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Do you think you know your favorite celebrities just by their tweets? Guess the most and win $5! Best part, we come to you.

Do you think you know your favorite celebrities just by their tweets? Guess the most and win $5! Best part, we come to you.
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Do you think you know your favorite celebrities just by their tweets? Guess the most and win $5! Best part, we come to you.





Tell Your Friends, It's a Comedy Bang Bang in the dorkiest Dork Forest of Portlandia. Jackie Kashian, Liam McEneaney and Dan Paskernack join host Jonathan Corbett at the first annual NYC Podfest. For the first time three contestants have competed on the show and the first time a constant instantly regretted his decision to do the show. Rob Paravonian did the live music for the show. That means on stage there were two Armenians, 1 1/2 Jews and one person just being a bitch. Thanks to Jeremy...


Go see "Dream Tweet" LIVE! IN NYC!

Come see us live at the NYC PODFEST! Sunday 1/13 @9:30! At the PIT Theater. The contestants are Liam McEneaney(Tell Your Friends), Jackie Kashian (Dork Forrest) and Dan Pasternack (IFC)! See the show and stay to say hi. Can't wait to meet you! We are splitting the bill with "Proudly Resents" - the guests are Eric Schaeffer and Frank Conniff.


Jason Nash Vs. Joelle Boucai

"Guys With Feelings" Vs. Gal With Job. GWF host Jason Nash takes on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" writer Joelle Boucai in a Twitter tight tournament.


Karen Anderson Vs. Travis Clark

Podcast super stars, Karen Anderson (Dinner with Doug and Karen) Vs. Travis Clark (Tiny Odd Conversations) take the battle up North. North Hollywood adjacent that is! Jonathan Corbett hosts. Adam Spiegelman produces.


"It's Always Sunny" Vs. Bacon! BACON!

Writer Scott Marder ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") battles Caleb Bacon (Host, "The Gentlemens Club" podcast). White on white crime in Santa Monica will leave you doping for more. Listen for gardeners and delievermen in the background! The conditions!


Santa Barbara Smack Down!

On location! Host Jonathan Corbett takes his dog Lil' Papi to Santa Babara for some wine tasting and Twitter take downs. Writer Michael Bernard takes on DJ Darla Bea during a taping of "Live at the Piano Kitchen" radio show. Jim Conolly does the music and sound live effect and Jeff Mills ends our battle with a great original song. Check out "Live at the Piano Kitchen"at their website because they are too cool to podcast it! Hipsters!


Jimmy Dore Vs. David Feldman

Jimmy Dore and David Feldman might both be political comedians on the left, but only one can be right! Listen on ITunes. They agreed to battle it out in the our "Dream Tweet Mobile Studios" in the Fred Segal parking lot before Jimmy's "Left, Right & Ridiculous" show at the Melrose Improv. Jonathan Corbett (Host, "Dream Tweet") hosts "Dream Tweet." Two popular pundits punch partisan politics! It's a debate of Twitter knowledge. Obama and Romney may be debating over tax plans and war, but...


Kathleen Wilhoite V. Joel Stein

Actress/singer Kathleen Wilhoite vs. Time magazine writer Joel Stein. Who will win in a top twitter take down. Jonathan Corbett hosts.


Sister Susie Attacks Adam Felber

Susie Felber takes on brother by the same mother, Adam Felber in a family feud of biblical proportions. Not since Kane killed Able in a game of Battleship has there been such a savage sibling slaughter! Recorded live-ish in the middle of a pool party at Adam Felber's fancy pants home. Tweet us one credit of Susie Felber beside her Sirus/XM work and you could win a "Dream Tweet Shout Out," even if you are wrong! (Keep it clean, pal.) @dreamtweetpod


SNL V. Conan

Comedy writers Bryan Tucker ("Saturday Night Live") and Dan Cronin ("Conan") shows which long running late night comedy show reigns supreme in Twitter know-how. Will Tucker rule the Dream Tweet studio (AKA Jon's Mini Cooper) or will the "Burbank Brawler" own the night? Can Tucker win without the support of Abby Elliot? Will Cronin win out with his "Big Bang Theory" lead in?! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Tweet out this episode! Tell somebody! @dreamtweetpod


Does Keith Beat the Girl?

