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Yet Another Podcast taking up space on the Interwebs (there are THOUSANDS out there) But, this podcast has it all, pop culture, sports, food reviews, and lots of rambling about absolutely nothing! If you like what you hear, check out our website at to interact with the show! Bill

Yet Another Podcast taking up space on the Interwebs (there are THOUSANDS out there) But, this podcast has it all, pop culture, sports, food reviews, and lots of rambling about absolutely nothing! If you like what you hear, check out our website at to interact with the show! Bill
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Yet Another Podcast taking up space on the Interwebs (there are THOUSANDS out there) But, this podcast has it all, pop culture, sports, food reviews, and lots of rambling about absolutely nothing! If you like what you hear, check out our website at to interact with the show! Bill




Episode 149: We Got Trolled...

NAP Army! We are back and we are doing this for a good cause. We are doing the show to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's Link to Kathy's Alzheimer's Walk Page We talk about Brett's commute, his summer with Furries and then I talk about some funny experiences on campaigning with Mayor Lisa Merkle and fellow council member Grace Cunningham and then we got trolled.. yep, someone tried to hijack the show around the 35 minute mark. We gain control back on the show and move ahead and a...


Episode 148: We Are Still Here...

NAP Army, Sure it has been about a month, sure some of you have listened to old episodes to get nostalgic and we thank you very much for that. We now have a fresh episode you can listen to on your Thanksgiving ride or flight home or to relatives or if you just want to drown your family out with the soothing sounds of Brett... In any event we talk about the passing of Charles Manson and the recent Tsunami of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, DC and elsewhere... and I think it is an earnest...


Episode 147 : This Podcast is a BREEZE

NAP? Army! We are remote this time at The Breeze in beautiful downtown Herndon, VA... and boy do we have a show for you! We start talking Tom Petty, why we are at the Breeze, NFL, and much more. If you would like us to do more remote shows, let us know... go to our Facebook fan page or send us a tweet... @NAPODCASTUSA or @FOOBOY21 Thank you for all of your support! Brett & Bill


Episode 146: Brett Talks a Lot of S*@# on This Episode

Hey NAP? Army, We are back and Brett is dying to get something off his chest about something in the news.... and somehow we have a 20 minute conversation on it. We then talk about the NFL for a bit and then we say goodbye to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Thank you for all that you have done for us! Brett & Bill


Episode 145: Brett Has Something to Say

NAP? Army, Sorry for the delay but we are back! But first we ask you take time to donate to East Texas and those who are struggling with Hurricane Harvey and their recovery: We are back and Brett gets into it with traffic, Charlottesville and Taylor Swift... he is not a happy camper... We then talk about the Juggalos March on Washington at the same time as a Trump rally is scheduled, another fraud in the retro gaming world... and a man named Larry...


Episode 144: What is "Wopat" ing ?

Hello NAP? Army! We are back, and I literally just got back from a Golf Tournament for Caring Angels Therapy Dogs. The link is below: It rained hard but we had a great crowd and many donations. We could use more and if you do donate, say you heard it from Not Another Podcast? !!!! We then go on to talk about Tom Wopat. Who is Tom Wopat? Well if you are a Generation X'er, he is one half of the team that made up the Dukes of Hazzard. We...


Episode 143 : We're Back!

NAP? Army! We are back and we jump right into it. Brett gets going... not a rant mind you, just excited for life. We then have a taste test and in that taste test, finds a new love. Please show your support and use Amazon or even donate on Paypal... the links are at Thank you for everything! Brett & Bill


Episode 142: What is Going On??? Trump, Juggalos, and Other things

Happy 4th of July to the United States and Happy Canada Day to Canadians! We are back and we jump right into things. We talk about the #Trump #Tweets, we then talk about Brett and his visit to Wawa... we then get into a discussion about a group of people known as #Juggalos and finally, Brett talks about Star Wars @EscapeHerndon Thank you so much for your support! Please go to our Web Page and donate on PayPal or do some shopping on Amazon through Over 3...


Episode 141: This Podcast is "All Dressed" Up

NAP? Army, We are back after a 2 week sabbatical... we got busy with work and life but we are back! We start talking about a few things on our radar, including our 3rd Anniversary, Food, and we bring back the taste test. Thank you NAP? Army! 3 years of OK entertainment says a lot about who we are, a bunch of middle aged men not willing to go quietly into the night with a moderately successful PODCAST Help our cause and go to and look for the Amazon Links to...


Episode 140: It's Official, Brett is Married and The Mayor Stops By!

