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Welcome to mines! Take a peak behind the scenes to see how things work in the world of entertainment and creative entrepreneurialism, as I get the stories behind the people behind the art. Also, join me on my adventures to find my inner comedian and all the antics that pop up along the way.

Welcome to mines! Take a peak behind the scenes to see how things work in the world of entertainment and creative entrepreneurialism, as I get the stories behind the people behind the art. Also, join me on my adventures to find my inner comedian and all the antics that pop up along the way.
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Welcome to mines! Take a peak behind the scenes to see how things work in the world of entertainment and creative entrepreneurialism, as I get the stories behind the people behind the art. Also, join me on my adventures to find my inner comedian and all the antics that pop up along the way.






Episode 45 - Joe McAndrew 4-7-18

Today is a very special episode! Founder of H.A.G.S.: The First Comedy Show Ever, Joe McAndrew, is my special guest today. And it is my pleasure to announce that, since this interview is EXACTLY one year old, a lot of things have happened over the course of this year, and he is headed to new levels of success. With a successful bi-monthly comedy show, (H.A.G.S.), which is nominated for one of the Best Things to Happen in Asbury Park, there is no telling where he's headed next. Also, I've...


Episode 44 - 3-22-18

What's up, and welcome back to mines. Where the hell did I go? I'll tell you- if you listen to this episode. I don't leave you hagning from a cliff. I get right into it, and hopefully by the end of this episode you're ready to be along for the ride. This is yours, this is ours, this is mines.


Jesus Should Just Text ep 1.

I'm reading from 'Jesus Calling' and sharing my thought with you. #religious #lol


Episode 43 - Andrew Lawson 1-6-17

I'm officially in it. The universe is tightening its grip and my neck is where the thumb meets the index. My small-business cleaning career and creative world are clashing in a no-holds-barred tangle to the death, and my personal life and sanity are on the chopping block. Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic... But, things are getting a little dicey in the world of the mines podcast host, yours truly. In other news, Andrew Lawson, Asbury Park's very own bad boy, joins me today in the...


Episode 42 - Into the Void

Sometimes on one’s journey they are confronted with the impending weight of the universe crushing down on them. This is the void. Now, when you’re 36 years old, have two children, a wife, house, insurance, car, and utility payments, and a small business; things tend to get a little tricky. Especially when you’re trying to fit a creative pursuit in there. Today Im sharing with you a couple monologues I recorded having to do with the topic of creativity and existential funk. There will be no...


Episode 41 - Jack Steiger 1-24-17

Join me down the Sungeon today for my chat with local comedian and fellow open mic frequenter, Jack Steiger. Jack holds a special place in my heart because he was the first comic I got an up close look at. He was there at my very first open mic at Espresso Joe's and his act was my first look at how it's done. We covered everything from living in Australia, comedy, film school, and even the price of cocaine in Australia. If you have an interest in comedy check out this episode.


Episode 40 - Heather Lowry/No Balls Allowed part 2 12-21-16

Welcome to Episode 40, folks! I know I’m a bit overdue, but t’s for good reason. I’ve been busy writing sketch, hitting open mikes, and meeting the awesome array of comics from the Asbury Park and Northern New Jersey areas. I’ve been trying to carve out a style, and name for myself as one of the beginners to watch(with very little luck), when I happened upon the amazing Heather Lowry, and without even realizing it, begun to organically form a comedy friendship with her. Here, you’ll hear...


Episode 39 - Mike Cole / Dr. Scott 8-9-16

How goes it, my friends? This week Mike Cole stops in for a quick chat. He's a good friend of mine, so we shoot the shit about the present goings-on in our lives, and dissect the ol', "tell her when friends are around", left hook. Also, I give Dr. Scott, a recent acquaintance of mine, a ride home from a comedy open mic and he fills me in on the finer points of his personal reinvention, and PTSD induced flash-backs- and their consequences. Check out bandcamp.com/Purplesuns if you like the...


Episode 38 Improv 101 Upright Citizens Brigade / Emmanuel Pineda / Susie 8-30-16

If you're wondering what I've been up to lately, this is the episode for you. I enrolled myself into improv 101 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY. The Upright Citizens Brigade was a sketch show in the 90s founded by Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. As an improv team they gained popularity, began teaching improv, eventually opened up their own theatre and school in NYC, and now own two training centers and 4 theaters; two theaters and a training center in LA and...


Episode 37 - Cringe Worthy Poets Collective 8-23-16

Hello, and welcome back to another addition of mines. My, "Throw Away Your Vote", campaign is off to a tepid start, so I'm here to fill you in on the main bullet points. Fuck Trump, he's a joke; Screw Hillary, she really needs it. Pencil in Bernie Sanders come the 2016 presidential election. It's not a pretty campaign, but it's simple. We don't need a nutmeg in the oval office, and a criminal globalist is a criminal globalist. In other news, I met up with the Cringe Worthy Poets Collective...