Keith and Chemda from "Keith and the Girl" go head to head in a twitter battle so intense that host, Jon Corbett, can't keep their names straight. New to the show? Check out old episodes! We'll be back in two weeks. Tweet us with some of the names that host Jon Corbett calls Keith instead of his real name and we'll give you a dream tweet shout out. @Dreamtweetpod


Brody Stevens Vs. Amber Tozer

(Steven) Brody Stevens battles Amber Tozer in a major rager at Spiegs' mom's house. Jonathan Corbett hosts! NOTE: Dream Tweet has moved to Mondays to start your week! Plus Summer hours are every other week... with bonus episodes! PEOPLE! join us on twitter @dreamtweetpod @corberttjc @proudlyresents @brodyismefriend @ambertozer


Jimmy Pardo Vs. Kimmy Gatewood

Jimmy Pardo & Kimmy Gatewood go toe to toe in a twitter battle for the history books. A hard cover history book. The Star of "Never Not Funny" is never not competitive against this Apple Sister who is rotten to the core. Yes, I went there!


Andres Du Bouchet V. Auggie Smith

Conan writer Andres Du Bouchet challenges comedian Auggie Smith. This is a high stakes game! Also tweet us with the number of ways that host Jonathan Corbett messes up Auggie's name. @dreamtweetpod Host Jonathan Corbett reads three tweets from a celebrity. You have to guess what celebrity wrote it. The third one is made up.


Neal Brennan Vs. Prescott Tolk

Neal Brennan (Co-creator of "Chappelle's Show") goes cap to cap with comedian Prescott Tolk. They entered our Dream Tweet Mobile Studios which was in a parking garage in Santa Monica. The players were just in time for the shift change and janitors wheeling really loud trash cans back and forth. It was like the running of the bulls, but loader. Here's how the game works, host Jonathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") reads three tweets from a celebrity. Two are real and the last one is fake. The...


Brian Scalaro Vs. Chris Gore

Brian Scolaro Vs. Chris Gore in a trash talk take down. These guys complain like they were served cold soup at a deli. But these two great ath-tweets save it for the court. Hosted by Jonathan Corbett. If you like the show join us on Facebook, tweet your friends and rate us on itunes. Warning: This episode has some blue material. Not appropiate for youngsters. So youngsters, don't let your parents know you are listening.


Damien Fahey Vs. Christian Finnegan: Rematch!

Comedian Death Re-Match! Christian Finnegan begged for a rematch with Twitter Tornado Damien Fahey. They crammed into Host Jonathan Corbett's Mini Cooper on a busy Hollywood side street in hopes to record Dream Tweet glory. Can Christian beat Damien or does Fahey go two for two in our Season Two opener? Editor's note: A police car was parked across the street from us while we were recording. I was outside the car waving cars off. They were all desparately looking for a spot that they...


Todd Levin Vs. Ali Waller

Dream Tweet LIVE! ON ICE!for a live battle of the twitterest. It's our first live show and these competitors came to play. A confused audience and a missing script page causes host Jonathan Corbett to sweat like a water fall. If you like the show post it on your facebook page or tweet it! Thanks to Josh and Josh for hosting the show at Bar Lubitsch. In two weeks Season two starts with a really righteous rematch.


Jim Jeffries takes Eddie Ifft

It's Violence In Venice! It's an air mattress to the death. Comedians Jim Jeffries takes on podcast mate Eddie Ifft in the Twitter war of their lives. From "Jim and Eddie Talking Shit" to "Dream Tweeting as fast as you can!" This show has some objectionable content. So enjoy it. Notes: We recorded at Eddie's house just before a recording of their podcast. teh room is filled with freinds, fans, interns, producers, photographers and the star of them all, Jason. We didn't know what to...


Eli Braden Vs. Mike Gibbons

Eli Braden (Howard Stern show/Jimmy Kimmel Live) & pro-name dropper Mike Gibbons (Tosh.o and The Burn) kick sand in each other's faces in a seaside slugfest.You'll have to listen to this twitter smack down with an ocean view. It's a slaughter on the seaside. How to play: Host JOnathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") will give you tweets from a famous person. You have to guess who it is. If you can't after two, he'll give you the "Dream Tweet" made up by him. Remember, when you hear Jonathan...