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Detailing EM and Bingo pinball features, gameplay, and repair techniques.

Detailing EM and Bingo pinball features, gameplay, and repair techniques.


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Detailing EM and Bingo pinball features, gameplay, and repair techniques.






Episode 470 - Silver Falls

We're back! Ava and I wish Wayne Neyens a Happy 103rd Birthday! Ryan Claytor's new watch design is called "Ricochet" and was available in a limited run from Mr. Jones Watches. If you would like a copy, add your name to the interested list Check out Silver Falls at - available now for the Heist playfield on the Multimorphic store. You can sign up for the quarterly For Amusement Only newsletter at The For Amusement Only Discord server is at Thank you for listening, and for your support of...


Episode 469 - Williams Hi-Hand, Yukon, QFG

Ava and I talk about a few different games, first up - Williams' Hi-Hand: As part of that conversation, we talk about Williams' Yukon: More work on QFG and some neat stuff ahead! Check out Ranger In The Ruins at: Thank you for listening, and for your support of indie pinball! You can reach me at or via the bingos line at 724-BINGOS-1 You can listen to the show on Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter...


Episode 468 - Ranger In The Ruins, 3rd Party Development for the P3

Ranger In The Ruins has been released! My first commercial pinball game is $150, and available through the Multimorphic online store: Ava and I discuss a bit about the game, and some streams available (warning: spoilers!) Buffalo Pinball Reveal Stream - Gammagoat -- I also note that the game is part of the Pinside database - if you would be so kind, please rate/review the game, which will help with visibility for other P3 owners. Thank you for listening, and for...


Episode 467 - CCR 2.0 and Internet Play, QFG, RF, MR updates, what we've been working on, 1959 Bally Ballerina

Welcome back! - Ava new cohost - Cosmic Cart Racing 2.0 and Internet play - QFG development diary - last stream available at - Check out my other podcast Gamingonten for weekly updates of the process (and lots of video game talk). - A little about my next P3 game. - Robo-Frenzy artwork is in process. Ryan and I are working on it several times a week! - Multi-Races backglass artwork is in process from Joel de Guzman - can't wait to see it! - New segment: what we've been working on. - E.M...


Episode 466 - Heist P3 Game - Interview with Ava Baldridge 3-26-20

Ava joins me to talk about the newest P3 game, Heist! This Week In Pinball had a writeup on the release day here: We are having a blast with the game, and we talk about the artwork, design, software, audio and how I can't get more than 5,000 points. ;-) For those interested, you can order from Multimorphic at Thanks to Ava for joining me and talking about her new favorite game!


Episode 465 - P3 Development, New Games Announced, 1935 Allied Amusement Barrel Roll

Welcome back! I have decided to slightly retool the show as most of my free time is being spent on developing a modern game for the P3 platform. Build Thread: Multimorphic announcement of CCR update and new Director of Sales and Marketing, Patrick Patla: New game speculation: Today's featured game is Allied Amusement Company of Los Angeles' Barrel Roll - what a cool game! You can reach me at or via the bingos line at 724-BINGOS-1 You can listen to the show...


Episode 464 - Williams Deluxe Official Baseball Pitching Unit

Had a follow-up call for the Williams Deluxe Official Baseball regarding the pitching motor. I discuss some of the unique properties of that unit along with the repair for a sticking pitching unit and the gameplay for the game itself.


Episode 463 - Correction, NIB Tahiti, 1937 Bally Classic

Listener (and good friend) Ryan Claytor wrote in with a correction to episode 462. Next, there is a NIB Bally Tahiti on eBay... sort of: Today's featured game is Bally's 1937 Classic:


Episode 462 - Rest in Peace, Dan Ferguson, New Game Developments, 1967 Chicago Coin Festival

Dan Ferguson, proprietor of the Lone Star Pinball Museum, passed away on December 14th, 2019. I was privileged to meet Dan and spend a few hours speaking with him and playing games in August. Rest in peace, Dan. The new game I discuss has had some new developments, including art, music, and voice acting: Today's featured game is 1967's Chicago Coin Festival:


Episode 461 - New game -- with flippers, 3D printed Bally clutch, 1969 Williams Seven Up

Another episode, another new game announcement - this one decidedly not EM, but interesting all the same. There is a potential new EM podcast coming - looking forward to it! The more EM content, the better! In other news, a Pinside user had an unobtainable part of the reset bank for Bally games 3D printed. I hope we see much more of this in the future, and prevent more games from being scrapped. Today's featured game is 1969's Seven Up by Williams. A very interesting layout with two...


Episode 460 - Houston Arcade Expo, Acrylic Bingo, Williams Deluxe Official Baseball, Loof's Lite-A-Line

I went to the Houston Arcade Expo and talk a bit about what sets the show apart, along with the debut of the Acrylic Bingo project! Shawn did an excellent job with fabricating a new cabinet and playfield for Golden Gate, one of the most complex and astounding bingo pinball machines, out of acrylic. It was great to meet new folks and old friends and teach some how to play. I worked on a Williams Deluxe Official Baseball, and talk a bit about the common fixes needed. Lastly, listener Gene...


