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Fanboy Radio #504 - Watching Watchmen LIVE

Callers tell Scott & Luke their hopes, expectations and fears about this week's new release, Watchmen.

Fanboy Radio #502 - Javier Hernandez w/ Jim Lujan

The creator of 'El Muerto' & 'Demolition Dove,' Javier Hernandez joins fellow Cartoonista, Jim Lujan on this episode of Fanboy Radio with a too-sick-to-host Scott, Oliver & Rambo.

Fanboy Radio #501 - Scott Christian Sava w/ Oscar Noms LIVE

Comic creator and publisher, Scott Christian Sava joins hosts Scott and Oliver for a live, hour-long conversation about his computer-rendered webcomic, The Dreamland Chronicles and his book series, Blue Dream Studios which launches its titles out of IDW Publishing. The guys have Scott stick around for some reactions to the 2009 Academy Awards Nominations.

Fanboy Radio #500 - Looking Back with Brubaker LIVE

In this special 500th episode of Fanboy Radio, Scott, Oliver, Sean, Rambo, comic writer Ed Brubaker and a ton of callers and special guests chat about comic happenings, Ed's new book Incognito and listen to clips from highlights from the past 500 episodes of FbR including sound-bites from Alan Moore, Patton Oswalt, Joss Whedon, Rosario Dawson, Zack Snyder and Stan Lee.

Fanboy Radio #499 - Dan Slott LIVE

Dan Slott returns again to FbR with Scott, Oliver, Sean and callers with answers, laughs, insights and more mystery about his upcoming run on 'Mighty Avengers.'

Fanboy Radio #498 - Best/Worst of 2008 LIVE

Scott, Rambo and a slew of callers resolve to present the best and worst of last year's pop culture offerings. What are the ten fanboy-movies to get excited about in '09? Which book have Rambo read that Scott hasn't yet? These answers and more on FbR #498.

Fanboy Radio #496 - WISH-LIST-A-THON '08: Part 4

David Hopkins joins the Wish-List-A-Thon party in this hour filled with callers, discussion, Sub Or Flub and a ton of laughs.

Fanboy Radio #495.3 - WISH-LIST-A-THON '08: Part 3

The finale of this year's massive Wish-List-A-Thon features cartoonist/letterer Chris Eliopolous, and a sneak attack by Brian Bendis & David Mack.

Fanboy Radio #495.1 - WISH-LIST-A-THON '08: Part 1

MERRY CHRISTMA-HANU-KWANZAA-KA! All the good fanboys and girls this year (how have a little time on their hands) will receive David DeGrand, Rich Johnston, and Jimmy Palmiotti for the first of a three-hour Wish-List-A-Thon Holiday Extravaganza!And hey, it's our 7 Year Anniversary too!

Fanboy Radio #494 - Eric Basaldua & WWTx Chat LIVE

Scott and Oliver speak with beloved comic artist, Eric Basaldua, unpack from their crazy weekend at Wizard World Texas, chat with live callers and breeze through a few Sub or Flubs and news bites, all for your listening enjoyment.

Fanboy Radio #493 - Mitch Breitweiser LIVE

Comic artist Mitch Breitweiser joins Scott, Luke, Rambo & Britta this week to discuss his exciting career, new comics and burns through some Sub or Flubs.

Fanboy Radio #491 - Brian Denham In Studio LIVE

Comic artist, Brian Denham joins Scott, Oliver and Rambo for some conversation and a laugh or two as they break down Brian's current run on the X-Files comic series and touch base after Iron Man: Hypervelocity. Clips of Terrance Howard receiving the news about loosing the Jim Rodes gig for Iron Man 2 and presidential nominee fan-joy as well as Sub or Flub happens all in one short hour.

Fanboy Radio #490 - Shenanigans with Rambo LIVE

No one is safe as the Fanboy Radio crew attacks HEROES Season 3, the press spoiling story-lines, the latest games & comics and 'Sub Or Flub' with the newest FbR fangirl, Rambo.

Fanboy Radio #489 - Jim Mahfood & Friends LIVE

Listen in as Scott and Oliver chat with artist Jim Mahfood and his colorists Justin Stewart & Sean Steven Struble about their new book, Kick Drum Comix, art & licensing, 'Lil Depressed Boy, graffiti, tribute bands and a whole lot more.

Fanboy Radio #488 - Scott & David Open Lines & Sub Or Flub

The censored All-Star Batman book, new comic shout-outs, Will Smith as Captain America, Iron Man 2 news, Invincible's animated comic, Brad Meltzer was in town, more LOST DYIs, touching tvs, Stephen King Comics, tons of callers, and, yes, Sobe tea are all tackled by Scott Hinze & David Hopkins.

Fanboy Radio #487 - Dan Slott LIVE

Dan Slott joins Scott, Oliver and Britta to chat about Amazing Spider-Man: New Ways To Die and Avengers: The Initiative. Tune in for callers and Sub Or Flub!

Fanboy Radio #486 - Lazy Labor Day Open Lines

Scott, Oliver and Luke browse through this Autumn's new television schedule and tear it to shreds along with pop culture news, opinions, Sub Or Flub and a laugh or two.

Fanboy Radio #485 - Mass Media Medley Open Lines

Scott and Oliver return (finally) to discuss the 'Kirkman Manifesto' debate, 2008 Olympics, the latest box office results, news & conflicts, one or two new comic comments and much more.

Fanboy Radio #483 - Summer Movie Catch-Up

Because the FbR crew has been swamped with all of the summer blockbuster coverage as each of them were released each weekend, we are setting aside some time to discuss all of the missing Handcock, Iron Man, Hellboy II & (of course) Dark Knight tangents we let slip from the past few weeks. Tune in for live coverage from the San Diego Comic Con floor, listener calls and some heated debate in this live broadcast.