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A weekly horror podcast hosted by Anthony King and Ryan de la Garza.


Omaha, Ne


A weekly horror podcast hosted by Anthony King and Ryan de la Garza.




#90 New Beginnings: The Witch

This is it! Our final episode is here, and we're saying goodbye by talking about some of our favorite new beginnings in horror movies. First Elliot and Anthony talk about what they've seen recently. Then we list off some of our favorite new beginnings including The Amityville Horror, Beyond the Gates, and We Are Still Here. And finally we say goodbye with a feature presentation of THE WITCH. Thanks to all our listeners for two great years!


#67 Patrick Kinney

Patrick Kinney of Film Streams is in The Basement this week to tell us about all the exciting stuff happening for Omaha's premier non-profit movie theater. We have a buggy nonsense story to kick things off followed by "Tin Foil Hat" from the band Pile. We talk about Adam Wingard's new gig in News of the Dead, and we have a terrific discussion on John Landis's 1981 classic AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. This episode is sponsored by Firebelly Rep's "Beastiary." Visit for all...


The Horror Exam #03

Presented by The Basement on a Hill and comes The Horror Exam. Each month, three people will battle through four different rounds of horror and nonsense questions, fighting for survival, all the while competing for The Skull of Moira. Our contestants for this Exam are Monty Eich (returning champion), Ryan de la Garza, and Mike Perry. Music on this episode comes from Chewing on Tinfoil, Spring Heeled Jack, Cursive, Dropkick Murphys, and Bernard Hermann.


Episode #01 - Meet Your Hosts

Ladies and Gentlemen! Meet your hosts of the Scary As Sh*t Podcast. In this introductory episode we play a little game called The 7 Deadly Questions.