Episode 459 - Busy, Houston Arcade Expo, 1964 Williams Riverboat

Things are really hectic right now, but hopefully they will get back on track soon. I'll be at the Houston Arcade Expo next week for the unveiling of the Acrylic Bingo (Golden Gate in a see-through package)! Today's featured game is 1964 Williams Riverboat. You can reach me at or via the bingos line at 724-BINGOS-1 You can listen to the show on Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter (bingopodcast) or follow me...


Episode 458 - York Show 2019 Recap, Multi-Races complete, Coin-Op Carnival tour complete

Today's episode is all about the York show! Bingo Row, Woodrail Row, good friends, and fun! I also discuss the end of the Coin-Op Carnival tour and the completion of Multi-Races, along with the first public showing for Multi-Races. Thanks to everyone that makes the York show such a fantastic show - Rich and all the staff, everyone that brings games (especially for Bingo Row), good friends that share in the fun at Bingo Row, and the public that comes to play and learn about all of the amazing...


Episode 457 - Interview with Edward Trapunski 09-30-19

Tonight I am joined by Edward Trapunski, author of "Special When Lit: A visual and anecdotal history of Pinball". We discuss the creation of the book, originally published in 1979, came out at a time of great change for pinball. The industry was moving from electro-mechanical games to solid state. The book touches on a broad history of the game, a description of the appeal from social, art, and gameplay aspects, and even a peek into the future (circa 1979), which turned out to be quite...


Episode 456 - York Show Giveaway, Timer Unit Issues, King of Diamonds Troubleshooting

The York show is coming - October 11th and 12th, 2019! This year, I will be giving away custom tokens for those that can win on Multi-Races. I also note a common issue with new bingo owners/mechanics - the timer unit needs to be in proper working order or the game will not function properly. Lastly, I took a look at a King of Diamonds that had some replay issues. I found the problem for most of the replays, but the randomized replays based on the 0-9 unit position I could not resolve before...


Episode 455 - Pyprocgame issue, York Show Excitement, 1939 Bally Headliner

Ran into an issue with pyprocgame (or USB) that caused a crash every time I tried to enter a game in Multi-Races. I detail the solution. The York Show is coming very soon! Come see Bingo Row and check out the Coin-Op Carnival booth - October 12th and 13th, 2019! Today's featured game is Bally's Headliner from 1939.


Episode 454 - Yacht Club Selector Lock, Roger Sharpe Recordings, Multi-Races Progress, 1939 Gottlieb Keen-A-Ball

First, a call on the Bingo Line - Len calls with a question about the Selector Lock on Yacht Club. Next, Nate Shivers from Coast 2 Coast podcast has started releasing a new series - Roger Sharpe recorded interviews with numerous folks from the EM era for his book Pinball, and this series begins with an interview with Harry Williams. Check it out at Next, some woodworking for Multi-Races - it's starting to look like a real game! Finally, today's featured game is Gottlieb's "Keen-A-Ball" from...


Episode 453 - Houston and Roanoke Tour Stops, Multi-Races and Multi-Bingo getting ready for York

Short episode - Our Houston tour stop for Coin-Op Carnival was changed from the original venue and from one stop to two. It was great to meet folks at Bedrock City Comics and the Game Preserve NASA! Thank you to everyone that came out. This weekend, August 11th, I will be giving a presentation and book signing at the Roanoke Pinball Museum in Roanoke, VA. Come see me and say hello! Multi-Races is coming along - I'm getting it ready for the York show, along with the Multi-Bingo and...


Episode 452 - Universal 5 Star, Multi-Races at York, Junior in Ottawa, Genco Golden Nugget, 1939 Daval Gems

Universal's 5 Star is back in action thanks to Sophie. 5 Star, the Multi-Bingo and Multi-Races will be at York this year as part of Bingo Row! Come out and play these neat games! It will be the public debut of Multi-Races. Junior and Caravan have moved to new homes. Junior will be part of the prewar booth at the Ottawa Pinball and Gameroom Show Sept. 21st and 22nd, 2019. Genco's Golden Nugget is fixed, and I detail the fix. Today's featured game is 1939's Daval Mfg. Co "Gems": Ryan and I...


Episode 451 - Multi-Races, Super Star, Coin-Op Carnival Tour Update, 1938 Genco Klick

I've been programming like a mad person, and there are now several games with full animation and gameplay support available in Multi-Races! I just received a Williams "Super Star" for an upcoming project. Coin-Op Carnival will be at San Diego Comic-Con, with Ryan hosting a presentation on Friday the 17th. Brent and Whitney of the Brokentoken Classic Arcade and Pinball Podcast will have several copies available for purchase at the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo in Atlanta this weekend. Today's...