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Fanboy Radio #486 - Lazy Labor Day Open Lines

Scott, Oliver and Luke browse through this Autumn's new television schedule and tear it to shreds along with pop culture news, opinions, Sub Or Flub and a laugh or two.

Fanboy Radio #485 - Mass Media Medley Open Lines

Scott and Oliver return (finally) to discuss the 'Kirkman Manifesto' debate, 2008 Olympics, the latest box office results, news & conflicts, one or two new comic comments and much more.

Fanboy Radio #483 - Summer Movie Catch-Up

Because the FbR crew has been swamped with all of the summer blockbuster coverage as each of them were released each weekend, we are setting aside some time to discuss all of the missing Handcock, Iron Man, Hellboy II & (of course) Dark Knight tangents we let slip from the past few weeks. Tune in for live coverage from the San Diego Comic Con floor, listener calls and some heated debate in this live broadcast.

Fanboy Radio #482 - Dark Knight Open Lines LIVE

The question isn't whether or not The Dark Knight is the best super hero movie, but if it is the best movie, period. Scott, Oliver, and Britta celebrate the one-time return of Meg for this massive, opinion-fueled, live episode.

Fanboy Radio #481 - Scott Allie

To celebrate the theatrical release of Hellboy 2, Scott will be joined by the editor of the Hellboy comics, Scott Allie of Dark Horse Comics. In addition to Hellboy, Scott also manages the publication of Conan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Serenity comics, and is the founding editor of Dark Horse's line of horror comics. Scott is the writer of the comic, The Devil's Footprints and another addition hits stores this September.

Fanboy Radio #480 - Blake Bell LIVE

The author of Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko joins the show for a live conversation about the book as Scott tries to control his Hancock-rage.

Fanboy Radio #479 - Mark Millar on WANTED Weekend LIVE (w/ tech issues)

Mark Millar, the creator of the comic-turn-Angelina Jolie-starring-movie 'WANTED,' returns to Fanboy Radio live this Sunday. He is the current writer of 'Fantastic Four,' and 'Wolverine' as well as his creator-owned series, 'Kickass,' all three in comic shops now.Mark Millar, the creator of the comic-turn-Angelina Jolie-starring-movie 'WANTED,' returns to Fanboy Radio live this Sunday. He is the current writer of 'Fantastic Four,' and 'Wolverine' as well as his creator-owned series,...

Fanboy Radio #478 - Todd McFarlane & Whilce Portacio LIVE

Two Image Comics founders join the live broadcast to talk about their upcoming collaboration in the pages of Spawn and their inspiring careers look for a second part to this episode later this year!

Fanboy Radio #477 - Hulk Happens

How about another hour of talk with Scott and Oliver all about the new flicks, 'The Incredible Hulk,' 'The Happening,' 'Venture Brothers, Season 3' and 'Sub or Flub?'

Fanboy Radio #476 - Doug Jones LIVE

The actor behind Abe Sapien, the Silver Surfer, and Fauno from Pan's Labyrinth joins the show to discuss his career, craft and Hellboy 2 with the FbR gang.*Listen in for insider talk about Del Toro's 'The Hobbit'!*

Fanboy Radio #475 - Final Crisis & LOST Open Lines!

Scott, Oliver and Sean celebrate the 475th episode of Fanboy Radio by doing what they do best... cracking open the latest, biggest pop culture eggs and feasting on the gooey insides. This time around it's Final Crisis #1 and the finale of LOST season four. Oh, and DC Comics SVP, Dan Didio stops by too.

Fanboy Radio #474 - Major Nelson LIVE

Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb is the man in charge up at Xbox LIVE and he joins the boys of FbR to talk about all of the exciting happenings up at Microsoft's media-merging headquarters add some talk of Indy 4, new games & comics and we've got a full hour.

Fanboy Radio #473 - Indy 4 Open Lines LIVE

*WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS INSIDE*Scott and Oliver have been waiting a long time for another Indiana Jones flick and they come to the studio with more than a few mixed reactions to the most recent installment in the epic adventure. *WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS INSIDE*

Fanboy Radio #472 - Scott Kurtz LIVE

Tune in for the return of Scott Kurtz, as Scott and Oliver celebrate 10 Years of PVP!

Fanboy Radio #471 - Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir

This episode of FbR features the comic/tv/animation/manga writing duo of Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir with Scott and David.

Fanboy Radio #470 - May Indie Show

Independent comic creators Matthew Loux, Len Kody and Mark Murphy join Scott and David as they present 'Summer Time Indie Comic Reading.'

Fanboy Radio #469 - Speed Racer speak + Todd Camp LIVE

It's open lines with Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist and the co-founder / artistic director of Q Cinema, Todd Camp. Todd has also worked as a cartoonist and filmmaker and joins Scott and Oliver for some comic-commentary and Speed Racer and pop culture round-table.

Fanboy Radio #468 - Thomas Jane w/ more Iron Mania LIVE

Actor, director and comic creator, Thomas Jane joins the first quarter of the show to talk about 'Bad Planet,' his directorial debut with the upcomming 'Dark Country' and his (and a round table of Scott, Oliver, guests and callers') thoughts on the new Iron Man movie in theaters.

Fanboy Radio #467 - Iron Man Open Lines!

Join Scott, Oliver, Sean, Jeff, Luke, Brandon and Britta as the crew members who have already seen the new Iron Man feature film try their hardest not spoil it for those who have not.