Episode 36 - Darryl Petrone 8-14-16

Welcome back to the Sungeon for an all new episode of mines. I got Darryl Petrone to come down and we caught up with how things have been going for the last few months. He's known for being an extreme drummer in bands like, Departed, Stabbing Eden, and he even filled in, in a failure-to-launch style, Purple Suns reboot for my, then, retired drummer. He goes over the finer points of rehauling a band's sound without alienating old fans. Hopefully this new sound is enough to please old fans,...


Episode 35 - I Got Arrested / President Zen-1 7-26-16

I got arrested- yea, leave it to me, right? I know that's what you're thinking. You wanna know the details? Tune in, then. Also, President Zen-1 stops by to discuss what I've been up to for the last few weeks, and even participates in mines' very first improv scene! Like the tunes? Head on over to Bandcamp.com/pueplesuns to check out more from my band and download our 2 EPs, Mines, and Yours. Name your price or throw us a couple bones.


Episode 34 - Christopher Hurtig 6-28-16

Are you familiar with the visual artists in your area? Christopher Hurtig is one of Asbury Park's finest undiscovered talents. Don't believe me? Check out his Instagram, where you can find his ever flowing collection of collections he's masterfully crafting on a daily basis, using the finest tipped pens available on the market. He joined me in the Sungeon and together we cracked something open and slogged through the viscous, jelly-like insides for your listening pleasure. No bells and...


Episode 33 - Jillian Richardson 5-18-16

Welcome back to the world of mines where Jay Hernandez takes you on a guided tour of the sometimes uncomfortably kooky portions of his psyche. Did he make it into the great world of The Upright Citizens Brigade training community???!!!!! WHO KNOWS. Today in This Week’s News: Monthly is back with some extra fire added by none other than the extremely talented Jillian Richardson. Twitter: @thatjillian I talk with Jillian today over the phone about what it means to be a struggling writer...


Episode 32 - President Zen-1 / Teyvan 4-29-16

Welcome back for more adventures of Jay Hernandez and his mighty podcast: mines!!! Today I'm talking with busker extraordinaire Teyvan, as he serenades the air around the clueless heads of the passing millennials of Red Bank and the parents that follow on their heels. Today In This Week's News: Monthly returns for another round of side splitting updates and Black Helicopter News CEO and head anchor President Zen-1 takes over the Sungeon for a harrowing report on the black goo phenomenon...


Episode 31 - Cord Moreski 4-18-16

Join me today for my greatest effort yet! I've got Cord Moreski laying down an electrically descriptive ride into his past present and future. Sharing his stories and insights Cord takes us on a journey through an abridged version of his soon-to-be released chap book, "Stay Afloat Inside". Today in This Week's News: Monthly and other antics. Thanks you to The Auras for providing the music today, "The Holy Mountain"


Episode 30 - Maggie "Danger" Brown 4-4-16

It's National Poetry Month and what better way to celebrate than with a conversation with a poet. Maggie Brown is the real deal as you could presume by her nickname, "Danger". Also, I continue my antics and, Today in This Week's News: Monthly, makes a triumphant 3rd appearance, in what seems to be a recurring segment on my podcast. Join me, guys !!


Episode 29 - Damian Rucci / Charles Joseph 3-28-16

I was up to things this week when I ventured out to a "Reading" in Asbury Park, going by the name, "Words on Main". Catch me street interviewing people as I corner Charles Joseph to figure out what his motivations in all this are and hear about a scene that's being stoked like a brush fire by all the poets involved. Damian Rucci actually sets fire to your ears with his fire breathing approach to what I'd call, "Stampede" poetry. Stampede, because you may find yourself involuntarily darting...


Episode 28 - Drew Murphy of Hammer Fight 3-13-16

HAPPY MOTHALOVIN' PI DAY YOU CIRCLE-SUCKIN, SQUARE-PEGGED, CIRCUMFERENCE-STEALIN', DIAMETER-DORKS!!! I'm back and you probably didn't even realize I was gone. That's right. I was off finding myself and realized I was already there. Where you ask? Down in the Sungeon with lead singer/bass player of the thrash metal outfit, Hammer Fight. Hear how his humble beginnings and dodgings of hate-crime styled pummelings led him to where he stands today. Front-and-center of the scariest, loudest,...


Episode 27 - Pete Lazarus 1-11-16

What's up and welcome to another new year. It's 2016 and I'm back with more mines for you and a lightly altered and mildly adjusted me to get us through the next 365 days. Today I'm talking with a once dear friend of mine that I was lucky enough to reconnect with recently, Pete Lazarus. In a world where anything goes Pete brings to us stories of drug use, abuse and the heartache that tends to follow. How's he doing now? stay tuned to find out!