by genetic disorders! Not as many as I'd imagined...cue representation rant... If you enjoyed this episode, let us know! You can Like us onFacebook, Follow us on TumblrandTwitter, subscribe viaiTunes, and of course email us, at - and, as always, enjoy! Links 'n'...


Bitesize Mike: Entitled to Disney?

Another Bitesize Mike for you! This time, after a week of Disney news that explored aspects of entitlement and privilege when visiting Disney (and other) theme parks, I thought it might be good to delve into some of these thoughts...and perhaps rant, just little? Whether you agreed with my musings or not, let us know! You can Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitterand Tumblr, subscribe on iTunes, and email us at - and, as always, enjoy!


Episode 53: Disney's LGBT Historyland

Yes, indeed, happy UK LGBT History Month! In this first episode of February '15, Mike and Emily delve into what they could find of LGBT people and happenings in Disney history. It's not a huge spoiler to say that there wasn't that much to be found - but we think we got a fantastic episode out of quite paltry research results. Whether you agree or not, let us know what you think, by Liking us onFacebook, following us on Twitterand Tumblr, subscribing oniTunes, and emailing at...


Episode 52: Fresh Unfrozen Disney Sisters with Ria

It's Mike and the return of Ria this time, with a little pertinent news discussion, and a lot of talk about sisters. From Frozen (well, we had to at some point) through Lilo & Stitch, Cinderella, the Aristocats, the Little Mermaid, Hocus Pocus, A Bug's Life and many (several) more, we delve right into the ideas and fairy tale theories behind the Disney sorority. If you enjoy this episode, please let us know! You can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitterand Tumblr, subscribe and review...


Episode 51: Ah, Paris; Oh, New Orleans; Aww, Baymax

HAPPY 2015! HAPPY FIRST EPISODE OF! HAPPY DISNERDS! To usher in a whole new year of podcasting, Mike & Emily invite Mike's sister (Cat) and her girlfriend (Heather) to tell us all about their trip to Disneyland Paris - Heather's first time ever in a Disney park! - their experience seeing a preview of Big Hero 6, and, of course, the creative rationale behind Heather's design for our new logo, and the brand-new Castle to Castle Tumblr! Speaking of which...if you enjoyed this episode and all...


Castle to Castle Goes Christmas: Where in the Park? Wandering Edition

It's that time again. But WAS that time last week... Merry Christmas, anyway - apologies for lateness, but you can consider this a Castle to Castle Goes Christmas AND New Year! This year's edition comes in the form of that old Disney podcasting chestnut, the Where in the Park? game. For the uninitiated, this involves a show of pretty much nothing but in-park audio, with no explanation as to what the next attraction will be - YOU get to guess! Or be surprised, your call...there are...


Episode 50 (Part 2): More Disnerds at WDW (in FULL STEREO!)

A long, long time ago - really. Over 2 weeks! - the Disnerds released an audio account of their first face-to-face meeting EVER... and that was just part 1... It's episode #50, part 2! This time, join Mike, Emily, Rosie and Pete as they experience a castle lighting ceremony, a conversation with a sea turtle, a jungle - sorry, jingle - cruise, and not-so-scary comedy club - and then, it's time to say goodbye... If you enjoyed our time together (TOGETHER!) a fraction as much as we enjoyed...


Episode 50 (Part 1): The Disnerds Meet at WDW (in FULL STEREO!)

A long, long time ago - really. Almost 4 years! - two Disnerds, separated by an ocean and LOADS of land, started a podcast together. That podcast has been their story, and this particular chapter is the one where THEY ACTUALLY MEET. YES! It's episode #50, part 1! This time, join Mike and Emily as the big moment arrives, and hear our adventures through Walt Disney World, our opinions on the parks, and our excitement at actually getting to record. TOGETHER. If you enjoyed hearing all about our...


The Story So Far... Part 2

More from our journey to episode 50...