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Episode 26: Christine Harris

Mary Zilba sits down with one of her longtime friends, Christine Harris to discuss her struggles in dealing with someone who has addiction issues. Christine discusses in depth her struggle to get her son the help he needed and how he tragically died because of a gap within the federal healthcare system and that she is now actively trying to fix.


Episode 25: “Fit Rocker Chick”

Erin Mullins Sanderson, aka: “Fit Rocker Chick”, is an internationally recognized thyroid health advocate, certified health coach and trainer, personal style influencer, and skilled musician. Erin has toured with well known bands such as Evanescence, Halestorm, Candlebox, and Skillet and her music has been featured on MTV shows and Keeping up with the Kardashians. Now focussed on health and thyroid advocacy, Erin is determined that people are aware of how important health is in an age where...


Episode 24: Kevin Kevorkian

Mary visits longtime friend, Kevin Kevorkian at his Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery office where they discuss the latest trends in Hollywood, what to research before having a procedure and how things can be 'botched' if you go to the wrong doctor.


Episode 23: Ian Prince Part 1

Mary Zilba sits down with longtime friend of over 20 years, Ian Prince. Ian is a Grammy Award Winning Producer and Musician. Together they discuss the origins of their friendship, the topics of marijuana, addiction, dating and music. Also fun fact: Ian is the voice behind the intro of our podcast!


Episode 22: Jeremy Hotz

Jeremy Hotz, Canadian award winning comedian talks about his career journey, fighting for those who suffer from anxiety and his time working on the Jon Stewart show and appearing on David Letterman.


Episode 21: Mary Zilba talks Cannabis

Listen to Mary open up about her passion for the topic, Cannabis and why she is starting a new business, 'MARZ Ventures' in the world of marijuana.


Episode 20: Matei Olaru

This week, Mary is joined by Lift & Co's CEO Matei Olaru. Lift & Co is Canada’s leading cannabis consumer acquisition and insights platform, and the two discuss cannabis legalization, the changing marketplace, and new consumer demands.


Episode 19: James Picard

James Picard, a Canadian artist, teacher and humanitarian, divides his time between Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Los Angeles, CA. Considered one of Canada’s foremost painters, Picard is well known for his extraordinary artistic range and mastery of many styles. Picard has won many awards for his work over the course of his nearly 40-year career. His most recent series of paintings, The Dark and The Wounded, represents a visionary fusion of Expressionism and social consciousness....


Episode 18: Dating Disasters

Mary Zilba talks to two witty and gorgeous young women about their new book; "The Und8ables - Girl it's not you (it's definitely him)". The book consists of funny, real-life dating 'diasters' and the lessons learnt from them. Both girls bring their charm and dry sense of humour to the table to share their experiences and what men should know!


Episode 17: Vaginal Rejuvenation

Mary Zilba sits down with one of Vancouver's leading skin and beauty clinics "The Skin Girls" to discuss the new trend - one that should be embraced rather than for women to feel ashamed... Vaginal Rejuvenation.


Episode 16: Dr. Rice

One of Toronto’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr Sean Rice, talks to Mary Zilba about the evolution of plastic surgery from within the last 10 years, how celebrities have influenced plastic surgery trends, the latest must try procedures for certain clients and what to avoid.


Episode 15: Joey Niceforo

Mary Zilba chats with Joey Niceforo about all things music! Joey made his professional debut in 2005 when he joined the original Canadian Tenors. He then formed his own classical crossover ensemble Destino in 2006 who went on to tour internationally, including performances at the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics, Carnegie Hall in NYC, the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, singing the American National Anthem for the Columbus Day parade in NYC and on a TV movie produced by Britney Spears. Joey...


Episode 14: Dr. Hugh A. McLean

Dr. Hugh A. McLean is a plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery, with a private practice in Mississauga, Ontario, a city of 700,000 people situated adjacent to Toronto. Dr. McLean’s is also known as a “Top Surgeon” for “Top Surgery” because of his special interest in FTM (female to male) and MTF (male to female) surgical transformation. So tune in to hear how Dr. McLean discusses the various surgical processes and how they not only affect the surface: results are felt...


Episode 13: Anna Mullens

Anna Mullens, mindfulness expert, life coach and speaker, talks with Mary Zilba about how she left the banking corporate world and ended up switching careers to focus on helping others. Ana also discusses the topic of mindfulness and how it can be used to combat anxiety and depression.


Episode 12: Valerie Gibson

North America’s foremost relationship expert for 50+ years and the creator of the word ‘cougar’ sits down with Mary Zilba to discuss the origin of the word, her career, advice for all those looking for love and how to be your most confident self – no matter the age.


Episode 11: Shane Escher – Don Briere – Marc Emery

This week Mary has a special "POTCAST" interview about the topic of Legalization in Canada. Mary interviews; Don Briere, aka “King of Cannabis”, Marc Emery aka “Prince of Pot” and Shane Escher owner of “Lotusland Dispensaries” all for the landmark of Marijuana being legalised within Canada as of the 17th October 2018. The episode discusses the politics within the cannabis industry, the fight for legalisation, fighting convictions and the many positives that the use of Marijuana brings....


Episode 10: Rick Campanelli

Rick Campanelli, one of Canada’s most recognized faces in the showbiz-reporting world, discusses his career with ET, support for female empowerment and his next adventure.


Episode 9: Fiona Wilson

Sgt. Fiona Wilson discuses with Mary Zilba the life of being a female police officer in a position of power within a historically male dominated field. Fiona raises the issues within the Vancouver area such as the war on drugs and how mental health reform is vital for the city. Both Mary and Fiona discuss legislation reform in areas such as marijuana and prostitution. Finally, Fiona opens up about the loss of her father in the 2017 Barcelona Terrorist attacks.


Episode 8: Janette Ewen Part 2

Concluding the first part of the interview, Mary and Janette talk about dating troubles, beauty tips and some reality show gossip.


Episode 7: Janette Ewen Part 1

Talented and renowned Interior Designer, Janette Ewen sits down with Mary Zilba to discuss being true to your artistic self whether that be design in the home or creating your own destiny and not letting heartbreak, modern family issues, age and setbacks stop you from pushing forward to reach your goals.