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Imprint is a Twilight podcast brought to you by the creators of Listen in as we discuss the latest Twilight book and film news, literary analysis, and much more!

Imprint is a Twilight podcast brought to you by the creators of Listen in as we discuss the latest Twilight book and film news, literary analysis, and much more!


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Imprint is a Twilight podcast brought to you by the creators of Listen in as we discuss the latest Twilight book and film news, literary analysis, and much more!






Imprint 56: Our Eclipse DVD Commentary!

- Join Matt, Elysa and Andrew for our Eclipse DVD commentary! Play this show at the same time you watch the DVD (instructions are at the start of the episode) and you'll be able to hear our thoughts on the film scene-by-scene. Please note this audio file is only correctly formatted for those who are watching Eclipse DVDs sold in the United States. If you watch with a copy sold in foreign countries you may have to occasionally pause the DVD or our audio file so one catches up to the other.

Imprint 51: Live in New York City

- We're live in New York City to discuss Eclipse with fellow fans! - Laura from the Twilight Lexicon joins us as a guest co-host. - Like we did with Jenn in Boston, we ask Laura how she saw the Twilight fandom grow. - Our main discussion is: adapting Twilight for the silver screen. - What are the specific challenges? - What adaptation problems may cause issues for Breaking Dawn? - Will there be a climax in Breaking Dawn, Part 2? - What should Summit and Melissa Rosenberg do, looking...

Imprint 46: Live in Dallas

- We're live in Dalas to discuss Eclipse with fellow fans! - On this episode we're joined by special guests Andrea and (of Twilight Series Theories) Kallie! - Kallie talks about her time at the Stephenie Meyer fan junket with Matt and Elysa. - Breaking Dawn will be filmed partly in Baton Rogue - why? - Our main discussion for Dallas is a discussion on Imprinting and why a proper explanation was absent from the film. - How well did the movie explain imprinting? Was it emphasized enough?...

Imprint 45: Live in San Diego

- We're live in San Diego to discuss Eclipse with fellow fans! - How many times has everyone seen it.. and is it the best one yet? - In a main discussion today we focus on Bella's decision in Eclipse. - Do we agree with Stephanie that if Bella's decisions is the driving force behind Eclipse? - Were Bella's decisions depicted well in the film? - What could they have done to differently elaborate on the theme? - Breaking Dawn, Part 2 may not be released in Summer 2012 - why? - The audience...

Imprint 44: Live in San Francisco

- We're live in San Francisco! - Imprint host Pamela and webmistress Kimmy join us for the whole show. - Kimmy tells us about the Eclipse premiere and after party. - We get their thoughts on Eclipse. - We discuss recent comments made by Twilight saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg about how Breaking Dawn will be split. - Do we agree with her ideas for the film? - Listeners ask their questions and give their opinions on Eclipse. - We giveaway fabulous prizes in our Trivia...

Imprint 43: Live in Seattle

- Andrew, Matt, and Elysa are live in Seattle for the first show of the Imprint 2010 Summer Tour! - We get the fans' reaction to Eclipse, and is it our favorite one yet? - What were some of our favorite and least favorite scenes? - Eclipse matches New Moon's 5-day box office total. How much higher will it go? - Have the acting of all the actors and actresses improved? - Stephenie Meyer talked to Matt and Elysa about some things she did and did not like in Eclipse. - We take general...

Imprint 42: David Slade is a God

- We give you our initial reactions to Eclipse! - Was the third time the charm for the Twilight Saga? - How was the acting compared to Twilight and New Moon? - What were our favorite and least favorite scenes? - The first show of our tour is THIS Monday in Seattle! - Learn more information about the tour at


Imprint 41: Breaking Down

It's a live, all-in-studio episode as we talk about Matt and Elysa's afternoon with Stephenie Meyer! Plus, Matt has seen Eclipse and gives us a spoiler-free review. Get ready to learn a lot of new information about the Twilight saga!

Imprint 40: It's the Cactus Water

- New Eclipse clips debut at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. - We briefly review the Eclipse soundtrack - is it the best one yet? - We discuss Bree Tanner in depth! - Fred's power - how does Stephenie come up with this stuff? - The similarities and differences between Bella and Bree. - Elysa explains the most significant part of Bree Tanner - her tragic life. - Did our perspectives on any of the characters change after reading? - So many questions for Stephenie! - We get your questions and...

Imprint 39: Yes or Yes

- We've got a lot of news to talk about this episode! - Fans will be waiting in line at the premiere for HOW LONG?! - We take a look at the artists on the Eclipse soundtrack and give our first impressions! - We also review the first Eclipse single, Neutron Star Collision. - The first reviews from Oprah's Eclipse screening are in. - What's the deal with the early Breaking Dawn drama? Who's right: Summit or the actors? - Is Isabella the top girl baby name of 2009 thanks to Twilight? -...

