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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, Movies, TV, and anything else we "geekout" too.

We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, Movies, TV, and anything else we "geekout" too.


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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, Movies, TV, and anything else we "geekout" too.




Episode 152: Takin' it to the Max

2020 has been a strange year, folks. Masks, killer bees, no sports, and a reincarnated Mr. Peanut. So it only makes sense that this is the year that Warner Brothers used the launch of their new streaming service to announce the imminent release of the controversial "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Listen in as Jake, Tom and their pal Ryan discuss why they both wanted to see this version of the film, yet didn't really wanna see bad behavior rewarded. Find out whether or not they think this...


Episode 151: Ramblin' With Roe Vol. III - A Fistful of Filth

Picking up immediately where the guys left off from last week, the guys sit down with Roe to talk about some of the oddest news stories of the lockdown. Topics include: • A newscaster photobombing herself with her own unknowing husband • Fisticuffs breaking out because a man's face mask reminds another man of the lingerie laying around his house • A Shoplifter getting caught in the act has a novel way to defend themselves against the store's security • And, once again, Florida lives down...


Episode 150: Ramblin' With Roe, Vol. II - Roe's Tales of Terror

Not gonna lie to ya, folks - This one got away from the guys in all the right ways! What stated out as a routine discussion quickly spiraled into a discussion the weird time the comic book industry went through in the 90's, recently discovered Easter Eggs in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises (as well as the news regarding how Marvel is planning on bringing the X-Men into their continuity), as well as a whether or not a Stormtrooper is still a Stormtrooper after they take their helmets...


Episode 149: Boners & Beer - Jake and Tom Talk Star Trek (Again)

While they're stuck at home, Jake and Tom decided to finish something that they started a few months ago, but just didn't have the time to finish until now - Reviewing "Star Trek: Picard". The series has wrapped, and the guys decided to bring in their pal & fellow nerd Roe (host of the amazing podcast, "Project Archivist) to talk about what they thought worked, what they thought didn't, and what they think about the current state of Star Trek in general. Along the way, they discuss the...


Episode 148: Stargirl and the State of the Comic Book Industry

On assignment from their partners in internet radio, Geeks Worldwide, Jake and Tom are bringing in their favorite drunken dork Travis to help them review the premier episode of the newest show from CW/DC Universe - Stargirl! Listen in as the guys discuss what they did & didn't like about the new show, who it's aimed toward, and how it compares to other pilot episodes from the network. Following this, they talk about the current state of the comic book industry, now that it finds itself...


Episode 147: Ramblin' With Roe, Pt. I

Being that they're stuck indoors and there really isn't a whole lot shaking in the world of geek culture, Jake and Tom decided that they were pretty much gonna wing it for this episode. So they brought in their friend Roe (host of the weird, wonderful & strange podcast, "Project: Archivist") to shoot the breeze. Listen in as the three of them have one of the funnier conversations you're gonna find in this feed, as the fellas discus the following: • Watching talk shows & wrestling without a...


Episode 146: Special Guest - Talk Show Host TC Restani

Jake and Tom have been lucky enough to have had a chance to talk to all sorts of folks through the years. But until now, they've never had a chance to talk to a bona fide talk show host. That's where TC Restani comes in. TC hosts the long-running, award winning YouTube show, "After Hours With TC Restani", in which he's sat down with actors from the big and small screen, singers, stars from the world of adult entertainment, and even an inebriated Pat Morita! But that's not all - TC is also...


Episode 145: Jake and Tom Conquer Social Distancing

Like literally every other person currently living on earth, Jake and Tom's lives are currently being effected by the Coronavirus. But rather than sit around, the fellas have chosen to use the tiny platform they've built for themselves to get together and talk to their listeners about how things are shaping up so far. So listen in as the fellas talk about Tom's experiences with social distancing, Jake's adventures as an "essential worker", when things "got real" for them, the surprisingly...


Episode 144: Someone's Favorite Movie

Let's face it, we all have them - The movies that we know deep down in our heart are bad, but we love them anyway. Whether its for their nostalgic value or their campy value, we don't care what the world say & we watch them anyway. That's where Jake and Tom's pal Randy comes in. You see, in addition to his big dumb comedy show, "Miserable Retail Slave", Randy is the host of a new program called "Someone's Favorite Movie". In it, he discusses the forgotten classics, the hidden gems, and...


Episode 143: "Join the Future" With Special Guest Zack Kaplan

Joining Jake and Tom once again is comic scribe Zack Kaplan! He swung by to discuss his latest book, the western inspired sci-fi tale, "Join the Future". Listen in as he talks about how growing up in a small town & a love of westerns inspired his newest tale, and how being a "villain" is sometimes just a matter of different points of view, Be sure to buy "Join the Future" at your favorite comic shop, or online here! And be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by...


