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Join host Todd Mitchell as he speaks with notable game industry professionals, upcoming indies, and noteworthy authors on a variety of topics including news, philosophy, career advice, and more.

Join host Todd Mitchell as he speaks with notable game industry professionals, upcoming indies, and noteworthy authors on a variety of topics including news, philosophy, career advice, and more.
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St. Louis, MO


Join host Todd Mitchell as he speaks with notable game industry professionals, upcoming indies, and noteworthy authors on a variety of topics including news, philosophy, career advice, and more.






Have You Met My Friend Ted?

Our friend Ted drops by to talk about the history of martinis, what to look for at a Porta Potty in the woods, and the best way to combine Peeps, cola, and obstacle courses. We discuss game development here and there where it comes up. You have to meet Ted to understand him. He's the kind of teammate who divides his time between yelling at the other team, yelling at you, and then yelling at himself. In a fun way. Ted contributes to the OHCPlay channel on YouTube which we've discussed before,...


Developer and Author Mat Bradley-Tschirgi

Indie developer and author (and podcaster!) Mat Bradley-Tschirgi discusses his beginnings in journalism and indie development, his upcoming book, The Films of Uwe Boll Vol. 1: The Video Game Movies, and makes a surprising revelation about an upcoming video game to which both he and Boll are attached. You read that right: a game project from the mind of notorious (former?) filmmaker Uwe Boll is forthcoming, and this is a chat with the man making it happen. Let the intrigue and concern wash...


Matt Hill of OHCPlay

YouTuber Matt Hill joins to talk about running the OHCPlay channel, highs and lows in the gaming community, and we give the public their first glimpse of a list of spectacular gamer tags over 7 years in the making. I hope listeners enjoy this show half as much as I did. This is the first installment of our second weekly show. Each week we'll feature a content creator who will share their perspective on process, community issues, and hopefully have some fun in the process. Have a community...


Exception Game Developer Will Traxler

Will Traxler of Traxmaster Software discusses his new game, Exception, his first commercial release following years of solo development. Will shares insight into his unique post-launch mindset, his solution to investing in his development, and the dynamics of outsourcing PR responsibilities as a one-man studio. Will has accomplished a ton with this game release. Multiple platforms on day 1, stellar marketing in motion, and all without crunching or losing his cool. His attitude is exemplary...


Blake J. Harris, Author of Console Wars and The History of the Future

To help us close out Season 2, Blake J. Harris makes a surprise appearance to reflect on his early life and career, the success of Console Wars and the upcoming television adaptation from Legendary Entertainment with producers Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg. We also discuss his new book, The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook and the Revolution that swept Virtual Reality published by HarperCollins in February. By necessity, this leads to a discussion of Palmer Luckey and the political...


Rob Hewson of Huey Games

Thanks to some gracious networking help from Patreon supporter Mark Feller and Indie Gamer Chick, this time we're hearing from LEGO games veteran and current Huey Games CEO/Creative Director Rob Hewson! As has become a beautiful show tradition, we open up by discussing what everyday game development is like in the guest's part of the world. Rob's team has won a grant from the UK Games Fund which is helping his team carry on the family business--his father and co-founder is UK game industry...


Draw Distance Producer Kamil Krupiński

This show was a couple of firsts for the podcast: I think it was probably the first time we've had on an industry producer who wasn't also responsible for several other jobs (at least no more than any producer is) and it was also the first guest we've had phone in from Poland--I trust you'll excuse the occasional dip in audio quality. If you haven't tried Serial Cleaner, Draw Distance's last big project under the name iFun4All (yes, we talk about it), you're missing an entertaining stealth...


Composer Stephen Tanksley

Previously on the podcast we've had opportunities to hear from highly specialized sound designers, musicians, and recording engineers, but we've had somewhat limited time to really dig into composition, and that happens to be one of Stephen Tanksley's areas of expertise. Stephen is a Chicago-area composer for both games and film. He has a wealth of formal music and audio training to talk about, he works on awesome projects as a freelancer (including original music for streamers and a Star...


Jordan Mychal Lemos of Ubisoft

Jordan Lemos is a WGA award-nominated scriptwriter working at Ubisoft in Québec, with writing credit on Assassin's Creed Odyssey and the words of Socrates himself. He's been a Twitter pal for a while now, and for some reason, we have the conversational energy of the cousins you have to separate at Thanksgiving dinner. Jordan's path into the industry was far from easy. Pay close attention as he describes the roles and responsibilities piled on him while working with previous employers and the...