NAP? Army! Sorry for the week off! Brett (@FooBoy21) was on his Mini Moon with his new wife, Kathy and we talk about the wedding and a few things that did not go as planned, but fun to talk about now that it is over. The Mayor of Herndon (@Lisa4Herndon) stops by to talk about #Memorial Day, a special visit from a Cy Young Winner to town and the Herndon Festival. Please go to our page Not Another Podcast? and use click on the Amazon link on the right side of the page to help the show. We...


Episode 139: It's Brett's Bachelor "Pod"dy

NAP? Army, In a few short days, co-host Brett is about to get married... yes, so we decided to throw him the first ever Bachelor Poddy... A Podcast Bachelor Party. We first talk Chris Cornell first, such a tragic loss of an Grunge Rock Icon... and then, we talk all things Brett. How he met his wedding party and we talk with the woman who won his heart, Kathy. We are so thankful for your love and support through almost 3 years and we hope you love this show. Let us know what you think...


Episode 138: It's A Wild One

NAP? Army! Thank you for joining us! Sorry for the delay but Brett needed a breather from the Caps loss. We hit the ground running talking about our last 2 weekends, we end up talking about people we'd like to punch in the face, game shows and a very special event coming up on Thursday. Join us won't you... Yours Truly... Brett & Bill


Episode 137: #BrettSeesGrohl

NAP? Army! How are you doing and thanks for joining us this week for #BrettSeesGrohl We start out talking about a few things that happened in Pop Culture and in the NFL and of course Playoff Hockey and then talk about Brett going to see Dave Grohl, his hero, talk with his mom about a book his mom wrote. We also talk about trending news items a bit and then close it up with our picks for the Running of the Roses, The Kentucky Derby... We are fast approaching 3 years of podcasting and we...


Episode 136: Don't NAP on Our Show!

NAP? Army! Brett is feeling better and we are ready to go! We talk about Brett's trip to Walmart, His Bachelor Party and other things that Brett needs to get off his chest. Thank you as always NAP? Army! We appreciate your love and support! Brett & Bill


Episode 135: When You Plant Corn... You Get Corn

Greetings NAP? Army! We are back! Two weeks in a row! Some one stop the presses! We start off seeing how Brett is, talk about a few things and then we get into Brett's Wedding and it is 100% amazing with a side of Duck Sauce.. it is that good! We also talk about the Caps, but honestly, this one is amazing and takes the cake! We truly appreciate your love and support and thank you for all our NAP? Army fans who reached out to let @fooboy21 know how much we love him and his...


Episode 134: Thank You NAP? Army

NAP? Army, Thank you for sticking with us everyone! We know its been a while and we explain why in the first few moments of the show. We then discuss some of the things we did in the last month and talk Football, a little Wrestling and family. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We will take it day by day and we love you for your support! Brett & Bill


Episode 133: What Just Happened??

NAP? Army! We are back from our week break... Brett had some allergy issues so we sat down and tried to make up for lost time... and I think you will enjoy what we discussed We talk Oscars, what is going on in Redskin Park and bad booze we drank in college... oh... and Florida... the Nickleback edition... Thank you for your love and support and remember you can support us through our website site and using the Amazon button the right side of the...


Episode 132: We Missed You Last Week Too...

NAP? Army! Thanks for hanging in there! Last week was a cluster so we missed doing the show and hope this one makes up for it. Brett and Bill Talk about there weekends including a visit from Bill's past, we discuss Super Bowl outcome and then we get into a discussion we did not see coming and of course... Florida. Thank you so much NAP? Army! Tell your Friends to like our Facebook page! Brett & Bill


Episode 131: It's Our Super Bowl Show... with a Side of Florida

NAP? Army! Thank you listening! We start out talking about Brett's niece Gracie, who just got home from Children's Hospital. There are bills to pay and the NAP? Generals would appreciate your support! Here is the Go Fund Me Page: We then talk the Super Bowl, random connections and then President Donald Trump stops by the podcast to give some insight in the first 2 weeks of his presidency. Oh and Florida... forgot Florida! Thank you NAP? Army...


Episode 130: We Go Retro and We Go To Florida...

NAP? Army! Sorry for the week off last week, some techinical glitches and Bill having Council work made it impossible to redo the show last week... but we are back. We start out talking about our weeks and then Bill Shows Brett his new toy... a Retro Gaming system he built using a Raspberry Pi Motherboard. Bill has everything from Atari 2600 to Nintendo 64 Games, Bill goes into detail on this... Then the boys talk about Inauguration Weekend... and what it means in DC... basically, there...