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Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.
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Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.






Across The Board

Join us this week as we welcome the Canadian alt-rock pop band, Across The Board. They are an award-winning band of multi-instrumentalist musicians with over 300 Youtube videos, debut album, a concept EP and now a new second full length album, "SONIC BOOM", which seamlessly combines creative talents to push their pop-rock sounds to the edge of the rock 'n roll envelope with harmonious power vocals and catchy electric guitar riffs. The lead single, “Sonic Boom” reached #4 on the iTunes Canada...


Hannah Anders

Join us this week as we welcome Country Rock music singer songwriter, Hannah Anders. With an artist like Hannah, you don't become a fan over time, you become a fan in a heartbeat. The powerhouse vocalist can bring an audience to its feet, while making you feel like she’s singing directly to you from the stage. Hannah takes Country from your grandpa’s front porch soundtrack and turns it into your daughter’s backwoods anthem - like putting fresh strings on a vintage guitar and revving a new...


Spence Reed

Join us this week as we welcome Adult Contemporary music singer songwriter, Spence Reed. Ohio born with a indie city vibe, Spence Reed is soaking up all the creativity Nashville can offer. Listening to all genres growing up, Spence found himself somewhere between John Mayer and Eric Church. Honing stylistic approaches from indie-alt lyrics to pop-country production, Spence has established his niche in a melting pot of genres. Coming September 21st, his new single "I Want You To" provides the...


Mia and Jonah

Join us this week as we welcome the Americana indie folk duo, Mia and Jonah. Renown as a a mesmerizing indie folk duo that seamlessly produce “songs of singular beauty, played and sung without pretense”, Los Angeles, CA. based Mia and Jonah will release "Spin as One", their 4th album, on 9/21/2018. Reflecting on family life—overcoming struggles through love and care of one other—as well as their wishes of soulful self-discovery and a collective coming-together for our world to find its way...


Love Stallion

Join us this week as we welcome the Rock band, Love Stallion. Hailing from Denver, CO., Love Stallion storms the music scene with original glamorous hard rock, sure to get your heart racing and ears pounding. Power riffs, memorable hooks, and electric flash capture the nostalgia of years gone by, bringing a fresh punch of rock & roll back to the universe in proper style. They are inspired by the "big rock" sound of the 70s & 80s, rockstars David Lee Roth & Freddie Mercury, and bands like Van...


Michelle Treacy

Join us this week as we welcome pop/rock music singer songwriter, Michelle Treacy. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Michelle (pronounced ‘mee-shell,' like The Beatles song), is driven by a determined need to create music that empowers everyone. Not afraid to explore darker emotions, her music is fearless and raw, with a tinge of sweetness. "When I sing," says Treacy, "I am always feeling something, and I try to do everything in my power to take the listener on the same emotional journey that I'm...


Heather Whitney

Join us this week as we welcome country music singer songwriter, Heather Whitney. Heather comes from an itty-bitty, one-red-light town deep in the pines of Southeast Texas, where the mosquitoes are big, but Heather's love for music is bigger! Heather's new album, "Moving on" is full of love, heartbreak, and moving on. This album is everything she has lived through, felt, and overcame, while in the studio. "Just because you're working towards your dreams, doesn't mean that the world stops...


Jeff Clayborn

Join us this week as we welcome country music singer songwriter, Jeff Clayborn. Who is Jeff Clayborn? That’s a bit of a mystery. One thing is for sure, JC knows how to create music and bring it to life. His song, “Good Bar Attender,” is being hailed as the next country sing-along anthem with its own line dance to boot! Difficult to miss when he swaggers into the room, JC stands and walks like an athlete-a strong, respected person. Don’t ask him where he has been because this good bar...


Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches

Join us this week as we welcome the Americana band, Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches. New York City's Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches are likely the only band today infusing elements of Gullah-Geechee and world rhythms with folk traditions, Americana, New Orleans influences, and 1920s jazz. The forthcoming sophomore album, "Get Us Out Of Fearland", due June 15 2018, builds upon the multicultural exuberance that made the band’s debut album, "Very Next Thing", a transcendent breath of fresh...


Johnny Chops

Join us this week as we welcome country/blues/rock music singer songwriter, Johnny Chops. Austin, TX., Bluesy singer-songwriter Johnny “Chops" Richardson has issued “Taking A Chance On Me," the second single from his forthcoming sophomore album, Johnny Chops & The Razors which will release 3/23/2018. With a special guest appearance by acclaimed singers, The Gospel Starz. The first single from the new album “Believer”, pays tribute to Delta Blues artists, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and...


