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If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives

If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives


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If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives






How to Effectively Deal with your Life Situation and not Panic and Get Overwhelmed. [Ep. 604]

Life is a balancing act, in the fact that we are closing out several "chapters" in our life so we can have more time to do different things. For some of us, we are dealing with major life situations, health issues, marital issues, etc. These situations need to be worked on and not placed on the back burner. We have an option to get things taken care of or to continue to kick the can down the road. In order to properly deal with these situations, we must not get overly stressed and panic....


Beating Yourself Up Over a Difficult Decision? [Ep. 606]

Have a difficult decision to make? Are you beating yourself up? Are you second-guessing yourself? Making tough decisions are difficult otherwise they wouldn't be tough decisions. Get the info today to stop beating yourself up and how to stop, you owe it to yourself to watch the show.


Unlock Your History, Who's in Your Family Tree? [Ep 603]

How much do you know about your family tree? Many of us know very little about our family history. Some of us have spit into the tube that comes with the DNA tests that you can send away and get your DNA by mail, and others of us are scared to give their DNA to a third party company. Dan Nelson, a genealogist, and historian joins Live Your True Life Perspective to discuss researching family history and the business of finding other people's roots. Throughout the show, Dan shares some amazing...


Conversation With a Toltec Medicine Man [Ep. 605]

Medicine men really do exist, Tlahuizcalpantecutli Ricardo Cervantes Cervantes joins Ashley Berges to discuss the Toltec history, the connection with Mother Earth, and the truth and peacefulness of the message. Don't miss Ricardo's tranquil and healing live flute playing within the podcast. Born in Mexico, Ricardo Cervantes Cervantes, grew up studying the traditional ways of his people, the Toltec community of Teotihuacan. Although the Aztec empire conquered the Toltec in the ages past, the...


SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder Explained with Solutions [Ep. 602]

Do you feel sluggish during the fall and winter months? Are you feeling depressed and having little interest in activities you once enjoyed? You may be struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, this podcast will give you facts, explanation, and solutions to overcoming the symptoms associated with SAD. If you want to get more joy from your life and feel better during the winter months you can't miss this episode of Live Your True Life Perspectives. Rnold Smith, creator of The...


Get Rid of Your NaySayers with Jeffrey Hayzlett [Ep. 601]

When you're driving change in your life and in your business, you'll run into naysayers, energy suckers, and negative people who will pollute what you're working. To be successful you must have a support system, people who care, people who want to be positive team players, and those who want to do what's right for the organization and to push forward the common goal. Jeffrey Hayzlett is the host of the podcast All Business, author of "The Hero Factor", and creator of C-Suite TV. Jeff joins...


Stand Up For Yourself, When to Stand Up and How to Do it! [Ep. 600]

On today's show, we're discussing why you need to stand up for yourself, when to do it, and how to stand up for yourself in the proper way. The idea of standing up for yourself sounds easy, however, when you're in a heated situation or an impromptu argument where you are blind-sided, doing the right thing and standing up for yourself in a powerful way can be challenging. Reggie Harvey, author of Anatomy of a Patient offers his perspective as to why we should stand up and how to actually do...


It Takes a Village [Ep. 599]

To properly raise children in this day and age, it takes a village. As adults, change can frustrate us, can cause us fear and can cause us to worry about the future. Jack Purser, the author of "Saving Forest Farm" joins Ashley on Live Your True Life Perspectives to discuss how to help children positively understand and process change. Jack helps us to see that change is really more of an adventure than anything. Whether you are a child or a child at heart, this podcast will speak to you and...


The Power of Unconditional Self-Love [Ep.598]

Noemi Grace, Psychotherapist, and author joins Ashey Berges live in studio, discussing her latest book, "An Intimate Dialogue with God." On September 11, 2001, Grace had a spiritual epiphany during a time of great sadness and pain that put her on a path to self-understanding, and unconditional self-love. Noemi offers us insight into understanding our choices, and understanding self-sabotaging, self-loathing choices and how to change them. Listen to this podcast, and get the information and...


Feeling Overwhelmed? [Ep. 597]

Are you feeling overwhelmed? With technology as it is, with the 24/7 news, the internet, social media, and the list goes on, how do we get a break from sadness and destruction? We have the opportunity to see the news from all around the world, every single moment of every single day. And with that overload of news, we see the news stories about people, animals, and our planet Earth going through turmoil and tragedy. Reggie Harvey, author of "Anatomy of a Patient," joins me in studio to...