Imprint 38: Better Than Goldilocks

- We update you on the latest Eclipse and Breaking Dawn news. - Imprint 2010 Tour Shirts are only available online - won't be able to purchase at the live events! - New themes on Twilight Source, including the long-awaited Team Switzerland theme! - This month is also the site's 2 year anniversary. - Main Discussion: Heroes and Villains of the Twilight saga. - We define Hero and Villain, then make Twilight characters fit in those categories. - Do heroes and villains typically follow the...

Imprint 37: You're Cool Too

- It's a live show to discuss the second and final Eclipse trailer! - Matt's too much of a diva now to get to the show on time. - We discuss his performance on the live Eclipse chat. - Our general thoughts about this new trailer. - We have the official 'boom' count for this trailer. - Do we get a good sense of director's David Slade's work in this trailer? - Action action action! And no love in sight. - Will Xaiver Samuel be the breakout start of this film? - We talk about the coolest...

Imprint 36: Elysa Wants Alps

- We announce March's prize giveaway winners and talk about Imprint 2010 tour updates! - Our thoughts on Stephenie Meyer publishing her new novella, Bree Tanner. - What other characters' points of views would we be interested in reading? - Twilight ranks high on the list of most-banned books, and we discuss the silliness of the list. - The final Eclipse trailer is coming April 24th on Oprah! - We'll be hosting a live show on April 25th to discuss our reactions. Tune in! - Is Bill Condon a...

Imprint 35: Our New Moon DVD Commentary!

Our New Moon commentary is here! Listen to this episode while you watch New Moon along with us to hear our thoughts about every line and every scene! Note: You MUST have the New Moon DVD to listen to this episode. You will not be able to hear or see the movie while this show plays. Instructions on how to play the movie and commentary in sync are included at the beginning of this episode. Enjoy!

Imprint 34: It All Begins With A DVD Choice

- It's our New Moon DVD review extravaganza! - Andrew, Elysa, Matt, Pamela, and Andrea are all on board for this one. - We go through the DVD(s) feature by feature. - Elysa explains why New Moon DVD sales were so good. - Our thoughts on the 7-minute Eclipse sneak peek, Twilight: the Graphic Novel, the directors being considered for Breaking Dawn, and the new Eclipse poster. - Listener e-mails address last episode's hot topics. - A hotel in Forks that has special Twilight rooms. - The...

Imprint 33: Boom Boom

- We're live on Ustream to discuss the Eclipse teaser trailer! - Matt's just not happy with it. - We notice several things that make us excited to see Eclipse. - We break down each actor's performance in the trailer. - Andrew notes a reoccurring sound effect going on throughout the trailer. - Elysa can't help but notice the abundance of forestry in each Twilight Saga trailer. - Does this trailer give us a feel for David Slade's work? - We catch up on the latest news: Summit replaces the...

Imprint 32: A Fine Deer Dinner

- We announce the official tour dates and cities for the 2010 Imprint Summer Tour! - We need your donations! Please visit for information. - Andrew and Matt think of fun things to do with fans on tour. - Awards, deleted scenes, trailer dates, oh my! - What does everyone hope to see in the Eclipse trailer? - Look for a live episode of Imprint on Ustream when the Eclipse trailer is released! - Instead of a main discussion, this episode features a boat load of e-mails. -...

Imprint 31: Love Bites

- Twilight Source staff member Pamela makes her Imprint debut! - We provide an update on our upcoming Imprint Summer Tour! - Borders announces New Moon midnight DVD release parties - will we attend? - Walmart announces the New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition DVD. - It includes a 7-minute Eclipse preview, but Elysa still supports the Borders one. - Will the content on the Walmart DVD be worth the purchase? - Matt thinks there won't be much Eclipse merchandise. Andrew can't stop laughing at this...

Imprint 30: Bella's Cactus Friend

- Twilight Source staff member Andrea joins the Imprint team! - We discuss the New Moon DVD release date, price, and features. - What do we think of the upcoming Twilight Graphic Novel? - Howard Shore will be scoring Eclipse?! OMG! - David Slade reveals his "New Years Gift" was cancelled; we mourn. - We discuss Taylor Lautner's recent onslaught of action film deals. - Listener E-mails discuss last episode's hot topics and more! - Character Discussion: Charlie and Renee - Are they realistic...

Imprint 29: Kwop Kilawtley

- It's our final episode of the year! - Laura will be leaving us for a few months as she studies abroad in Costa Rica. - Is the latest New Moon DVD release date (March 22nd) the legit one? - How ridiculous is the Forks reality show? - We try to figure out how Summit will show the wolf pack communication on screen in Breaking Dawn. Andrew and Matt give it a try. - We talk about the biggest Twilight stories of 2009. - We revisit some of the best Imprint moments of 2009. - What do Twilight...