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39: A Fireside Reading of "Living With A Longhair"

For every married man who grows his hair out, there’s a woman picking hair out of the shower drain. Add a longhaired dog to the mix and you’re living in a proverbial hair factory. Help your girl navigate these and other struggles, and get her saying yes to your long hair. Listen to this legendary fireside reading by El Moreno’s wife, on the mess, the stress and the awesome-ness of Living With a Longhair. *** This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by Hair Ties For Guys, the finest...


38: A Worthy Mission And A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Back from Orlando, your boys sat down for a happy hour debrief on the Premiere Show, The Great Cut and our mission and purpose at The Longhairs. In this casual, kick-back-and-relax style podcast we candidly reflect on what’s ahead of us, why we’re doing what we’re doing, and what we really stand for. Additional Fascinating Content: - Why we’re in a no-fall zone. - Visionary companies and big, hairy, audacious goals. - A rock solid comeback for the naysayers. - Bullying on a bell curve. -...


37: A Fireside Reading of “Cutting off 4 Inches”

Your mane has been through a lot. Those last few inches have been around since day one. If you aren’t careful, those old timers can become frizzy, dried out split ends. When is it time for a major trim? Listen to The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 37, where El Moreno reluctantly cuts his hair, and reflects on parting ways with his last four inches. *** This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by Hair Ties For Guys, the finest men’s hair ties in the world. You can find these and other...


36: A Fireside Reading of “How a Traveler Became a Longhair”

There never would have been The Longhairs without long hair. And there wouldn’t have been long hair without the trip around the world. Here on Let It Ride, El Rubio narrates a fireside reading of the story behind his transformative journey to long hair.


35: Quit Your Job, Leave the Country, Grow Your Hair Out

From corporate life to digital nomad, El Nómada has been living, working and letting it ride from Budapest to Bali since 2016. Hear how he left his job, learned a new skill set and put himself in position to live and work from anywhere. Listen to Modern Manimal Matt Totten on The Longhairs Professional Series. What you'll hear about: - Jumping off a corporate cliff and creating a nomadic life for yourself - Living and working in foreign countries - Being in the The Dothraki Hair Club for...


34: Gale Force Wins Predicted for The Great Cut

Gale Hopping is the founder and owner of Gale Force Productions. Upcoming Events: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheGaleForce/events/ This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by Hair Ties For Guys, the finest men’s hair ties in the world. You can find these and other superior products for men with long hair in The Men’s Aisle, at thelonghairs.US. What bands should we invite to The Great Cut?


33: A Fireside Reading of “Confessions of a Shorthair”

Introducing “Fireside Readings,” a series dedicated to the spoken versions of our favorite blog posts. Why won’t The Longhairs’ social media manager grow out his hair? Chuck has been our Social Media Manager for over two years now. We’ve been trying to get him to grow it out every time we see him. This guy works at home, went to art school, lives near the longhair capital of San Diego, and still won’t grow it out! What’s his deal?


32: Spring Update With Tha Boys

With El Rubio on assignment, the rest of the boys drop a behind-the-scenes spring update from the South Bay Headquarters. Listen to Let it Ride: Episode 32. What you'll hear about: -A recap of America’s Beauty Show in Chicago -What we learned from our Children With Hair Loss -Some guest blog posts that went HUGE -Gustavo’s irreparable hair damage -One major Q & A This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by Hair Ties For Guys, the finest men’s hair ties in the world. You can find these...


31: The Longhairs Professional Series with Cam Meekins

From going on tour and the stakes of performing live, to content creation and playing the long game. Listen to Cam Meekins on The Longhairs Podcast, as we throw down some flow with the Boston rapper and content creator in Episode 31 of Let It Ride. What you'll hear about: Cam’s first show, opening for Fashawn in Boston Growing an internet-based fan base in the music industry Performing with confidence Creating content—not just music Putting in the work, staying consistent and doing the...