Friend Versus Frenemy: How to Know the Difference [Ep: 594]

Our friends can make our life more enjoyable, fun, and filled with joy, however, if we're spending time with people who are not our friends, instead they're frenemies we need to know and we need to know quick! On today's show, Rnold Smith, the creator of The Connection App and Reggie Harvey the author of Anatomy of a Patient and survivor​ of a near-death illness offers their perspective on what a true friend is and how to identify one. If you want to be sure you are surrounding yourself with...


How to Communicate Effectively with a Loved One Going through Challenging Times. [Ep. 592]

Communication is key to any relationship, however, communication can be challenging especially when someone is going through a stressful time in their life. The most stressful life events for a human are the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, and/or a major illness or injury. It can be challenging to determine how to open the lines of communication, especially when you are emotionally invested in what happened to the other person, however, the person needs to talk it out without...


Are you Addicted to Your Smartphone? [Ep. 591]

Are you addicted to your smartphone? On Live Your True Life Perspectives we're discussing the signs and symptoms of smartphone addiction. Most of us have to use our smartphone to do work, connect with our children, and the list goes on, however, when does that use move into addiction? I'll be discussing the physical effects of addiction and the psychological effects of smartphone addiction. Whether you are experiencing text neck, digital eye strain, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety,...


How do We Reach for More and Remain Grateful for what We Have? [Ep: 589]

How often do you find yourself comparing your life to others? The world we live in facilitates competition, especially people competing with others. We go on social media and see other people's portrayed life. We begin to compare our career, title, house, car, success, family, etc. We are told to aspire for more in our life, to be more successful, to create wealth and solid stability but how far to we reach for the stars and in the process of reaching, how do we not lose ourself? How do we...


The Gray Rock Method and Dealing with the Narcissist [Ep. 588]

On today's show, we're discussing what is narcissism and how to spot it. Dealing with a narcissist can be challenging and draining, and you may feel as though you are losing your own identity. In order to be more successful, in dealing with the narcissist that you cannot avoid, the gray rock method is the technique of choice. Throughout the show, we will define and explain the gray rock method and how to use it effectively on the narcissist in your life. Joining me in studio Reggie Harvey,...


How to Deescalate a Heated Argument with a Loved One. [Ep. 587]

Arguments, Emotional volatility, how can we deescalate a heated argument with a loved one? Arguments can shine a light on a problem situation, however, we don't learn or make changes to the situation if we are fixated on the argument and how the argument got out of hand. Conflict can be healthy but violence is not! Rnold Smith creator of The Connection App discusses relationships and what happens when we get wrenched up in an argument with our loved ones. Reggie Harvey author of Anatomy of a...


How to identify the signs of Narcissism. Find Out who's a Narcissist in your life. [Ep. 586]

How to identify the signs of narcissism. Is your best friend, co-worker, or romantic interest a narcissist? When we're unaware of the signs of narcissism, we tend to misunderstand the situation, feel depleted and may even feel a loss of identity. Reggie Harvey, author of Anatomy of a Patient - Book offers his perspective on narcissism and how he has eradicated narcissistic people from his life. When we're dealing with stressors in our life, dealing with narcissistic people, our relationship...


How to Overcome the Fear of Change and Make it Work for You [Ep. 585]

How to overcome the fear of change and make it work for you! Find out why change scares us so much and what we can do to identify the fear and let go of it. Reggie Harvey joins me in the studio, tonight he talks about getting the diagnosis of a near-death illness and how he stressed then dealt with it, and then accepted it to make the best of the situation.


How many negative, energy suckers and or narcissists are in your life? [Ep. 583]

Have you taken an inventory of your life lately? How many negative, energy suckers and or narcissists are in your life? Get the info you need to let go of that energy from your life and be more successful! Copper Dallas and Ed Le Cara, PhD co-owners of Body Lounge Park Cities discuss the pros of IV vitamins therapy and how IV therapy is better absorbed than taking vitamins in pill form. Reggie Harvey joins us in the studio to give his perspective on negative energy suckers and what he did to...


Do you feel understood or misunderstood by others? How are you narrating your life? [Ep. 584]

Do you feel understood or misunderstood by others? How are you narrating your life? More often than not we don't know how others interrupt what we say and what we do and it leaves questions on both sides, find out how to make yourself transparent in a positive way and get yourself heard and understood! Reggie Harvey, author of Anatomy of a Patient - Book and a survivor of a near-death illness joins me in the studio to discuss how to be understood by others, and how being understood benefits...