Episode 142: A Conversation With JM DeMatteis

With the recent release of "Superman: Red Son", Tom is pleased to welcome back legendary writer JM Dematteis. Listen in as they discuss the process involved in adapting books to other mediums, how the knowledge of established character is vital to their translation to other media, the process involved in writing for DC's animated film division, the feelings these stories original writers have towards the adaptions, as well as why these characters are so open to different interpretations. As...


Episode 141: This Year in Fecal Matter - 2020 Edition

Listen folks... Jake and Tom have never claimed to be "high class fellas". Yeah, they like to think they've had thoughtful discussions on a wide range of topics, but they're not above laughing at dick n' fart stories. That's where their old pal Roe comes in. You see, a few years ago, Roe had to give up his annual "This Year In Fecal Matter" show. And rather than abandon it completely, he simply passed it on to your favorite drunken dorks. So settle in, get comfortable, and listen in as...


Episode 140: The Future is Now

Feeling contemplative (and more than a little inebriated), Jake and Tom sit down with their old chums Matt & HAB (formerly of the dearly departed podcast "Couch Party") to look back and talk about all of the technological changes they've experienced in their lifetimes. What follows is a fun and often times frustrating look back at the tech of their youths, in which the guys begin to wonder whether or not old school arcade games were nothing more than a scam designed to snatch as many...


Episode 139: Picard - A Drunken Dork Review

While they might not mention it as much as the other stuff they geek out to, deep down, Jake and Tom love Star Trek. So it was with great anticipation that they sat down to watch the first three episodes of the latest entry in the franchise: Picard! Listen in as the guys discuss whether or not it lived up to their expectations, how this show connects to other installments in the franchise, and how they think it adds to the overall "Trek Legacy". Along the way, the fellas also discuss their...


Episode 138: Jerky Boys

Jake and Tom have done a lotta different types of shows through the years. But in all that time, they've never done one devoted almost entirely to two of their favorite subjects: Red Meat and Beer! Tom was lucky enough to get hooked up with a sampler pack of handmade beef jerky, courtesy of the local artisans at Twizted Jerky, and so he and Jake decided to review it live and on air! So listen in as your two favorite drunken dorks give you their thoughts on it while also sampling from Tom's...


Episode 137: Just a Couple of Half-Witted, Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders Talking About "Star Wars" (Again)

Now that the dust has settled on the release of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", the internet has come through with the inevitable release of details of the troubled making of the film. Listen in as Jake and Tom sit down for what their friend Roe calls a "ramble-cast" as they discuss the loose details of what Colin Trevarrow had originally planned for the film, the setbacks in the "Obi-Wan" series, and what's rumored to be coming soon for the franchise far, far away. And, as always, be...


Episode 136: A Crisis of Infinite Drinks, Pt. II

The new year is upon us. But before Jake and Tom can look forward to what 2020 will bring them, they must first settle some leftover business from the previous year. Namely, the conclusion to the CW's massive crossover, "Crisis on Infinite Earths"! So listen in as Jake, Tom, and returning Drunken Dork Travis discuss the event's finale, what it means of DC as a whole, as well as a classic sandwich that Jake has never heard of. And, as always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for...


Episode 135: Cults, Clowns, and One Cursed Queen - Jake and Tom Talk the Best (and the Worst) of 2019

2019 was a helluva year in the world of television and cinema. And while Jake and Tom weren't always there to talk about it as it was happening, they're ringing in 2020 by talking about the year that was! So listen in as they and their fellow podcaster, Ryan of The Nerd Rage Podcast talk about what they thought was great about 2019, as well as what they thought what might might be politely called "not so great". And as always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination...


Episode 134: Brews, Poos, and "Rick and Morty" Reviews

Making his long awaited return to the show this week is the curator of the weird, the wonderful and the unexplained - Project Archivist's Roejen Razorwire! Listen in as Roe sits down with the guy to talk about this past season of their favorite animated show, "Rick and Morty". Along the way, Roe shares with the guys his homebrew methods, Jake outs Tom as a "shy pooper", and one of the Drunken Dorks discovers an all new low on the internet! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their...


Episode 133: The Rise of the Saltiness

This past Christmas saw the release of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", concluding what Disney has now dubbed "The Skywalker Saga". This is one of those movies that has split opinions among everyone you talk to, and the fellas are no different. Some of the dorks say it left them wanting more, while others it was a fun movie as long as you don't think about it too much. So listen in as the fellas sift their way through the final chapter of the Sequel Trilogy, share their thoughts on what...