30: Lettin It Ride With Alec McKee

In Episode 30 our guest is Alec McKee, better known around these parts as El Barbudo: the bearded man. Alec is a competitive gymnastics team coach in Charlottesville, VA, a burly beardsman and a devoted longhair blessed with the flow. He’s a creator. He’s a beardsman. He’s part of the team. He’s El Barbudo, and he’s on Let It Ride. Listen to Alec McKee on The Longhairs Podcast. What you'll hear about: Creating content for The Longhairs Gymnastics and coaching Proper beard and hair care A...


29: Rapping With The Longhairs

From content development and new products on the horizon to our upcoming hair show with Children With Hair Loss, get behind the scenes with your boys in Let it Ride Episode 29: Rapping With The Longhairs. What you'll hear about: Stepping up our content and new products on the horizon Everyone’s favorites in the new apparel line Our upcoming hair show with Children With Hair Loss News from El Chuckarino and El Gustavo Q&A from the social channels As always, Let It Ride is sponsored by Hair...


28: Longhairs Professional Series - Maurice Cherry

Maurice is the pioneering digital creator behind The Year of Tea, The Black Weblog Awards, 28 Days of the Web and Revision Path Podcast. He’s a true creator. An advocate for the black community. And a hair guy. Listen to your boys talking long hair with Maurice Cherry on The Longhairs podcast. What you'll hear about: Recognizing black designers and content creators 5 years of consistent content and staying in your lane Learning what to do with your hair Checklist for a good hair day Tips...


EP 26 - Longhairs Professional Series: The Shocker - Greg Dow

The world’s first and only pro wrestling magic comedian, like him or hate him you’re going to remember him, listen to The Shocker on The Longhairs podcast, Let It Ride.


EP 25 - Pro Series: El Mateo - Praetorian Ventures

EP 25 - Pro Series: El Mateo - Praetorian Ventures by The Longhairs


EP 24 - Starting Your Streak

This week we hit on starting a streak. Even since the start of this business we made the commitment to post a blog every week and never miss. That streak alone has done so much to change our lives. In this episode we talk about the streaks we have going, what it mean to us and why you should start. You'll hear from El Moreno, El Rubio, El Gustavo & El Chuckareno


EP 23 - The Great Cut Part I

We have just over one year to plan the largest gathering of men with long hair for a charitable purpose since the dawn of time. Watch as your boys begin scouting locations in Episode I of our journey to The Great Cut, where we will break the Guiness World Record for the largest hair donation in history.


EP 22 - Rapping With El Valiente

In this episode of the “Let it Ride” podcast we interview Christian Taylor, aka “El Valiente,” a 16-year-old content creator, YouTuber, tech enthusiast and longhair lifer. Listen in as we rap with Christian about long hair, the latest technology and the long game of content creation. It takes courage to be different in high school Being mortified in science class First attempt tying it up—and the reaction Recommendations for your first drone and your next phone What the hell is The...


EP 21 - Going on Shark Tank

Crack open a cold one and listen in with El Rubio, El Moreno and El Chuckarino as we recap, reflect and answer questions about our incredible run to Shark Tank on this podcast. You’ll hear about: - Thinking we were cooked at the Shark Tank Open Casting - Our pitch, and how the edit was different from real life - The drycleaner incident and our biggest fear - Lori Grenier’s recommendations and Daymond John’s sudden exit - Robert Herjavec’s “man bun” - Why we were ready for Kevin O’Leary’s...


EP 20 - Longhairs Professional Series: Professor Marvin

There’s not many things in life that stay consistently the same, that never vary under any circumstances. Lifting weights is one of those things. No matter how you dice it, 200 lbs is always 200 lbs and you can count on that to never change. Just like how you have to earn your long hair, every tiny bit of progress in the gym is earned. No one can give it to you, you can’t fake it, you have to earn it day by day lift by lift because the weight never lies. This week we introduce you to Jesse...


EP 19 - Longhairs Professional Series: Sergio Gutierrez

From his humble beginnings in New Mexico, Sergio Gutierrez had an unlikely journey to long hair. One that was probably much different than most of us, it all started with a bet between he and his mom. You’ll have to listen in to hear the full story but it’s safe to say he won, thank goodness! Not only is he a veteran curly hair master, he is also a professional musician, artist and fitness freak. He is living life by his terms and getting paid to do it.