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New Panel Culture Episode 17 - Unnecessary HALO Drop

We spend a lot of time this month talking about our brands. Even though we have our go-to styles that we like, though, sometimes we like something unexpected! We talk our most “off-brand favourites”, and we discuss Vol. 6 of a book we haven’t checked out in ages. Plus, there is some more Ducktales and Mission Impossible discussion, and George wants a Nintendo Switch. Episode 17 Breakdown: Checking In (1:56). Panel Culture Book Club: American Vampire Vol. 6 (23:30). Feature Discussion:...


New Panel Culture Episode 16 - Death is meaningless.. sometimes.

In this month’s episode we tackle the meaning and impact of some of the most memorable comic book Deaths (at least to us anyway). We also try to figure out why Deadpool is SO popular. Episode 16 Breakdown: Checking In (3:10). Panel Culture Book Club: Deadpool Dead Presidents (17:00), Feature Discussion: Comic book Deaths (33:20) Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us out on Facebook, Twitter or email us at! Outro: Death Letter - The...


New Panel Culture Episode 15 - Digital Girls in a Digital World

Charles, where are you? Left to their own devices, George and Owen get down to business, whether it’s discussing how grounded Donald Duck comics are, or pitching Shirtless Bear Fighter Vol. 2. All that, and a discussion of physical vs digital comics. Episode 15 Breakdown: Checking In (2:12). Book Club - Shirtless Bear Fighter (16:20). Feature Discussion - Physical Vs Digital (29:37). Panel Culture welcomes listener questions and comments - so check us out on Facebook, Twitter or email us...


New Panel Culture Episode 14 - RIP Honest Ed’s

After a long time away, the boys get to talk again. There are so many TV shows, movies, and comics we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of months that we can’t wait to discuss! In addition, we geek out about Toronto’s starring role in the classic Scott Pilgrim, and solve the Fantastic Four! That’s right, we solved it! Episode 14 Breakdown: Checking In (1:38). Book Club - Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (18:12). Feature Discussion - What to do with the Fantastic Four? (34:23). Panel...


New Panel Culture Episode 13 - Owen’s gonna Owen.

We took a very short break between recording the last episode and this one to accomidate our schedules. But we are still bringing you a good old episode of comicbook goodness… This month to talk about the short lived webcomic Sugarshock, and our feature discussion is the comics that ended before there time. Episode 13 Breakdown: Checking In. Bookclub: Sugarshock (14:40). Feature Discussion: Comics that Ended too soon (29:09) Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so...


New Panel Culture Episode 12: George Has Earned This

Love is in the air at Panel Culture, for our February episode! We talk about the gone-to-soon Thor: The Mighty Avenger, as well as some of our favourite one-shot issues of comic. Plus some quick thoughts on Black Panther, and other stuff we checked out this month. Episode 12 Breakdown: Checking In (2:12). Book Club - Thor: The Mighty Avengers (13:16). Feature Discussion - Favourite One-Shots (29:20). Panel Culture welcomes listener questions and comments - so check us out on Facebook,...


New Panel Culture Episode 10 - The Ghost of Opinions Past

It’s time for our annual Christmas episode, and we are full of festive cheer (also alcohol). First we check in with all of the year’s superhero movies, then we review the ComiXology exclusive “Marley’s Ghost”. Finally, we close out the year with the Panel Culture Gift Exchange. What treats did we get each other this year? Happy holidays, everybody! Hope you have a good one! Episode 10 Breakdown: Checking In (2:52). Book Club - Marley’s Ghost (49:10). Feature Discussion - Gift Exchange...


New Panel Culture Episode 9 - There Was Food

Panel Culture stepped out, and got to attend an awesome screening of the new Marvel TV show: Runaways! We talk about that, as well as a classic Green Arrow story, and then we discuss the best comics sidekicks. Perhaps the funniest part of this episode is George and Owen definitively weighing in on who counts as a sidekick, as if their opinion is the only one that counts. Episode 9 Breakdown: Checking In (2:01). Special Review - Marvel’s Runaways (13:08). Book Club - The Archer’s Quest...


New Panel Culture Episode 7 - Superman Is Not (Always) Boring

Listen here, you young whippersnappers: we’ve had enough of your Superman-bashing, and we are coming to his defence! This month we look at what makes for a good Superman story and talk about some of our favourites. Plus, we delve into The Fifth Beatle, a biocomic all about Brian Epstein. All that after we check in, letting you know what we’ve been reading or watching in the month of September. Episode 7 Breakdown: Checking In (2:05). Book Club - The Fifth Beatle (19:16). Feature...


New Panel Culture Episode 5 - How Weird Is Too Weird?

Sadly George is away, but we soldier on, talking about his topic: non-superhero comic book movies. We cover the extreme ends of the spectrum, everything from A History of Violence to Josie and the Pussycats. We also break down The Umbrella Academy and ask the question “can a book be too weird?” Episode 5 Breakdown: Checking In (2:30). Book Club - The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite (14:50). Feature Discussion - Non-Superhero Comics Adaptations (33:00). Panel Culture welcomes listener...