Jimmy Parker

Join us this week as we welcome country music singer songwriter, Jimmy Parker. A Virginia native, Jimmy is a true-blooded country music singer. He has stayed true to his roots since he started pursuing country music for a career. After serving in the Military and then moving around the east coast for several years playing music, Jimmy moved to Nashville in 1990. Since then he has released 6 albums. Today, he not only sings but acts as well having appeared in the hit TV shows, "Nashville" and...


We Are The West

Join us this week as we welcome the experimental folk collective, We Are The West. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA., We Are The West are dedicated song-stylists who have developed a uniquely immersive approach to performance, playing both concert halls and improvised venues, including their preeminent underground parking garage concert series. Having released four EPs to date, on March 30, 2018, We Are The West will release their first full-length album, "The Golden Shore" (recorded by...


2Steel Girls

Join us this week as we welcome the country music band, 2Steel Girls. In exciting news for the summer of 2018, 2Steel Girls will be releasing their new 10 song full album. On 2/23/2018 they released two new singles from the forthcoming album, "In My Head" & "Queen Bee". The singles are available now at digital outlets. 2Steel Girls from NBC’s, The Voice, are the only mother-daughter duo to appear on the show to date. And yes, you read that right, they’re mother and daughter. Personally...


Jeremy Parsons

Join us this week as we welcome country music singer songwriter, Jeremy Parsons. Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dancehalls of the Lone Star State. Jeremy was always a fan of music, but it wasn't until his later high school years that he discovered his knack for it. Driven by his passion, he taught himself to play the guitar and began to write and perform music. Over the past decade, Jeremy has played all over the U.S. and in...


Doreen Taylor

Join us this week as we welcome award winning singer songwriter and international recording artist, Doreen Taylor. In December of 2017, Doreen made her very successful official Off Broadway debut in NYC benefitting the Oscar Hammerstein II Museum & Theatre Education Center. Doreen headlined the new docu-musical, "An Enchanted Evening: A Night with Oscar Hammerstein II" along with a special guest performance by Broadway's Davis Gaines (Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Man of La Mancha)....


Sandra Lynn

Join us this week as we welcome country music singer songwriter, Sandra Lynn. A California girl with a Nashville heart, Lynn has made it her mission to capture that transportive quality in her music, whether she’s in the recording studio or onstage. In exciting news for 2018, Sandra has just released her brand new EP "Fight" which is available now at all digital outlets. Her new EP follows a series of released singles including “Afterparty” which was picked up by SiriusXM’s The Highway, “Bar...


Matt Westin

Join us this week as we welcome Country music singer songwriter, Matt Westin. Matt was born and raised in a blue collar family in a middle class suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. From a young age, he pursued various passions, including academics, sports, acting, and music. After years of searching, Matt found true fulfillment in the creative outlets of acting and singing, dedicating himself to his artistic pursuits, and walking away from a promising career in engineering. With the influences of many...


Cherish Lee

Join us this week as we welcome Country music singer songwriter, Cherish Lee. Cherish, daughter of chart-topping country star, Johnny Lee and TV's "Dallas" star, Charlene Tilton, quickly gained her own recognition as a singer and songwriter in THE Music City. She will soon be releasing her first single and album, "Tequila Cowgirl." Pre-sales for the single began on October 8, 2017. The full, aptly named album, "Tequila Cowgirl" is scheduled for release in January 2018. It's honest music that...


Irlene Mandrell

Join us this week as we welcome Country music singer songwriter, Irlene Mandrell. Irlene was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is the youngest sister of the world famous country trio, The Mandrell Sisters. Irlene and her sisters come from a musical family. She began playing drums professionally when she was eleven. Irlene is a Country Music Hall of Fame Walkway of Stars inductee. Irlene recently released her debut solo album, "Thanks To You", on Reviver Records. This Patriotic project...


The Nearly Deads

Join us this week as we welcome the Alternative Rock band, The Nearly Deads. Rising Nashville rock band The Nearly Deads has recently released their hotly-anticipated new EP, Revenge of the Nearly Deads, on vinyl, CD and digitally for purchase and stream via Kobalt Music. Led by the inimitable vocalist Theresa Jeane along with Steven Tobi (guitar), Kevin Koelsch (bass), Javier Garza Jr. (guitar) and Josh Perrone (drums), The Nearly Deads are one of the hottest, rising rock bands to come out...