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Episode Twenty-Two: "When They SeUe Us" A Review

We deep dive into Ava DuVernay's directed Netflix series "When They See Us". We discuss how knowing your rights is a necessity. Did you watch the series? What are your thoughts? Comment down below and let's talk!


Episode Twenty-One: Reactions to the Sri Lankan bombing attack

On this episode we discuss the recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka with a friend to the podcast who is from Sri Lanka.


Episode Twenty: Tales of our anxieties and "Modest Fashion"

Anxiety! A natural part of modern living This episode we tapped a random chat we had about anxiety and how we manage and maintain calm in our everyday life. We also discuss "Modest Fashion", is it a breath of fresh air for women's fashion or is it further opposition? And our book recommendation is "Owning your own shadow; Understanding the Dark side of the Psych" - Robert A. Johnson


Episode Nineteen: Taking a gap-year, Conversations with God and Jussie Smollett

Is there value in young adults taking a gap-year? We discuss transitions by way of poetry and oh yes we also ask whether Black History Month was ruined by Jussie Smollett. We introduce our book recommendation segment where we will be recommending a book every episode!....because yes, Reading is Fundamental! Our first book is, Conversations with God, Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsh.


Episode Eighteen: Welcome 2019!

We are stepping slow into 2019. Reading more books, drinking more water and having even more nuanced conversations. Join us!


Episode Seventeen: 2018 Recap

Frohes Neues Jahr!!! Happy, happy New Year from Germany!!! Just in the nick of time ... here is our recap of 2018! Big love and congratulations to our Danielle and Kwesi on their love and marriage!


Episode Sixteen: Race and Black Privilege

Life happened! Love, new beginnings, etc. etc. (more on that in our Dec. episode 😉) We are under construction going into 2019 ... and so this episode is from our archives (recorded 25.5.2018) Our conversation begins with the Royal wedding and careened into our most personal episode to date (@ the 30 min mark) Our Nuance team gives their personal take on race, bi-racial identity and black privilege. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts! 🍁Happy Autumn!🍁


Episode Fifteen: The World Cup, the fight on YouTube and Charlemagne Tha God

Was your World Cup a political football? Is Charlemagne The God, the rape allegations "Shook One", is he now cancelled? The KSI boys versus the Logan boys do you have a horse in the race? It's a surgical summer and our Nuance team is feeling the German heat wave! Check out our latest episode and like, comment and share! And don't forget to check out our Patreon !


Episode Fourteen: Kanye West

In this new world of political correctness can artists such as the self declared "genius" Kanye West survive? We battle with our love-hate relationship with one of the most controversial artists of our time. Can we separate the artist from his art?


Episode Thirteen - #MeToo, Melania, Avicii and the Hart Family

We're back - join Barbara, Dan, Enya and Kwesi as Nuance discusses the nuances of Melania flirting with Obama, Aziz Ansari and the #MeToo movement, the life and sudden death of Avicii, and the preventable tragedy of the Hart family in Oregon. Content warning: in this episode we discuss the #MeToo movement, including rape and sexual assault, as well as Avicii's death, and the possible murders in Oregon, so listener discretion is strongly advised. ----------- We're now on Patreon!...


Episode Twelve: Love, Life, Failure, Questions

Barbara and Dan return with guests Enya and Kwesi for a special episode in which they answer some of life's many questions. What does it mean to be a good friend? Who decides what is good and what is bad? Is failure the worst thing that could happen, or refusing to try in the first place? Join us for an extended discussion, and please leave a comment with your opinions! Nuance is available across the web: Facebook: Stitcher: iTunes: itunes,


Episode Eleven: Black Panther

Gil Scott Heron told us that the revolution would not be televised. So who was the movie 'Black Panther' meant to pander to? Were you Team Killmonger or Team T'Challa? In this episode we dissect the Marvel made 'Black Panther' and look to find all the nuances in its message. And don't forget - you can find us on Itunes and Stitcher as well! ITUNES: STITCHER: SOUNDCLOUD:


Episode Ten: Black History Month

Join us for a Black History Month special in which Barbara and Dan are joined by guests Enya and Kwesi to debate the meaning, relevance and importance of Black History Month in 2018. Plus, there'll be the regular dives into the righteous and the ratchet - from Barbara's empowering poetry, to discussing whether Beyoncé and Jay-Z constitute "Black royalty", this is definitely one episode you don't want to miss.


Episode Nine: Haters, Race-Baiters, and Those Who "Finesse" Black Culture

In Episode Nine, Barbara and Dan discuss some of the nuances of American politics in regards to Black People. From Haiti to New York, they discuss the righteousness of Erica Garner to the ratchetness of Cardi B. Barbara and Dan discuss the power of 2018 and will be putting out new episodes every month. So, buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride!


Episode Eight: Despicable Men

This week Barbara and Dan are joined by guests Enya and Kwesi, as they try to make sense of the horrifying allegations flying around Hollywood. There's also talk of Teary Tyrese and Donald Trump's recent trip across Asia. We're live from Stuttgart, so expect all the usual ratchet and righteous themes, along with some support from a new fan. Follow us on Facebook!


Episode Seven: Media or Your Mind?

Hey everyone! This episode Barbara and Dan dive into the wonderful world of technology, or is it so wonderful after all? A new article from the Guardian interviews some of the most influential pioneers of today's technology and social media platforms and they shared some chilling warnings with us. Join Barbara and Dan as they discuss their relationships to social media and if our society's moral compass can align with our ever-expanding technological advancements. Article in Question:...


Episode Six: The German Elections - a discussion with 3 first-time voters

On this episode of Nuance, Danielle and Barbara discuss the results of the National Federal Elections / Bundestagswahl 2017. For the first time, we are joined by 4 guests - 3 of whom voted in the elections on the 24th of September. We dive in on the AfD, Alternative für Deutschland, a relatively new party in Germany with far right views, and whether their election as the third biggest party will support the rise of fascism in Germany. Listen as we talk about the results, the aftermath, the...


Episode Five: German Elections, Hurricanes and Fenty Beauty

Episode 5 is on deck! Check out our conversation about the upcoming German elections and we are sending love to those affected by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean and the US and we can't wait for our Fenty Beauty delivery !!! Let us know if you found your shade :)


Episode Four: Usain Bolt, TV and Travel, Transgender Issues and The Breakfast Club

Episode 4 is full and extended as Barbara and Dan dive into some pretty big topics. From Usher's darkest confessions to Usain Bolt's proudest moments, food scandals in Germany, Lil Duval's blips in America, the best travel channels on YouTube and TV shows on Netflix and beyond, we're right back at it with an episode filled with the ratchet and righteous, so please tune in, enjoy, learn, laugh, and let us know what you think!


Episode Three: Charlottesville

In episode 3, we discuss "Vergangenheitsbewältigung" which in English means coping with the past. Post-Charlottesville, are there some lessons the United States can take from Germany's handling of it's own troubled past? We are very interested to hear your thoughts and solutions for the way forward. As well, does your country wrestle with a difficult past and how is it confronting it?