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LoudMouth Uncut Ep 4 - "Mr 2 Pipe" [EXPLICIT]

Welcome to the fourth instalment of #LoudMouthUncut with the unapologetic Rhys, verbally ruthless Mister 2 Drinks and the eloquent yet savage, Queen KG!! The team recap the latest in showbiz shenanigans from "Coon-Ye West" to Bill Cosby, the Met Gala truce between Cardi B & Nicki Minaj plus much more. KG, Rhys and 2 Drinks discuss the surge in sexual misconduct, rape cases and race debate events in the celeb world, further exploring the potential weaponisation/monetisation of feminism and...


LoudMouth Uncut Ep 3 - #LetMeBreathe [EXPLICIT]

Welcome to the third instalment of #LoudMouthUncut !!! This episode features the unruly Rhys, the cheeky Mister 2 Drinks and the ever so royal Queen KG. The crew get down to business, discussing everything from group economics in the black community to the spirit of "Wakanda" and whether this energy will truly manifest into the real world (Black Panther) The gang touch upon the uprise of feminism, sexual liberation and the music artists that champion this movement, referencing their latest...


LoudMouth Uncut Ep 2 - "She Looks Like Jafar From Aladdin" [EXPLICIT]

Annnnddddd we are BACK with the second edition of #LoudMouthUncut !!! The gang is now complete with Mr Oh making his first appearance as a host on the show. The crew recklessly recap current affairs and events, talking about everything from Colourism in the UK (Stefflon Don, Bugzy Malone) to the increase of black talent leaving Britain to excel in the States (Daniel Kaluuya, Michaela Coel.)The hosts delve deeper into the plight of black men following their interactions with the...


LoudMouth Uncut Ep 1 - "Pure Passa" #HNY

Welcome to the first edition of #LoudMouthUncut !!! KG, Mister 2 Drinks and Rhys get straight down to the trash talk! The crew rehash their Christmas/New Years festivities (or lack thereof)along with a brief recap of 2017. They scandalously cover the events of 2018 so far, detailing their thoughts on the H&M scandal, the current state of music (resurgence of 90's R&B, Bruno Mars/Cardi B, UK Afrobeat/Swing etc) and reveal their major event predictions this year. They go on to debate about...