New Panel Culture Episode 1 - With New Host Darius

We’re back, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to here again in our new monthly format! For our first episode we tackle a discussion about Best Relaunches. But not before we look back to the first two volumes of Bone for our Panel Culture Book Club. All this, plus our short-lived new host Darius. Episode 1 Breakdown: Checking In (3:25). Book Club - Bone Vols. 1 & 2 (19:18). Feature Discussion - Best Relaunches (40:25). Panel Culture welcomes listener questions and comments - so check us...


The End. - (We’ll be back)

Shhh..Shh.shh..sshhh.. it’s over. Don’t talk.. just listen. Episode 300 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: Justice League of America #1 (16:35), Belfry #1 (22:15), Slam #4 (27:50) Panel Culture Picks: Hulk #3 (31:30, Old Guard #1 (36:40), Supergirl: Being Super #2 (42:30). Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us out on Facebook, Twitter or email us at! Outro: I’ll be Back - The Beatles.


Panel Culture Episode 285 - (Not so) Spooktacular!

It’s our Halloween special episode and it’s filed with frightening stories and….. nope, nope.. it’s just a regular episode with some news and reviews. Buutttt we do have a festive review in our Panel Culture Picks segment… So that’s something, right? BOO! Episode 285 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: The Vision #12 (18:20), Detective Comics #943 (22:20), Giant Days Holiday Special (30:00). Panel Culture Picks: Punisher Annual #1 (36:05), Saga (41:28).


Panel Culture Episode 284 – George and Owen are Grumpy Gus-es

Panel Culture Episode 284 – George and Owen are Grumpy Gus-es This week Charles tries to be pumped for stuff as George and Owen go all “Debbie Downer” on him. Why they gotta hate? But on the plus side, there is some joy, too as we enjoy plenty of Marvel and a new DC book. Episode 284 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: Infamous Iron Man #1 (25:07), Mighty Thor #12 (33:27). Panel Culture Picks: Black Widow #7 (39:06), Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye (44:16), Amazing Spider-Man #20...


Panel Culture Episode 280 – We Should Be Writing For Archie

Rachelle Goguen joins us again to discuss DC Rebirth’s first crossover, Archie’s new title and… The Bachelorette Canada? Episode 280 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: Trinity #1 (22:14), Batman #7 (28:50). Panel Culture Picks: Kingsway West #2 (37:37), The Vision #11 (41:35). Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us out on Facebook, Twitter or email us at!


Panel Culture Episode 278 - Nope, he’s my friend dammit

Standard fare this week… We talk about some new number 1’s and revisit a few old faithfuls that still make us smile. Oh, and Owen has a new nook! Episode 278 Breakdown: News/Intro: DC Movie & TV news / Warren Ellis webcomic / Super Girl Mini. Reviews: Glitterbomb #1 (15:00), Supergirl #1 (21:50), Dr Strange #18 (25:50). Panel Culture Picks: Eclipse #1 (31:00), Giant Days #18 (38:oo). Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us out on Facebook, Twitter or...


Panel Culture Episode 277 – Should We Talk About MU

Charles really, really wants to talk about MU, if only to say that there is not much to discuss. Luckily, this week’s comics afford us better analysis. We look at some new beginnings, some endings and some in-betweens. Episode 277 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: Gotham Academy Annual #1 (15:14), Witchfinder #1 (19:57). Breaking News (25:12). Panel Culture Picks: Silver Surfer #6 (30:36), Tokyo Ghost #10 (37:46). Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us...


Panel Culture Episode 276 - A new shade of black

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any darker for DC’s movie universe, they announce a Dark Universe movie!? But things aren’t all bad, as DC’s Rebirth is all over this week’s episode as they continue to put out some solid comics. Episode 276 Breakdown: News/Intro: Justice League Dark Director / Youngblood returns / The Old Gaurd. Reviews: Blue Beetle #1 (10:45), Kingsway West #1 (15:30). Panel Culture Picks: Batgirl # 2 (21:45), Detective Comics #939 (28:10). Panel Culture...


Panel Culture Episode 275 – Every Parents’ Nightmare

We’re all here this week, and two of us have read comics! While Charles struggles to have one comic read to make his pick this week, George and Owen discuss some interesting news and #1 issues! Episode 275 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: Supergirl: Rebirth #1 (19:05), The Backstagers #1 (22:40). Panel Culture Picks: Sam Wilson: Captain America #12 (27:09), Mockingbird #6 (31:29), Black Widow #6 (36:00). Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us out on...


Panel Culture Episode 274 - “You do the math”

This episode is full of surprises. We talk about a few comics we rarely or never talk about, Owen is still really into a family from Bedrock, and a comic called All-Star Batman is actually good! Episode 274 Breakdown: News/Intro: A new Ghostrider ongoing / Hellboy OGN. Reviews: Doc Frankenstein #5 (7:15) & Birthright #18 (16:15) Panel Culture Picks: Flinstones #2 (21:15) & All-Star Batman #1 (29:55). Panel Culture welcomes listener’s questions and comments – so check us out on...