Joshua Davidson of Gearbox Software

Joshua Davidson is a senior sound designer working at Gearbox Software in the Dallas, Texas area. After leaving Full Sail University in 2007, he Contributed to Red Faction: Guerilla and Saints Row 2 at Volition in northern Illinois before heading south to work on Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Battleborn, and Borderlands 3 after making the move to Gearbox. In addition to building a stellar career in AAA games, Joshua has done some great writing and speaking about his time in the industry. His...


Author David L. Craddock

If you don't think you've read or at least seen any of David L. Craddock's phenomenal books on the game industry and game development, check again, you probably have. Some of the greatest stories of the development space have been captured in David's phenomenal pages, including Blizzard's early history with Diablo, tales from the days of NetHack and other early Roguelikes, and more recently, Yacht Club Games' action-packed development of Shovel Knight for Boss Fight Books. He kindly agreed...


Say Mistage and Michael Silverman of Silverware Games

I'd have to do some detective work to figure out how long I've been Twitter pals with Say and Michael, but I'm sure it's been a couple of years now. One of the greatest benefits of doing this podcast is having the opportunity to go beyond tweets and capture the stories behind the work and the art that we enjoy seeing around the web, and this week's show with the Silverware Games team did not disappoint. Silverware (and Say and Michael make up the whole team, most of the time) is behind the...


Welcome Back, Here’s the News

Glad to be back with another podcast and all kinds of news! In this show, I'll go over some development topics from Twitter, we'll talk a little bit about the recent hiatus, and we'll go over some of what's happening over at our shiny new Patreon page. Patrons helped pick the topics for this show, but it wasn't hard to come up with a list. Google Stadia has announced their forthcoming game streaming service, and damn near simultaneously, Apple announced the Apple Arcade service that will...


NBA Jam Book Author, Reyan Ali

I first interacted with Reyan Ali over Twitter just about a year ago. I'd just partnered with Microsoft to do a series of podcasts at GDC which was a total blast, but it caused me to miss the Classic Game Postmortem on the legendary NBA Jam. I tweeted out the presentation with great entusiasm once it hit YouTube, and Reyan and I became fast friends, vowing to do a podcast segment together before the launch of his book. Since that time, I've followed with great interest as we inch ever closer...


The Old and New Testaments of Game Development

Update: We've had a slow start on giveaway entries, so we're opening it up to everyone! Man, we've had some great guests lately, and you won't believe some of the folks we're going to be talking to in the coming months! With all this action, it was nice to get back on Skype with John for a night, check in, talk a little news, and hang out. We're also dialing in some new recording equipment in the studio, and although my mic was a little hot for this one, the overall show quality is moving...


The Path of Motus Creator Michael Hicks

Michael Hicks has released more creative projects since his late teens than some folks get to throughout an entire career. His top two game releases, Pillar and The Path of Motus, have been downloaded half a million times across a wide variety of platforms. When Polygon investigated Valve's shortcomings in supporting Steam developers, Michael's sharp criticism for Valve's practices took center stage in the debate. We discuss how I first crossed paths with Michael in this week's episode, but...


Creating Universes and Characters with Ray Marek of Unparalleled Comics

Story-driven games are often revered as the height of artistic game development. For as dearly as we all hold Rocket League, it can't match the impact of Mass Effect or tug at the heart strings like Red Dead Redemption. To create a project that stays with your players, you need to design a world for them to experience. When we last spoke with Ray Marek, we casually discussed the downfall of Toys R Us (where he met Todd), the indie publishing experience, and even great games for horror fans....


Winning the Screen Time Debate and Forming Your Company

Hello 2019! We had huge plans for the Christmas show. If you don't believe me, check out the functioning Unity game I made to show off as a joke. But being the family guys that we are, the actual holidays got in the way. So it's back to business here in the new year. I'll be showing you the process of launching my new development company, you'll hear from more expert guests than ever before, and we're even about to do our first giveaway--it's something I absolutely love, and if you're a...


The Trouble with Game Jam Culture

Following a few discussions on social media in the wake of Ludum Dare 43 (enjoy my photo from LD19), I took an opportunity to gather my thoughts on this revered tradition of ours and ask a few important questions: Why do we do this? Why do we do it like this? Should we still be doing this? Believe me, I'm far from anti-jam. I've probably participated in a dozen over the last decade, but I do have some thoughts on how we can put them to better use. I don't think we should respect any practice...


Steam is a Toilet

On Tuesday I visited a local middle school to talk about my career in computer science and some of the cool experiences I've had as a result. This took the form of five one-hour talks in front of different 8th grade math classes. This got me thinking: why did my school bring in such terrible speakers? Why was there never a better message than "try not to share dirty needles under an overpass?" With John's help, we went over some of the ridiculous talks we sat through and some of their...