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Everyone's a fan of something, and Fan Theory is the only pop culture podcast that discusses all aspects film, television, video games, comic books, and more with the people who help create it. Follow Fan Theory on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and catch up on past episodes on


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Everyone's a fan of something, and Fan Theory is the only pop culture podcast that discusses all aspects film, television, video games, comic books, and more with the people who help create it. Follow Fan Theory on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and catch up on past episodes on




Captain Marvel and comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick

We talk to "Captain Marvel" comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick about the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, her time on set and her thoughts on women in the military. We also offer our full review on the full, which contain spoilers, for which we give lots of warning. We also have a special note for all of our listeners.


'BlacKkKlansman' writers on working with Spike Lee and this year's Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are almost here! First up, our conversation with the writers of 'BlacKkKlansman,' NJ's very own Charlie Wachtel and David Rabinowitz! They tell us what it was like working with Spike Lee, how they got the idea for the story, including how those final scenes came to be. Then Alex and I chat about why this year's Oscars are so different — and mean so much.


Road to WrestleMania 35

Before WrestleMania returns to New Jersey in April, Alex, Steve and Mike break down all of that weekend's events, their thoughts on WWE's current storylines and more.


Remember these movies that came out in 1994?

We take a journey down memory lane — specifically talking about all of the movies — and movie soundtracks — that came out in 1994, like "Clerks," "Speed," "Lion King" and "Forrest Gump." Alex says it's one of the finest years for America cinema. Do you agree?


Chatting with 'Daredevil' actor Charlie Cox

Actor Charlie Cox talks about his latest movie, "King of Thieves" opposite Michael Caine, what he thinks about the "Daredevil" cancelation on Netflix and what's next.


Tama Tonga on Bullet Club Block Party, G1 Supercard at MSG and the rise of NJPW in America

Tama Tonga, founding member of iconic New Japan Pro-Wrestling faction Bullet Club, tells us about the Bullet Club Block Party happening April 7 in New Jersey, as well as the NJPW/Ring of Honor G1 Supercard on April 6 at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.


Lethal Lit: Solving mysteries with the team behind Tig Torres

We talk to creator Heather Einhorn and to co-producer (and Holmdel native!) Aroop Sanakkayala, fellow podcasters behind the hit young adult mystery series Lethal Lit.


Movies, TV shows, local events, books, games we're looking forward to in 2019

Oh, hi, 2019! Let's begin. From Marvel's latest movies to Star Trek to Screaming Females to Kevin Smith's new comic book, here are all of the entertainment happenings we can't wait to see, hear or check out this year.


8 for 2018: Highlights from the year

Here are highlights from some of our top episodes this year, including Danny DeVito, Roxane Gay, Lindsay Ellis, Sammus, Jean Grae, the 'Avengers: Infinity War' screenwriters and more. Happy New Year! Thank you for being a friend. See you in 2019.


Aquaman is here, and we have some thoughts

The "Aquaman" movie starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard is finally here, and we have a lot to say about it. We say some nice things — and some not nice things — and we really want to know what you think of the movie when you see it. (Light spoilers).


Solving a mystery with Sherlock Holmes at Liberty Science Center

In this live episode, we visit the newest exhibit on Sherlock Holmes at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City where we get to roam 221B Baker Street and solve an actual mystery! Listen to our interview with LSC president and CEO Paul Hoffman, and be sure to see video and pics from our Sherlock adventure at


We head into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is finally here, and we discuss what we really think (but no spoilers!), Miles Morales, the animation style, many Easter eggs and what you need to know before you go see it.


Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins is back! In this spoiler-free episode, we talk about the new Disney musical, what we liked, the fantastical charm of Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, how it compares to the original and what you need to know before you see the new movie.


Karen Allen remembers 'Scrooged,' and we share some favorite holiday traditions

Iconic actress Karen Allen looks back on the 30th anniversary of "Scrooged," plus Alex and Felecia discuss some of their essential holiday season traditions.


Jake "The Snake" Roberts shares Dirty Details of WWE history

WWE legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts joins Alex and Steve before he brings his "Dirty Details" tour to Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Clifton, NJ in December.


Creed 2: What to know and how it fits into the Rocky series

In this (spoiler-free!) episode, we talk about what we liked — and didn't like — about "Creed 2," how it fits in with Creed and the Rocky films, Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, the delightful Tessa Thompson and, of course, the Drago father-son story. Did you see the film? Be sure to tell us what you think!


Danny DeVito on acting, Asbury Park, arts education and 'Always Sunny'

Danny DeVito talks about working with Jack Nicholson and Andy Kaufman, something that happened on the set of 'Always Sunny' and why arts education is so important in these clips from our on-stage interview with him during the 2018 Asbury Park Music and Film Festival.


Batman producer Michael Uslan on 'Mask of the Phantasm'

Batman producer and New Jersey native Michael Uslan talks about "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm," how he really feels about LEGO Batman and the future of the Dark Knight.


Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart on Vibrational Expressionism before East Coast tour

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart returns to "Fan Theory" to talk with Alex about "Vibrational Expressionism," his new art exhibition coming to East Coast art galleries this month.


Suspiria star Jessica Harper on appearing in Luca Guadagnino and Dario Argento's versions

Jessica Harper, who starred in Dario Argento's iconic 1977 horror classic "Suspiria," talks with Alex about appearing in Luca Guadagnino's new version of the film, in theaters today.