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If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives

If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives
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If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives






Being Grateful in a World of Comparison: How do we do it? Perspectives 534

We work to be grateful, we work to focus on the good we have, but it gets tough because we're living in a world of comparison. Our world is built on social media and the news media that can create a great divide, whether it's the glamorizing of expensive cars, clothes, houses, beautiful families, and the list goes on. We're being broadsided daily with other people's lifestyle, whether we compare ourself to our neighbor or Facebook friend. However, once we're aware that we are comparing...


Reinvent Yourself with Steve Olsher #527

Steve Olsher, creator of the New Media Summit and Reinvention Radio, joins Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges and is discussing how to be more powerful in your life and live your dreams. Steve discusses the wisdom behind "What is Your What" and how to locate that unique aspect of you. If you get overwhelmed and feel others are more successful and hope to connect with your dreams and goals, this episode is for you.


Turn Your Toxic Relationship into a Positive Learning Lesson (Perspectives 529)

How you can turn a toxic relationship into something empowering. If you've been in a toxic relationship or are in one now you can't miss this show!


Can a Person Truly Change? (Perspectives 523)

Can a person honestly change? We hear people talk about change, often people say they have changed in a matter of weeks, and we realize it's not real change. So what constitutes real change? How do we create real change, lasting change in our life and stick to it? Find out by listening to this podcast, get the information you need to spot the bs and make real change in life.


Divine Timing and Guidance through Astrological Science

Did you know that your birthday offers insight into your present day life? There's a thing called divine timing and real guidance through astrological science. Joining me on Live Your True Life Perspectives is VerDarLuz, the Practical Esoteric. VerDarLuz, who was once a skeptic of astrology is now a teacher and coach for both individuals and corporations. We're discussing AstroLocality Power Places, Auspicious Timing and Timemapping Strategies, WHEN to do WHAT and how we can use both...


Being Aware and Mindful, Will Save Your Life (Ep: 522)

Why is awareness of one's surroundings so important? Find out how awareness and mindfulness can change your life and make you more powerful and strong.


A New Scientific Approach to Understanding Relationships. (Episode: 518)

Feel as though you must defend yourself in your relationship? Tired of the emotional drain that makes you doubt yourself? Want to see your relationship clearly? I have a new technique that will help you power up in your life and feel better about yourself and where you stand. Get the knowledge you need to understand your relationship, see yourself clearly, and better understand your significant other.


What are Your Thoughts Saying About You? #517

What are your thoughts saying about you? Yep, your own thoughts...Do you have self-defeating thoughts, feel down about yourself, listen to this episode of #LYTL Perspectives. Don't miss Bill & Elizabeth Cooper disucss the 5 Signs of Lyme Disease in Dogs, this can save a life.


Can a bad marriage seriously damage your health? (511)

Seems obvious but how does it damage your health and why does it affect men worse than women? Get all those answers and more tonight. Don't miss the 15 reasons to adopt and not buy a dog tonight with Elizabeth & Bill Cooper. Some of these reasons are extremely thoughtful. Later in the hour, Dr. Lee at Advanced Surgical Arts joins me in studio to talk about the technology behind the Emsella chair and what it does for the body.


How Can We Better Help People in Need? (Perspectives #505)

Most of us want to help the people we love when they're struggling and in crisis. However, more often than not, we don't know how to help. Some of us worry about how to actually reach out. Others of us wonder if we're a close enough friend to help and get involved or are we just getting in the way. It's not a compassion problem it's a confidence problem. Sarah Beckman, author of "Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in their Time of Trial" joins Live Your True Life...


How have your Narcissitic Parents Impacted Your Life? (#498)

Have you ever wondered if your parent or parents are narcissists? Do you have guilt and self-esteem issues? Do you find yourself in toxic relationships, and suffer with co-dependency? Having these issues in our adult life directly reflect on our childhood and upbringing. Listening to this podcast will open your eyes to understanding why certain things have happened and are happening in your life. Knowledge is power and taking inventory and realizing your parent or parents are narcissists...


Rites of Passage with Emerald Greenforest (Perspectives 496)

We have various rites of passage when it comes to graduating from school, entering manhood, etc., but we don't have rites of passage when it means growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Whether we are recently divorced, widowed, overcoming physical or mental abuse, and/or changing what we will accept in our life. When we let go of the past, we need to implement a sacred ceremony to impart the knowledge and create a rite of passage. Emerald Greenforest joins Ashley Berges on Live Your...


A New Way of Life (Perspectives 493)

Are you ready for a new way of life? Are you looking for a new approach to life to create more value in your life? Tune in tonight to recognize your true idenity and to get peace of mind and a new sense of WOW! Don't miss Elizabeth & Bill Cooper, our dog experts explain the 5 signs of early dementia in dogs.


Has the Fear of Being Alone kept You in a Toxic Relationship? (Perspectives 487)

Has the fear of the unknown and the fear of being alone kept you in a toxic relationship? Are you ready to know why we do it and stay?


Are You a Rebel Role Model? (444)

Being a trailblazer, it's nice to meet another trailblazer. Nancy Coblenz CEO of Rebel Role Model, joins Ashley Berges on LYTL Perspectives. How do you disrupt and lead at the same time? How do we trailblaze and do it our own way? Paying dues is part of the reality of being a trailblazer. Leading with your expertise and talent that sets you apart looks great from the outside but while doing it is lonely and intially stressful, not to mention worried will this work and is this crazy!


You are the Creator of Your Own Reality (484)

Did you know, you are creating your own reality based on your thoughts! Whatever you're focusing on, you're getting more of it! This conversation will refocus you in a positive way and make you more productive in your life and happier too! Bill & Elizabeth Cooper, the dog experts, give us the dog perspective and how to maximize the relationship with our dog.


Why do we stay in toxic relationships? (Show #474)

Why do we stay in toxic relationships? Find out why we stay and how to stop this deadly cycle. It's time to get the information you need to better your life!


Beating the Odds: A Woman's Battle to live and thrive after a massive stroke

You're on the job, on the computer, working to meet a deadline and all of a sudden you realize you don't understand or comprehend the paragraph you've read over and over again. Suddenly you are confused to why you are on the computer in the first place. That's where Francesca found herself the day she had a stroke at work. Stroke survivor, Francesca Taylor walks us through the day she survived a massive stroke. She tells about her rehabilitation and beating the odds. Find out what she does...


The Awakening: Change Starts with You (#467)

Are you awakened? Are you ready to live a true fulfilling life? Ready to take off the mask? Ready to let go of what is holding you back? Get the information you need to move forward with your life. If you're listening to this show, you know their's more to life than meets the eye. In order to move forward, it's time to embrace your newly awakened state of mind and leave behind the self-created road blocks we create for ourself to hold ourself back.


Why does this always happen to me?! Dixie Gillaspie joins LYTL Perspectives

We are extremely powerful beings. How we think directly correlates to how we will experience a given situation. When we think a day or situation can't get worse, it does! Joining Ashley in studio, Dixie Gillaspie, coach, author of "Just Blow it Up", writer, fire starter, editor of The Good Men Project, contributor to the Huffington Post and Dixie, explains how our brain works, how we create and will things to be, and how we can make mindful changes to create a better day...